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Volume 3 Issue #8

27 September 1996

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Question Airing Forum - Victoria Quinton

Article: Life Dreams Art - Alissa Goldring

Resource: Dream Bibliographies Online! -Richard Wilkerson

Article: The Forgotten Language, Part I - By Scott Hughes

Interview: John W. Herbert: DreamSharing in Cyberspace

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Resource: DreamLink Update: Linton & Becky Hutchinson

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Article: Significant Dreams: The Two Millennium Silence

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Editor's Notes


Welcome to Electric Dreams 3(8)!! The cyber-dreaming network

is beginning to take on a air of sophistication, but still

retains the wonder of new ideas and projects sprouting up


Many of our old friends are here this issue to update you

on their projects. Linton and Becky Hutchinson tell us about

there new programs at DreamLink. Peggy Coats brings us not

only updates of online dream resources, but how these are

expanding into offline resources at the Santa Cruz,

California DreamTree. Scott Hughes returns with a new series

on DreamBooks and books dreamt. John Herbert, who we credit

with being cyber-dreamworker pioneer #1 returns after

building his new plane to offer us the complete collection of

his cyberdream research & writings now online. Be sure to

read more about John in Victoria Quinton's interview. Jeremy

Taylor has a report on the World Dream Congress for the year

2000, be sure to see the site now being sponsored by the

European Association for the Study of Dream and Oneiros.

Chris Hicks continues to offer monthly e-mail dream groups

and these DreamWheels have now been expanded by Chris &

Linton to DreamLink. Be sure to drop by and leave your dreams

or contact Chris at <>

I've been pretty busy myself and now have for you a several

treats, including a web page that has pointers to several

online dream bibliographies, including the ASD bibs and

journals, the Novato Center for Dreams online material, the

Henry Reed Collection and my own article and anthropology

bibliographies, to mention a few. But I don't want to give

all the goodies away just yet....

We have several new dream friends who have brought with

them new ideas, images and projects to the dreaming

cyberspace network. Deryck Anderson, graphics artist from

Perth, Australia is working on not only new art for the

Electric Dreams Web site, but also cover art for upcoming and

back issues of ED. Be sure to stop by the Electric Dreams Art

Gallery, behold Deryck's work, download a cover and hey,

maybe you want to send in a cover of your own? contact Jesse

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Super New this month - the ED staff is working on breaking

down the barriers and categories of reality which limit our

creativity. With a focus this month on Significant Dreams we

are experimenting with a new ED format. You still get

Electric Dreams via e-mail in ASCII, but you will notice

there are HTML inserts. This means there are images and

perhaps web sites that graphically mirror and elaborate the

dream or article! If you view the e-zine from our web site,

the pictures will be available.

As a special introduction to this format, Alissa Goldring,

a California Dream Artist, has offered us her stories and

pictures. Be sure to read Life, Art, & Dreams and visit the

site where she has illustrated these dreams.

It's that time of year again! Halloween is just around the

corner and Swarm II is ready to go. This year DreamBat will

be online all day long with the swarm, visiting old haunts

and flying over news ones. Be sure to read all about this and

other events in the Global Dreaming News, which now includes

a research section, news dream web sites, dream events in

your area and a calendar of these events!

Finally, some more treats! Be sure to check out my article on

the new resource site I put up, as well as the resources

being offered by Linton & Becky Hutchinson and the DreamTree

resource center of Peggy Coats. These include

bibliographies, links to other sites, radio shows,

organizations, education and more!

Where are the other dreams? Well, we don't quite have them

ready and so we will send them to you later as an attachment.

(I told you we were breaking the rules and catagories of

publishing and dream sharing ;). Watch for them soon!

NEXT MONTH: Electric Dreams will be focusing on CREATIVITY

AND DREAMING. Be sure to send in creative dreams as well as

dreams that led to creative acts. If possible, inlclude a

story with the dream.

Speaking of Creativity, next issue we continue our

experimental shifting of traditional boundaries using mixed

media with the Electric Dreams issue. Charles McPhee will

have a grand opening of his _Stop Sleeping through Your

Dreams_ site were you can dialogue *with* the author. I

will be mixing pictures, dreams and stories about Dream

Temples in Ancient Greece. If you have creative dreaming

aspects of your life, including web sites, pictures, or

classes, send them in!

- Richard


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Electric Dreams continues to offer a wide variety of free

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And not everyone has the time to be a staff member

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And so we would like to ask for ELECTRIC DREAMERS -

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Because these tasks are a little tedious at times (though

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Slow Wave


This week in Slow Wave, Nancy is a vicar and keeps a journal,

but its a gossip journal and not a spiritual one - what will

the town folks think? Drop by and see at



Association for the Study of Dreams UPDATE


The ASD executive board will meet in October and Jayne

Gackenbach will be sending in a proposal to open the ASD Web

site up to links to other dream related sites. Is it a year

too late? Time will tell. For those of you who have just

joined us, Electric Dreams was highly instrumental in helping

ASD put their site up, giving it the graphical look that it

has and coding much of HTML pages. But a few members in ASD

felt the page should not link to any site that has dream

interpretation, fearing this would be an ASD endorsement. The

frustration in trying to show them that links were the way of

the Web and that *not* linkng to sites was simply missing the

point grew. We finally put on a cyber-show at the July 1996

conference in Berkeley to educate and inform ASD members

about the Internet and dreams, providing a 4 day event with

several online computers, panels with dreamworkers and

researchers in Cyberspace and workshops and clinics on

getting online.

Jayne and others of us have proposed going ahead now with

the links, including a disclaimer and seeing if there is some

way to make the ASD web a more participatory site.

I send a letter to the Editor of the ASD newsletter,

Alan Siegel, laying all this out and if you are interested in

reading the letter, I have it online at:

What - never heard of ASD? The Association for the Study of

Dreams is now in its 13th year and you can find out all about

it by dropping by the Web site:


Question Airing - Victoria Quinton


Request from Ewa Sienkiewicz

Would you, please, send me any information (or somebody`s address) about

the dream ego and the conscious one. I mean especially the situation when

in a dream the dream ego is satisfied with something, but when the person

wakes up the conscious ego says:"Oh, my God, how could I be satisfied with

that?!". I am interested in any relations between these two egos.


Ciao! Ewa


Subject: Dream Link

Sent: 9/4/96 1:10 AM

Received: 9/3/96 10:21 PM

From: Marie Catey,

To: Linton Hutchinson,

This is Aaron Huffman. Could you please send me some E-mail

addresses from scientists about dreams.

(here is a request if any of you'll "dream scientists" want

to respond - Linton) This is all the information I received.

Perhaps a budding dreamer ? -Linton


Comment on Alissa Goldring's Dream Art & Life (see below for


Oh, my God. What events, and what a dream to have to try and

make sense of what is impossible to make sense of... an

attempted suicide, and an actual suicide, no less, by someone

very young. I do not know the age of the friend who attempted

suicide, but young or old, the event and its effects are no

less profound. Rather than to interpret the dream, I would

prefer to say that the dream seems to be conveying both the

profundity of suicide and its finality, and also strives to

provide some explanation for what seems to be an act of

inhumanity (because impossible to grasp). At the very least,

a person who attempts suicide, or succeeds in that attempt,

is not him or herself in that totally unalterable moment in

time. May I suggest a penultimate book on the subject? George

Howe Colt's The Enigma of Suicide? It is entirely readable

and will help anyone who wants and needs to grasp suicide on

some level ...

I found the word "Minsking" intriguing, but put it aside,

until some time later, the word popped up again, rolling

around in my head, repeatedly. "Men skiing." Reflecting on

the phrase, "minsking," which was now registering on my mind

as "men skiing," I recalled the rare times when I was on the

top of a mountainous, and snowy, ski slope, then skiing down

it, and what the feeling was like. More like a "rushing

toward oblivion." I remember those times as being at once the

most exhilarating, liberating moments a human could

experience. What sport, I thought then, could equal it? I am

totally alone, my body is moving rapidly downward from one

point of the snowy mountain to another. Snow, snow and more

snow. Total abandonment to the cold, snowy landscape which

stretches infinitely before me. Until I fall. The other

association, too, of a cold, white blanket that covers over

the earth and all the life flowing beneath is much like the

total split off between consciousness and the unconscious,

when I remain in shock because of life events over protracted

periods of time.

The dreamer states, These creatures tell me that the process

which transformed them from natural humans is termed

"minsking" and was administered by the powers who control

this country. Because they are in this condition they are

unable to change themselves back into authentic humans.

That process of "Minsking," and now, to my mind, "(wo)men

skiing," if done repeatedly and to the exclusion of all else,

because my controlling, rational, egocentric mind disciplined

myself to do it, to remain cut off from the life force

beneath, would that not ultimately lead to a split off from

my own humanity, that rush toward oblivion?

Ash Wednesday by T.S. Eliot, where a voice in the second

movement asks a profound question ,

Shall these bones live?

Shall these bones live?

Is a long poem that remarkably demonstrates in its several

movements how a person in this condition changes him or

herself back into an authentic human after all. In fact, if

the poem is read aloud repeatedly over time (something I did

for several years until I had committed every word to

memory), the very reading (chanting) of it, at least for me,

seemed to have restorative powers.

Another long poem, Crow, by one of England's poet laureate,

Ted Hughes, contains the phrase,

Water wanted to live.

It came creeping (OR weeping) back.

