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Get the latest scoop on dreams and dreaming

  • The Global Dreaming NewsRecommended
    Monthly updates on dream websites, dream conferences, workshops, research, lectures, films, books and events.
    This service is available free through subscription to Electric Dreams and posted at the Dream Tree
    Director: Peggy Coats,   (Electric Dreams Distributor, Richard Wilkerson)
  • ASD E-NewsRecommended
    Monthly updates on events and projects at the Association for the Study of Dreams. Free subscription via e-mail.
  • BADG News (Bay Area Dreamworkers Group)
    Quarterly newsletter about BADG events in the San Francisco - Bay Area. Available via membership.
  • Dream Network 
    Quarterly magazine which has a focus on dreams and dreamwork also provides contact list for states and countries, events, research requests, products. Available via subscription and on some news stands.
  • ASD Dream Time Magazine
    Quarterly magazine of the Association for the Study of Dreams. Besides the articles and columns, Dream Time also includes ASD events, research, conference news, film reviews, books reviews and more. Available through ASD membership.
  • ASD Bulletin Board
    Daily conversations about what is happening in the world of dreams. Available free by logging on to the bulletin board of the Association for the Study of Dreams.
  • ASD Cyberphile
    Quarterly column on the development of dreaming online by Richard Wilkerson. Available online courtesy of the ASD  Dream Time Magazine. 
  • DreamChatters eList
    Victoria Quinton hosts an eList where the latest news and gossip from the dreamworld is discussed daily. Participants on the list come from all walks of life and many different organizations, including Electric Dreams, the Association for the Study of Dreams, DreamGate, DreamTree and more. Subscription is free. 
  • EASD 
    The European Association for the Study of Dreams posts information about their events and projects on the EASD Website.
  • DreamGate Information Files
    Send an e-mail here and our robot helpers will return you a file full of the latest information about
  • ASD Information Files

Do you have news you would like to get out about your dream projects? 

If so, please send those to Peggy Coats at for inclusion in the Global Dreaming News. Try to get that information in by the 15th of each month for publication in the next issues. 

The Global Dreaming News reports on:

  • New Dream Web Sites
  • New books on dreams
  • Book Reviews
  • Film Reviews
  • Conferences, workshops, lectures
  • Seminars and events both online and off


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