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As we progress thru the healthy and sick lines


We open the emotional temperature rhymes;


The 'healthy' lines are wellness, success, care,


Marriage, money, children, and clear.


The 'sick' lines are poor, lonely, 'crazy' like neurotic,


Bipolar, paranoid, schizophrenic, and psychotic.


As you open the emotional repression blockages


Your 'emotional temperature' rises to 'healthy' ranges


'E.t.' will help end the stigma of 'crazy'


Since everybody can have a bad day feeling sick and lazy,


The concept 'e.t.' will remove confusion of the static word


Like neurotic, paranoid, bipolar, psychotic, so heard


With a 'dynamic equilibrium' of 'fluctuating temperatures'.


As we all flow thru degrees of 'sick' and 'health' cores


Each feeling opens the understanding


In our emotional dealings landing


The emotional temperature full field


Its healthy degrees of happiness yield


Let us keep the emotional temperature at optimum


Overcoming prejudices, hatred, or being glum.