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Emotionsomes are a play on the word chromosomes

Which are the carriers of DNA

Which makes us what we are

Inheriting them from our parents, grandparents, etc.

In humans there are 44 regular and 2 sex chromosomes

The male has an X and Y chromosome

The female has two X chromosomes

Giving them 25% more DNA

It is hard to understand how they were made inferior

Since she gives birth to man and woman both

So let us call ourselves equal

Which is being very generous by the female

We are now opening the word emotionsome

Which are the emotions we inherit

That evolves us to be our personality

In different cultures women have different status

Some equal to men and some superior

Growing children is a joy men cannot know

Having a living being form within them

Let us be humble toward those who

Physically continue the human race

We can evolve human to heman and sheman race

She has one more letter than he

Like with the chromosomes

As we learn to love ourselves

That is how much we can love others

We can then evolve our emotionsomes

To be happier, more social participants

In the heman and sheman, human race


Its healthy degrees of happiness yield


Let us keep the emotional temperature at optimum


Overcoming prejudices, hatred, or being glum.