(I don't recall for sure).

This poem, too, and others, could be read the context of the

difficult, but rewarding, process of consciousness becoming

alive and aware of itself after those events which impact on

a human with such force and sheer insanity that the will to

live is all but obliterated...The Dream of the Bones is an

astonishing dream. Thank you for having shared it.



Hello NV,

Having CFS myself I'm very interested in the kind of dreams

you have. I've been keeping dream journals long before my

disease. Before the disease my daily life had a big influence

on my dreams. Now that I don't have a life anymore, one of

the effects seems to be that in my dreams I meet more new

people in new places. There are more differences.

I disagree with you assumption that CPS patients all have

vivid dreams. I think that depend on how extreme the fatigue

is. I've been in a total blackness for more than six months

after giving in to my mono diagnosis. After two years I'm

still don't have the vividness as before my disease. But

perhaps the vividness will rise to much higher levels than

before the disease in time.

I'm also surprised by your remark that you can escape the

laws of ME at night. I find it hard to believe that your

disease doesn't reflect in your dreams. What about the anger,

the guilt or at least the resting discipline?

Could you tell me something more about the texts you

mentioned? I'm not aware of any CPS/ CFIDS/ ME related dream

research. I find even more general dream research into health

questions hard to find.

I'd surely like to chat some more.

Feel free to visit my Healing Dreams site about dreaming and

CPS. Amongst others I have a selection of my 'civil war'

CPS-dreams online.


- Harry



Life Dreams Art - Alissa Goldring


Editor's preface: This story is part of Electric Dreams

Significant Dreams Project and can be seen on the Web at


The pictures are also available via our web site mirror of

this issue at


When I look at history I see that story telling and picture

making have fascinated, entertained and informed people all

over the world in all times, and contributed to making us the

human beings we are. Combining these fundamental processes of

story and image making, our dreams contribute vitally to our

development. In my dreams I can see vividly the stories I

tell myself about myself and also the positive story already

latent within me.

Dream of the Hidden Child



I see a child hidden behind a mask, her tiny hands reaching

out form under heavy robes weighing her down as she feebly

seeks help.

The image reminded me of a Noh play where stylized

characters gesture in infinitesimally slow motion and a gong

echoes an eternity of timeless silence.

When I painted this dream, I understood that this was a

baby part of myself Long buried under layers of roles,

expectations and fears, feebly seeking help. The dream was a

cry to myself to shake off oppressive conditioning and be


As you picture this dream in your mind's eye you may

sense that you too were once such a child whom you still

carry within yourself in ways unique to you. You might

imagine "if this were my dream"....

Another dream gave me further insight into what had been

going ton in me.


I see people whose bones are not actually bones, but some

composition in the shape of femurs, ribs, skull and so on.

The outer layer, though having the appearance of skin, is

actually synthetic and the space between bones and skin is

filled with a gray, mealy substance. Yet the total aspect

resembles a human form which can walk, speak, more, ve, eat

sleep and interact like a human being.

These creatures tell me that the process which

transformed them from natural humans is termed "minsking" and

was administered by the powers who control this country.

Because they are in this condition they are unable to change

themselves back into authentic humans.

That word "minsk" intrigues me. Is it a child's version

of"mince" - to chop into little pieces, to mash up?

Two incidents occurred shortly before this dream. First, I'd

been upset by my reaction to a friend when she stretched out

her wrist to show a scar from her attempted suicide, I could

not look. Filled with remorse and shame as I remembered

turning away when I wanted to give her comfort, I could not

understand what blocked me.

Second, a boy I knew, who would have been thirteen in two

days, returned from school, walked out of his house to the

large oak tree in the back yard -- and hung himself.

Returning tired after a day of teaching, his mother dumped

her books on the kitchen table, called his name, went looking

for him, and found him hanging there, dead. When I heard of

this I could not stop crying. That poor child, that poor

mother. How could no one have noticed his sorrow, his pin, I

wondered? Why didn't someone do something before it was too


Not long after, a compassionate, wise woman said to me,

"You are really asking," Why didn't someone pay attention to

me when I was a child? Why didn't someone help me in my

misery?" My crying is like the ocean bursting a dike where

a child had been holding here finger in the hole to keep back

the waters.

My wise friend said to me, "You too killed yourself to

escape unbearable pain, but, unlike Pauli, you 'minsked'

yourself and created a stand-in, so that you could survive,

at least partially. You escaped into your imagination, Pauli

escaped into death.

"You hid behind your painting and writing and reading, but

never learned how to live and be yourself in the real world.

You hid you vulnerability behind a mask. thinks that would

not have bothered other people were too painful for your and

for Pauli, because of what your carried in your that other

people did not. Other people could not understand , did not

realize. They made fun of you and Pauli for being

'different', criticized you for being 'too sensitive'. He

could no bear that. you made yourself deaf to their taunts.

Your could not bear to see evidence of your friend's anguish,

reminder of your own desperation and your own from of


Thus a dream helped me realize how, for years, I had

numbered myself and paraded an ersatz "minsked" stand-in.

increasingly I had not been able to meet my true needs in the

real world. My desperation, disappointment and terror

increased, along with denial, pretense and resistance.

In another dream and painting I pictured this dangerous

hidden influence in me.




An evil sorcerer wounds my finger, which bleeds. He has

tow wild animals with sharp teeth that terrify me.

When I painted this, the dark fierce demons, dominated the

image, embodying those ferociously negative parts of myself

through which my ego held me helpless captive. I knew how

Pauli felt; I had been there. So much of my energy had gone

into powering those angry demons that little was left for me.

In time I would feel safe enough to discard the ersatz

stand-in and grow up as myself, not needing to "minsk" myself

into a clone of someone else's expectations of "good",

"Success", "the right way". Many dreams and paintings led me

to free my inner child and guide her into the real world.

Instead of being an escape, dreams and art became a door to

awareness, and to life.

THE LOCKER MONSTER DREAM showed me how I had come to think

of myself as a machine.

I'm looking at a wall of storage lockers with buttons to

open the doors. I press on. Slowly, with a grinding of gears,

out comes a complex, robot-like machine that cannot be

stopped. Anchored inside the locker, it now expands

relentlessly and draws me in. I am hypnotized, fascinated and

terrified. Its is huge, over my head; I can barely touch it

with my hands. Yet there is something I'm expected to do

along with it. This happens more than once. A man answers my

question: there was a mistake I was making that kept

activating this contrivance. "I DIDN'T KNOW!" I cry. "I never

meant to evoke them. I only wanted to open the doors."

The man shows me another way to open the doors that does

not trigger the mechanisms.

As I began to glimpse my ego machinations, along came a

dream that gave me an overview of myself:


A plump, self-satisfied, stylishly dressed matron is taking a

retarded woman on her weekly outing from an institution.

Although taller than the do-good lady, and fat, this woman

wears a child's style dress, with short puffed sleeves and a

ruffle-edged Peter Pan Collar, a bow in her short hair, bobby

socks and Mary Jane one strap little girls shoes. Her skin,

like white lard, and her blunt nose and tiny eyes give her a

pig-like appearance. Particularly striking is the cunning

look of her very black eyes that seem to be the only part of

her that is alive inside this mound of flesh.

She allows herself to be guided inside this mound of


She allows herself to be guided through this museum-hotel,

where a row of period rooms are on display. The two visitors

walk beside a heavy read velvet-covered rope which closes off

the rooms. they have passed the registration desk where a

drab, mousey looking woman clerk is busy with details, The

two look at the furniture, and have not yet reached wine

colored heavy velvet drapes which partially conceal a

beautiful , graceful woman waiting in the shadows.

This dream seems to me to embody four aspects of myself.

"Pig Girl" insulated herself within a numb body and played

dumb, appearing childish and underdeveloped while peering out

at the world with primitive cunning. She would not play their

game! They could not make her! She "cut off her nose to spite

her face".

Eventually I recognized the high price I'd paid for that

"independence" and another part of me tried a different

route: conform, do good, be a success".

Meanwhile a third plugged away at the nuts and bolts of

everyday life. All the while, my compassion, spontaneity,

creativity, authenticity, joy and grace were waiting...

In 1974 I was completing my dissertation on dreams as a

doctoral candidate with the Humanistic Psychology Institute

in San Francisco (Which later became Saybrook Institute.) I

taught Dreamplay privately and at the San Andreas health

Council in Palo Alto and was guest speaker on dreams in

various colleges. I had spent a rewarding summer in the Edgar

Cayce American University Dream Community. Yet I felt

unsatisfied with the psychological approach to dreams and was

searching for something more in my own life and in my

understanding of dreams. I began to meditate more regularly,

and found that in early morning meditations the meaning of a

dream unfurled itself to me.

As ee cummings says "It takes great courage /to grow up/ and

turn out to be/ who you really are."

Who I believe I am has changed, and this is reflected in

my dreams, here's one I'm particularly fond of:


I am looking at a little fuzzy yellow bird I hold in the

palm of my hand. This is a most unusual bird: it can read and

speak. I ask it to show me. There are some smudges with

little marks on the wall: this is the bird's language.

Slowly, the way children sound out words when they learn to

read, the little bird says, " f r i e n d ".

A few days later I came across this poem by Thomas Blake:

""L looked for my soul, but my soul I could not see.

I looked for my God, but my God eluded me.

I looked for a friend, and then I found all three."

