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People, in terms of knowledge, are as in a cave—


Chained to wall of the cave.


Behind them is a fire


Where reflections are on the cave wall,

So what people see


Are merely reflections of the fire.


Thinking that to be the truth,


They are ready to live and die for that concept.


If they have the strength to break their chains


And the courage to leave the cave,


They will be blinded by the sunlight,


Which represents real truth.

Once their vision has cleared—

If they have compassion for their fellow citizens—


Their reaction is to return to the cave,


To tell the people still chained to the wall


About the wonderful sunlight in all its brilliance.


They must be warned that many people would rather die—


Or kill—rather than learn


That what they thought to be truth is illusion.


If the soul of a Golden Child


Experiences a grave injustice,


Then the soul itself turns from good to evil—


No longer able to see the good.


He/she brings a vision of evil to the society it is a part.


They are the unhappiest of persons—


No longer able to trust or have friends.


Only philosophy (psychoanalysis) or death can heal them.


Once we wake to the truth,


We automatically treat others as we would be treated.


We can then care, share, and love our fellow citizens


In an educated constitutional democracy,


Where each is free to develop all talents


Respecting each other with dignity and self-esteem.