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Volume 3 Issue #5

21 June 1996


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- Editors' Notes

- Question Airing Forum - Victoria Quinton

- FRED OLSEN INTERVIEW by Victoria Quinton

- Article: Please fix it!! by Eulalia

- Electric Dreams and Cover Art - J Reklaw

- Selections from _Your Secret Self_ by T. Marks


B. And Example of CREATIVE DREAMWORK - Tracy Marks

- DreamWave: The Gold in Dross - Timothy Tate

- Dream Inspired poetry by Kirk Colvin

- Communal Magic: A Special Invitation To Dream

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ASD Conference Update

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-Understanding Your Dreams Seminar

-Consciousness: Dreaming and Waking

-Dreaming in Bali

-Working Together with Dreams

-D.r.e.a.m.s. Foundation to Open its Doors

-Dream Groups to Meet Weekly in Virginia

-Dreamgate re-Opens in its Own Domain

-Survey on the Novadreamer

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Index To Dreams & Dream Commentary Sequence for EDv3n5

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dream/commentary or submission - in the format of



Commentary by Island on Jesse's "Untitled" by Shadow

(from ED V3N3)

Commentary on Just Ducky! (960217) by Island

Commentary on Haunted Houses (EDV3N3) by Island

Commentary on Santa Cruz Mountains (960302) by Island

Commentary on "Water, Rats, Deer and Me" (EDV3N3) by

Rosalie (960419)


Dream: "Aliens" by Nutcracker (960311)

Commentary on Aliens by SkyeT (960514)

Dream: "It's Cold But I Am Not" by Ken (960428)

Dream: "Night Terror" by Antonio (960502)

Dream: "Old Lady on a Motorcy" by Fast Wheels (960505).

Dream: Wargames by Ken (960503)

Dream: Kundalini by Ken (960504)

Dream: Samsara by Ken (960506)

Dream: My first lucid dream by KC (960513)

Dream: Tamil Neruda by Ken (960505)

Dream: "Tornado Dreams" by "S" (960513)

Dream: Grey Eyes by Anthony (960503

Commentary on Grey Eyes by Narcissus (960507)

Dream: "Three Strikes, You're Out" by Nutcracker


Dream: ANIMAL ISLAND by SenSeneca (960512)

Dream: Breaking the Ice" by Anita (960422)

Dream: The Jazz Dream by Jesse (960422)

Commentary by Tom on "The Jazz Dream" WED note

Dream: TheRoof God and Uncle Joe by Shadow (960422)

Dream: An Arrow Out of Nowhere by Sherman (960521)

Commentary on "An Arrow Out of Nowhere" by BobC


Dream: Snake Hater's Dream by fuzz (960529)

Dream: The Gnome of Depressive Death by metacog


Dream: "The Night of the Biting Zombies " by

Peter (960605)

Dream: Leaf blowers and fast music by

Vorphalack (960605)

Dream: kittiwake by rob 2 (960611)

Dream: "Adult/Child" by Nutcracker (960603)

Dream: Alien & the Dimensional Door by Princess

Miyu (960614)


Noreen (960511)

Dream: Up the Down Canyon: Lizard's Tail Spins

by Island (9407XX)

NUTCRACKER SUITE (on a different plane)




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Editors Notes


Today is the Solstice, a mid-point marker for

the globe and the I feel also for Electric Dreams.

Dream events and sites are coming online all over

the world and taking on a lot of the functions and

responsibilities that we at Electric Dreams have

been carrying over the last couple of years.

Thank goodness! We plan to support this in many

ways. Watch for upcoming issues and programs.

This is going to allow us to do what we do best,

to be a friendly swarm of mutant cyber-dreamers

that move through all the venues in the world and

on the Net, to explore, to experiment, to

interpret what is going on from our own

viewpoints, and then come back to share in the

form of dreams and dream related texts and


(Oh, lord - not *another* paradigm shift!)

How will it be different? First of all, we

plan to *keep* whatever we like and what works.

Nothing is going to disappear, we are just adding

another level of interaction and a new set of

programs. Remember that Electric Dreams is not

*owned* by any one person or group. We all

contribute to make what we want, moving with the

desire in our hearts.

"Just as the strength of the Internet is chaos, so

the strength of our liberty depends upon the chaos

and cacophony of the unfettered speech the First

Amendment protects,"

Philadelphia Federal Judges Panel.

We will continue publishing dreams and comments on

the dreams. What will be different is that we are

becoming more active in protecting and supporting

your rights to share these dreams and comments. On

June 12, 1996: A Philadelphia federal court has

struck down a law today that would have

criminalized (US) constitutionally protected

speech on the Internet and other online forums

like our own. The consensus at Electric Dreams

seems to be to keep up this freedom of speech and

to explore what this means in terms of self-

governing. What parts of Electric Dreams are too

adult for small children? Should we rate

ourselves, and how, with what system? Do we need a

"Kiddie's Corner" or do we just make the whole

community off limits to minors? Send you

comments and opinions on this to Victoria Quinton

or post to the Electric Dreams Bulletin Board.


We are also planning to have more programs

available on dreams and dreaming for your

educational, spiritual and artistic pleasures. See

the questionnaire below in Global Dreaming News.

The Dream Groups have already begun to experiment

with new and different forms. To join a group or

get involved in the planning of the dream

programs, contact Chris Hicks


Electric Dreams will continue to be a news and

dream colander source for international events,

but we will also be helping regional dream

networks to come online. You can help with this

project by sending in information about your

regional area. This may include your own dream

group meetings, bookstores with great dream

collections, seminars or talks being given in your

area, or TV & movie events involving dreams.

While we can't publish on the E-zine all the

regional events, we would like to make room on our

web site bulletin board for you. Post the events

there and send them via e-mail to Peggy Coats,


If you would like a more *Permanent* site for your

dream ideas, events or networks, you can simple

send that as a WEB page to our Electric Dreams

Webmaster, Matthew Parry


We are moving into graphics and dreams. Do you

have pictures that go with your dreams? Would you

like to help design Electric Dream covers? While

we can't put these in the E-zine, we will make

them available on the WEB site. See the Article

below and contact Jesse Reklaw


I'll have more on the new programs as the summer

of 1996 continues!

Many people at the Association for the Study of

Dreams Conference XIII will be reading this for

the first time. Hello and welcome! At the end of

the issue we have all sorts of good information

about how to contact the community and its

subscribers & programs. The Electric Dreams

community has been very influential in supporting

ASD and ASD -XIII. We have lent volunteers and

support at all levels, from the conference

committee to hauling boxes around the Claremont

hotel in Berkeley. We have added many new ASD

members and have been one of the reasons that ASD

XIII is the largest ASD conference in History. ASD

has been very foresighted and has funded and

allowed us to build a Computer and Internet

Education Program for the conference. Many thanks

to the ASD Board and other ASD supporters!

A couple of years ago Fred Olsen & I were

experimenting with using computers connected via

modems to do Dream Reentry. Now Fred has expanded

this project onto the Net. Be sure to read the

Interview by Victoria Quinton and visit Fred's

site at


Also - you have a chance to be highly interactive

with the July 9-13th ASD conference. Be sure to

read the Communal Magic section and the Connect to

ASD via Cyberspace in the Global Dreaming News.

Mark your colander.

A few more contributions from our community:

Tracy Marks give some exercises from

_Your Secret Self_ , DreamWave offers new

information on their site, Victoria Quinton

addresses questions in the Airing Column and from

Barcelona, Eulalia offers part I of her article in

both English and Spanish and more.

And I'll let Bob tell you about the rest.

Keep dreamin' up a storm - Richard


Editorial from BobK.

Hello there Dream seekers and Dream sharers.

Another issue of ELECTRIC DREAMS is here full of

dreams with a slant on Aliens and Death - the

truth is out there somewhere!. Thanks for the

feedback and comments. I would like to address

two particular issues that have been brought up:

1) size and 2) dream content organization.

The size of Electric Dreams has become a big

issue with those readers printing out the ezine on

a dot-matrix printer, low memory laser printer,

network printer, or borrowed printer (does

anyone still use the daisy-wheel printers?). Lots

of time, paper and ink, but specially lots of time

is a concern. How can we get around this issue?

We can limit the size of the ezine which is the

direction we are headed in, but it s really tricky

to balance the information sharing mission of

ELECTRIC DREAMS with the size complaints on this

freely distributed e-zine. We are trying to cut

on the size by referring readers to further

information on ED or other Web Sites. You should

see some progress in that direction with this

issue. However, I am sure that many of you like

ED precisely because of it s one-stop shopping

approach to dream information and sharing. Instead

of one publication, you will now need to access,

save and potentially print several.

A simple problem to address is the complaint

regarding reading the issues sent through E-mail.

We are currently sending them as ASCII text files

which can be read by any reading or Word

Processing program. The margins are kept around

60 characters to help being read by readers with

more limited capacity. Due to the need to be

available to readers with many programs or

platforms, the issues are not page numbered. This

is a mission impossible chore unless everyone has

the same program, so that the page breaks end up

in the exact same location for all. This limits

our indexing references. However, most text

readers and all Word Processors have a find

function which will scan through the document and

find a specific string of letters/numbers. Say you

want to find a dream mentioning Alien, then go

to the top of the document, select the find

function, enter the word ALIEN, hit return and

you will be taken to the first instance of the

word. Most programs will allow the search to be

case insensitive so it doesn t matter if it is

capitalized or not. A key identified in the help

file for your program will renew the search

without redefining what you are looking for.

In trying to assemble the Part A and Part B

of our E-mail mailings (done to cut on the mail

size), it is necessary to use a Word Processor

that has the capacity to read in a file bigger

than 64K. Notepad in Windows will not be able to

bring in a file that big, but most word processors

and text readers are limited by the memory on your

PC which is far greater than that of our issues

for most users nowadays. You open, read in or load

Part A, go to the end of the document, select the

read, load or open another file option, and add at

that spot Part B. Voila! You now have both parts

in one document. Select the Save As option and

give it a new unique name.

Next comes the printing. As I mentioned in

an earlier issue, there are many shareware

programs such as LJBOOK which will print out 4

pages (2 on each side of an 8 " by 11") on a

Laser Printer cutting down the amount of pages

used by approximately 75%. Similar programs will

do the same thing for a dot-matrix printer (the

most common were Epson and Okidata oriented

programs). A commercial Windows type program is

CLIKBOOK, which costs around $50 and sets up a

print driver under windows that will format your

document in a number of configurations including 4

pages per page very quickly and simply. They are

giving away limited demo versions if you are

interested in trying them out. The latest

versions of the big three PC Word Processors:


can all print out with one of the predefined

templates in a 4 page/per printed page format.

This is done essentially by changing the font used

for the document to a very small one which enables

output in the desired pages per printed page

ratio. Some programs allow for even more pages

per printed page, but you start needing a

magnifying glass to read the print.

Another approach is to print out the document

a portion at a time, depending on the speed of

your printer. After the file is loaded up in the

text reader (for instance I use LIST) or Word

Processor, you highlight the area or define the

number of pages you want printed. You can do 2, 5

or 10 at a time for instance, that way avoiding a

lengthy tie up of the printer.

An other obvious alternative is to request

an already printed out version to be snail mailed

or provided by a friend who has already printed it

out. We are not offering this at this time as it

would add to expenses and cut into very limited

time resources. How many would be interested

though, and what would you be willing to pay for

shipping and handling related to such a service?

If you need more specifics on making reading

or printing out ED easier, E-mail me at

bobk829887@aol.com and I ll try to help out.

The second issue brought up is Dreams content

organization. Unless we are focusing on a

particular theme, the dreams are usually presented

roughly in a chronologic (as received) order

interspersed with commentary. A very constructive

suggestion was made that we categorize the dreams

so that readers may focus in on the type of dream

they are most attracted to. I was going to

implement that change for this issue, but found

myself with the very large task of labeling dreams

which almost all overlap several categories into

one category. Should it be by TIME (Present,

Past, Future oriented), ACTION, CHARACTERS (known-

family, friends or famous, or unknown), FEELINGS

(Sad, Happy, Puzzling), LOCATION (indoors,

outdoors), or ATTITUDE (from the spiritually heavy

to the mundane and commonplace)? The

categorization is easier said than done. I will

make an attempt next issue, but I see an approach

with KEYWORDS and grouping by the most obvious

element. The Keywords would appear under the

title and in the index section.

Hope you are enjoying the summer and find

this June issue ILLUMINATING! Sweet dreams and

much dream wisdom to all.

Hasta La Vista - Bob K.




Victoria Quinton mermaid@daemon.apana.org.au


Hello Everyone

Time again for the next Electric Dreams issue.

Thank you to those who have sent email to us all.

We have one suggestion to do a special on

"Children and Nightmares" in a future edition of

Electric Dreams. Thank you Rick Bouchard for that

one. If anyone has ideas for that - web sites for

example, please send them in.



"I never had a map to this or any other place"

Leonard Cohan, The Stranger

If you have subscribed to Electric

Dreams but still feel Lost-In-Cyberspace when it

comes to dreams and dreaming, take heart!

Electric Dreams is developing a program that will

allow you to plug into the dream community at the

level you are most skilled and interested .

Unfortunately we haven't got this program in

place yet - so maybe you could fill out this

survey and

RETURN it to Chris Hicks,


For Each of the following , select the preferred


-via e-mail

-via Web

- via Newsgroup

- Real time IRC or chat room?

1. Would you be interested in joining a Dream

Sharing Group (lasts 2 weeks)?

2. Would you be interested in classes that teaches

various dream working techniques?

3. Would you be interested in a class in building

your own dream related Web page?

4. Would you be interested in a group reading &

discussion of a dream related book?

5. What other dream related activities online

would you like to see?

If you would like to be on the committee that is

putting this project together, contact

Chris Hicks, Shadow45@netonecom.net


Other questions this month are:

Date: 96-05-29 15:48:34 EDT

From: lzajac@library.bhs.org (Zajac, Lisa


I joined the list for a question - why do

some people dream exclusively in black & white;

others in black & white and sometimes in color;

while others dream exclusively in color. I was

told once what kind of person dreams exclusively

in color but can't remember. Any answers to this

question would be greatly appreciated.