I said to myself," Let your mind be open to new

possibilities. Trust your experience. Trust yourself."

But my resistance was formidable; my ego did not

relinquish its power willingly. I could not be sure which

part of me put ideas into my mind. So the dialogue went on in

me, while dreams and waking experiences moved me along and I

mediated more deeply. Reclaiming my inner reality has been a

struggle, and an incredible blessing.


A big burly man chases a small terrified man across a

hillside. A graceful woman stands on the left beside a

stream. She calls to the men to rest and drink some water,

but they ignore her.

Across the hill is a small but into which the terrified

little man escapes.

Inside the single room of the hut a small, brown skinned

man sits at a wooden table, under a singer hanging light

built. He is the leader of a guerrilla group carrying on a

revolution. This leader greets the frightened man with

respect and love and listens to him carefully. The man walks

out totally changed. He is free and unafraid. The bully is


My mind gradually cleared through this inner revolution and

I came to identify with the leader within me, rather than the

bully or victim. IN ruling me, my ego split me into bully and

victim and drove me to look outside myself for everything,

for approval, love satisfaction -- to people, food, success,

wealth, possessions, status. A futile search that ensured

ego's power over me. Since I could never find lasting peace

in this way, my false ego system retained its hold. With my

"revolution", I ended its power over me. I found my own

source within myself of happiness and love and the purpose

and meaning of life.

"It's almost impossible to grow up." maya Angelou said in an

interview with David Frost "Most people just get older. They

find parking spaces, honer their credit cards, have the nerve

to get married and have children and call that 'growing up'.

"That's getting older'. Growing up is so painful. Growing

up is admitting that there are demons you cannot overcome.

yet wrestle with them, like the Prophet with the Angel,' I

will not let you go till you tell me something!"

Medicine cannot heal the body, says Andrew Weill; only the

body can heal itself. What medicine can do is to help clear

away what prevents the body from healing itself (an invasion

of bacteria or virus, for example,) and support the body in

its natural processes. I think that this is true for the

psyche as well. Dreams like "The Evil Sorcerer" have focussed

on obstacles to be cleared and composted, while other dreams

have nurtured my healing process. I see a new cast of

characters and scenarios in my dreams, reflecting a new inner

atmosphere, a nurturing heart connection that is the basis of

my spiritual growth.


A wise man, philosopher an scholar, has been teaching

some young boys. I want to be part of this heart warming

scene. I watch intently as he makes a seat for himself. I

wait for a chance when he is not busy to go over and

carefully make a seat for myself. I wait for a chance when he

is not busy to go over and carefully make a seat for myself

as I had seen him do, expecting him to speak to me. There is

a childish, earnest absorption in how I innocently imitate

him and totally trust this will produce what I want.

However, when the boys leave, the teacher is no longer

interested in discussion and ignores me. I feel disappointed,

surprised, dismayed and very sad. I ask him please to teach

me, to talk to me. He is tall, with a gray beard, a handsome

lean face and strong nose, his expression amused yet

serious. He asks me what I want to know and why I want to

talk and study with him.

I search within myself, feeling how earnestly and

sincerely I want to study with him, I reach for works and

ask, "what is life all about? What is the meaning of this

life? What are we here for? Where do we come from and go to,

before and after this world? How are we meant to live this

life? How can we learn how to live? How are we to know how to

be and what to do?"

On waking I felt sorrow and disappointment in not being

included. AS children do, I had imitated the teacher in how I

made my seat and spoke, trying to please him and win his

attention. I hoped he would see in how I acted what I yearned

for. When this did not bring what I longed for, I tried to

meet this philosopher on his terms, intellectually.

What I really wanted in the dream was to be part of the

warm connection I saw in the group as they studied together.

But I could not feel safe to say this. The teacher did not

answer me from his heart, did not care to see who I was,

could not empathize with me, and I sending this, could not

tell him how I really felt. Perhaps I even felt I was wrong.

I see in this dream a reflection of my experience with my

father, who had wanted a son when I was born, and the general

valuing of boys over girls. My true meeds were never met, in

the dream or in my childhood, And I took in intellectual

values and attitudes.

Now, as this and many other dreams indicate, I am shifting

from intellect to genuine feeling. I am able to value the

feminine in myself and to be in touch with, to express and to

respond to, my authentic needs.

THE GOOD HUMOR DREAM Of March 15, 1996 brings me up to date.

I am driving home from an important conference where I

learned a lot about myself and dreams and changed

significantly in my attitudes. Suddenly I realize that I am

not driving carefully, when I hear a car on my right, behind

me, making musical notes to catch my attention. it is a Good

Humor Truck play it's chimes. I realize I had not noticed it

and was almost crowding it off the road.

(What a delightful image for the was I tent to let

"serious" concerns crowd out my good humor!)

I slow down and let the truck get ahead of me, watching

carefully to be sure no children run into the road. It is a

sunny day. There is a sense of a low wall on the right with a

steep drop on the other side, and mountains on my left.

I feel relieved that I have caught myself and "come back

to my senses" and not had an accident. I drive calmly,

consciously. I want to bring this deep influence for good

home with me in how I act in life and how I feel about

myself, and in how I drive!

I see that the young woman driver of the Good Humor truck

has safely parked beside the road, and may children are

happily eating the ice cream. I am glad and drive on.

About Alissa

I was born in Manhattan, fell in love with nature on a North

Carolina farm, survived education in news York City,

photographed in Mexico fro seventeen years, and came to

California in 1971. I am a credentialed Art Therapist and

have taught Dreamplay at the San Andreas Health Council, the

Cabrillo College Stroke Center and Santa Cruz Aids Project.

After travelling far and wide, I now dream, paint and teach

in Aptos, on the edge of the Monterey Bay, where (through my

grandchildren) I vicariously enjoy surfing, scuba diving and

river rafting.

Dreams have guided me throughout my life and are often the

source of my art work. Through art and writing I explore my

inner world and bring its dream energy and wisdom into my

everyday life.

I have a "mix and match" approach to media, and use acrylics

in various ways, as well as transparent and opaque water

color, monotype, charcoal, brush and ink

and other drawing tools, fabric photograph and collage.

You can send comments to Alissa about her art or story at:

and be sure to see her online gallery at


Dream Bibliographies Online!

Richard Wilkerson


Have you ever wondered what kinds of books are on dreams and

anthropology? Or how about finding a good book on the

comparison of different ways of interpreting dreams? And

just where do you go if you want a book to help you deal with

children and nightmares?

DreamGate & Electric Dreams now have a place to find these

and more! Dream Bib's is a pointer site that you can go to

an quickly access thousands of *references* to dream books

and articles. Some collections include the Association for

the Study of Dreams Recommended Reading List, the Novato

Center for Dreams List for Children's Books, Dream Network's

article list , the Henry Reed Collected Bibliography, the

personal publications of researchers like Ernest Hartmann and

Bill Domhoff, my own collection that includes chapters in

books as well as articles and a special anthropology

bibliography - to name a few!

If you find or have a collection that you would like added,

simple send either the URL to me or the Bibliography itself.

Enjoy! -Richard


The Forgotten Language

By Scott Hughes


In my dreams I have visited many bookstores and

libraries. I have located several interesting books only to

wake up and discover they were never real in this world. What

a disappointment!

Ahh, but there were exceptions. In one dream, an author

named Frome was mentioned. I wasn't sure how to spell the

name, but I sounded it out. I had never heard of this author,

but I felt determined to put up a search for him.

At a local library, hidden in the psychology books, I

found books written by Erich Fromm. Who was this guy Erich

Fromm? Was he the author, the dream spoke of? His name

appeared so similar to the one I heard in my dream. I looked

through a book of his called _Escape from Freedom_ and found

references to a book called _The Forgotten Language._ I

discovered _The Forgotten Language_ on another shelf. This

latter book's subject matter was dreams. Strange coincidence

that a dream would lead me to a book on dreams.

Fromm was born in Frankfurt Germany in 1900. He became a

psychoanalyst who was a contemporary of Freud. He wrote over

ten books and lectured extensively in Europe and North

America during his lifetime. Many of his ideas were

controversial, and I don't agree with them all, but his

viewpoint has significance to students of dreams. In my next

article, I will explore Fromm's

book _The Forgotten Language._

Scott Hughes



John W. Herbert: DreamSharing in Cyberspace- An Interview

by Victoria Quinton


Editor's note: John's work spawned the original form of the DreamWheel Dream groups

we run at Electric Dreams and influenced other dream online dream work including the

new DreamWheel on DreamLink and the bulletin board dreamwork by Jayne Gackenbach in

her online dream class. For a sample of a group:

John's research is the first that I know of on dreamsharing in Cyberspace. The project was

done in 1991 through the Saybrook Institute and Stanley Krippner. Now he has made his

research public at his web site:

The paper, "Human Science Research Methods in Studying Dreamwork: Qualitative and

Quantitative Analysis of Face-to-Face and Computer Networks In Dream Work Groups"

examines the difference between online and offline dream groups. A must read for all online

dream researchers and dream sharing historians.


Interview via a series of email, September, 1996

Victoria Quinton (VQ): What were your first expectations of Cyberspace when you first

entered it as a dream-sharing venue?

John Herbert (JH): I don't really know that I had any *specific* expectations. Let's go way

back in time.

