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We have all heard of hypnotized

When a doctor swings

A piece of rope usually giving a pill

Telling us we are in their power!

An example is “we will take our jacket off

Whenever he/she touches their tie”!

The audience laughs as we

Keep taking off our jacket and then putting it on

Giving excuses that it is too hot, then too cold

As he/she touches their tie!

We will now open historized which is how people are put in a trance

By the history of the world!

Women are made to believe that only men should vote or work

At interesting mentally stimulating jobs!

The darker skin person was made to

Believe they were not as good having a slave mentality!

Both women and the yellow, red, brown, black person

Are awakening from their historization,

Teaching their children to value themselves

Developing all their mental, physical, emotional spiritual talents!

We see it on every channel we look at on the television!

There are now more dark skin basketball, football players

Than the lighter skin making million dollar salaries!

Many of our best Hollywood actors/actresses are darker skin!

Some are military leaders, business CEO’s, senators, congressmen, judges

Even running to be the President!

Ebony are the darker skin whose Rap music our heart win!

Ivory are the light skin usually tan or pink,

Who write poetry in blue or black ink!

When we combine the best in everything,

We get the “New-Clear” word “Eboivory” a new verse to sing!

Women in the western world have broken the shackles of historization

Becoming doctors, lawyers, professors, congresswomen, senators, judges

Even running for the Presidency!

They play soccer, volleyball, basketball, working on football!

Not only can they do what was man’s job and work

But they give birth to the next generation

Carrying the child for a nine month journey,

Bringing them up so they are not motherized, fatherized

Or the much more deadly historized.