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A new clear word is levitating in love,

Replacing falling in love as hand in glove.

We begin alone leaving the pillars of the womb

Most children are from an emotional tomb—

The development of the parents determines growth

For boys and girls both,

Opening blocks of enlightenment to enblocktenment,

Free of race and language impediment.

A new clear word for sex will be blessing;

We call all forms of intimacy levitating;

As we change in our language we heal

At the highest level we congeal.

It will be doing trust

Treating others as self a levitating must

Let's make trust, let's make hope

Will be our calling card levitating dope.

The crux of every religion is the same

Being honest treating others as self in new clear game

As we speed into outer space

May we levitate in love in our new clear place.