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We live in a belief system

That is far more than a whim

The ideas they say are platonic at the source

Understanding is free from remorse

They say Plato saw all

Everything a footnote to him, large and small

Plato had things he needed opening

With new clear ideas coping

New clear is a pun on nuclear

Just like momular a pun on popular

Those called enlightened still have blocks

When linguistic dissolve enblocktenment opens mental locks

Enblocktening is beyond race, color and sex

Removing the core hex

Scientology and Dienetics do not believe in dreams

Their founder L. Ron Hubbard said dreams meaningless screams

New clear replaces clear, Scientologists highest level

Giving Freud, Jung and Galahadian dream study multi-level

Removing “total blocks” opening “the total story”

An integration of history, “her story” and “our story” glory