We have lived for eternity in history;
Now we evolve to her story,
Opening momular science/momular songs—
A pun on popular science/popular song—belongs.
History has been one nation, race, business,
Sex, religion, conquering the other—real mess.
Her story will be the individual's biography
Where her story intersects history
We get our story, a word much more beautiful,
Like a shared marriage where all is wonderful;
In our story all find harmony,
A stronger force than any navy, air force, or army.
For those who believe we have God's stories,
Who has revealed him/herself thru the prophet's glories,
Even when they seem to contradict, we have one truth—
To treat others as you be treated—a divine proof.
Her story tells the tales of childhood,
Education and emotional health fulfilled.
May we join in the total story complete,
Being happy, satisfied, loving replete?