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Art is what art does to the viewer—

Which can be different from what it is to the maker.

To one person, art is lines of a page;

To more gifted, it could be a lion's rage;

To even more gifted, it's a sunset at a zoo—

What you see is a function of you.


A dream can be drawn colorfully true—

Some like yellow, some like red, and others blue.

The new-clear solution is momular art,

Allowing everyone enblocktenment start,

Opening the linguistic blocks

That weighed on our mind like rocks.


As you play in the creative color

You open to other people's space—enjoying savor;

Each can be creative in one's own space,

Giving history, herstory, and ourstory new meaning to human race.

Herstory leads to the nine-month glide—

Giving birth the greatest art, male and female, side by side.

Children are the kids of our life—

The greatest art form of husband and wife.