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I am driving my car home after an important event where I learned a lot and changed significantly. It was a large gathering, over a period of time, and I feel it has had a deep influence on me for the good. I want to bring this home with me in how I act in life and how I feel about myself. It is a sunny day. I suddenly realize I'm driving carelessly because I hear a car on my right, behind me, making musical notes to get my attention. I realize I had not seen it and was almost crowding it off the road. A Good Humor truck playing chimes.

I slow down and let it get ahead of me and watch carefully to be sure no children run out into the road. I feel relieved that I have caught myself and "come back to my senses", and not had an accident. I drive on calmly, carefully.
I see the driver of the GH driver pull over to a parking area on the right where children are waiting for her and greet her happily, eager for ice cream. She is a cheerful plump young woman, with honey colored, wavy hair and fair skin, strong, secure, capable, responsible, alert to the children she attracts with her chimes and sells ice cream to, careful to protect them.

I drive on, glad all is well. I want to bring the beneficial effect of the event home with me in how I drive.


Part of the Electric Dreams Significant Dreams Series

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