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Lend me your eyes and ears

I bring you good cheers

Have patience, I am learning to rap

You need to have a good verbal map

As we grow like plants in the sun

The words expand leading to fun

We have ebony, the dark skin

Who’s rap music our hear win

Ivory are the light skin usually tan or pink

Who write poetry in blue or black ink

When we combine the best of both in everything

We get the “new-clean” word “Eboivory” a beautiful verse to sing

We need to see all things as a wonderful whole

In “Eboivory” black, brown, tan, pink a friendship goal

So you find yourself in the strangest place

Trying to understand the human race

What is weirder the outer or inner space

Wherever you travel, wherever you go

Just a lighter skin shade has caused our prejudices to grow

It is always you observing the show

So be open to all you perceive

Being open to all allows you freedom to achieve

You are the limits you can conceive

I have done my best

In this rap test

It is up to you to do the rest

When you can forgive you are blessed

May you have a good day

In this psychic word play