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We can make all sort of words our of man

Man is the male form

Woman is the female

As we add letters, wisdom increases

Woman is the prisoner in a cell; learning submission

Wombman is the female with a child

With her heaviness, finding who are her true friends

Knowman is the person who has understanding

Leading the dream man

Who has opened the unconscious to the conscious

They are those whose dreams has returned

From an age when the dreams had stooped

When they were in psychic shock

Finding their inner phosphorescent Mandela

Which symbolizes unity in the quest for completion

The anima-animus male-female forms finding oneness

They have learned they are “it”

Finding happiness in whatever they do

They greatest pleasure is learning

Followed by serving others

Their greatest gift is founding a dream church

Which totally includes everyone - since all dream

Whatever age, religion/atheist, sex, creed, color

Including all socioeconomic classes

Although some don’t remember them

They need to keep a pen and pad by the bed to immediately write down

Some dream in color, some in black and white

Some in pictures, some in words

Allowing us to have happy, meaningful understandings

In whatever dream however bad

Learning to convert, as a falling dream into flying

They love others as they love themselves

Which is a great deal