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All that exists tries to unify
An evolving truth that does verify—
That we are all more alike than different
We should treat others as we be love sent.

If we are hurt by someone it is true to have reaction
That will cause the other person to stop the action.
Jesus and Muhammad taught the Golden Rule in their philosophy—
We are giving supplies to Afghanistan as we destroy.

With one hand we give life; with the other we take;
Let those who would attack cease being a fake.
The US is more Islamic in action
Than the people who use the name or are a faction.

Islam is part of the Jewish tradition—
Accepting Moses, Abraham, Israel as a nation.
Jesus was a prophet to Islam, not djinn
Which opens up going to war to protect and win.

As you read the Koran more and more,
You see the three monotheistic religions thru the same door.
Let us all wake up to our brothers and sisters in mystical,
Celebrating that Israel has been reformed as predicted in Biblical.