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Dedicated to all the prisoner/patients, brothers/sisters who have helped in forming "New-Clear" words to express ourselves:

"Enblacktnement" is a more caring, consistent word than Enlightenment opening fuller understanding of dreams and visions which we dedicate to Barack Obama.

It opens "the Black House" of prisons/Forensic Hospitals that people enter to develop compassion and understanding why they were so anti-social in the free world. Could it be the English language that just learning it at 1..2..3 years of age the most sensitive became anti-social, schizophrenic and even psychotic that the words for the most intimate relationships and beautiful body organs were at the same time the worst curse words. Perhaps the so called "successes" were not as affected by these best/worst words.

Let us have a partial amnesty for he? child sensitive patents/prisoners. At the least it will make "the successes more compassionate to the so called "losers." What is learned in the Black House  of conscious&unconscious motives will "crossover" to the White House whose members are the most powerful and manipulative in the world.

Let us have dream classes for prisoners/patients. At the very least it will help dissolve the barriers? and ameliorate the alienation which is at the core of most people's problems. We have a wonderful untapped resource which are the MSO's, CO's and Police many of whom went to college and would like to be more than just authority figures. If you're wealthy you go to the JFK Psychological University , the Saybrook University, ETC. To learn about the utter importance of Dream Meaning. If you're poor you go to the prisons or forensic hospitals where all they give is medicine. A good selling point is even in the analyst who will teach the police MSO's, CO's who then teach the patients/prisoners as all teach their families and friends gaining in wisdom and respect.



1. The NEW_CLEAR SOLUTION"   a Pun on nuclear weapons and words. The clear of scientology their highest level will evolve to "New-Clear when they believe in dreams again despite teacher L Ron Hubbard saying in Dianetics, Page 256; "dreams are meaningless"!
2. MOMULSAR SCIENCE - A pun popular science opening the psychic dream pregnancy healing factor in "Her=Story" a pun on HisStory to "OurStory"
3. ENBLACKENMENT: Dreams are "the innerscope" that opens the unconscious (90% of The mind similar to telescopes - the universe and microscopes, the Microsciopic)

4. THE UNTOUCHABLE DIMENSION: About prisons/forensic where nobody touches, living out their nightmares usually hating dreams or never remembering them.

6. THE NEW-CLEAR COLORFUL SOLUTION: Its not enough to have civil rights, we need verbal equality of the language so all children feel good about themselves.


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