A few suggestions may be:

from: Ad Christiaensen The Netherlands. Europe.

Date: 06/06/96

There is a Dutch lady doing some research on that.

I think that her name isAda de Boer. I can tell

you more later. More-over, I was wondering what

will happen to the colour of people's dreams when

you put them some hours before they go to sleep in

a red, yellow etc. coloured (painted, illuminated

)room. Will that colour dominate the dream or

other colours, and how to relate it to the working

of rods and cones in the eye. Are they active

during color- dreaming or is only the cortex

active. How can we know ? I was wondering whether

evoked potentials from different colors of light

show a different (discriminating, discri-

minative, how do you say that?) pattern and if so,

if you can find that differences back in the EEG

of people whore port certain colors, dominating

their dream. Do people who became blind later in

their live, still dream in colour? I think

information on that does exist. Where on its way

to the cortex may problems in sight transmission

have arisen and how is that related to dreams. I

think some information exists but I am not quite

sure. (W. Kasatk in Leningrad, Russia. You can try

to find him. To my opinion his work is very

important and deserves attention and translation.

You may find more about him in a book by Henry

Gris &William Dick "The new Soviet Psychic

Discoveries" Prentice-Hall 1978. I possess some

articles from him in the Russian language, one

about blind people, as far as I know, but I do not

understand that language. They can besend if

neccesary (or ask mr. Stanley Krippner, if he

still has them. You may also be able to find more

about it if you work together with

eye-doctors(opthomologist?). Who knows you may

find correlations with tests of color-blindness

(some-one not able to see a certain color or

notable to see it well may also lack that color in

his/her dreams. Try to relate it to the theory and

cause of color-blindness. I do not know what

youwill find. May be some-one already did research

on that, but I do not know.I hope to tell you more

soon and are curious about what you are going

tofind. What is the reason of your interest? You

just want to know, or is it for study or some

purpose?If I remember well in the book of Hall &

v.d. Castle there is some mentionof colors in

dreams. I will find out. Wish you good results. Ad


Another suggestion on Black& White VS Color

Dreams. Richard Wilkerson

This is just off the cuff, and I don't know of

specific research to back it up, but I'd like to

mention three factors possibly effecting color in


The first has to do with the physiological

difficulty of remembering dreams in general. This

seems to be, according to some, an adaptive

function. The theory is that animals can't (or

couldn't) distinguish very well between memory and

dream image. So while it *is* adaptive to keep the

large mammal brain oriented and charged

occasionally at night, it is *not* adaptive to

remember that specific charge or imagery. Cammie

the Cat dreams of chasing a mouse over a fence.

She wakes up and jumps over the fence...whoops,

there is Butch, a pit-bull.

And so we get around this as humans with

language. Our dialogue codes the dream imagery

between short and long term memory.

The closer to the REM period that the dream

seems to occur in we code it (re-tell it, think

about it, write it down,...) the stronger it is.

The further away from this the less details I

have. Smells and sounds and *Colors* seem to go


There may be cultural factors as well, and

these could be tested and may have been. Men in

late 20th Century Capitalist societies tend to

focus on visuals, but not really colors. We make

jokes about his all the time.

Finally, I have a personal experience. I was

raised in the age of Black and White Television.

When I was young I remembered my dreams in grey

tones, like the black and white T.V. Now I

recall more color, because I'm focused on it.

I recommend a self test. I just put up a Web

site for Bob Hoss on Working with Dreams and

Color. I hypothesize that if we go to the site

and begin looking for the colors he has charted

out and working with them, we'll begin recalling

more color in our dreams.


Enjoy -Richard


At 02:58 PM 6/9/96 GMT, Maria_Monteiro@nhs.se


I'm taking Cipramil, a drug very similar to Prozac

(just the same, except that the time for the body

to absorb and dispose of it is shorter). Shortly

after I started taking it, I began having dreams

unlike dreams I used to have very...how shall I

say... "cinematic" dreams on the one hand (like

they're an action or thriller movie plot), and

bizarre dreams with horror B-movie like characters

- monsters, organic matter, and so on. Also, I

could be much more violent in my dreams towards

people I have unresolved conflicts with - meaning,

my family - in reality. It came to a point where I

feared this wild unleashing of dreams and stopped

even trying to remember what I had dreamed of,

something I had so far done out of fascination for

the dreamworld and as some way to expand my

consciousness. My question is, is there any

chance, literature, evidence that Prozac and

compatibles provoke this sort of thing

ThanX for your consideration, Maria.


Some suggestions:

Dreams and Drugs - see Yahoo index on Sleep and

Dreams - especially follow the melatonin links.

Also check out Sleepnet Web site & the alt.dreams


Hi Victoria,

YES! I've definitely heard about Prozac and

similar re-uptake inhibitor drugs having that

effect. Maria (or you) might try browsing the

newsgroupsalt.dreams or alt.dreams.lucid -- I see

posts and threads all the time about this. I think

it has to do with the chemical purpose of the drug

-- since it counter acts depression, which

suppresses dreaming and dream recall, theresulting

contrast of dream imagery is intense.


I suggest you write to the experts. One of them is

Dr. Milton Kramer at the Cincinnati, OH Bethesda

Hospital Sleep lab and Psychiatric section. Kramer

has published hundreds of article on the effects

of dreams and drugs. I also believe that Ernest

Hartmann has done a lot of research with drugs and

dreams, you can find his bibliography online at

DreamGate Gopher.


Look under Research Tools - Hartmann

You may also post the question to the ASD bulletin






Prozac Survivor's Support Group, Inc.


sci.med.pharmacy Selected Archives: Prozac

(fluoxetine HCl) Threads




to shadow45@netonecom.net by Island

That was an excellent article, and I must say I

had never once thought of looking at any dreams in

the light of the environment. Your inclusion of

the dictionary definition helped a lot to focus my

attention on just how profound that word actually

is. My immediate association was to mine, and

other's bodies, and I wondered to myself how

people can care for the natural earth environment

more than the physical body is cared for. In other

words, the most immediate environment any one of

us must contend with is the physical body. That

aside, I then recalled a dream I had probably no

more than six years ago. It was a simple dream: My

husband and I re driving through Long Island at

what seems like a stretch of many miles through

winding roads, and suddenly, I am struck by trees

growing in forests straight and tall on the side

of the road. But one tree, among literally

thousands of trees, is so bent that the tip of it

touches the ground. I then awoke and literally

cried for several hours. Often I have been awed by

the magnitude of my reaction to that one dream and

have always believed that tree was symbolic of

something -- but what? Maybe, after all, the tree

signifies itself. Even one bent tree -- its

growth forced in an unnatural direction -- is an

occasion for tears. I am slowly, slowly becoming

sensitized to subjects like our environment, and I

feel like many, helpless to do anything about it,

except the little that I can. Over the last few

years, we have camped in many beautiful campsites

throughout the nation, and one in Canada, the most

beautiful site of all. My appreciation of the

native beauty of this country has increased a

hundredfold, even to the extent that I hope one

day we will simply live from site to site. Parc

Mauricie, about an hour north of Montreal, is one

such breathtaking site. You must drive 18 miles

through forests to reach a campground, and there

are several. The terrain seems to change

dramatically around every bend. We climbed to

waterfalls, carrying our canoes on our backs as we

hiked up a mountainside, and were not

disappointed. The peculiar thing is, while

camping, we went into a small restaurant off the

camping grounds and ate. The walls were littered

with photos of a horrible lumber camp. I say,

"horrible," because the photos were quite

distasteful. The land had been ravaged. But many

buildings we live in were built by that lumber.

Even the books we have read . . . so -- there's

always these tradeoffs. And it gets much too

complicated for me to think of, so I cannot dwell

on it. But when I asked what place those photos

represented, I was told that they were of Parc

Mauricie, just maybe ten years earlier. Fifteen

tops, if my memory serves me correctly. It did not

seem possible to me. Yet some enlightened

politician had seen to it that Parc Mauricie was

redeemed, for lack of a better word. I don't know

if much man made efforts were involved in that

restorative process. All I know is I had just

witnessed a miracle, to my mind. I believe that at

that point, my faith in the possibility of a

better direction for mankind was established.

Before I had no such faith.

Dreams may plant the hope of the future, but we

must nourish those seeds. For me, I need to

further nurture a sense of native awe of the land

just recently restored through camping ventures. I

love the land now. I wouldn't do anything

consciously to harm it. I'm hoping that, even the

littlest measures -- such as hope, faith, and love

of nature -- can go a very long way. Thank you for

your Dream Line on the environment, to continue to

keep me both sensitized and attuned to our




==Question on Allison Eir Jenks Moons' Dream


Nice poem . . . What dream(s) inspired that one?



mermaid 8*)



by Victoria Quinton



VQ What is the Dream Reentry Healing Technique?

FO Dream Reentry Healing is a powerful and elegant

system, method and process that allows us to

access, track and reprogram the deep information

patterns in our mind-body system. I suggest that

it is a direct way to program in what I call the

basic natural language occurring at the

<soul-cell> level of the inner human information


The Dream Reentry Healing (DRH) technique tracks

the natural layers, locus and linkages of images

and feelings in the body-mind. I call the basic

link the <soul-cell> connection. A dream, a

symptom or an emotional issue or feeling can be

the starting point to a reentry sequence. It does

not have

to start with a dream per se.

The root ideas for DRH is based on what Jung calls

the 'transcendent function, and active

imagination. I have expanded on these concepts

and practices in a very systematic and yet natural


The DRH process is like an artist's or

archaeologists brush (using a simple analogy).

The tool is relatively simple, in many ways. It

is the application of the tool (or vehicle) that

is the artform allowing us to elegantly track and

transform, and even heal deep unconscious patterns

in the human system at the emotional, spiritual

and even the physical levels of our

being and body.

VQ Was it one of your own dreams that led you

to further "study" of dreams?

FO There are many layers to my response. Only in

looking far back in my early childhood did I find

what probably was a driving force for me to try to

delve deeper into unconscious dream space and

time. When the subject of dreams arose at the

family table, my mother always recounted a story

in which warning nightmares on three consecutive

nights led her to be very cautious as she walked

with my sister and I to and from the grocery

store. I was two at the time. She claimed that

these dreams saved our lives from a wild driver

who went out of control in his car, nearly missing

us all. A second factor was that we always had

incidences of my father sleep-walking. Although I

was not a vivid dreamer, like many of you, when I

came to the end of seeing a rational basis for

solving major personal and collective problems, I


drawn back to dreaming and the unconscious as a

source for vital spiritual, psychological and

physical information.

It was on a search for basic transformational

tools in human systems that led me finally to

explore the symbolic basis for our deepest life

issues. I wanted to know how the 'inner image'

was formed and transformed both individually and

in the collective psyche. I was not as concerned

with the question of meaning as with the process

of transformation. How are symbols formed and

transformed in human consciousness? That question

grabbed me.

VQ I read that you have been involved in

translations into and out of other languages. Has

that influenced the way you approach dreams?

After I had pretty well developed the basic DRH

approach, I realized that I could use the basic

process with people while I was blind to the

content of the dream or imagery. I could

facilitate a result without even knowing the

content. This felt very different from many

approaches to dreaming, where interpretation and

analysis depends on the content input from the

dream workers, therapist or guide. I thought it

was rather profound that a person could resolve a

physical symptom, for example, or achieve a deep

shift emotionally or spiritually in a very short

process that I was guiding when I didn't even have

to know the content.

I always get pleasure when I can work in a medium

that demonstrates that the results of a process of

healing or transformation are not dependent on

some magical gift in me but on the basic

principles and tools that allow any person to

access their own transformative resources. I was

in Russia for a

Dream Conference during the 1991 coup. I had the

opportunity to share my work with a group of

students and psychologists at St. Petersborg

University after the conference. I led the group

through translation in a DRH process.

A number of the participants reported results. I

also did a number of reentrys with individual

Russians trough translation. I once worked with a

Buddhist monk from China on a deep unresolved

conflict through translation.

It was fun to lead a session with you from one

server, through Richard's secondary transmission

across two net servers, to the other side of the

world and between dimensions of consciousness.

That felt like a first. It was a actually very

effective and efficient as far as I could tell.

You would be the best judge of that.

VQ How might dreaming be likened to elements of

chaos theory?

FO That is worth a whole paper and maybe a book of

its own. In the mathematics of chaos theory, you

plug a complex variable (Re + I) consisting of a

real (Re) and imaginary (I) number into a formula.

You take the solution and use it as the input

variable for the next calculation. The repeated

iteration of this loop reproduces a chaotic

function that has an amazing pattern. It has been

shown that these patterns are replicated in

natural systems. A simple fern, for example, can

be reproduced by a very specific iteration of a

particular complex number in a specific simple

geometric equation.

It occurred to me that a whole society may be

based on the fractilization of a primary set of

complex images rooted in mythical stories, i.e.

dreams of the culture. A creation story has built

into it a certain pattern, for example, that then

manifests in a particular societal formation. If

the underlying

fractile is flawed in some way, the culture that

flows from this flaw is then dysfunctional at its

root. I happen to believe this is true of Western


Traditional dream interpretation, in which we use

a relatively static solution for a dream is like

solving the equation the first time for a complex

variable. DRH, in my opinion, retraces the

natural inner steps of the fractile through the

layers, locus and linkages back to points of

bifurcation. If the complex variable (real +

Imaginary) is an analog to our conscious and

imaginal realms of the psyche/soma, then by

retracing the steps

to the source of bifurcation allows us to revisit

and revise the decisions that have diverted us

from a healthy and sustainable path congruent with

our deeper nature.

VQ Do you have a "first book to read"

suggestion for newcomers to dream sharing?