I went back to school and am enrolled at Saybrook Institute in San Francisco, an accredited

institution "without walls." At our required residency periods, I started attending Stan

Krippner's daily breakfast dream meetings, and I took to the "if it were my dream" process

like a duck takes to water. I started by leading a few groups under Stan's supervision,

studied with Monte Ullman, and continued by conducting local dream groups on a regular

basis and working with county jail inmates. As I became more involved with dream groups

using this process, I became more impressed by the universality of the process - "it


The other element, an interest in computers, had been developed in earlier years. In the

late 60's I had enrolled at San Francisco State Univ. in a Master's program in psychology. I

missed being able to get into SFSU for a particular term by just a few days, and found

myself looking for something to do in academia while waiting for the next term to begin. I

started working for Dr. Joe Kamiya at Langley Porter Institute and started "programming"

because he had no one else to do it.

I didn't have, at that time, a shred of an idea of how a computer worked or what

programming was. I got permission to use the computer in the middle of the night, so used

to do all my 'work" from about 11 PM till 4 AM in morning. I must have learned, because

I ended up working at Langley-Porter that summer as a programmer, writing code for

collecting and processing data from medical research projects. I went on to write my own

program for my Master's Thesis (A Study of EEG Changes During Zen Meditation). This

was the beginning of my interest in computers.

While at Saybrook, I had been witnessing the early growth of the commercial organizations

such as Compuserve, Delphi, Genie, AOL, Peacenet, or Prodigy, and also of the Internet. I

began to look at the expanded communication abilities of the electronic world, and was

convinced that this would be a viable means of communication, and would be of increasing

importance as time went on. Quite a few of the boards had postings about dreams, but

none were attempting to work with them in any serious manner. (Not quite true - there

were many "Let's try to meet in some specific location in our dreams tonight, or let's try to

dream about this specific plot tonight).

Realizing that face-to-face dream groups had geographical and time constraints, I began to

wonder if this group dream-work process could be conducted using an electronic medium.

As part of my studies at Saybrook, I proposed conducting an independent study to assess

this possibility. I therefore obtained permission to tape record one of our breakfast

meetings, which became the basis for comparing responses from the face-to-face (FTF)

meeting with those obtained from a group of participants gathered by posting a research

request on alt.dreams on the Internet. (This study is now available for viewing at

Until that time, anytime I proposed doing group dreamwork using any method other than

in an FTF environment, I was constantly questioned about the loss of the necessary

"personal interaction" that was perceived to be a necessary requirement for sharing. The

outcome of my initial study, however, convinced me that it would be possible to conduct

good (and possibly superior) group dream work using computer mediated communication.

As a researcher, however, I believe that expectations of the researcher can sometimes

modify results obtained from a study. I tried to be as objective as possible, and I think that

my study could be replicated and essentially the same results obtained. What I am perhaps

trying to say is that my "expectations" were of a more philosophical nature - that using

computers for communication would be of increasing importance in the future combined

with a personal bias that the "if it were my dream" basis of sharing provided an exceedingly

powerful way for both the dreamer to understand his or her dream metaphor and for

participants to learn more about how the dream metaphors can reflect one's personal


VQ: Do you still feel that you have a place in Cyberspace, albeit different to 1991?

JH: Absolutely!

A touch more of history may help. Following my initial Internet study, I started looking at

the dreamworking possibilities on various commercial services, such as Genie, Delphi,

Compuserve, the Well, and AOL. As a Seniornet member (a subset of AOL), I started my

BBS activity and gradually developed protocols for working with both a bulletin board

format and also with an e-mail format.

All the dream groups that I have done have essentially had the format of the dreamer

presenting a dream, a segment for questions about content, the dreamer's answers (I have

mixed feelings about how to conduct these last two segments - it could be a study in itself,

because there are mixed blessings about allowing questions that ask the dreamer about his

or her life at this point of the process), the sharing phase, feedback from the dreamer

(dreamer's option) and continuing further discussions. I believe there is still a place for

these types of groups, probably most effectively conducted by e-mail. If you wish to see an

example of a full AOL dream group process, look in on

I am sure you know that there are somewhat similar groups ongoing right now, such as the

dream wheels, ed-core, etc.

For the last few months, however, I have also been a fairly regular member invited onstage

by Jeremy Taylor during his weekday "Dream Show" that is held in the Cafe Chat Room of

the HUB, which takes place on AOL 9 AM Eastern weekdays. There are about 3 of us

that are invited when we are available, but I have been a most regular and frequent guest.

For me, this is a totally different way of working with dreams. Instead of working with

one long complex dream, in a process that usually takes over a week, we are commenting

on perhaps 6 to 8 short dreams or even fragments of an image, during the hour (still using

the it were my dream approach). It had been a tremendous opportunity for me, and I have

learned a great deal. It has broadened my awareness of the need for different forms of

doing dreamwork.

The Internet provides us with a great way to communicate, using both e-mail and browser

access. As different methods of working with dreams are developed (I learned of several

new ways during the recent ASD conference in Berkeley), I am sure that more and more

individual and group dreamsharing will take place and there will be formats to suit many

different preferences.

I do not know what forms my eventual Internet participation will take, but with my two

basic underlying interests of dreamwork and computers, I can't even think of a future

without some ongoing activity in cyberspace - after all, it is a primary means of

communication, and honestly shared communication is the underlying mechanism that

makes group dream work possible.

VQ: Do you feel the same sense of community in personal meetings as in cyberspace


JH: I would offer a qualified yes to your answer.

In FTF meetings, there must be a certain commonality of interest, otherwise the meeting

would not take place. This sense of bonding, however, springs from different sources. At

Saybrook, for example, the breakfast tables about bonded together because the participants

are not only interested in sharing their dreams but also because a very close student bond

exists, so those groups have, in my experience, a *very very* strong sense of community.

In working within the penal system, I did not find this sense of community in reference to

dreamwork. Yes, they were all in the clink at the same time, but they were all deeply

concerned with their own problems and I did not "feel" the same sense of community

among the inmates. Of course, one has to remember there is not much ability to "share"

when in jail.

I think there are always possible problems in conducting FTF dreamwork in a community.

One problem is that in a small town, often people know other people's business, and there

may be inherent hesitancy in self-exposure. Other group meetings are excellent, such as a

woman leading a group discussing women's issues, where the issues are of direct interest

to the group members individually and as a group.

When dream groups are advertised to a wider range of participants, however, and the

assembled are there to do the group dreamwork, there is a sense that the community is

there for that purpose, and the purpose is usually honored.

Remember, however, that what is very natural for you and me (working with computers),

is not always easy for many people and there may be a hesitancy in using this medium. I

found many technical problems cropping up in attempting to learn how to do responsible

dreamwork online, but I do feel there can be a strong sense of community.

Regards, John

JH: Victoria, how would *you* compare FTF to online dreamsharing?

VQ: Well, my experience of dream-sharing has been via the Internet, without the initial

grass roots "personal" meetings.

JH: Two questions I have are how did you develop you interest in working with dreams

and how did you first find your connections to the Electric Dreams community?

VQ: Well, I have had a "covert" interest in dreams since childhood, and always looked

forward to them, because of the way they seemed both to "integrate" waking life with

alternative outcomes and the way it seemed safer to try different things in dreams that I

didn't do in waking life - such as flying, talking to animals, befriending dragons, giants and

other characters, and being able to play with various of my dolls as animate peers in dreams.

As I grew up, I was drawn to books about dreams every so often and kept an

occasional diary, mainly of those dreams that cried out to be remembered.

In the early 1990's I read a few books by Jung and Jungians and did a weekend

workshop on "Jung and Your Inner Journey". I am still friendly with many of my "inner

characters", though, of course they have varied interests.

Admittedly, my "inner work" has been sporadic, though always in the "backyard of my

daily mind"and when, in late 1995, my husband introduced me to the Internet, one of the

first searches I did was on dreams.

That lead me to Dream Links:

where I explored and filled out a questionnaire, as a result of which I signed up to Richard

Wilkerson's Dream Class. He signed the participants on to Electric Dreams. I saw a request

for a volunteer Q&A editor, volunteered and became a staff member.

Victoria 8*)


DreamLink Update -Linton & Becky Hutchinson


What's up at DreamLink?


Be sure to check out DreamLinks new DreamChich BBS Board.

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Dreams and Illness: Can Dreams predict illness?

Real or Fake : Can you tell a real from a fake dream?


Each week , DreamLink offers a new approach to dreams. This

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learn about Edgar Cayce with an technique by Robin


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What we are tying to accomplish is make the site self

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What we plan to do with monies collected is to maintain the

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You can be part of this process of helping humankind (where

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Play Therapy

The Mouse Detectives






My web site actually consists of three parts. In the first,

I'm currently sharing The Birth of Wanderer, a chronicle of a

unique spiritual transformation that began in the late

sixties, when I was a left-brained intellectual and graduate

student at UCLA with a promising career ahead of me as a

psychotherapist and Jungian analyst. When it ended, several

years later, I was a body with a mind, beginning a new life

as a wandering vagabond, living by my wits and my inner

truth, in the high mountains of California and on the back

roads of America.

