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We would like dream-classes in pre-school, public schools,

Prisons and emotional forensic hospitals

At the very least, it will dissolve barriers and ameliorate alienation

It will motivate the participants to have more care and respect

The police, COs & MSOs would like to be more than authority figures

There is a part of them, like in all of us, that would be healing figures

In the present system the patients/prisoners keep returning

We need to open the unconscious thru dreams

That will pinpoint when they became anti-social

They had terrible lives being failures in everything

So they rob, steal, rape and kill

They need to be told that everything that happened to this moment

Has been a nightmare that they can now awake from

It gives them the courage and self-esteem to make it better

This is called “the reality-dream reversal” technique

Those patients who seem boring, foolish, and confused

Become poetic, brilliant and enthusiastic when they describe dreams

This also dissolves barriers giving them more respect and care

All it takes is one dream specialist, preferably a Jungian

Who will teach the police, COs & MSOs

Who will teach their families, gaining in respect and love

As the “emotional” forensic hospitals and prisons evolve to us

The “dream programs” and “the reality-dream reversal” technique

They will become true healing centers

As people take seriously Jung’s idea of completion

And utilize the “dream programs”

We will evolve to be a more caring, sharing, culture

As some of the earlier cultures have been

In this age of space travel and nuclear weapons

It will be the “ancient awe” before dreams

Which come from our “source/center”

That will incredibly heal us

Dissolving all barriers, ameliorate alienation and

Give each of our citizen’s rightful dignity and self-esteem