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Some solutions are new and some are old

Some are inner truth and some outward told

We have lived long with the final solution

The new clear solution will explain evolution

The new clear solution opens the word conundrum

Revealing that hate is hatricity smaller than electron

F the Lord sits on the throne

All the world’s stories fit like the body’s bone

Every culture a different flavor

Explaining mystery to their neighbor

Instead of a single being on the cross of time

The entire world has heard the new clear rhyme

The Jewish people who have waited so long

To understand their meaning need now belong

Accepting the other tree of faith religions

They can embrace Hinduism, Indian Shamanistic

So Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Islamic beware one

As they all accept the tree of knowledges

Embrace Buddhism, African, Egypt and primitive woman’s group

Science and faith become one as integrate unconscious soup

Hatred of the religions has affected

Healing silicon devices implants, nuclear reactors bed

Can you give Einstein a C as sea to seas does see

Thought is faster than light makes you free

To dissolve food 100% requires a new clear solution drink

Weight control allows healing altering how we think

We have all on many levels been abused

Can this heaven on earth be properly used