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Like the rainbow people are different

Some are light colors and some are darker

It seems the darkness is caused by Melanin

The pigment that allows the lighter skin to tan

At the same time it makes the darker skin

More compassionate and caring

So they are usually enjoy themselves more

Civilization began with the black person in Africa

Reaching its apogee with Egypt 25,000 years B.C.

Where they built giant pyramids

And had esoteric philosophic teachings

Their priests/scholars roamed the world

Sharing their understanding with the Aztec, Inca,

Stonehenge, Australian Aborigines, etc.

They helped educate the great Greeks

Including Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates

The Jewish, Catholic, Islamic religions, etc.

Were all based on their teachings

Whiteblack will be when we read words in a book

Which we love, admire and learn from

Without knowing the color or sex of the person or who wrote it

If you can’t be the “creator” of the “New Clear” ideas

In momular science or “enblackenment”

Then be the teacher

Who passes the “new clear” material

On the fertile minds, who will use it