FO My book is not written yet. I do have

preliminary booklets about the DRH process that

are available at $5 plus shipping. There are many

books on dreams and dreaming. I have been

directed to key books in my dreams or by

synchronicity. I suggest the beginner cultivate a

trust that they will be

guided to the right sources specific to their own

personal journey. It is a journey.

VQ Do you have someone who can use the Dream

Reentry Technique with you on your dreams?

FO There have been a few people who have worked

with me with some success. I am still looking for

someone or a few key students who are able to

master the process with sufficient confidence to

take me on. I had a very good experience with a

room mate at a dream conference who actually took

that risk. It was great.

VQ Especially if we have fewer glitches next

time, would you like to return to Electric Dreams

for a special report on Relay and translation from

one system to another from one side of the world

to another and deep into the imaginal from the

"conscious" realm in the same journey ?

FO It would be fun to see a transcript reprinted

of an on-line DRH sequence with the glitches and

humorous obstacles described.

VQ As you once worked for NASA, do you think

that there could be a balance somewhere between

"outer space" and "inner space"?

Of course. :) That's what it is all about. Just

talk to the Aboriginals about dreamtime. Our

addiction is to the dimensionality of the physical

realm. We have lost our operational linkage to

the imaginal realm that links us back to our

natural Source.

Fred Olsen, M.Div. (DREAMTRACK)

mermaid 8*)


share a dream; cvstobvs prr


Please fix it!! by Eulalia


A Spanish version of this article is available



From Barcelona... Part I.


Why to waste time with dreams if *Dreams are

dreams*? (sentence of Calder'n de la Barca,

classic author in Spanish Literature who wrote the

book _Life is Dream_)

Many people ask me this question when I show them

my interest in dreams. I use to answer shortly but

today I am going to explain a little more about my

point of view. I base my opinion on my own


Dreams like a therapeutic sign

Years ago, when I was young, (anyway! younger), I

lived with my parents in a difficult situation

that is not beside the point I was incubating an

anguish neurosis but I didn't realize it was

happening. I used to practice Zen meditation some

weekends in mountain places. One Christmas, I had

terrible nightmares where the devil went after me.

The horror was as deep that I understood that

something important was demanding my attention.

Aloud I allowed myself to open *Pandora's box*.

For two years I went trough an anguish stage with

fear, phobias, nightmares... I refused to have

drugs and by accepting my suffering I begun to

look fairly at the bottom of my darkness. Little

by Little, devil metaphor was becoming a more

explicit message. The cause of my terror was made

clear, it wasn't any curse, but serious problems

in my family. Insofar as I accepted my situation

and I changed my way of living, the dreams

lighted more and more. Years have gone by, and

now I can value the great help that dreams offered

to me. They were a reliable thermometer of my

interior situation and a demonstration of my cure.

They allowed me to look after my urgent problems.

Dreams like spring of personal development

If I follow a scheme for this article it is Ken

Wilber's classification in

"Transformations of Consciousness". Previous

paragraph describe pre-personal aspects. My

problem was a neurotic problem. Dreams told me

that I needed to work with feelings and

personality. At this paragraph I want to show

dreams like *laboratory trials* for living. This

would be personal aspects. I have been a little

late for obvious living reality (too many books).

I found in dreams my first sexual desire. My first

orgasms were in dreams. This fact helped me to

achieve my fantasies awake. Another oneiric gift

was singing. I am not a singer at all, but I enjoy

singing and much more since I begun to sing in

dreams. This dreams are wonderful, my voice is

great in quality and power. To hear it is a

pleasure indescribable. One particular dream of

this subject turned out in a cathedral. I sang and

many people join together in a complementary

harmony. The choir filled the cathedral making a

unique vibration as splendid that I woke up happy

and moved. This kind of dreams brought nearer

mucic and singing. The feelings are the same in

Flying dreams.

Another positive aspect of oneiric world, is the

possible change of role playing in interactions

with characters. To test alternative ways to be

linked with family and friends is not a joke. To

became the dominant in a relationship and not the

victim, can be a big goal, an important step in

the track of freedom. I used to dream that a

friend always prevent me to go out his home.

Actually I was subject to his will, and I didn't

dare to escape. One day I decided to say good by

and to leave. When I dreamed this again I achieved

my plan. What excitement and surprise when I

realize I could change my old submission role! At

this moment the dream became lucid, I crossed the

door and freely I flew in the night.

Of course I finally came out of that house.

To be continued.....


Electric Dreams and Cover Art


Jesse Reklaw has been providing us with Cover

art for the issues of Electric Dreams. We also

are working on getting covers for *backissues*. If

you are interested in working on this project to

illustrate backissue (or upcoming issue) please

contact Jesse. reklaw@nonDairy.com

The plan at the moment is to create a

Backissue Gallery where you can look around the

gallery or get covers to download.

At this time the Gallery is being built at


However, we plan to move the gallery to the

Electric Dreams Web site as soon as possible.

Current issue Covers *are* available on the

Electric Dreams Web site.



copyright 1986 by Tracy Marks


reprinted from YOUR SECRET SELF, copyright 1989 by

Tracy Marks,

published by CRCS Publications



Immediate feelings upon awakening:

The emotional charge in the dream:

Immediate associations:


Time/location and associations:

Key symbols/images and associations:

Key characters and associations:

Key words/phrases/puns and associations:

Feelings present within the dream:

Antagonistic forces:

Healing/helping forces:



Previous day (and before-sleep) experiences and


Following day anticipations and concerns:

Associations to other dreams and experiences:

When you felt a similar way:

How dream reflects your life situation:




Describe the dream ego in terms of:

apparent age/emotional age:

involved/uninvolved in action:


behaviors and actions:


Describe the problem/conflict:

Describe the resolution/lack of resolution:

Describe incongruities/transformations/new



Do one or more of the following exercises:

1) Describe yourself as a character or symbol: "I


2) Dialogue with one of the characters or symbols.

3) Retell your dream from another point of view.

4) Rewrite dream in left column with





What's missing in the dream?

What are the unanswered questions?

What are the messages of the dream?

Why do you need this dream now?

What does the dream want from you?

What action will you choose to take?


Do one or more of the following exercises:

1. What happened before & after? Expand and

continue the dream.

2. Rewrite the dream creating a more viable

resolution. (What might this

have required of the dream characters?)

3. Enact the dream with one or more people. Create

a psychodrama.

4. Give creative expression to the dream - a

collage, drawing, painting,

poem, story, dance etc.




copyright 1986 by Tracy Marks


copyright 1989 from YOUR SECRET SELF by

Tracy Marks

published by CRCS Publications, Sebastopol,



The land in which I live is dry, and turning into

desert. Because I cannot find water to fill my

cup, I decide to make the long journey to the lake

(written "lack") at the center of my community in

order to procure water from the Water Giver there.

As I journey, I intercept a messenger who is

bringing me a message. For the next year, I am

told, I am to be the Giver of Water; I must now

report to the central Lake. My first response is

anxiety and hesitation - I do not have the water

to give. I tell the messenger that I would prefer

to return to my barren land, at the far edge of

our world, than be the Giver of Water. The

messenger points out that I have traveled too far

from my home to turn back now, and that my home

is too far out on the edge of our world for the

lake to reach it - far from center, as our solar

system is far from the center of our galaxy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

THE DREAM ITSELF - Do one or more of the following

exercises: 1) Describe yourself as a character or

symbol: "I am..."

2) Dialogue with one of the characters or symbols.

3) Retell your dream from another point of view.

4) Rewrite dream in left column with



I am the lake where the Giver of Water gives

water to those seek- ing replenishment. I am at

the center of community, yet I am serene,

contained, enclosed by the mothering earth. At my

bottom, I am the sand of the earth, solid and

enduring. My soft blue waters, rippling with

gentle waves, reach down into my placid depths. I

am flowing, fluid; my waters renew themselves by

evaporating, and then returning again as rain.

Small fish play and thrive within me; I nourish

the life which feeds from me. I nourish those who

swim in my waters and drink of my waters, as I

myself am nourished. Although I am the water that

sustains life, I too am sustained by larger

waters, by a larger source, of which I am a part

and from which I give and receive.


MESSENGER: Greetings, traveler. I am a messenger

from the sacred Lake, delivering to you a message

concerning your sacred task. What leads you to be

travelling toward Center? DREAMER:: I am so

pleased to encounter you on my way to the Lake!

As you can see, my cup is empty. The

waters of the Lake are not reaching into my land.

I must fill my cup before I return to my

people. I seek the Giver of Water, so that I may

be nourished and replenished by the waters She

gives me.

MESSENGER: You seek in the right place, for as I

find you whom I seek, you find She whom you seek.

I come to bestow an honor upon you, a sacred task.

You are the new Giver of Water.

DREAMER: I, the Giver of Water? But my own cup is

empty. I am thirsty; I wish to be nourished and

fed. What have I to give others? I will not

journey to the sacred Lake, if in doing so I am

required to give from an empty cup, rather than

fill my own. I seek the Giver of Water; I am not

the Giver of Water. I would rather return home to

my desolate land, parched with thirst, then take

on such an impossible task.

MESSENGER: You must not return now, so long into

your journey. Your land is desolate; the waters of

the Lake have not reached you because you have

built your home too far from community. You live

too far from the common spring, the sacred

Lake, where all are replenished. As our solar

system has expanded ever outward, moving far from

the center of our galaxy, so you too have been

ever--expanding, losing touch with the central

pulse of the Lake as you journey further and

further from its source.

DREAMER: And so I seek to return to the Lake, but

in order to receive, not to give from waters I do

not have.

MESSENGER: You have been away so long you do not

remember. As Giver of Water, you yourself will be

immersed in water. Giving and receiving are not

separate acts when one is immersed in the sacred

source. As Giver of Water, you live and breathe

the water that you give. What greater gift of

receiving can there be, what greater promise

of cups ever-filled than to embrace your task as

Giver of Water? Do not fear it. It is not you whom

must give from your own empty cup, but the Lake

which will give to you and through you. Will you

choose to honor She who honors you?



1. What happened before & after? Expand and

continue the dream.

2. Rewrite the dream creating a more viable

resolution. (What might this have required of the

dream characters?)

3. Enact the dream with one or more people. Create

a psychodrama.

4. Give creative expression to the dream - a

collage, drawing, painting, poem, story, dance



(A journey into the Lack, before return to the

Lake, written several months after the dream)


Desert, where is your water? In what cactus

flower may I sip your wine? Yet you, my barren

home, have fed me with your heated heart and

howling sands strewn by windstorms. How am I to

abandon you - your wild wastes, your desolate

dunes which leave me parched and yearning? How

desperately I hoard each sunburnt drop of water

you sparingly serve me; how painfully I uncover

and relive my past in each excavation, digging

into your subterranean depths, questing for your

secret nourishment.

You, my savage land, far from the Lake, far

from the Water Mother - what Earth Mother are you,

so infertile, so bleak in face, so thin and hard

your wasted body? Has no one held you, soothed

you, plucked you with warm watery limbs from those

scorching tendrils of fire which brand your soul?

Have you only promising mirages which tempt and

tease? How can you, who have not fed, feed those

who beseech you, those who seek moisture from your

familiar stones?

They turn to you repeatedly, the pilgrims,

like me, seeking lands far from home - pilgrims

who love only that which eludes them, that which

burns them, that which punishes their hunger with

thirst, their thirst with sunblistered visions of

tomorrow's wombs, or past oases which never

sustained them. They turn to you rather than risk

drowning in the waters, rather than risk the

quenching of the fire, rather than risk the soft

soothing embracing unfamiliar arms of your

Sister, the Lake.

* * * * * * * * * *


My book, Your Secret Self: A Guide to Using

Astrology and Your Dreams for Personal Growth,

blends a study of the 12th house (the unconscious

and inner self) in astrology with guidance for

dream interpretation, and a personal case study

integrating astrology and dreamwork. The book was

published by CRCS Publications

(Box 1460, Sebastopol, CA. 95473) in 1989, is 252

pages, and retails for $13.95. It has been

translated into six languages.

Tracy Marks Lalasa@aol.com


DreamWave: The Gold in Dross

Timothy Tate


Last night, as I was sleeping,

I dreamt--marvelous error--

that I had a beehive

here inside my heart.

And the golden bees

were making white combs

and sweet honey

from my old failures.

--Antonio Machado, Time Alone

DreamWave: The Gold in Dross

The primary authority in each person's life is not

the parent, the boss, the doctor, the

psychiatrist, or the ego. It is the Self. This

authority has many names and religions attached to

it, but all describe an infinite resource

available twenty-four hours a day, everyday. Its

primary purpose is to provide each and every human

with enough information to make it through life in

a meaningful way. Its form of expression is the

imagination. Its linking system is intuition. Its

language is the dream.

Being informed is fundamental in today's world.

The premise of theDreamWave project is that the

most important information is being overlooked. As

thoughts are to the brain so are dreams to the

mind. The "image-ination" represents itself in

"images." A daily, direct link to the source of

these images is the dream. The dream has an

inherent structure to its often seemingly

confusing presentation. The story is told with

pictures, puzzles, puns and paradoxes. To work

with the dream, you must play with it. You need

intuition, imagination and information.

The capabilities of the home computer,

particularly when combined with the Internet and

CD-ROM, are well suited to aid contemplation of

dreams. We have undertaken the design of an

electronic dream "Scribe," to augment one's paper

journal, and to link it to a many media

dream-related encyclopedia. The DreamWave software

will enable intuitive navigation through and

access to an on-going evolution of information

about dreams. It will assist the dreamer in

entering into an open-ended, life long

relationship with their dreams on their own terms.

DreamWave is asynchronistic integration of

software technology and psychological thought. The

program will be purposely as much an interactive

game as serious dream work. It will let the

dreamer connect with the dream, and feel that

little jolt, that "Eureka!" experience, when the

wires of dream and life cross.

