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Enblacktenment is a "New-Clear" word, a pun on my x-feancees guru from India word of enlightenment. It is more caring, compassionate word opening dreams and visions, we are dedicating it to Barack Obama and his campaign for all the help in dignity and self esteem it has given to all darker skin people and minorities. Enblacktenment will help make those people who are hesitant to vote for a darker skin person more open feeling that i is now historically and intellectually meant since the language itself is evolving as we become a more caring and sharing culture. It is not enough to have equal rights, we must have verbal equality of the language so that dark and black children can feel good about themselves. Most of our words for dark or black are nuclear words being bad: Black magic, black cat, and blackmail. We must have "new-Clear" words like "Emblacktenment,"  "When you close your eyes the mind itself is black" and "From the darkness comes wisdom!" Perhaps you know people who are publishers who have been waiting for a way to help Barack, Kindly send them a copy, and me, their address at :

Alexander Galahad

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