In the second part of my site, Wanderer Here and Now, I'm

sharing whatever the current world scene inspires me to

write. Recently I wrote about the passing of the old guard,

those old men with their old ways who have had power over the

rest of us for so many years now. I plan to write again soon

asking the question: Why not see the positive side to what I

call medicines but which are today called drugs? In the

sixties and early seventies, we thought that it was possible

to use at least some of these "drugs" (grass, acid,

mushrooms, and peyote) without abusing them. What has


In the third portion of my web site, my family and I are

presently setting up a dream sharing forum which should be

on-line by the end of October. My family and I have been

sharing our dreams together for many years now. Besides

leading to an increase in self-awareness and growth, we've

noticed that sharing our dreams brings us much closer

together as a family. Sharing our dreams, we're sharing our

most open and real selves, and being accepted at these levels

is quite liberating.

I have my PhD in Clinical Psychology from UCLA, have studied

the I Ching and its wisdom, Jungian and Gestalt Psychology

and dreams for over 30 years, and have been in private

practice as a spiritual consultant for more than 25 years.

I'm interested in studying consciousness in all its forms.

My main tools have been my dreams and my experiences with

LSD. Currently, I'm very interested in the transformation

that we're all going through together, especially the changes

that are occurring in our collective consciousness.



Significant Dreams:

The Two Millennium Silence breaks in Cyberspace

Richard Wilkerson


Know all things to be like this.

A mirage, a cloud castle, a dream, an apparition, without

essence but with qualities that can be seen. ( the Buddha

- Samadhirajasutra)

If the Buddhist metaphor of life-as-dream is taken seriously,

life itself may be seen as a significant dream. Jung had a

significant dream about this after an illness. "I was on a

hiking trip. (I was walking along a little road through a

hilly landscape; the sun was shining and i Had a wide view in

all directions. the I came to a small wayside chapel. The

door was ajar, and I went in. To my surprise there was no

image of the Virgin on the altar, and no crucifix either, but

only a wonderful flower arrangement,. But then I saw that on

the floor in front of the altar, facing me, say a yogi- in

louts position, in deep meditation. When I looked at him more

closely, I realized hat he had my face. I started in profound

fright, and awoke with the thought:"Aha, so his is the one

who when he awakened, I would no longer be" (pg. 323

Memories, Dreams & Reflections.)

Besides touching the significance of life itself,

significant dreams may also reach into a parallel universe .

The DreamTime of the Australian Aborigines tells of the

universe coming into being as a dream of the Great Spirit.

For them and others, dreaming contacts not the maya illusion

but a parallel universe that feeds our own. Jacob's dream of

the ladder with angels ascending and descending speaks to the

opening from one world to another and how contact with this

realm may change our life.

Sometimes the significant dream is not so much a shocking

vision of reality in total, but an insight into a more

specific reality.

The structure of benzine had been alluding the scientist

Kekule until he had a dream which allowed him access to the


"During my stay in London I resided in Clapham Road....I

frequently, however, spent my evenings with my friend Hugo

Mueller....We talked of many things but most often of our

beloved chemistry. One fine summer evening I was returning by

the last bus, riding outside as usual, through the deserted

streets of the city....I fell into a reverie, and lo, the

atoms were gamboling before my eyes. Whenever, hitherto,

these diminutive beings had appeared to me, they had always

been in motion. Now, however, I saw how, frequently, two

smaller atoms united to form a pair: how a larger one

embraced the two smaller ones; how still larger ones kept

hold of three or even four of the smaller: whilst the whole

kept whirling in a giddy dance. I saw how the larger ones

formed a chain, dragging the smaller ones after them but only

at the ends of the chains....The cry of the conductor:

"Clapham Road," awakened me from my dreaming; but I spent a

part of the night in putting on paper at least sketches of

these dream forms. This was the origin of the "Structural

Theory.6 Of course I wasn't ready to publish at that

time--dreams need to be practically tested in the real

world--but I had the beginnings of my theory. "

[A dream of a dream actually -From: FRIEDRICH AUGUST KEKUL


kule.html (September 19, 1996)]


These insights may also change one's life in a more subtle

way. Robert Louis Stevenson is famous for using his dreams

to come up with stories. He *had* to be creative since he was

only getting a few pennies per page of material at the

beginning of his career. What pushed him into the limelight?

It was a dream inspired story, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll

and Mr. Hyde"

"I had long been trying to write a story on this

subject...For two days I went about wracking my brains for a

plot of any sort; and on the second night I dreamed the scene

at the window, and a scene afterward split in two, in which

Hyde, pursued for some crime, took the powder and underwent

the change in the presence of his pursuers. All the rest was

made awake, and consciously. " A Chapter on Dreams" 1892

Mary Shelley's Frankenstein followed from a nightmare as did

many other books that have made significant impact on the

authors and readers.

For an online version of the book:


Another writer whose dreams played a significant role was

Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Kubla Khan: Or, a Vision in a Dream. A Fragment.

In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

A stately pleasure-dome decree :

Where Alph, the sacred river, ran

Through caverns measureless to man

Down to a sunless sea.

So twice five miles of fertile ground

With walls and towers were girdled round :

And there were gardens bright with sinuous rills,

Where blossomed many an incense-bearing tree ;

And here were forests ancient as the hills,

Enfolding sunny spots of greenery.

But oh ! that deep romantic chasm which slanted

Down the green hill athwart a cedarn cover !

A savage place ! as holy and enchanted

As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted

By woman wailing for her demon-lover !

And from this chasm, with ceaseless turmoil seething,

As if this earth in fast thick pants were breathing,

A mighty fountain momently was forced :

Amid whose swift half-intermitted burst

Huge fragments vaulted like rebounding hail,

Or chaffy grain beneath the thresher's flail :

And 'mid these dancing rocks at once and ever

It flung up momently the sacred river.

Five miles meandering with a mazy motion

Through wood and dale the sacred river ran,

Then reached the caverns measureless to man,

And sank in tumult to a lifeless ocean :

And 'mid this tumult Kubla heard from far

Ancestral voices prophesying war !

The shadow of the dome of pleasure

Floated midway on the waves ;

Where was heard the mingled measure

From the fountain and the caves.

It was a miracle of rare device,

A sunny pleasure-dome with caves of ice !

A damsel with a dulcimer

In a vision once I saw :

It was an Abyssinian maid,

And on her dulcimer she played,

Singing of Mount Abora.

Could I revive within me

Her symphony and song,

To such a deep delight 'twould win me,

That with music loud and long,

I would build that dome in air,

That sunny dome ! those caves of ice !

And all who heard should see them there,

And all should cry, Beware ! Beware !

His flashing eyes, his floating hair !

Weave a circle round him thrice,

And close your eyes with holy dread,

For he on honey-dew hath fed,

And drunk the milk of Paradise.

Autumn of 1797

To rest of poems :



How we interpret the significant dreams may be as significant

as the dream itself. Here is a dream that Socrates had the

struggle with the interpretation that led him to be who he


"Upon this Cebes said: I am very glad indeed, Socrates, that

you mentioned the name of Aesop. For that reminds me of a

question which has been asked by others, and was asked of me

only the day before yesterday by Evenus the poet, and as he

will be sure to ask again, you may as well tell me what I

should say to him, if you would like him to have an answer.

He wanted to know why you who never before wrote a line of

poetry, now that you are in prison are putting Aesop into

verse, and also composing that hymn in honor of Apollo.

Tell him, Cebes, (Socrates) replied, that I had no idea

of rivalling him or his poems; which is the truth, for I knew

that I could not do that. But I wanted to see whether I

could purge away a scruple which I felt about certain dreams.

In the course of my life I have often had intimations in

dreams "that I should make music." The same dream came to me

sometimes in one form, and sometimes in another, but always

saying the same or nearly the same words:

Make and cultivate music, said the dream. And hitherto I

had imagined that this was only intended to exhort and

encourage me in the study of philosophy, which has always

been the pursuit of my life, and is the noblest and best of

music. The dream was bidding me to do what I was already

doing, in the same way that the competitor in a race is

bidden by the spectators to run when he is already running.

But I was not certain of this, as the dream might have meant

music in the popular sense of the word, and being under

sentence of death, and the festival giving me a respite, I

thought that I should be safer if I satisfied the scruple,

and, in obedience to the dream, composed a few verses before

I departed. And first I made a hymn in honor of the god of

the festival, and then considering that a poet, if he is

really to be a poet or maker, should not only put words

together but make stories, and as I have no invention, I

took some fables of Aesop, which I had ready at hand and

knew, and turned them into verse. Tell Evenus this, and bid


be of good cheer; that I would have him come after me if he

be a wise man, and not tarry; and that to-day I am likely to

be going, for the Athenians say that I must." (Phaedo)

The oracle at Delphi decided the fate of the world for

centuries. The procedure included dreaming on the temple

steps and then having the dreams interpreted by Apollo's

priests. If the dream was deemed significant enough, one's

concerns were presented to the oracle who interpreted and

advised on them. Not only were individual fates decided upon,

but whole nations. What wars were to be fought, what lands

were to be colonized and how to spend the national budgets.

The dream and the oracle have been silent as mediators of

significant cultural experience for two thousand years in

Western Culture. Now we move into Cyberspace and the

collective space of dream sharing, significant dreams may

again return as dreams and their meaning are shared on a

global, instantaneous basis. News projects that include

taking in millions of dreams a day and giving a weather

forecast of what people are dreaming about are coming into

being. Will it be an opportunity to fold into the collective

mix a creative ingredient or just become part of the buzzing

averaging of statistical numbers that promote the collective

Borg mentality?

The first indications are in favor of the personal.