Our first expression of this project is on the

World Wide Web at:


Within this site are:"Paragon," a collection of

hypertextual essays on matters of the

psyche;"Muse," individualized musings on dream

themes and elements;"Tidings," a consideration of

the week's waking dream, a.k.a., the news;"Gold" &

"Rules," which provide people with the basics for

discerning their most valuable dreams, the "gold

in the dross."

DreamWave is one way for people to incorporate

dreams into their life, and, ultimately, to

explore themselves and their world. It introduces

a technology and resource system whereby the

average person has the opportunity to become an

authority in their own life, pulling on there

sources of the Self available every night in one's


Dreams are not logical, but mytho-logical; they

sew terror and absurdity together; they

disintegrate the dreamer. The art form of the

dream, like play, like little saved things, like

memory, is to make a human life, to participate in

the making of human culture.

--Lynda Sexson, Ordinarily Sacred


Timothy Tate

Dross, LLP



Dream Inspired poetry

Kirk Colvin


"Hunger is the Question"

The Thousand Pound Man dreams...

He is a buzzard, crouched on the bone-

white pyramid of his memories, gnawing

ancient babies, stiff, cold and dry.

Their brittle cries rattle the wind.

He is a spider, floating among invisible

chords, festooned with musty victims

bound by his yarn, hung in cool vaults

awaiting the timid tug, the stumbling

arousal far out on the edge; the plunge

of hot needles, the red fade into darkness.

He is an anteater; ant-people

scuttle far below: shirtless, shoeless,

tattoos of Jesus and snakes. Pabst

guzzlers, slick hair on over-sized

heads. He eats them all, one by one.

He is chaos washing against

tomorrow's perfect lover;

staunch as a lighthouse

on a dark coast. She flashes

purple kisses before his storm,

breath humid; penetrates his coiled

silence, the fossiled callus grown

'round his frenzied screams.

The Thousand Pound Man dreams

he has the answer: a dog, a cloud,

rain in the gutter, the sound

of wind; he can almost touch

it, feel the slick contours

of its face, taste yellow truth

on its lips. If it whispers,

he'll know its name.


Kurt Covin has published in "Explorations",

"Shooting Star Review", "The ACORN", "Webster

Studies". He have been nominated for two Pushcart

Prizes, and won first place in the Pacific

Northwest Writers' Conference Writing Contest in

1994. This fall he will begin a two year Masters

program in Creative Writing at the University of

California, Davis.

kcolvin@foothill.net (K. Colvin)


Communal Magic:

A Special Invitation To Dream

(Sponsored by the Fly-By-Night Club)


Wed., July 10th and Sat., July 13th you are

invited to come to the Dream Ball.

Before you go to sleep on those nights, simply

direct your attention towards Berkeley,

California. That's where the elegant Claremont

Hotel serves as the site of this year's conference

of the Association for the Study of Dreams.

Wednesday night: Folks at the Claremont will

gather with blankets and pillows to hear a bedtime

story. This story was especially written to help

them dream together. You can catch a ride to the

Dream Ball fueled by group imagination. Expect to

dream up a delightful social event full of the

mystery and magic of a children's fairy tale.

Saturday night: Folks will gather at the Claremont

Ballroom for the waking state version of the Dream

Ball. This annual event features music, dancing,

talking, laughing, eating and prizes awarded for

the dreamiest costumes. You can use the fun and

enthusiasm generated by the party-goers to help

draw you there, too-on the magic carpet of dreams.

Send your dreams to CaseyFlyer@aol.com. (A title

and date are appreciated.) Indicate if you'd like

your full name or a pseudonym used. Dreams (but

not identifying information, unless granted) will

be posted in two places: on the Flying Carpet

mural at the conference and on the Internet. Check

out the Fly-By-Night Club website at




After the conference, each participant will

receive a synopsis of the Communal Magic project.

Thanks for your participation!


The Fly-By-Night Club is dedicated to the idea

that dreams are playful and flying is fun. Flying

dreams link to other creative, psychic, psionic

and extraordinary dreams and waking experiences.

For information on how to join, contact


Founder Linda Lane Magallon is the author of

_Mutual Dreaming_ (Simon & Schuster, forthcoming)

and a researcher of lucid, telepathic, mutual and

flying dreams.

President Robert Waggoner is a lucid and Sethian

dreamer and a long time participant in Linda's

group dreaming projects.



June 24, 1996


GD News is a distributed news and events project

sponsored by Electric Dreams, DreamGate and The

Novato Center for Dreams. Please send all material

to the Dream News and Calendar Events editor,

Peggy Coats



==== I N D E X ====














-C A L E N D A R




= * =




The 1996 ASD Conference XIII at the Claremont in

Berkeley, CA July 9th -13th will be the largest

ASD conference with more programs and tracks

than any previous conference. Registration will

close when the program exceeds the close

approaching limit, so be sure to get your

registration in TODAY! Call the Hotline for more

information: (510) 869-4066

Claremont Hotel FLASH!! - Conference rate rooms

are gone, only regular rate rooms are now

available. The Claremont will still help with

reservations in nearby accommodations. Call toll

free (800) 551-7266

Information on the Continuing Education Units that

are available at ASD XIII


May Press release on the ASD XIII conference






For those of you who cannot attend the conference,

there are several programs where you can connect

with the convention via Cyberspace and interact

with conference attendees.

The Schedule of Online Events will be available on

the Convention Web site, which will be both at the

ASD Homepage


and also at DreamGate


A. July 10,11 &12 : Evening Discussions

Online with Dream Concerned Individuals. Donna

Campos will have her Dream Studio open on

Compuserve New Age Forum from 7:00 PM Pacific

Daylight Time 10:00 PDT.

There will also be IRC chat on Channel

#asd-13 and #FlyByNight at these Times. What time

is that for you? Go to the

Time Zone Converter:


Also - See the extended article on Electric Dreams

volume 3 # 5

B. E-MAIL DISCUSSION with dream concerned

individuals. On the convention web index will be a

page of experienced cybernauts and folks who have

some experience with dreams in particular areas,

including dream sharing, groups, dreams and

esoterica, teaching dream and psychology.

You can participate in one of two ways -

both by sending e-mail to these folks and also by

adding yourself to the list of contacts.

Contact Richard Wilkerson,

<rcwilk@aol.com> to be put on the list.

C. HOT TOPICS Bulletin Board. If you go to

the ASD bulletin board you will find another venue

to discuss dream related issues with people from

the conference and around the world. Are the Senoi

a real or imaginary people? Should there be dream

sharing in Cyberspace? What are the latest

developments in Lucid Dreaming? Don't like these

questions? Add your own!


D. Dream Telepathy Contest. Each year, the

conference has a carefully selected "Sender" who

will be sending out a picture on Friday, July

12th to your dreams. Do you think that you

received a picture in your dreams of this image?

You can either post that to the ASD Web Bulletin

Board or send it marked "Telepathy Dream" to

rcwilk@aol.com before July 13th, Saturday morning

when the results will be announced.

Perhaps you *already* have that dream! For

more information & updates on the contest, go to

the Convention XIII Index at


E. Mutual Dreaming. The Fly-By-Night club

will be sponsoring a GROUP DREAMING project to

meet in the Magical Mutual Ballroom! Results to

be posted initially on a Mural in the Communal

Dreaming Room at the Claremont, then online.

Though the focus of the conference will be to

meet face to face with fellow dreamers, you can

participate via mutual dreaming. On Wednesday

Night/Thurs morning, Pacific Time, you are

invited to slip out-of-body/ out of bed and meet

with fellow funsters at the Magical Mutual

Ballroom. You can also keep track of your dreams

until July 13th. Any dreams about the Conference,

about Flying or fellow conference attendees will

be accepted and put on the Flying Carpet Mural.

Please include title, date and include your name

or pseudonym. Post them to the Electric Dreams

Bulletin Board under " Communal Magic" or send

them to <caseyflyer@aol.com> For more

information go to the Fly-By-Night web site at


F. Are you interested in becoming an online

VOLUNTEER for the ASD web site or do you have

programs that you would like to see ASD consider?

Drop by the Conference XIII proposal page

and see what others are thinking about, or go to

the ASD bulletin board and propose your own ideas.

G. The ASD Conference XIII Index on World

Wide Web. This site will be accessible via both

the ASD Homepage and mirrored at DreamGate.

Included will be dream art galleries, histories

of dreams sharing online, how dream research is

conducted on the Internet, and schedules &

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Join us for Dreams in the World's Family, a

weekend (Sept. 6-8, 1996) retreat co-sponsored by

the Association for the Study of Dreams and

Yasodhara Ashram Society. Our retreat will focus

on bringing a cross-cultural perspective to dream

work by drawing together different cultural

approaches to dreams. We'll be offering

work shops and academic presentations throughout

the weekend, and the evenings will be filled with

stories, songs and dreamtime ceremonies. Dreams in

the Worlds Family offers a rare opportunity to

expand our understanding and experience of dreams,

and to reinforce the thread that lovingly bonds us


For more information :




Decoding Your Dreams

Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Weekend seminar:

Fri. July 26, 6:00 pm -8:00 pm

Sat. July 27,10:00 am - 5:00 pm


-Robert Van De Castle, Dreams: Past, Present and


-Milton Kramer, The Dream, An Emotional Thermostat

-Ernest Hartmann, The Nature of Dreams and


-Patricia Garfield, Understanding the Images in


-Robert Van De Castle and Rita Dwyer, Workshop,

Mining for Meaning



October 11-13, 1996, Virginia Beach, VA

Co-Sponsored with Association for Research and

Enlightenment, (ARE),and the Tidewater Jungian


Call Central Office for more information @


1997 Conference!

Co-sponsored regional meeting at the Association

for Research and Enlightenment, (ARE), Virginia

Beach, VA, April 25-27, 1997,

featuring Robert Bosnak and others. (Program to be


For info, call Rita Dwyer at Central Office,


More details to follow as available. Visit this

page often to keep updated.





Tracy Marks, author of "Your Secret Self", will be

leading a seminar and mini- dream interpretation

group at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education,

Cambridge,MA, on July 24, 31 and August 7. An

eclectic approach to dream interpretation,

utilizing analytic, Jungian, gestalt, creative

approaches, the workshop is limited to 10. For

more information, call 617) 547-6789, or email

Tracy Marks at <lalasa@aol.com>.




A 4-Day Residential Training Program in Lucid

Dreaming will be held at Stanford University, Palo

Alto, California, August 1-5, 1996.Becoming adept

at lucid dreaming requires a degree of focused and

sustained attention and practice that is often

difficult to arrange in the face of the many

demands of our busy workaday lives. This carefully

designed program provides an ideal opportunity to

devote four nights and days exclusively to

cultivating your lucid dreaming ability and

enhancing your consciousness in everyday life.

Unlike weekend workshops, in which we are limited

to instruction in methods of lucid dream induction

for participants to employ at home, this intensive

program aims to bring you to the experience of

lucid dreaming during the course of the program

through practice, discussion, guidance, and

specially designed sleep schedules.

Join us and fellow oneironauts in this adventure!

The retreat includes:

* 4 days and 4 nights of focus on lucid dreaming

while lodging on the beautiful, peaceful

Stanford University campus

* Daily group and individual exercises in

developing lucid dreaming skills and enhancing

consciousness, dreaming and waking

* A sleep schedule (including naps) optimized for

the promotion of lucid dreams

* Use of lucid dream induction technology:

DreamLights, DreamLinks NovaDreamers, PESTs,

DreamSpeakers, and new experimental devices

* Discussion sessions and personal guidance by Dr.

Stephen LaBerge * Lectures and discussions on the

science of lucid dreaming and continuing

research and a field trip to the Stanford lab to

observe lucid dreaming research in action

* Group support in your endeavor to master lucid

dreaming * Instructional materials including the

Lucidity Institute's Course in Lucid Dreaming

and Oneironautical Log

The cost for the intensive is $1000, and includes

room and board. A non-refundable deposit of $100

is due July 1st. A portion of the fee may be tax-

deductable. Limited scholarships and reduced fees

will be available. General & Nursing Continuing

Education units are also available through the

Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

For more information, contact the Lucidity

Institute, 2555 Park Blvd #2, Palo Alto, CA 94306

or call 415) 321-9969 or 800) GO LUCID.

Email <cdwsu@lucidity.com>




Few people in the world have preserved and

developed the richness of their culture as have

the Balinese. From simple daily activities to

elaborate rituals, the sense of the sacred infuses

the arts, the relationship to the land, and

interaction with the human and non-human world. A

Travel/Study program cosponsored by the Alumni

Association of the California Institute of

Integral Studies will occur September 2-16, 1996.

The trip is both an inner and outer journey,

blending dreamwork and T'ai-Chi instruction with a

close encounter with the Balinese way of life and

natural beauties, thus creating a space for

personal renewal and cultural insight.

Participants will stay in Balinese style housing

near Ubud and on the Coast, visit important

temples, participate in ceremonies, and experience

what it is to be Balinese by sharing some of their

artistic and ritual actvities. Although the trip,

which is limited to ten participants, HAS BEEN

FILLED, future trips are being planned. For more

information, contact Daniel Deslauriers at





John Segman, Ph.D., Psychologist, teaches at

Daemen College, Amherst, NY, and will present an

introductory dream work seminar entitled "Working

Together with Dreams" Wednesdays, July 10,17,24,

31, 1996 from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. in conjunction

with the Analytical Psychology Society of Western

New York (The C. G. Jung Center) in Buffalo, New


Often people come to the psychology of Jung

seeking to understand their own puzzling and

perplexing experiences, including their dreams.

There is something about Jung's analytical

psychology that offers both a framework and space

for being with the mysterious as well as the

ordinary in an enriching way. Working with dreams

is an excellent way to become acquainted with

Jung's ideas because one learns how dream images

can speak for themselves as one learns to listen

and watch, hearing with a new ear, seeing with a

refreshed eye. Then we can talk together about

what we have noticed, gradually becoming familiar

with the language of the archetypes. Dr. Segmen

will introduce you to working with dreams using

the methods of Jung and more recent workers such

as Montague Ullman, Jeremy Taylor, Robert A.

