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I talked with a wonderful wise person
Who said, "It is all a dream that must be won".
For some people reality is just great,
They are utterly thankful for their fate—
Having great parents, beautiful children, wonderful mate;
For others, their reality is an utter shame,
A miserable life, failure in every type of game.
So they rob, steal, rape, and kill;
They are really living a nightmare; that makes them ill.
It's not enough to just swallow a pill;
They need to improve, utilizing all their will.
Some people, in fact, worry all the time;
Is this a dream or reality rhyme?
The new clear solution is: it does not matter which one—
Dream or reality—when your hear question see it as fun.
Just make it better and the other will improve—happiness won!
For failures, we open the reality dream reversal.
You will see failures as just a bad dream—nightmare total.
You can now make it better—giving hope;
You can be successful and smart—evolving from dope.