Cyberspace is seen more as a place were the individual is

valorized, and the weirder and more unique the better. Mass

marketing still drives the economy of Cyberspace, but Mass

mindedness is regarded with suspicion and continual comment

and review. The big search, it seems, is for one another and

ourselves in equal partnership. In our search for the unique

and marvelous, the dream will continue to be a vital source

and significant dreams a fountain for us all.

- Richard Wilkerson








































D R E A M C A L E N D A R for OCTOBER & Fall 1996


================ WORLD CONGRESS 2000 ================

On Saturday, July 13th, 1996, the final day of the

Annual Association for the Study of Dreams (ASD) Conference

XIII, 35 to 40 people from all over the Northern and Southern

hemispheres gathered at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley,

California, to begin a discussion of the proposed "World

Congress" of national, regional, and language associations

for the study of dreams, projected for sometime in the year


The meeting was facilitated by the Reverend Jeremy

Taylor, a co-founder and recent past president of ASD.

Observers representing several other organizations interested

in the study of dreams, including the European Association

for the Study of Dreams (EASD), the Association for Research

and Enlightenment (ARE), and the International Association

for Analytical ("Jungian") Psychology (IAAP), attended the


There was unanimous support for the World Congress at

the meeting. Discussion was wide-ranging and explored many of

the complex issues involved in creating such an event.

Concerns were also expressed, focussed in four areas: (1) the

costs of attending such an assembly, (and the inevitable

exclusion of some individuals and groups because of

prohibitive expense), (2) the site for such a meeting, (and

the specific process by which a decision on a site

would/could be reached), (3) the desire to ensure that the

program of such a meeting would/will be as inclusive as

possible, and take particular care to include native and

indigenous peoples as both presenters and participants, and,

(4) the desire to coordinate any such assembly with the

scheduled events planned by ASD, EASD, IAAP, and the other

national, regional, and language associations for the study

of dreams that are coming into existence, such as the new

Dutch ASD that has been formed during the last year. The

group assembled in Berkeley offered enthusiastic

congratulations to our Dutch friends and colleagues on the

occasion of taking this important organizational step.

Giselle Schreg, an official representative of EASD

reported on the plans of EASD, and the French journal of

dream study and exploration, "ONIROS", to sponsor a "Year of

the Dream" in Australia in the year 2000; among other things,

they seek global participation in a collective dream

incubation project. The ASD Newsletter will be carrying more

detailed information about this project in future issues.

Several possible sites for the World Congress were

proposed and discussed including universities and major

cities in the US, Canada, Europe, Central and South America,

India, South Africa, and Australia.

As the discussion unfolded, there was increasing

enthusiasm generated for the idea of multiple conferences to

be held at the same time all over the world, linked through

simultaneous electronic satellite communications. This idea

such intense interest the group turned their collective

energy to it almost exclusively. Specific ideas for

conferences in different parts of the world, all linked

through computers, electronic imaging, and simultaneous

translation, flowed from the group.

The meeting closed with people volunteering to serve on

an international Committee of Correspondence to carry the

planning further, and with a unanimous resolution expressing

"the sense of the meeting" to continue the formal dialogue,

communication, and cooperation necessary to ensure the

success of World Congress - 2000, directed to the governing

bodies of ASD, EASD, and other interested organizations.

Anyone interested in participating in the Committee should

communicate their ideas to: Jeremy Taylor

10 Pleasant Lane

San Rafael, CA 94901-5049


Phone: (415) 454-2793

Fax: (415) 455-0276


The Online site provided by Oneiros & EASD is:


A new regional resource center for dreamers has just opened

its doors in California -- The Dream Tree, located in Santa

Cruz, and serving the greater Monterey Bay, is a growing

place designed to assist local dreamers in exploring their

dreams and in connecting with others within a shared dream

community. It's primary goals are to create opportunities for

others to enrich their lives through awareness and

understanding of dreams; to act as a center for dream-related

materials, events, activities and sharing, and to access and

participate in a global dreaming community, while maintaining

a comprehensive regional focus - the Monterey Bay.

The Dream Tree provides a variety of resources, including

bibliographies on dreams and dreamwork; assistance with

research questions and projects; referrals to dreamworkers

and dream groups; a calendar of dream events and activities;

a library of books, journals and magazines; a newsletter

packed with the latest dream-related occurrences, including

book reviews, exhibits, classes, workshops, conferences and

research; a comfortable space to host small workshops, groups

or classes, and access to the electronic dream universe on

the Internet (including an extensive database of

dream-related web sites).

Interested in supporting the Dream Tree? Your donations of

dream art, poetry, books, cartoons, magazines, photographs,

or other dream materials are welcome and needed. You can

also subscribe to the newsletter and calendar (published 8

times annually) for $8.00 per year, or, if you are especially

generous, by just donating financially.

For more information, contact The Dream Tree by email at

<>, or access the web site at:


DREAMS IN KINGSTON,NEW YORK ====================

A Two Day Dream Festival in Kingston will celebrate dreams

and dreamers from Kingston and surrounding areas of the

Hudson Valley. The Festival will begin on Saturday, October

26 with a participatory DREAM DIALOGUE at 3PM featuring

Dream Specialists Naomi Schecter, Barbara Cernak, IONE and

R.I.P. Hayman. That evening at 11PM DREAMSOUND; EVENT FOR

SLEEPINGAUDIENCE, by noted composer R.I.P. HAYMAN will

begin. It will last until morning. Reservations are

necessary. This event is limited to 40 dreamers.

A benefit for the Pauline Oliveros Foundation , this is the

first event to take place in the organization's new building

DEEPLISTENING SPACE at 73 Broadway in the Rondout. Sunday,

October 27 beginning at 1 PM there will bean exhibit of art

work and marathon dream related readings and performance s

continuing until 6PM. Suggested Contributions: DIALOGUE : $

5 DREAMSOUND: $10 ( More if you can ) DREAMMARATHON: $5. For

more Information and Reservations Contact: The Pauline

Oliveros Foundation at 914-338-5984EMS:

CALLING ALL DREAMERS: Area residents will be encouraged to

enjoy their dreams during the month of October and to submit

a dream to one of several Dream Depots at designated

locations in Kingston and neighboring cities. Dream Sifters

will cull the dreams and some will be presented during the

marathon event. All are eligible for a Dream Contest. Judges

will dream up prizes in several categories, to be presented

at a later date. Dreamers who wish to participate on a

planning or performance level should call IONE at

914-339-5776 or 914-338-5986 /914-338-5986fax- E-mail

dreamers throughout the world are invited to send their

dreams to : IODREAMS

PARTICIPANTS: A preliminary list of participants in the

Dream Festival includes: Annea Lockwood, Burrill Crohn, Peter

Blum, Julie Lyon Rose, Julie Hedricks, Iabas, Joakim Larty,

Bill Hellerman, Leaf Miller, Mikhael Horowitz, LisaStarger,

Marilyn Stablein, George Quasha, Gioia Timpanelli, Chie

Hasegawa,Naomi Schecter, Nego Gato, Carol Chappell, Janice

King, Janine Vega. A partial list of Dream Depots includes

: Deep Listening Space, The Alternative BookStore, UPAC,

Coffey Gallery, The Loft, Donskoj Gallery, The Butterfly

Bookstore at the Pathwork Center.

Author and Dream Facilitator IONE has created such Dream

Festivals for the Center for Live Letters and New York

Shakespeare Public Theater in Manhattan and foresees more

such events locally as well as in Venice, Paris, San

Francisco and Amsterdam. Composer and world traveler R.I.P.

Hayman has worked with leading medical and psychiatric

researchers to develop DREAMSOUND. The event has been

presented in many venues including the Kitchen and the New

Music America Festival.



Kenneth Kelzer, known for his critically acclaimed book _The

Sun and the Shadow: My Experiment with Lucid Dreaming_, will

present a one-day workshop on Saturday, 26 October, designed

especially for therapists and counselors who seek greater

clarity and professional confidence in working with their

clients' dreams. Topics covered will include motivating

clients to present their dreams; the basic principles of

dreamwork in therapy; dreams and transference; types of

dreams; interpreting dream dynamics as well as dream symbols;

meanings derived from the structure of dreams; utilizing

clients' dream symbols in interventions; dreams of trauma and

childhood abuse; anxiety dreams and nightmares; lucid

dreaming; transpersonal dreams and the crucial role of

contexts in dreamwork. Participants will be encouraged to

present their clients' dreams as a practicum for

interpretation and intervention. Kelzer will also present his

recently developed, unique method of experiential

psychotherapy with dreams, a synthesis trance induction,

visualization, affirmations, guided imager, and Gestalt

therapy processes.

The workshop will be held at Sonoma State University from 9

am to 5:30 pm. The cost is $60 for .8 CEU. For more

information, call Ken Kelzer at 415)897.2300. To register,

call 707) 664.2394.


Dr. Charles Eudy developed his 3-Step Method to Read Dreams

in 1984 to help him deal with chronically high blood

pressure, but it also enriched his life. He has since offered

workshops (four two-hour sessions each) several times a year

in the Santa Clara valley area (California, USA). His next

series of workshops will be occurring at the following dates

and locations:

Nov. 7, 14, 21 & Dec. 5, 7-9 P.M. Quinlan Community Center,

10185 N.Stelling Road, Cupertino. Fee: $22 + $3 materials.

Register with Cupertino Parks and Recreation, (408) 777-3120.

