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In the light, they say we see—

It's as simple as A – B – C.

A newclear teaching now opens,

Making sense of the dark we are copens.


Ask a child to close their eyes—

The color he or she spies

Is brown, green, red, and (90%) black;

 The finding will tell us we are on track.


It incredibly affected a black minister;

He was frantic as if we exploded a canister.

He screamed, "The mind can not be black; black is only bad."

The other patients stood in disbelief; he was so mad.


I asked him, "Cannot the word 'black' be wonderful"?

He was ready to fight, saying, "Only white is good—plentiful,

The mind has to be white. Black is only bad, ugly", I heard;

It was not worth it to fight over a word.


In the newclear solution, we evolve nuclear confusion—

Momular understanding of 'black' is the solution.

Enblacktenment evolves enlightenment—

Newclear words make peace and good government.