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We grow up in a culture
      Where words can be a vulture;
Some inspire us to greater height
      As evil our inner soul fight.

When the words for the most beautiful act
      Are also the worst curse words, in fact.
We have schizophrenia for all children growing
      Who must struggle for consistency showing.

This dichotomy is the essence of crazy,
      Making us sick, tired, and lazy;
Drowned by a psychic force with no equal,
      We must endeavor to find a sane sequel.

When you judge someone by the color of one's skin,
      Or the gender or creed, you can never win.
It makes you crazy—
      All your beliefs are hazy.

We need to judge others by meritocracy—
      Giving us a wonderful, educated democracy,
With an enlightened, enblacktened diplomacy,
      Where compromise and purgation gives liberty.