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Emotional Calculus


We grow up learning math and science,

Thinking it is our deliverance—

We repress our emotions,

Unable to understand devotions.

It is falling in love that opens us to joy,

As the tools of our emotional self we enjoy.

The "new-clear" emotional calculus will be a total plus,

That will make us emotionally fabulous,

As we integrate all our emotional experiences

On A-graph, B-graph, C-graph, etc. additions.

As you open the repressed emotional blockages,

Your real self engages,

Integrating the positive,

Subtracting the negative.

Words are dimensional, free-floating flake—

Putting some asleep, sparking others to wake;

When they flow together, in a way that delights,

It is like a beautiful dream, that yourself unites.

As we grow like plants in the sun,

The words expand—leading us to fun.