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We are opening the door to all

Who believe in dreams whether color

Or Black and White, in pictures or words

We will have dream classes for

Preschool, public schools, prisons

And “Emotional Forensic Hospitals”.  Those

Who seem dull, boring and stupid become

Poetic, enthusiastic and brilliant when they discuss dreams

All it takes is one Dream Specialist

Who teaches the guards who then will teach

The patients, prisoners who will teach their family, etc.

The sharing of dreams will dissolve

The barriers that cause alienation and loneliness

Realizing they are all part of the grand poetic dream reality

To share and care and love each other

We will evolve the clear of Scientology and to “New-Clear”

Who again believe in dreams.  Ron Hubbard,

The founder of Scientology was brilliant.  He replaced

The authority of Aristotle, Bacon, Newton opening engrams

As emotional blockages, which need to be open

Back to birth.  He said survival was our prime desire

Unable to understand Jung’s concept of completion

Or the unconscious with the conscious.  L. Ron Hubbard

Said dreams were meaningless and anyone spending

Any time with them was foolish.  He did the very thing

He did not like with earlier authority figures.  He

Blocked out 10 million Scientologists and their children

From taking dreams meaningfully.  For the benefit of the

Children let us have dream understanding classes.  The

Galahadian Institute will embrace the truth wherever it

Appears in Freud, Jung, Plato, Aristotle, Skinner and L. Ron

Hubbard’s concept of the engram…


We wish you happy, meaningful and helpful dreams since you spend one third of each day in sleep.