Nov. 13, 20, Dec. 4 & 11, 7-9 P.M. Willows Center, 2175

Lincoln Avenue, San Jose. Fee $45 (materials included). To

register, call Metropolitan Adult Education Program, (408)



The Department of Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy

University is pleased to announce a concentration in Dream

Studies for their M.A. Program in Consciousness Studies.

Students interested in the study of dreams may choose a

variety of courses. For more information, contact Fariba

Bogzaran, Assistant Professor, Department of Consciousness

Studies at 5100 254.0105.


A non-ordinary dream group, involving deep exploration of

dreams using drumming, guided imagery and movement is

beginning. Call Amanda Lynn Nielsenat 510) 944.0926, for more


======= THE NATURAL ARTISTRY OF DREAMS ===============

Ready to try some new, right-brain methods for working with

your dreams? Wish to get in touch with the more creative side

of yourself in your dreams and waking life? Jill Mellick has

written a new book, The Natural Artistry of Dreams, which may

be right up your alley! Using a variety of non-linear,

non-analytical techniques for dreamwork, such as collage,

movement, sound, and other creative venues, Mellick offers

exciting alternatives for connecting with the messages of

your dreams. Published by Conari Press, the book is

available in paperback for $14.95. Jill will be appearing

October 18 at the East West Bookshop in Mountain View,

California (see calendar for more information).

======== DREAM DISCOVERIES FOR WOMEN ==============

Jeanne Adleman will be presenting the 18th annual Women's

Dreamwork Retreat October 11-13 at Rainbow Ranch, Calistoga,

California. This event helps women enjoy and understand their

dreams while enjoying each other's company and sharing in

activities. Ms. Addleman is an experienced group leader and

has developed unique methods for linking the individual and

the group. For brochure or more information, contact Jeanne

at 4150 585.0666.


The 5th annual Whole Life Expo will be happening in San

Francisco, California October 18-20, 1996 at the Fashion

Center, 8th and Townsend. The expo focuses on natural

health, spirituality and personal growth and includes

exhibits, lectures, workshops, panels, bodywork pavilion,

visionary art gallery, bookstore and natural foods dining. In

addition to dreamwork, some other topics being explored

include: vibrational healing, soul work, death/dying, quantum

physics, ayurveda, meditation, healing music, global change,

herbalism and iridology. For information, contact the San

Francisco Whole Life Expo, 1040 B Street, suite 310, San

Rafael, CA 94901. 415)7212484 or visit at:

===== CONSCIOUSNESS, DREAMS and SELF ================

Dr.J.B. Arden has written a new book dealing with dreams and

consciousness from the biological, philosophical and

psychophysiological perspectives. Arden is the chief

psychologist at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Vallejo

and a faculty member at the California School of Professional

Psychology in Berkeley. Available for $28.50 by Psychosocial

Press, ISBN1-887841-01-6.

=========== DREAM SCENE MAGAZINE - SWAN SONG! =======

Collecting and printing hundreds of dreams and graphics since

1993, DreamScene Magazine has come to its end. But don't

Despair! You can get the 5 issues at $4.00/issue. Contact the

editor, Dan HolznerDream Scene Magazine, 3902 Folsom

Street,San Francisco, CA 94100-6138

======== SWARM II HALLOWEEN ON THE NET ===============

Last year the place to be on the Net for Dreamers was a no-

place, and every-place, a shifting, sliding party that

travelled between web, IRC, chat rooms and Newsgroups. We

held to no boundaries, but kept in touch with one another,

swirling around an unknown center.

This year Swarm II takes place, again a whole day event

beginning *your* time on the morning of October 31st and

going until we get home.

Even less planned than last year, the Swarm will keep in

touch via a updated traveling newsletter that will be posted

on alt.dreams and various other sites around the net. We will

be online all day talking and walking dreams. We'll visit all

the newest web sites and catch up on old sites. Webmasters -

have your sites ready and your pumpkins glowing, we will be

trick or treating! Dreamers, have your dream treats ready,

be they dream texts, dream inspired pictures, urls, comments

or whatever.

Start planning now and if you want us to visit your site or

e-mail, or receive "The Swarm II" newsletter, send the

following note to

"Hey DreamBat - here's my e-mail/URL/IRC channel/chatroom

address/whatever/ - please put me on the "Swarm II"

newsletter - and don't forget to take me off on after

Halloween is over!"

Dreambat may not be able to respond to your request until the

week before Halloween,(He only comes out of the cave once a

year and it takes a while to shake off the hibernation blues)

so be patient and get your treats ready!





====== WHAT'S A REAL DREAM AND WHAT'S NOT? ===========

David Black, at Seton Hall University, has set up a Web-based

program designed to explore the question of whether people

can distinguish between a real dream told to them, and a fake

one. Participants can contribute their own dreams (the

program requests three real and one fake), and/or try to

"spot the fake" in dreams already contributed. Have a look at

The Dream Narrative Experiment - it's at

======= DREAM INSPIRED ART ==========================

DreamGate is pleased to present a new site on Dream Inspired

Art, which features numerous links to art and dream art pages

on the web, including Jesse Reklaw's Slow Wave and Concave

Up, the Fly-by-Night Communal Magic Show, LABOR Gallery by

Johannes Hedinger, the Whale Dream Gallery by Sarah Strachen,

selections from the ASD's juried show at the 13th conference

in Berkeley, and much, much more! Check it out at:

====== ELECTRIC DREAMS COVER ART ======================

Need a cover for you Electric Dreams issue? How about

submitting one of your own for backissues that went out

without a cover? Oh, the possiblities of Cyber-text/art!

Covers needed: Volume 1 (1994)Issue 1-20

Volume 2 (1995)Issue 2-11, 13-15.

============ DREAMBOY'S PROLIFIC STORIES ==========

Chris Romano has put together volumes of dreams with cartoon

illustrationsand other miscellanea at:


Those of you who enjoyed McPhee's recent book on conscious

dreaming, "Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams" now have the

opportunity to enjoy a web page as well, including links to

many lucid dreaming sites on the net:

========== GOLDRING'S SIGNIFICANT DREAMS ============

A beautifully illustrated site in which Alissa Goldring

shares her significant dreams, some of the art inspired by

them, and her own life experiences. Alissa is a credentialed

art therapist living and working in Aptos, California. Her

site can be found at:


See the article in this issue of Global Dreaming News for

more information on this new dream resource center, and check

out the site at:

========= JOHN HERBERT'S RESEARCH SITES ==========

Human Science Research Methods in Studying Dreamwork:

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Face-to-Face and

Computer Networks Dream WorkGroups -- John Herbert's seminal

research paper on the first study comparing Cyberspace Dream

Groups to Offline Face-to-Face Groups.

Dreamwork online. A sample session of Online dreamwork from

John Herbert, including the invitation, the question and

replies, the comments and closing remarks.

========== DREAM BIBLIOGRAPHIES ONLINE =============

Have you ever wondered what kinds of research, books and

articles are available on dream? Maybe you want some

suggestions on a good book for teaching children dreams or an

article that compares dream theories and techniques. Perhaps

you were curious about what is going on in dreams in other

cultures? These and more are now available at the DreamGate

- Electric Dreams DREAM BIB site. Pointers to many of lists

online and some major collections never before available,

like the Dream Anthropology Bibliography.

Do *you* have a dream bibliography you would like online?

contact me, Richard Wilkerson,


A joint project between DreamGate, Electric Dreams, the

DreamTree, and the Novato Center for Dreams.

The online links are annotated summaries of dream web sites,

Usenet newsgroups and mail lists related to dreams and

dreaming. Includes Dream Sharing, Magazines and Journals,

Information, Education and Organizations, Religion,

Spirituality & Healing, Lucid Dreaming, Dream Science &

Research, Dream Art, Jung , Books & Articles , and more.

The Offline resources include Regional Dream Centers,

Networks ,Groups, Organizations & Institutions that include

Dreams in their regular programs, Radio Shows, phone

networks, hotlines and Publications by ASD, Dream Network and



The French Publication and Organization Oneiros is now


==== THE HAYDEN INSTITUTE ONLINE ================

Two Year Dream Group Leader Training with faculty that

include Leah Berne, Mary Hunter Daly, Bob Haden, Keith

Parker, Jeremy Taylor, Ann Ulanov, Berne Ulanov.

FOR: Parishioners, lay readers, and clergy who wish to lead

church dream groups. Therapists who wish to enhance their

therapeutic skills. Community small group leaders who wish to

learn dream group skills.

E-mail bob hayden at:

================= JUNG INDEX MOVES ==================

Just a note to let everyone know that the Jung Index has

moved to:

matthew clapp

================== THE WANDERER ===================

Eugene Marks provides us with a personal journey mixed with

dreams, lysergics, education and soul searching. Join him in

the Wanderer!


The online sensation, Self-Help and Psychology Magazine, now

has a Dream Department coordinated by the editor of Electric

Dreams and Director of DreamGate, Richard Wilkerson. The

goal of the department is to bring to the SH&P magazine

readers the best possible information and resources available

on dreams and dreaming.

The Dreams & Dreaming Department offers resources to dream

concerned individuals and a weekly educational Question and

Answer column. Stop in, drop off you questions, pick up

answers and read the articles on dreams.

