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Dreams are utterly real

 For those who the unconscious deal;

 They can be in color or black and white,

 In words or pictures bright,

 To interpret dreams are the key

 Allowing your most wonderful self be

 The new clear solution—

 A pun on nuclear devastation;

 Replacing L. Ron Hubbard's dianetics and scientology—

 Who claimed dreams are meaningless completely.

 In the Galahadian study all kinds of truth are used

 Wherever they come from no longer confused.

 The endgrams of dianetics are helpful,

 Likewise the dreams of Freud and Jung delightful.

 in Galahadian we open utterly the unconscious—

 New clear replaces dianetics clear, all becoming conscious;

 It opens momular science—a pun on popular science

 Giving us new clear linguistic deliverance;

 The new clear word is "enblocktenment"

 A pun on the incomplete word "enlightenment"