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At “Samity” it is all the same,

Whatever family, race, sex, socio-economic class you are born

You have opened all your blocks

Back to your earliest childhood memories including birth

Which now become positive

Removing the entire negative, angers, rages, hatreds!

It usually requires psychoanalysis

As you redo your psychic plumbing!

“Samity” is even greater than sanity

Where you still have resentments from childhood experiences!

All your upsets become funny!

It doesn’t matter how you were born

The pain dissolves as you review the ugly feelings,

Your very nightmare dream evolves to a beautiful one!

The very word enlightenment evolves to

“Enblacktenment” a more caring and compassionate word

Opening dreams and visions!

You will see all your dreams as culminating

In a beautiful vision which is your reality!

Some dream in color and some in black and white,

Some in words, others in pictures

Your dreams will evolve as you deal better with people,

Like a falling dream into one of flying!

In “Samity” your dreaming becomes conscious

As you realize you are in the dream

And can improve it called lucid dreaming!

“Samity” is like the circle

Which has no beginning and no end?

At “Samity” people ask

“How do I know if it is now a dream or reality itself?”!

“The New-Clear solution” is “it doesn’t matter”!

When you hear the question “dream or reality”?

Just make it better and the other will get better too!

Strive to know, understand, care and love yourself!

That is how much you can

Understand, know, love and care for others!