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Scope is a very interesting word

Having multiple meanings for those who heard.

To scope someone out we all know,

Opening the telescope the universe to show.

The microscope opens the infinitesimal,

So amoeba we can watch in size optimal.

There are outer scopes

Giving us insight to the galaxy evolving us from being dopesó

Now we open the new-clear word for the inner

Inner-scope will be the dreams that make us a winner;

Opening the unconscious

Making us precocious.

As the telescope has shown us the universe,

So the inner-scope opens the momular science verse.

Galileo used his telescope to see the earth's revolving

Around the sun our my-story solving.

He/her-story we use the inner-scope to see

Thru dreams giving us magnificent our-story.

May we use the total-scope devices

To give us enjoyment, insight, understanding & happiness.