Johnson, and Robbie Bosnak.

For more information, contact the APSWNY directly

at (716)845-7457, or email Dr. Segman at





The D.R.E.A.M.S. Foundation (Dream Research and

Experimental Approaches to the Mechanisms of

Sleep) is a registered non-profit organization

operating in collaboration with the Dream and

Nightmare Research Laboratory at Montreal's

Sacre-Coeur Hospital is about to open its doors.

For more information contact Craig Webb, Executive

Director, Box 513 Snowdon

Montreal, QC, Canada H3X 3T7, E-mail





Dream groups are cropping up everywhere --

including at the C.G. Jung Center of Winchester,

Virginia. The groups are "officially" open to

anyone that is interested in exploring their

dreams in a group setting with similarly

interested others. The group is unstructured

except for meeting for 90 minutes once a week, and

participants simply tell their dreams and then

listen to and share associations and reactions

with others in the group. "Interpretations" are

understood to be merely those responses that are

evoked in others. Participants are respectful of

content and process, and psychological safety is

paramount in the ethos of the group. Any number of

discussions on a wide variety of topics often

ensue, according to the pleasure of the group.

For more information, contact Geoff Byrd,

540-665-1848. geoffbyrd@aol.com.




For the last two years DreamGate has been a

Cyberspace oriented dream concerned organization

focused on getting dreamers and dream

organizations online, networked, educated, and

informed. The projects have spanned from support

in donation of mail lists and online storage

space, to formatting dream related bibliographies

and documents for gophers and web sites,

construction of Web sites to Education and News

programs in the field of dreams. Some of the

organizations that DreamGate has supported and

helped include Electric Dreams, The Association

for the Study of Dreams, the Novato Center for

Dreams, the Fly-By-Night Club, DreamLink,

DreamNet, ASD homepage and a whole host of other

online dream projects including the construction

of the ASD XIII Conference Index and Internet

Computer Hub at the Claremont in Berkeley,


DreamGate is now opening its own new web site:


The new site will continue the projects and

relationships of the past and well as offering in

the Fall of 1996 several new projects. Look

forward to more Dream Education programs &

Classes, help in construction of web sites and

activist actions in the areas of free speech &

fair practice on the Net with the help of the

Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Internet

Society, and Electric Dreams.





There have been various technological advances

made over the last decade which have enabled

electronic devices to be produced which claim to

be able to help people have lucid dreams. The

most popular device at the moment is the

NovaDreamer developed by The Lucidity Institute.

The NovaDreamer is the cheapest lucid dream

induction device they sell, but at $275 it is

still quite expensive for what it actually does -

basically detect when a person is in REM sleep

(and therefore dreaming) then delivering an audio

and visual cue which the dreamer will recognize

and become lucid in the dream.

An on-line survey to find out the effectiveness

of the NovaDreamer is being conducted. All the

results of the survey will be published on web

site in due course, and anyone who uses a

NovaDreamer can participate in it. So if you use a

NovaDreamer, simply e-mail the replies to the

following questions on the following e-mail

address <dogberry@celtic.co.uk>

If you want to get more info on the survey, or

see more articles on lucid dreaming and dreaming,

you can visit Dreamweb. at:



1. Did you have lucid dreams before you started

using the NovaDreamer ?

2. If so, how many lucid dreams were you having on

average a month ?

3. When you started using the NovaDreamer, did the

frequency of lucid dreams increase, or did you

start having lucid dreams for the first time ?

4. How long did it take you to learn to recognize

the NovaDreamer cues while dreaming ?

5. Using the NovaDreamer, how many lucid dreams

can you have in a night ?

6. Do you use the NovaDreamer on it's own, or do

you also practice the mental techniques that help

in having lucid dreams as well ?

7. Do you think that the NovaDreamer is

over-priced for what it does ?

8. Overall, would you say that the NovaDreamer was

worth the money you paid for it ?

If you have any additional comments to add on the

NovaDreamer, write them next to a heading.

(Forwarded by Ciaran Ryan).




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What, never heard of Dream Network Journal?

**Dream Network, a Quarterly Journal Exploring

Dreams & Myth.** Since 1982, DreamNetwork has

been providing encouragement to dreamers,

information and international networking services.

Each issue contains a section on The Art of

Dreamsharing & Dream Education, the Mythic

Dimension and articles which respond to Questions

posed in the previous issue. The classified

section offers dreams/readers the opportunity to

initiate and engage in research projects and to

form or participate in existing dream groups.

Sample issue: $5.59/One Year/$22. Also

available, a 44 page booklet, The Art of

Dreamsharing & Developing Dream Groups that

would enhance dreamplay on any Electric Dreams

dreamsharing activity: $5 + $1 (P&H). For

Information, email to Roberta Ossana's email

address dreamskey@sisna.com or subscribe via

VISA, Mastercard, AmEx : 1-800-To-1-DREAM


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========== The Novato Center for Dreams Homepage

is now open and if you have *any* interest in

dreams and the archiving of historic dream related

materials, be sure to stop by.


========== Working with Color in Dreams

site is now open. Bob Hoss offers dream

interpreters an introduction into the

significance and meaning of colors in dreams and

how to work with them.


========== Update: Dolphins, Whales, and Dreamtime

by Trisha Lamb Feuerstein (dolphintlf@aol.com)

In the last issue of Electric Dreams, ED 3(4),

Trisha gave us a peek at her upcoming book about

dreams & the spiritual, and cultural significance

of cetaceans (dolphins and whales) as evinced in

classical and New Age myth, art, dreams, various

genres of fiction, and human-cetacean encounters.

You can now see this paper on the Web with links

to dolphin and whale sites from around the world




That's right, you design it and Electric Dreams

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go to the Electric Dreams site and select "Other


========== The Novato Center for Dreams is Opening

its Web gate to dream concerned individuals from

around the world. The NCD has provided archiving

of dream materials for years, and has fabulous

resources for dreamers. Drop by at the temporary



========== A Tribute to Akira Kurosawa's Dreams


========== DreamWeb

A wonderful collection of Dream and Dreaming

science information.


========== Mark Breck's Lucid Dreamer's Guide

Is this a Dream?


========== DreamWave -It just keeps getting better

& better!





Jul 09- USA: Berkeley, California 13 ASD

(Ass'n for the Study of Dreams) International

Conference Hotline Information: 510) 869-4010

Jul 10 Cyberspace Compuserve "Dream Studio"

on-line chat room with invited guests at

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Jul 11 Cyberspace Internet Relay Chat (IRC), LIVE

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Jul 10- USA: Buffalo, New York

31 Working Together with Dreams, Seminar with

Dr. John Segman Analytical Psychology Society of

Western New York, 716) 845-7457 or contact Dr.

Segman by e-mail at <jsegman@daemen.edu>

Jul 14- USA: New York City, New York

19 The Analytical Psychology of Dreams

C.G. Jung Center of New York,

Jul 26, Decoding Your Dreams ASD Wash, D.C.

July 27 Decoding Your Dreams ASD Weekend Seminar

Jul 24,31, Aug 07 Understanding Your Dreams,

Seminar and Dream Interpretation Group Cambridge

Aug 07 Cambridge Center for Adult Education,

617) 547-6789. Understanding Dreams

Jul 24 USA: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jul 31 Understanding Your Dreams, Seminar and

Dream Interpretation Group

Aug 07 Cambridge Center for Adult Education, 617)


Jul USA: Monterey Bay region, California

Aug Summer Dream Group

Sep Kathleen Sullivan, dremwvr@mbay.net

Aug 01- USA: Palo Alto, California

05 4-Day Residential Training Program in

Lucid Dreaming Stanford University, Lucidity

Institute 415) 321-9969 or

email <cdwsu@lucidity.com

October 11-13, 1996, ASD Fall Conference Virginia

Beach, VA




==Commentary on Jesse's "Untitled" by Shadow (from

ED v.3 issue 3) ==

If this were my dream...

My friend James and me, and a chick. Chick has

connotations of innocence. Getting into a club

for 18+, but the chick might have trouble since

she is younger than James and I. There is a part

of myself, perhaps the innocence of childhood that

is having trouble keeping up with where I and my

friends are going/doing now. Yet, she does make

it in. The chick may be both my innocence and my

anima, or feminine side. We have fun, but the

prospect of something better lures us to another

location. There we find instruments with no band.

The establishment has failed to provide what we

are looking for. We are asked to play. We are

stepping into a more active role in our lives. We

are learning how to provide for our selves. I

feel the power of moving into a more powerful time

in my life, but I am frustrated too, that I cannot

totally be independent.

A drunken man starts to babble complete nonsense.

Perhaps these drunken babblings are messages from

the unconscious. We are invited to go outside and

view a piece of grafitti. An eye and the

surrounding muscles. To see. But more, how the

method of seeing is operated. This strikes me as

a look-behind-the-scenes kind of message. As if

the drunken man is saying, "Look, this is how it

all works--understand?" I begin to understand the

drunks babblings. He is some intoxicated guru

telling me and my friends about jazz and life and

everything. "Just look ad dat I man...."

==Commentary on Just Ducky! (960217) by Island ==

Though only the dreamer knows for sure . . .The

dream: I'm having trouble finding an important

form at work and the computer is inexplicably in a

long process after I'd pressed escape. There are

several customers and it's nearly a half hour past

our usual closing time, but since it's raining I

don't really mind. A female customer insists that

we still have a duck calendar; I start looking for


Dreamer's Interpretation: Just ducky!

<Comment: Just ducky! Is certainly one way of

looking at it. Could a "Duck calendar" also

suggest ducking out (or escaping) on schedule?

(e.g., "duck" -- avoid). Could not finding an

important form suggest finding "form" on the job

scene? Inexplicably in a long process. Have you

abandoned something in your heart though you

haven't abandoned it in reality? Are you caught in

a loop and on automatic pilot now? Do you not mind

working in a state of confusion (rain) because

you're not ready for things to clear up? Have you

found the duck calendar yet?>

==Commentary on Haunted Houses (ED3:3) by Island==

Curious dream. I liked it (& interpretation). But

why did I think of The Fairie Queen? And had to

strain to think of Tennessee Williams? Still don't

get the connection, the dream itself so devoid of

emotionality. More Ted Hughes' _Crow_ (though far

fetched) springs to mind (and others). Why did the

woman have a hard drive implant? Had she had a


==Commentary on Santa Cruz Mountains (960302) by


I am driving a high 5 1/2 ton truck over the

Santa Cruz Mountains into San Jose.

<The enormous tragedy of the dream in the

peasant's bent /shoulders. / Pound, Pisan Cantos


Tremendous mental burdens when I might be cruising

(Cruz) instead.>

Once on the flat stretch I try to make a lane

change and the truck goes into a counterclockwise


<Make a lane change: Do you actually try to make

a(the) lane (the road you travel) change? (Do what

is impossible for mere mortals, like conjuring the

winds to carry the leaves away?) Who are you

passing? No one? Yourself? Is a lane change

necessary? Or desirable?>

I think "I'm going to die,"

<Are you driving (pushing) yourself to death?>

but I keep my hands on the wheel.

<If it were my dream, I would wonder if I am not

existing simultaneously in two worlds: the "I"

(consciousness) looking toward death while the

hands (modus operandi, firmly of the world) on the


Amazingly, despite having careened across the

lanes, the on-coming [sic] traffic, etc., I come

to rest in the center of the spiral not having hit


<My fears, my expectations are not in alignment

with reality. If it were my dream, it would appear

to me that I feel out of control at all times

though the reverse is true

(clockwise/counterclockwise). But I apprehend a

state of grace.>

My vehicle is now a bicycle.

<What happened to your burdens? Shorn. Good. The

bike: Note the two wheels, connected by a bridge.

Two realities (life/death) spinning along,


I carry it part way the wrong way up a

freeway ramp and arrive a the commuters' railway


<Free way. Freedom. But something seems out of

cinque. I arrive at a railway(I tend to view

train/train rides/rails as a form of destiny), and

here I stand at the terminal (the end of the

line).But there's hope: Commuter. (Commute: To

change a penalty, or debt, to a less severe one).>

It is partially shut down. It is a quiet

day. It is Sunday. There are a few people

about: employees chatting, a man in a business

suit working at his laptop. The place is white,

well- lit, clean and modern.

<Sunday. For some a day of rest. But here there

is work activity. Sun-day. White. Clean. Have you


==Commentary on "Water, Rats, Deer and Me" by

Mary (ED V3N3) by Rosalie (960419)==

Hello Mary,

That is a beautiful dream. Thank you for sharing


If this were my dream I would think that out back

where people cannot see it and where others are

not aware of it, even the neighbors are not aware

of it, I have many emotions that threaten to

engulf me. I was thinking of sadness and tears

first, but then I saw the rats. The rats for me

stand for something that causes me fear, so I am

grateful when the deer eats the fear. The deer

seems too docile and friendly an animal to devour

the rats, so some wild, strong part of my appears

and deals with the fear by devouring it. I think,

if I can deal with the fear, then the water will

subside. My emotions will still be there to

moisten my life and my decisions, like the water

will still be there to water the earth and the

flowers, but not enough to cause flooding anymore.

My strong animal instincts will guide me to my

emotions and teach me that I need not be afraid of

them. They will teach to deal with my emotions

so that they do not flood me.




**Aliens by Nutcracker (960311) **

David Duchovny (X-Files) and I were on a mission.

We had to get rid of some foreigners (before they

got rid of us). We were all riding in a car

together. We stopped the car and everybody got

out. I had put two small paper bags with

poisonous snakes in underneath the car seat. The

plan was to move them to the foreigners side of

the car while it was their turn to drive. There

was a third guy with us (on our team). He began

shoving stuff under the seat. I cringed, hoping

he wouldn't disturb the snakes. Now the car is a

bedroom. The three foreigners get a king size

bed, as do the three of us. Someone let one of the

snakes loose in the room. David kills it. I go

into another room (to avoid the snakes) and sit on

my friend s daughter's toy (something on wheels).

