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I was on a journey in every state

Forty-on in all, sharing poetry, explaining dream

When attached by my fiancé’s Guru with great psychic hate

Forcing me, they said, to take a man’s life, so everybody scream

Refrain…You were explaining dreams and sharing poetry

Everyone loving you, wishing you well

It opened them to their own mystery

Giving wisdom and love swell

Poetry started writing after a mystic experience of unity

Where headaches and backaches dissolve

Dream/visions returned from 12 years old a nightmare of enormity

All the pieces came together, the mystery of self-solved


Told by the main professor philosophy Cornell

I was beyond professors; to publish my poetry, open clinics, meet Gurus

I naively went off to meet them by myself individual

Not realizing that some of them and their students were evil true


I have been locked up for everything under the sun, usually innocently

So I made cases in 41 states robbing motels in 37 states

So the entire story would be told, the truth won

Mystically and physically my fiancé Guru gave terrible fates


Can good be bad and bad good

Is the question everyone has to ask

The Guru’s usually don’t believe in dream/visions as psychic mood

They have a supernatural genie with powers to attack and unmask


What should have been news everywhere

So my fiancé would be honest and true

Not lying to protect here Guru cubed and square

So all would understand the meaning of religious crimes clue


When my dreams stopped I hated anyone talking about them as lying folk

When they returned 12 years later I was falling from an utter height

This time I fell into an ice pond and kept punching till the ice broke

I walked carefully as 24 people appeared; I thought another fight


A sun appeared; then a beautiful rainbow formed in the sky

They walked up, hugging, sharing good loving care

It was a beautiful vision replacing the worst nightmare making you cry

Giving hope and wonderful belief, beautiful psychic air