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Dream Classes

We would like your assistance in having dream classes in pre-school, public school, mental and emotional health facilities—even prisons and forensic hospitals. If you or your friends are as I was—dreams stopping at the age of 12 when Kennedy was assassinated, then returning at 24—you might not understand what others are talking about when they speak of "dreams". I hated people talking about dreams because in my mind I thought them liars. Now, accepting Jung's concept of completions, I feel very differently. I know experientially their value. I have found that anything that brings people together in searching for the truth of what they may not easily comprehend can have a salutary effect. Coming to classes where students/teachers, prisoners/corrections officers, patients/medical security officers, public/police can talk about something that few understand fully can motivate them all to have more care and respect for each other. It will help dissolve the barriers and ameliorate the alienation between the polar opposites.


An important selling point is that police, corrections officers and medical security officers that I have worked with do not want to be just authority figures. There's a part of self (as in all of us) that would like to be healers and helpful figures assisting to see positive changes for the patients. COs and MSOs seem to have very exciting and highly evolved dreams which they would like to understand because they are the authority figures who must be always ready to risk their lives. The patients who seem dull, boring and stupid become poetically brilliant and enthusiastic when they try to explain their dreams. Another selling point is that all it will take is one dream specialist (preferably a Jungian from The Chicago Institute) who will teach the police, COs, MSOs who will in turn teach those in their charge—prisoners, inmates, patients.  Those taught will, in turn, teach their families and so on.


At 12, in my dream, I was in a bomb shelter fighting the wicked after a nuclear war; I was utterly alone and could trust nothing. Then for a number of nights, I kept falling endlessly (I was in psychic shock/terror). Then I stopped remembering them. At the age of 24—after 3 years of psychoanalysis, a mystical experience, and catching my dad (an assistant U. S. attorney in antitrust in the Kennedy Administration) in lying about my mother in our own private "Seagate Scandal" (where he grew up in Brooklyn)—my dreams returned. Now I was falling again, but this time I hit an icy pond. I went through the ice, could not find the entry hole and kept trying to punch out through the ice (which I think is publicity). Finally, the ice broke. I started walking on solid ice; soon I saw 24 people approaching. I thought there would be another fight; then the sun appeared in a beautiful rainbow. Then they all hugged and kissed me and a wonderful poem appeared:                                                                                                                                                                 

"I am the source from which all things come.

Civilization owes all to me;

Yet remain I unnoticed by most;

My beauty is seen but by few."


I want you to feel free to use my "Reality/Dream Reversal Technique" to help family, friends, students, fans, clients, etc. who have a failure problem. Kindly share the results with me. It has worked for me and many of the patients/prisoners I have worked with. They had terrible lives; most had miserable childhoods and were utter failures in school, social, marital, athletic, business, and other realms. They have given up hope of ever being able to change their life of failure, so they rob, steal, rape, and kill. I tell them: Everything right up until this moment has just been a bad dream—a nightmare; they can now awake and improve their lives. The results are incredible. The chains that imprisoned their core attitudes fall off of them; they develop the courage and self-esteem to change their lives. Equally wonderful is: As the reality gets better, the dream world also improves and on and on, by a principle I call "Circular Causation with a Cumulative Effect" (CCCE).


Kindly send me names of people—who know people—who have been waiting for just such "Dream Programs"—who can help—if only with good suggestions. When Philosophy Prof. Norman Malcolm of Cornell invited me to The Professor's Club for lunch I thought he would give me a PhD for my work in psychoanalysis; he laughed, saying: You are beyond professors—publish your poetry, open clinics and meet the "gurus"—you will be very rich. Between you and me, I thought he was a little bit crazy because I had only written 2 poems by then. I had no idea who the gurus were and I had no idea of how to form clinics nor did I want to be burdened with them. I am very humble now toward Norman's brilliance since I now have authored three books: The NewClear Solution, Momular Science-Momular Songs, and Enblockenment. However it has worked out, the mental forensic hospitals and prisons in the country are the clinics Norman spoke of. As they evolve to include the "Dream Programs" and the "Reality/Dream Reversal Technique" they will become true healing centers.


As people in the general society take seriously Jung's idea of completion and utilize the "Dream Programs", we will evolve to be a more caring, sharing culture as some earlier cultures have been. In this age of space travel and nuclear weapons it will be the ancient "awe before dreams" which in reality come from our "Source/Center" that will eventually heal us—dissolving all barriers and giving each of our citizens rightful dignity and self-esteem.

 Thank you for being a force for good.