Now the room is like a window display in the mall.

People are outside looking in as I push myself

around on this child s toy. (960311)

==Commentary by SkyeT on "Aliens" by Nutcracker

(960514) ==


I have a really unusual analysis of this dream.

Take it for whatever it s worth. First, a little

theoretical background:

The EST are here. Folks may want to ignore it,

disbelieve it, and so on, but those who have had

personal sightings, particularly those that left

no question of the "alienness" of the experience

(and that figure is, I believe, closing in on 50%

of the population), they KNOW.

I would also suggest that on some level or

consciousness or another, everyone KNOWS. I mean,

I can't tell you the amazing things I've seen

right in my very own neighborhood (and right in my

very own house, but that s another story

altogether), once I've popped out of body and

hovered over my rooftop. If all of us have that

kind of experience and knowledge, whether it s

recalled or not, then there's a lot of

psychological denial going on.

The interesting question to me is: What do

individuals, or the collective consciousness of

earth for that matter, DO with that knowledge?

It s stuffed, OK. But where? And how?

In reading your dream I intuitively felt that it

was a working-out, for yourself personally and for

the collective -- and MANY people are having these

sorts of dreams right now -- of the denial and

fear. (Whatever you may believe on the conscious

level, for the moment, let's assume that s


The other concept I'd like to introduce here is

one that amplifies, or perhaps explains, the

intense fear we feel about the idea of ET

existence/contact. Mankind did have interactions

with other civilizations("the Gods" of ancient),

and those interactions were not always pleasant or

for the betterment of all mankind. (For

reference, check the Bible under floods, Famines,

Pestilence, and "Sodom & Gomorrah/Pillars of

Vapor.")Even more relevant to your dream, check

"Garden of Eden/Snake."

In the gospel according to Zecharia Sitchin, a

scholar of ancient languages/texts who has

extensively examined Mesopotamian and other

ancient texts to get this story, mankind was

apparently caught in the crossfire between two

groups of "Gods." For various reasons, one group

decided to bump us off, hence all the nasty

stuff. The other group, represented by the Snake,

kept saving our ass. They fed us when we were

starving, they were the ones who whispered in

Noah's ear about the cubits and all. They taught

us; even today our symbol representing the medical

profession bears the Snake as it's "mascot." The

other gods were NOT happy about the actions of the

Snake group and in the Bible, which let's say is

told from the perspective of "the other group,"

the Snake gets a really bad rap.

So, just for the sake of whatever, let me take key

portions of your dream and "interpret it" using

this framework I've just described.

1. In the first scene, you and Duchovny are

riding in the car with some foreigners/aliens.

The "mission" is to get rid of the (knowledge) of

the aliens and their agendas and activities.

Duchovny is a good aspect of self to have along on

this mission, he represents someone with some

knowledge of aliens, is at least somewhat

comfortable with this knowledge, and is generally

very capable in a crunch. Perhaps you didn't

quite trust those abilities in yourself, so you

thrust them onto a symbolic Muldar. that s OK, as

long as all your aspects of self are riding in the

same car, you can make use of their abilities.

It's when you can't find them at all that you re

in trouble!

It's implied that you/Muldar are driving the car

at the beginning of the dream, since you have to

wait til the aliens are driving to move the bag of

snakes. You are in control at this point, or

should I say, superficially you hadn't had to deal

with anything heavy yet and so the illusion of

control was still present.

2. You all got out of the car and it's at that

point that you changed places. Something about

this action, at this point in the dream,

represents the idea of a shift of power away from

you (and your Muldar self) to the aliens. And

it's at this point that you introduce the idea of

the snakes.

3. They represent "forbidden knowledge" and it's

exactly that knowledge that got us in such hot

water after the Garden of Eden revolt. Whatever

the eating of the apple represented, it did result

in an expansion/growth for mankind. The Bible

acknowledges this saying something about the fact

that we would only need to find the "Tree of Life"

and we'd live forever (we'd be unstoppable). The

snake, then, represents mankind's empowerment, but

also enormous danger. The introduction of this

symbol, no matter how you intended to use them,

meant that you were dealing with very fundamental

fears, probably fear of aliens and perhaps a few

personal fears of your own thrown in for good


The fact that they were only contained in a paper

bag, rather than something sturdier/safer, means

that you are more ready than not to expose that

knowledge to yourself. You allowed yourself the

illusion of safety, but that's it.

You kept trying to shove the snakes off onto the

aliens, but didn't seem to have much luck. That's

because all these issues are OURS to deal with. 3.

I'm not sure who the third guy in the car was, but

he seemed to represent another aspect of self.

The idea of triads is so prevalent, that if you

looked closely at the attributes of Muldar,

yourself and Mr. X, you might be able to guess

what he did represent.

His actions were interesting, though. He was

literally stuffing something out of sight. He

clearly didn't want to deal with it (and let's

assume that what he was stuffing was his feelings

about what was going on, about the aliens).

4. At this point the scene cuts to a bedroom.

I'm not clear if you and the three aliens all got

on the same bed? This would imply that you were

on good terms at that point. But then someone

lets a snake loose and your Muldar self has to

handle it for you.

You run away to another room, allowing your fear

to get the better of you. In that sense you did

become less empowered, more "childlike" and are

then riding a kid's vehicle.. Other people are

watching you in this state, which I gathered you

found kind of embarrassing. (Do you keep up a

very ADULT facade in real life? Is this an issue

that would especially bother you?)

It's interesting that the dream is "bookend" with

vehicles. At first, you are driving a real car.

By the end of this experience you are wheeling a

kid s car. Still, you confronted your fears to a

large degree, even creating one of the snakes to

be loosed inside the bedroom.

Skye T

**"It's Cold But I Am Not" by Ken - Sunday 28

April 1996**

I am living in the sea. The seafloor is ice, and

there's a very deep ice well which I enjoy sliding

down the lip of to the very bottom. I always come

back up, and there's never any strain or pull, nor

do I want to remain at the bottom. It's fun, and

I go in and out two or three times.

Later from a point midwater I see the wood hull of

a sailing boat above me, and I wonder what the

seals thought when they first saw them. Did they

play alongside them? I go up to the surface and I

see that's it's my brother!

Interpretation: A fascinating development of the

split anima motif [thanks, Mary!] of "Quincunx,"

for I am one of the Nereids, one of the seal-

people at play in a sterile environment. It's

like the Arctic Ocean, a green sea, only there's

no life but myself. I enjoy complete freedom of

movement; things are not complex. Some of the

water has become ice which has become chthonic (if

ice sank rather than floated, if H20 wasn't

strongly bipolar, there would be no life.) Thus I

go in and out of this realm's vaginal well: it is

cold and I am not. I am, after all, as made for

this environment as a seal. The ice vaginal well

-frigidity!- isn't the inverse of Satan's icy-cold

penis of Inquisition lore; I'm reminded more

strongly of my love of swimming on the bottom of

childhood's pools. Up and down, in and out, again

and again -great fun! I've no trouble or

compunction about sliding down and coming back up.

Then, again, a midpoint is the crux. I look up,

think of animal consciousness -the seed of

dharma?- and go to the surface. A hole in the

seafloor, in the ice, on the surface of the sea.

It's my brother! My brother in another realm, the

little man in the boat. There's a lot more spirit

(air) in that sailboat, more life and motion.

Among other things, he's in more pussy than I am.

Ships are feminine. He has his craft (work and

love). He's got his; I have a hole in the bottom

of heavy water.

** "Night Terror" by Antonio (960502) **

There was a gal who I wanted to talk to, but I was

afraid...the city was dark and rainy...and there

was some kind of danger, but we were involved in a

camping trip in the city...hmmm...anyway, I

finally touched her and we ended up hugging...I

remember relief and this incredible warm

feeling...and how she fit into my arms. Low and

behold, it turns out that she has been wanting me

to hold her. The last thing I remember was going

to the car to get something, bread...rolls to be

exact, for a dinner in her apartment...well, as I

opened the car, I knew there was danger, but could

not see it...and I got hit. I realized the danger

was an invisible person...yep...how weird can ya

get....so somehow I turned and began a battle with

the invisible person....I finally got him down and

pinned on the ground, I was trying to make

him...(it???) talk when I saw a rock approaching

my head...I broke the persons arm under me and

rolled to get away and had to confront invisible

person number 2...this was female. At this point I

woke up.

Any comments would be most welcome. Thanks.

==Commentary from Nutcracker on Night Terror by

Antonio (960503)

<<There was a gal who I wanted to talk to, but I

was afraid...>>

I sense the dreamer is shy and fears rejection.

He is apprehensive about making the first move.

<<the city was dark and rainy...and there was some

kind of danger>>

Dreamer is unable to see things clearly, perhaps

unable to take things at face value. Is the

danger due to his reluctance to accept things as

they are?

<<we were involved in a camping trip in the city>>

Dreamer is aware that you don't have to leave home

to 'get away' from it all.

<<I finally touched her and we ended up

hugging...I remember relief and this incredible

warm feeling...and how she fit into my arms.>>

Dreamer feels acceptance, comfortable with the way

she fits 'into him'.

<<it turns out that she has been wanting me to

hold her.>>

The girl appears to be equally shy, perhaps unsure

of her own feelings as well.

<<I remember going to the car to get something,

bread...rolls to be exact, for a dinner in her

apartment ...well, as I opened the car, I knew

there was danger, but could not see it...and I got


Dreamer's instincts are good, allowing him to have

a feel for his surroundings.

<<I realized the danger was an invisible person.>>

Is the invisible person representative of a

problem at work or in dreamer's personal life? Is

this a fear you sense befalling you, whether real

or imagined? In other words, are you looking for

problems that don't exist?

<<I turned and began a battle with the invisible

person....I finally got him down and pinned on the

ground, I was trying to make him..it??? talk when

I saw a rock approaching my head...I broke the

persons arm>>

Is this the dreamer breaking free of one


<<I rolled to get away and had to confront

invisible person number 2...this was female.>>

...only to encounter another? Does the dreamer

have a problem with a certain female in his life?

Just my thoughts....

==Commentary by Narcissus on "Night Terror" by

Antonio (960505) ==

> > There was a gal who I wanted to talk to, but I

was afraid...the city> was dark and rainy...and

there was some kind of danger, but we were>

involved in a camping trip in the

city...hmmm...anyway, I finally> touched her and

we ended up hugging...I remember relief and this>

incredible warm feeling...and how she fit into my

arms. Low and> behold, it turns out that she has

been wanting me to hold her.

In my dream, this woman is my anima, my soul.

I've been afraid of approaching her, afraid of

being rejected by her. The city - my life - seems

dark and dangerous, but my soul is waiting for me

to approach her.

>The last thing I remember was going to the car to

get something,> bread...rolls to be exact, for a

dinner in her apartment...well, as I> opened the

car, I knew there was danger, but could not see

it...and I> got hit.

I want to nourish my soul. I want to be at home

w/ her. But as I approach my vehicle, my way of

getting around in the world (my job?, my

persona?), I get hit.

>I realized the danger was an invisible person...>

yep...how weird can ya get....so somehow I turned

and began a battle> with the invisible person....I

finally got him down and pinned on the> ground, I

was trying to make him...(it???) talk when I saw

a rock> approaching my head...I broke the persons

arm under me and rolled to> get away and had to

confront invisible person number 2...this was>

female. At this point I woke up.> In my dream, the

invisible people are my parents. It's said that

whenever a man and a woman make love, there's

always 6 people in the bed: the woman, the man,

her parents, and his parents. What msgs did I get

from my parents about loving others? About loving

myself? Did they tell me I was too hard headed?

Do I have to disarm them to love my own soul?

I had an interesting dream here. I hope it was

good for you too.

Kidding aside, this resembles in many ways a dream

I call "The Invisible One," which is about my

parents. I hope these thoughts on your dream are

of use to you.



** "Old Lady on a Motorcy" by Fast Wheels (960505)

5/5/96 I am watching as a disembodied observer.

(The Dream Ego). I see an old lady on a

motorcycle. She refuses to put hub caps on her

back wheels. She wants the spokes exposed. She

wears leather and is feisty and independent.

However, she decides she wants a job. She offers

to be a delivery person for messages. She is hired

but as she takes the leather message pouch and

lays it on the back wheel, the employer insists

she cover the spokes with a hub cap. It annoys her

a bit but she complies because she thinks the job

will be fun and she can see the sense of it. After

all, it would not be safe to let the bag get

caught up in the spokes when she s driving. So she

takes the pouch with the papers inside to her

destination. When she gets there, there are forms

to fill out and she has lots of difficulty getting

this done.

** Wargames by Ken - Fri 3 May 1006 [ED- Is there

some Time Travel involved here??]**

We are undergoing wargames. The female leader -a

corporeal?- realizes that if we gather and

concentrate all our forces we can raid the enemy's

compound and take their records!

Interpretation: An interesting take on the Amazon

theme. There's the corporeal/corporal pun; I'd

once had sex with a female artillery Lt. She'd

told me that I wasn't a jerk like all the rest! A

pleasant enough one-night-stand, many moons ago.

The raid is daring, but eminently feasible. It's

almost an intelligence-gathering operation, but by

attacking their bureaucracy we'd be gaining their

information and depriving them of it as well.


This is also a riff on the hoary cliche of the

battle of the sexes...

** Kundalini by Ken - Sat 4 May 1996 **

In a movie theater high school couples are

watching a black and white science film of feces

moving through the digestive system. The film is

full of texture and fine detail, and all of the

couples are cuddling. Suddenly one of them is

attacked form behind by what looks like the

tingler from the old Vincent Price film! First it

attacks the man, who screams, and then the woman

screams, and then it turns them both into

skeletons. Soon the entire theater is screaming,

and then it's a theater full of skeletons.

Then as if in a classroom five or six Cinema-Scope

scenes from the June summer releases are compared.

