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Space is vast and infinite

We have begun its exploration

Having humans land on the Moon

And a vehicle on Mars

We have one conclusion

Either there is or isnít God

Who has created the whole thing

From the time we hooked up our radio telescopes

We should have picked up radio transmissions from other life forms

Giving the infinity of time and space

There should be planets with life forms at all levels

Some ahead of us and some behind

That we havenít heard any radio transmissions

Is a very bad sign

Either at the time they developed radio transmissions and rockets

At the same time they developed nuclear weapons

Destroying themselves so no radio transmissions occur

Or else it could be that God really created everything

With life only on Earth

Evolution would be a game that God played to confuse people

Who must make the ultimate choice about God

If we live as if there is a God and there isnít

We lose nothing

But if we live as if there isnít God and there is

Then we lose everything

In commemoration of space travel

Let us treat others as we would be

Whatever race, sex, age, creed, socioeconomic class

We must be open to the inner beauty of the person

So we could evolve to be a world that survives and communicates