=================== GRIMMS FAIRIE TALES ===============

Though I couldn't find my favorite "the Slippers that Danced

Themselves to Pieces" there are dozens of others, including

the little mermaid, cinderella, bluebeard, beauty and the

beast, jack in the beanstalk, puss and boots, the golden

goose and many, many more.





============ DREAMS AND DEATH =======================

Geri Grubbs, Ph.D., is seeking participants for her thesis on

dreams and death - those who have suffered a tragic loss by

death of a child or intimate spouse/lover and were recording

their dreams at the time. The loss should have occurred at

least 2 years ago and the recorded dream period should be at

least 6 months following the death. Her plan is to work

closely with the participants in analyzing their dreams,

which will involve gathering the dreams together, writing

them with specific associations to major images and meeting

with her for several sessions, if need be. Geri isan

advanced candidate at the C.G. Jung Institute, Zurich,

Switzerland and is presently working as a

psychotherapist/student analyst in the South San Francisco

Bay area of California. If you think you may be interested in

being a participant, please call Geri at 408) 867.9019, or

email to


============= SIGNIFICANT DREAMS ===================

Marc Ian Barasch, author of The Healing Path and Remarkable

Recovery, is researching a book on "healing dreams"

---visionary/big dreams that are so vivid and affecting as to

be life-changing. These could include dreams that actually

affect physical health; childhood dreams that influence one's

life-course; precognitive or clairvoyant dreams(particularly

if these were acted upon); past-life dreams; vivid dreams of

the departed, etc. His interest is how "numinous" dreams are

integrated into ordinary waking life as spurs to change,

growth, and action, in both individuals, famlies, and society

as a whole. Individuals or clinicians willing to share

dream-experiences are invited to contact him at 1750 30th

St., Suite 543, Boulder, CO 80301. Tel: (303) 473-0445. Fax:

(303) 440-5054. Email:

=============== DREAMLINK RESEARCH SERVICE =============

DreamLink has been offering Research space for dream related

surveys, questionnaires and inquiries. Be sure to drop by and

participate. Here is the current list:

Sleep Terrors: Emotional/mental causes?

Sleep Terrors: Most effective therapy?

Nightmares : Do nightmares affect your waking state?

Dreams and Illness: Can Dreams predict illness?

Real or Fake : Can you tell a real from a fake dream?

contact Linton Hutchinson, Ph.D.

============ PAGAN RESEARCH PROJECT =============

I am a graduate student in the sociology department at the University of

Virginia and am currently working on research concerning dream content.

The sociology of dreams studies the dream content of groups of people

and compares and contrasts it with the dream content of other groups.

The sociology of dreams does not interpret, analyze, or remark upon

dream content. It only records it.

I am now in the process of conducting research. This entails the

collection of "most recent dream reports."

I have posted this message in hopes that Pagans and Neo-Pagans who use

this newsgroup will respond to the "most recent dream report" form


Your anonymity will be protected during the course of this research. I

am not interested in individual dreams per se, but the block of dreams

by Pagans and Neo-Pagans on a whole. Because I will only be studying the

manifest, apparent qualities of Pagan and Neo-Pagan dreams, you can be

assured that your identity will not be in jeopardy. Dreams are a

personal experience. I intend to preserve that quality.

Thank you for your time in helping me with my research. If you are a

Pagan or Neo-Pagan and decide to return the form below, continue reading

for complete instructions. It won't take too much of your time and your

input will be a valuable asset to the future of this research. Thanks



Before filling out the form below, please make sure that you e-mail all

responses to:

You needn't post them on the alt.pagan newsgroup.

All right, here are the instructions:




Date Today:_______

How long have you participated in Pagan or Neo-Pagan religion?_________

Do you belong to a Pagan or Neo-Pagan group?____________

How long have you been a member?_____________

Do you play an active role in the leadership of the group?________

If so, what is your role?_____________

I would like you to write down the last three dreams you remember

having, whether it was last night, last month, or last year. But first

please tell me the date these dreams occurred:__________________. If you

can't recall thre dreams, one or two will suffice. However, three dreams

from each person is the best response.

Please describe the dreams exactly and fully as you remember them. Your

report should contain, whenever possible: a description of the setting

of the dreams, whether it was familiar to you or not; a description of

the people, their ages, sex, and relationship to you; and any animals

that appeared in the dreams. If possible, describe your feelings during

the dreams and whether they were pleasant or unpleasant. Be sure to tell

exactly what happened during the dreams to you and the other characters.

Thanks once again for your time.

Rick Smith




Oct 1 USA: Santa Cruz, California


Preview for five month course, beginning November 12.

Contact School of the Living Springs, 408) 425.7127

Oct 7-28 Online: CompuServe Dream Studio, 10:00 EST in the

New Age Forum

Oct 7 Charles McPhee "Stop Sleeping Through Your Dreams".

Oct.14 Fantasies and Dreams with Scott Hughes, author of

"Inner Light".

Oct.21 Spiritual Parenting and Children's Dreams with

R. Cathan Chase

Oct.28 Dreams and the Trickster with Jonathan Young,

founding curator of

the Joseph Campbell Archives and Library, Professor of

Mythological Studies

at Pacifica Graduate Institute.

Oct 5 USA: San Rafael, CA




Oct 8 USA: Santa Cruz, California


Space limited, Call Gina Pearlin, 408) 427.2957

Oct 12 USA: Chicago Cultural Center

============= Jesse Reklaw, illustrator of Slow Wave and

Concave Up will be at the Underground Press

Conference-Independent Comics Exposition

10AM-5PM at the Chicago Cultural Center. Come have your dream

sketched or lurk near his table, sending psychic messages.


Oct 11 USA: Concord, Massachusetts


The Dreamwheel, 191 Sudbury Road, Concord, MA 01742

508) 369.2634

Oct 11-13 USA: Calistoga, California


Jeanne Adleman, 415) 585.0666

Oct 15- Nov 5 USA: Sacramento, California

============= Dreams - Level 1: The Language of the Night.

Stepani Doran, host of Talk 650 KST Dream Weaver Show, author

of Chariot of Dreams gives a class each tuesday for 4 weeks.

7-9:30 Fair Oaks Blvd & Howe Ave $59-$64

916-929-9200 E-mail

Oct 17 USA: Concord, Massachusetts


The Dreamwheel, 191 Sudbury Road, Concord, MA 01742

508) 369.2634

Oct 18 USA: Mountain View, California


East West Bookshop, 415)988-9800, <>

Oct 18-20 USA: San Francisco, California

========== WHOLE LIFE EXPO

Contact 415) 721.2484 or visit

Oct 19-20 USA: San Francisco, California


California Institute of Integral Studies, 415) 753.6100, ext.

241 or 236

Oct 19-20 USA: Santa Cruz, California


Dance of the Deer Foundation, Center for Shamanic Studies,

P.O. Box 699,

Soquel, CA 95073. 408) 475-9560

Oct 26-27, USA: Kingston, New York


Contact: The Pauline Oliveros Foundation at 914-338-5984 or



Oct 26-27, USA Oakland, California

=========== New Aspects of the Dreambody: Symptoms and

Relationships. Arnold and Amy Mindell. Sat 7:-9:30 and Sun

10am-4:30. Health Education center, Samuel Merritt College, ,

400 Hawthorne Ave. Sponsered by JFK University: 510/254-0105

Oct 26 USA: Sonoma State University


Call Sonoma State at 707) 664.2394 or

Ken Kelzer 415) 897.2300

Oct 20-31, On-line Internet Dream Course


email <>

Nov 1 , On-line Email Dream Classes

======= The History of DreamSharing & DreamSharing in

Cyberspace. 13th offering of the online class by

Richard Wilkerson <>

Nov 2 USA: San Mateo, California


Call Terry Ebinger, A Circle of Dreams, 415) 347.6605

Nov 2 USA: Berkeley, California

=========== BADG(Bay Area Dreamers Group) HALLOWEEN

COSTUME BALL. Call Jim or Marcia for reservations at


Nov 7,14,21 USA: Cupertino, California

=========== A GUIDE TO YOUR DREAMS, Charles N. Eudy

Cupertino Parks and Recreation, (408) 777-3120.

Nov 13,20,

& Dec 4,11 USA: San Jose, California

=========== A GUIDE TO YOUR DREAMS, Charles N. Eudy

Metropolitan Adult Education Program, (408) 947-2327.

Peggy Coats

The Dream Tree -- A Resource Center for Dreamers





The Electric Dreams E-zine (issn 1089 4284)is *free* and

distributed via email about once a month. You can have ED

delivered right to your email box by sending a request to


"Richard, I'd like a free subscription to Electric Dreams,

and while you are at it, send me the latest issue!"

SUBMITTING DREAMS and Comments about Dreams: EASY!

Electric Dreams will publish your dreams and comments

about dreams you have seen in previous issues. If you can, be

clear what name you want or don't want. Most people use a pen

name. Please include a title for your dream. Email to: Bob

Krumhansl <>.

SUBMITTING ARTICLES, projects and letters-to-the-editor.

Electric Dreams is responsive and experimental. If you

have articles or suggestions on dreams, dreaming or

dreamers - including book reviews, movie suggestions or

conferences and meetings, we will publish them. I'm

especially interested in creative interpretive approaches

to dreams, including verbal, dramatization, and mixed

media approaches. Send to:

Richard Wilkerson <>

SUBMITTING NEWS and Calendar events related to dreaming. We

usually have a deadline at the 15th of each month. Send all

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