All epics, each scene has the same design

elements. Set in different historical eras, the

same massive column- or colonnade-design elements

appears in the same place on the left side of the

screen. In one epic the Pharaoh is giving Moses

and the Israelites a spectacular send-off out of

Egypt on their journey across the Sinai to the

Promised Land, and the hero's sidekick is leaning

nonchalantly against one of the pillars!

Interpretation: Jesus H. Christ! The Kundalini

makes its appearance, and with a vengeance! Can

you say "projection"? Sex and shit, shit and sex,

the palaces of pleasure raised in the places of

excrement. Yeats. The homocidal vertebral

column, the Shakti, the rod that supports us -

damn, I'm bitterly envious of all the easy lovers

I see. Sex and death, too. The Teenager from

Outer Space, too. Species, too. (Prill rips the

spinal cord out of /her/ competition while she's

on the toilet.) The sex-and-death of splatter

flicks, too.

Cut to a manic, epic defense (like Churchill's),

and an analytical defense, and a buddy-system

defense (and he's leaning against a phallic

column!). A cheery send-off from the Pharaoh___

from gray-scale shit to Technicolor shit!

(However, a friend points out that the second half

of the dream does have a broader scope. There's

the variation of a theme on a grand scale, and

it's suggestive of reincarnation. 5:6 crops up

again. Just because it's grandiose doesn't mean

it's not true.)

** Samsara by Ken - Tue 6 May 1996 **

I am replaying some sort of impossible game which

involves drinking what may or may not be cyanide-

laced water (can I expel the gas from my lungs?),

breaking into an underground industrial complex,

holding people hostage with a pencil, picking a

lock before I'm shot down, and I've never escaped,

but I keep playing the game.

Interpretation: Samsara, the wheel of birth, life

and rebirth as a video game. There's also a

female companion here, whom I rescue before being

shot down in the hallway or by the locked door at

the end of the hallway. I seldom dream of being

chased, but here it is, and it's cyclic.

** My first lucid dream by KC (960513) **

Now, in case you do not know, a lucid

dream is a dream in which you know that you are

dreaming. In these dreams, one can control

anything he or she desires. Here is my first lucid

dream. After it I have been trying (with no

success) to induce others.....

I am on top of a car heading

somewhere on an interstate. My senses are fading

in or out. I hear a sound of wind or a sinister

laugh or something else as the car seems to move

along, yet I feel no movement. I am tired, but

realize I am dreaming. I still feel tired, but I

must prove to myself that I can control the

experience. I look across the road and I see a big

18-wheeler. I reach my arm across, and, even

though I don't touch the vehicle, I can feel it

against my hand. All of a sudden it lifts into the

air and blasts off. I willed it to.


** Tamil Neruda by Ken - Sun 5 May 1996 **

Someone is wearing a white tie with green script

that says "Tamil Neruda" down the center. It has

green piping.

Interpretation: Pablo Neruda, the Chilean poet,

and Tamil Nudal, the Indian state, and _The

Interior Landscape_, an anthology of Tamil love

poetry... And it /would/ be a great idea for a


** "Tornado Dreams" by "S" (960513) **

I thought of an old recurring dream of mine that I

could write about --especially for this season of

the year and all the movies being made about the

subject. I'll write briefly about my Tornado



For many many years I had a recurring nightmare in

which I would be chased by tornadoes. The start

of the dream would vary. Sometimes I would be in

my house or at the office or in another location

when I became aware of storms brewing. I would

hear about the impending stormy weather from TV or

radio; or I would look out a window and watch the

clouds gather.

I would always see the initial tornado form and I

would be filled with fear and dread. For some

reason, I never sought shelter or hid in a closet

from the storm. I tried to outrun it usually in

my car, but as soon as I put some distance between

it and me another tornado would form in front of

me or off to the side of me and I would panic

again. I never had a passenger with me or a

friend to brave the storm with.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I had the tornado dream

again. I could hear and feel the chill wind and

rain blowing my clothes and hair as I ran to find

my car. I thought I'd never remember where I

parked it and half of the dream was a frustrating

search for a dream car I had never seen and which

was unfamiliar to me. Finally I found it -- I

just knew it was my car. But, then I had to

fumble in my purse for the keys. I was a nervous


Finally, I was leaving the parking lot just as the

huge tornado loomed over the horizon. I drove as

far as I could, but the car was low on gas. The

more fearful I was of running out of gas, the

faster the gauge went to E. The car stalled near

an old fashioned shopping center. It was a row of

shops about a city block long and all the

storefronts faced the street I was on.

It was black and dark and I could hear the roar of

the storm. All the shops were closed and it was

about 11 o'clock at night. I ran and ran till I

was out of breath. The storm was only about 100

feet behind me! I couldn't run any more. I fell

to my knees and in surrender I accepted my death

and trusted God with my soul.

The tornado was fast, but when it was almost on

me, it skipped over me! The funnel went up into

the air, then touched down on the other side of

me! It was such a powerful dream and the relief

and peace that followed it is hard to fully

describe or put into words. It was a revelation;

a transformation; a healing of deep wounds. That

was the last tornado dream I've had since that



Maybe you can use it. It is a simple dream, but

had deep meaning to me.

** Grey Eyes by Anthony (960503) **

I ve been reading the dreams that have been sent

to me. I haven t got round to sending any proper

dreams yet as I keep leaving my dream book at home

(I am writing from the University IT center).What

I would like to know is what is normally

associated with a part of one of my dreams.

I am attracted to a pair of grey eyes in my

dream, I can't seem to look away from them. I can

feel that I am being pulled in towards them and

that I am not afraid to let this happen, I think

I'm curious of what is in there.

It just so happens that the girl I am seeing at

the moment has the same colour eyes, but I am wary

about getting too serious with her as I have been

in that situation before with another girl. Antony

==Commentary by Narcissus on "Gray Eyes" by

Anthony (960507)==

> What I would like to know is what is normally

associated with a part> of one of my dreams.> > I

am attracted to a pair of grey eyes in my dream, I

can't seem to> look away from them. I can feel

that I am being pulled in towards> them and that I

am not afraid to let this happen, I think I'm

curious> of what is in there.> If this were my

dream, I'd first look at my associations w/ grey.

Being a little older than the dreamer, I associate

grey w/ grey hair, which leads me down the path of

aging and death. I'm both attracted and repelled

by death.

This leads me to think about what "grey" is: a

combination of black and white. Therefore grey is

the blending of polar opposites. I'm both drawn

in and repelled by what I see.

The dreamer mentioned that his girlfriend has grey

eyes and is reluctant to get too involved w/ her.

Yet the dream ego is curious and unafraid. If

this were my dream, I'd consider sharing it and my

fears w/ my girlfriend so we could jointly look

for a resolution.

I hope these thoughts are of use to you.


** "Three Strikes, You're Out" by Nutcracker

(960520) **

My friend Nancy and I were outside her house (not

her real house). The house(a two story) was of

dark gray stone or slate with white trim. There

were 2-3 steps to the doorway. They appeared to

be damp. She wanted a cigarette and I took out a

lighter (I don't smoke) to light it for her. Just

then her cat (it was actually my brother's cat

Figaro, black with white paws and chin)jumped

between my arms and my lap and I dropped the

lighter. We try again and again I fail to light

her cigarette. As my friend and I are in a

squatting position near the steps, I try a third

time and as I get the lighter lit, the cat jumps

into my arms and starts climbing up to my

shoulders, extending the entire length of its body

(front kitty paws to back kitty paws) across mine.

My friend's bulldog (she doesn't actually have

one, but wants one) knocks me over and I fall

down, dropping the lit lighter. I brush the cat

with my hand to make sure she hasn't caught on

fire. There is also a group of children playing

nearby (or in the background).

(Comments from Nutcracker: I was having a

discussion with a friend on religion the day

before I had this dream. He had sent me a note

regarding the frequency of the number 3 in my

dreams. He mentioned it could represent the Holy

Trinity. The following are his comments regarding

the above dream:

<< I find it interesting that you could not get

the lighter lit. If indeed the flame does

represent the Holy Spirit, this will be delicious

fodder for the analysts. It seems like the dream

reflects your possible uncertainty about religion

in general. You are trying to light the flame, yet

obstacles are in your way i.e., cat, bulldog and

possibly the children in the background on a

subconscious level. They are obstacles, yet they

are things which can be controlled by you. Thus,

you could be 'inviting' these obstacles so as to

add to your overall religious uncertainty. Add

support to your doubt? Remember, I am not a

dream analyst, I only play one on the net. Do not

try this at home.>>


by SenSeneca (960512) **

There are two islands, close to each

other, separated by no more than about half a mile

of ocean. I live on one of them, in the only old

farm house standing on it. The other island only

contains stables and is populated exclusively by

cattle, some sheep, some cows, one horse, all of

them friendly, especially the horse. I have to row

over in a kind of small barge to get food, hey and

grass and cabbage, to all the animals, as there is

nothing growing on their island. My first passage

in the barge is not difficult, but when I arrive I

discover with unpleasant surprise that it is

empty, I have forgotten to put any of the food

into it. I hastily return and set out for a second

crossing. This time the passage to the neighboring

island is more difficult, as I have lost the oars

and have to propel the little barge by my naked

hands. This works fairly well, but a

little too slow I feel, thinking of the waiting

hungry animals. When I arrive, my boat again is

empty. I am very disturbed about that and step out

to comfort the cattle by telling them that I

will return for a third time shortly. The horse

approaches me friendly but a little reproachfully,

leaning its head against my shoulder and I stroke

it gently.

My third return to the animal island

somehow is even more difficult and slow. And

again, upon arrival, I find that the barge is

totally empty. This is completely incomprehensible

to me, but I have no time to be puzzled and

disturbed. For this time the animal island has

come to hostile life. It is not the suffering

animals, who become hostile. Their island is

suddenly populated by medieval soldiers, rogues,

wild and primitive men, with weapons, mainly

sticks and raw clubs, out to take revenge for my

failing deliveries, definitely with an intention

to kill me. I manage somehow to escape to my own

island with my farm house. But there they catch up

with me, are upon me, almost get me. Then I detect

a hole in one of the old clay walls of the house

and swiftly disappear into it, hiding in the

hollow wall. For a moment I experience great

relief, as my escape has remained unnoticed by the

wild men, and I hear them noisily run past

the wall in pursuit of me. But then what seems to

have been my rescue from destruction turns into

sheer horror: The inside of the hollow wall, where

it is pitch-dark, seems indeed to consist of a

sticky, pitchy matter, slimy and somehow

slowly moving. It turns out to be the inside of a

carnivorous plant which is slowly sucking me in. I

gradually sink down deeper into the narrowing,

clutching hole, certain that I will be devoured

and dissolved by the acid juices beginning to ooze

out from it.

SenSeneca [May 12, 96]

** "Breaking the Ice" by Anita (960422) **

And now my dream story, seen three nights ago:

There is a block of ice in my bathtub. I scrape

its surface, I know that there is something

inside. Then I remark that there is a crevice in

the ice. I push my finger in the crevice, it

grows wider. Suddenly the block breaks in two

pieces and I become a little bit alarm, that I

have done something wrong. A man emerges from

ice. He is H. I awake. "H " is my lover for

seven years, and a writer too. Our relationship

has been stale for year or so. After awakening

I thought that perhaps something is going to

happen in the relationship in near future. Just

now when I was writing the dream in English (I am

Finnish) , it occurred to me that the block of

ice means my writer's block. After my latest

novel ( The John's'Confessions,1995) My creative

imagination has been blocked for an year. I have

been sterile and depressive as always when I have

written a large novel.

==Commentary on Anita's "Breaking the Ice" by

Shadow (60426)==

If this were my dream...

There is block of ice in my bathtub. This ice, so

cold and rigid encases something. Here in the

bathroom--it is such an intimate place of my

home/life. What is it that is in the ice? My

lover. I really don't have to exert much effort to

get H out of the ice. My "Breaking the Ice" speaks

of relationship issues. I push my finger into the

crevice in the ice and find that it easily breaks

into two pieces. Yet, I am fearful that I have

done something wrong.

The dreamer's related waking life info definitely

influences one s commentary. I agree that this

dream is connected with the writer s block that

the dreamer is experiencing. Yet, I do not see a

direct link (ice=block). From personal experience

I know that sometimes trouble, or perceived

trouble, with relationships, and/or life can

block" a writer's muse or the flow of material.

I would be more inclined to see the dream as a

rather straight forward indicator to the dreamer's

concerns about the relationship with H. Of

course, only the dreamer knows for sure.

** The Jazz Dream by Jesse **(960422)

It all starts with my friend James, a chick, and

me trying to get into an 18+ (we're under 18) club

to see a band. James and I wouldn't have problem

since we are so close to being 18 but the girl

might have trouble. Luckily, we make it in,

though. We have a grand time watching some band

while drinking tea and coffee but then we hear

that Can is playing at Mama Kin(since we were at

Axis; both of the clubs are on Landsdown/Ted

Williams St. in Boston) so we end up going over

there. Thing is, they have instruments but no

band. The people of Mama Kin ask us to play.

After a little pressure and delaying, we finally

decide to play. I take bass but I don t know

about anyone else. Forgetting how to play, I just

strum the E string feeling the power and

reverberation of the bass. I get annoyed with

that though, beginning to try the one blues thing

I know but I can't seem to do it. Sometime later,

this drunk guy starts to babble complete nonsense.

No one can understand. I cannot remember the

exact words. Eventually, he asks a bunch of us to

come outside to see a piece of graffiti he made on

the wall. It was a really descriptive eye from

the eye to the muscles around the eye. He keeps

on babbling, that drunkard, but this time, I start

to understand his drunk insane babbling about

jazz, life, and everything else. It was all very

Neal Cassidy/Dean Moriarity like. Too bad that's

when my father woke me up to move furniture.

Until Next Time, Jesse

==Commentary by Tom on "The Jazz Dream"==

"I just strum the E string feeling the power and

reverberation of the bass."

Why do I get the feeling this kid has a goatee, a

thin moustache, a beret and dark glasses on?

