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Sigmund Freud was a trail blazer

Suggesting dreams were more than

Nonsensical, random images,

Unfortunately he made them mostly repressed sexuality

His student Carl Jung went beyond him

Saying they were from a collective unconscious leading us to self completion

Of the male (anima) and female (animus) parts.

At that point we find a beautiful balance!

Telescopes open the universe

Microscopes open the infinitesimal

The inner scope, is the dreams which open the unconscious

The most curious aspect of dreams is they speak to us in symbols

Symbols represent our emotional response

What you feel during the day is something

That is transformed into a symbol in the dreams

Enblackenment is opening to the wonderful dream/visions

Some dreams are significant to you alone

Other symbols are part of the collective unconscious

Symbols are used because of blocks and perceptual filters

A picture speaks a thousand words

Only you can ultimately know what is being said

It must connect with all your other experiences

Symbols as pictures are like shorthand

Working with symbols might be compared to learning to play the piano

After a period of practice your new skill

Becomes a natural flowing easy part of your life

Think of working with symbols as just learning another language

They are a more accurate, more understanding

More integrative level that enables you to

Become aware of yourself as an interdimensional being.

Some dreams are unique to you, giving insight to your feelings to others

On a deeper analytical level sometimes everything is the dream are you

You are the producer, writer, actor and director

People in the dream represent qualities within you

A house, building, store or other structure is you with all its rooms

Any vehicle, car, plane, boat represents the self

It is your mode of traveling or being in the world

Water represents the emotions, fire is purification

Air is the spiritual self and earth the physical self

As you deal better with people in reality your dreams improve

As your dreams improve your relations in reality get better

By a process of circular causation with a cumulative change

May you have wonderful understandable dreams