[ED- I feel this comment is made "tongue-in-cheek"

as a humorous observation. However, the point it

brings up is a key one to understanding dreams.

Some dreams are complementary to our lives

(extensions of what we do and have) while others

are supplementary to our lives (reflections of

what we lack , oppose or desire). Reflective of

our waking reality or not, the dream shows a

concern by the dreamer regarding the values

represented . Through dreams, our "inner self"

brings the concern to our waking consciousness

"outer self". BK]

** The Roof God and Uncle Joe by Shadow (960422)


I am at the hospital where I work. A God (Demi-

God?) and a woman have a great flying battle

across the roof of the building. Along the line

that they travel the roof is tore up pretty bad.

It is raining and subsequently there are leaks all

over in the hospital. I am walking along inside

the building and run into a maintenance worker I

know. He asks about the leaks and I tell him I

know nothing even though I know exactly what

happened. He says something, I think, about a

female administrator at the hospital.

Now I am at my parents' old house in Toledo, OH.

It seems there is some sort of family gathering

going on. I am seeing people I haven't seen in

years. I am shaking hands and greeting people

when I hear someone say the Uncle Joe is here or

is coming here soon. I ask around because I do

not see him anywhere. Someone, not a family

member, takes me outside. I am told to wait by a

car that is parked in the backyard. As I wait I

look up and see the Northern lights. They are

very bright and vivid. I think to myself that

they should continue for some time since the

magnetic storm that is causing them must be very

bright. I go back to the car. I am getting sick

of waiting. I get into the passenger seat and

start calling out for Uncle Joe. I sense that he

is somewhere in the car, but is not answering for

some reason. I look at the dashboard and wonder

if he is under there somewhere. I think that I

either hear his voice or the voice of the person

who brought me out to the car, but I cannot recall

what this voice is saying.

Note: My Uncle Joe is someone who was a "favorite

uncle" when I was young. However, he moved,

several years ago, to Arizona and has only been

back once. He has totally isolated himself from

the rest of the family. The one time he did come

back he spoke of some very intense religious

beliefs that included seeing demons and angels.

** An Arrow Out of Nowhere by Sherman (960521) **

I'm standing alone on the steps of a building. An

arrow out of nowhere pierces my neck (my throat).

I'm bleeding and fall to the ground. I need help.

A friend appears. I tell him I must get to a

hospital. He tells me he doesn't have his car, but

he will help. He gets me to my feet, but I never

let go of my throat.

We find ourselves at a busy bus terminal. Yes, of

course I think, the bus will take me to the

hospital. But as we approach each bus, we miss it

by seconds and it drives away. We run for many,

but we just keep missing them. Finally, in

exhaustion, my friend says - we will walk, but I

will get you there, As we start to walk, I


==Commentary on "An Arrow Out of Nowhere" by BobC


The dream appears to be concerned with failed

communication. The arrow pierces the dreamer in

the throat, where the vocal cords are located. A

friend tries to help the dreamer, but instead of

taking the dreamer to the hospital he takes him to

a busy bus terminal. The message here may be that

friends can only help re-establish communication

to a small degree. It is up to the dreamer to

"catch the bus." The dreamer, however, keeps

missing several buses (i.e. opportunities to re-

establish communication).Possibly, this conclusion

of the dream may indicate that it is already too

late to improve the conscious situation symbolized

by the dream. If the dreamer disagrees with the

above interpretation, then it is wrong. Only the

dreamer knows. Bob C.

'What we do in dreams we also do when we are

awake: we invent and fabricate the person with

whom we associate - and immediately forget we have

done so.'


** Snake Hater's Dream by fuzz (960529) **

My dreams are quite brief but very intriguing to

me. I am a 17 year old male and deathly afraid of

snakes. I am not quite sure what has lead me to

be frightened by them because I have had no prior

experiences that would make me feel this way about

snakes. In my recurring dream there is nothing

that leads to the situation...in most cases I am

sitting on my bed in my old home 1500 miles from

where I am or sitting on my bed in my current

home. In both dreams, I am holding a rather large

rattlesnake by the neck with a firm grip of my

right hand. I know the colors of the snake and I

can seethe colors of my bed spread. What I find

odd is that I am not scared of the snake what-so-

ever, that is, because I am sitting on its tail

(its rattles). As I hold the shake close to its

head I remind myself not to get up because the

sound of the rattles would frighten me. Although

I don't want to, I know I have to get up and

dispose of the snake outside...this means I have

to get off its rattles and can no longer sit on

them. In my dream, every time I get up to take it

outside, it begins to slip down into the middle of

my fist and bites me on the outside of my hand

between my index finger and thumb. And every time

my hand begins to foam and froth uncontrolably and

the snake pokes its teeth in harder and harder

till it turns to a golden powder and spreads on

the floor around my feet. At this point the wound

is gone except for 2 puncture holes where the

snake bit me. Then I wake up. I don't know what

this means seeing that I have fatal fright of

snakes. Please help me understand this.

** The Gnome of Depressive Death by metacog

(960603) **

There had been an accident, a simultaneously

obvious and secret accident that had effected the

entire world by turning the entire place into a

dusty farmland. The harsh stillness that followed

the man-made catastrophe reminds me of media

portrayals of the world after nuclear holocaust.

The United States politically identified itself

and its boundaries as Australia and New Zealand.

(I don't know exactly what those words of the last

sentence mean; they were "given information" as I

became aware of the dream while I was sleeping.

In the dream, lived in a shack with the family

that I was born to. Down wind from where we lived,

about a half mile away, was our barn, which housed

horses and cows, each animal in an isolated stall.


I am my (in real life non-existent) sister and I

have just gotten out of jail. Her friend, Annie,

has come to pick her up and to take her to a small

restaurant so that she can learn to cook. I

(through my sister's eyes) notice that the

restaurant is empty; it is dawn, and Annie asks

them to show me how to make jam. This is a Mexican

food restaurant, and the girl who works there and

her father tell us to follow them. They take me

outside of their quaint little restaurant, where

there is the gynecological clinic for desert

whores I visited in another dream. Leaning against

the wall of the clinic, there is a bicycle. They

take the bicycle and we all get in a car and ride

to lush, morning farmlands.

At the top of a hill, they tell me to ride down

the paved hill and they will go ahead and video

tape my ride down. Although they act as though

this is a rite of passage, Understand that I am

being punished and humiliated. In everyone else's

mind, after all of this is done, I will understand

how to make jam. To these people, jam and

spirituality and money are directly related to one


I push myself from the top of the hill and quickly

reach a speed that excites the life in me but

scares me nearly to fainting. But I know that I

don't faint. After all, this is only a dream, I

think to myself. I look ahead and think of the man

and his daughter and think of Annie, waiting at

the car, realize that there are no breaks on this

bike. I am worried that this may not be a dream

at all. It may be real, and I may collide with the

pavement. I think to myself, there will be an up-

slanted slope sometime. I just have to keep riding

until then.

After many hills and curves, I reach the upwards-

slanted slope that allows me to stop. I am sweaty,

bright red, and numb.

CUT TO CHANGE OF BEING (back to myself)

I hear that my sister and her brother (same

sister as in previous scene, brother I haven't

seen before) have gotten out of boarding school.

They have herpes, and it has gone to their brains.

They are depressed, mentally handicapped people

who need constant care. The parents are too much

in shock to care for my brother and sister and for

the farm and keep the animals and children locked

up for a while. I realize eventually that my

siblings are not being properly cared for and open

the door to their room.

My chubby, mute brother goes and sits down

somewhere. My sister says that she has something

to do. She looks very depressed and is moving


CUT TO CHANGE OF BEING (I'm my sister again)

I walk through the sand and itchy grass to the

barn and climb up the ladder to where there is

feed for the animals. The weather is changing

every moment from rainy to painfully lacking

humidity, and the animals seem as though they are

dying. I feel sorry For them. I feed the cows a

poison that won't kill their bodies but will cause

their consciousness to shift out of their bodies.

I give the horses sedatives. I throw grain down

into the stalls. A little gnome comes by and

slashes the cows' wide white throats and hangs

them by their necks and suffocates the horses to


As the gnome is running around doing these things,

I eat mass quantities of the horse sedative. I see

an evil glint in my eye and feel an evil haze

around me before my body fails and I lay down.

CUT TO CHANGE OF BEING (back to myself)

I am doing some carpentry work when I have a

strange feeling that my sister is in the barn,

where she has been told not to go. I am afraid

that she has killed the cows. She senses

depression and has killed depressed people and

animals in the past. I run out to the barn. I am

running as fast as I can, but I seem to be going

in slow motion. I get to the barn and see the dead

cows. Entropy hangs in the air. I go upstairs and

see my pale sister lying on the rotting wood

floor. She is not dead.

I carry her body to the shack where I live. I did

not notice that she was dead until I attempted to

give her some sort of first aid shot and felt how

rubbery her flesh was. I went to look for my

brother and the rest of the family. I saw my dog

dead on the floor. I knew that the parents were in

their luxurious, tropical-motif, tacky room. I

knew that they were dead lying straight in their

bed. My brother was dead as well.

I wake up.

Notes: I had this dream a few nights ago. I woke

up with a (surprise!) dead feeling all over me. I

knew that I had had another one of my "strange

dreams" and wanted to avoid thinking about it. I

couldn't avoid it. I had to write it down.

Although I have always been fairly good at

interpreting my own dreams, I have been having,

during the past three or four months, dreams that

are very grotesque and that I have disturbing

flashbacks of during the days and nights before

going to sleep. I am open to hearing any ideas you

may have about the meaning of this dream or any

aspect of this dream.

Thank you for being here. Life to you!


** "The Night of the Biting Zombies " by Peter

(960605) **

I had a strange dream. I dreamt about something

weird. I had no idea that it was a dream when it

happened. I was at an amusement park with

my parents and my sister. My sister(nine years

old) split off to the child care part. We were

having fun at the time but then we heard a message

on the loudspeaker. It said that there was a

zombie attack on the park (In my dream when you

get bit by a zombie you turn into one). Suddenly

everybody was scared and panicky. I rushed over to

the child care part to get my sister. When I

arrived, all the children were zombies and were

wandering around with blood all over them. Then I

saw my sister. She was a zombie too. I was greatly

angered and sad by all this. I knew I had to re-

kill the children so they wouldn't kill anybody

else. I snapped everyone s neck slowly while

crying for all the children. I slowly turned the

little heads until I heard a "CRACK". I saw a car

with keys in it so I drove it away until I saw a

group of adults. They were creating a trap for the

zombies. I helped them finish and I lured(sp?)

them in. We caught them and killed them one by

one. Then I woke up.

Please interpret this dream if you can. I give you

permission to copy it and distribute it legally.

Thank you!

==Commentary by Narcissus on "The Night of the

Biting Zombies " by Peter (960605)==

> I was at an amusement park with my

parents and my sister. My> sister(nine years old)

split off to the child care part. We were having>

fun at the time but then we heard a message on the


We're a family. We're at a place of fun (abet

somewhat artificial/commercial).The youngest

member of the family is split off from us.

>It said that there was a zombie attack on the

park (In my dream when you get bit> by a zombie

you turn into one). Suddenly everybody was scared

and> panicky. I rushed over to the child care part

to get my sister. When I> arrived, all the

children were zombies and were wandering around

with> blood all over them. Then I saw my sister.

She was a zombie too. I was> greatly angered and

sad by all this. I knew I had to re-kill the>

children so they wouldn't kill anybody else. I

snapped everyone s neck> slowly while crying for

all the children. I slowly turned the little>

heads until I heard a "CRACK". I saw a car with

keys in it so I drove it> away until I saw a group

of adults. They were creating a trap for the>

zombies. I helped them finish and I lured(sp?)

them in. We caught them> and killed them one by

one. Then I woke up.

This struck me as "Catcher in the Rye" in reverse.

Rather than rescuing the children, I'm having to

kill them.

In my dream, I'm having to leave my childhood

behind. The transition is very painful because

childhood is no longer living for me, it's become

a monster, but I grieve for its loss.

The adults around me become co-conspirators in the

ending of my childhood.

Though I can't go back to being a child, I'd look

for ways to honor and celebrate the beauties of

childhood and incorporate them into the man I am


On an external level, I'd look to see whether my

sister seemed to be growing up too fast. Has she

lost her joie de vivre?

I hope these thoughts are of use to you.


** Leaf blowers and fast music by

Vorphalack (960605) **

Ok, a little background. I was sleeping on my

bed while a friend was using my computer in the

same room, and there was a floor fan blowing on

me. The manager of my apt. complex woke me up this

morning with a leaf blower.

I dreamt that I was in a large desk drawer

which is slightly ajar, looking over two

magazines. I forget what they were exactly, and

there were two VHS tapes in the drawer that I

looked over. One was the "The Little Engine that

Could" and I forget the other. Then the person who

was typing on the computer on top of the desk

opened the drawer and said "Who was that guy who

starred in "The Crow"? (Brandon Lee) To which I

answered "I dunno. I think it was some Sean guy."

He said thanks and closed the drawer.

Then I had a false awakening in which I woke

up in my bed and saw hornets beginning to swarm

out of a empty wall socket on the wall beside my

bed. (in reality, the socket isn't empty) They

swarm around my head as I scream and then I have

another false awakening in which I sit straight

up, and scream again. I then notice that there are

TWO fans trained on my bed instead of one, and

making a weird harmonic buzzing sound, which I

take to have been the hornet sounds. (in

actuality, the one fan I have would be enough.)

Then I get up and suggest to my friend on the

computer that we go out and do something tonight

because I don't have any finals for a couple of

days. I grudgingly admit to go to one of the

"raves" that's going on tonight (I've never been

to a rave around here, but I doubt they're

anything more than a laser show set to some dippy

pre-mixed techno and hip-hop) I thought it was odd

that there was a rave somewhere when it's finals

week, but he assured me that there was one every

night of the week. So we walk to this large

building in the middle of some field all the while

describing to him what a "real" rave was like.

When we get there, I don't even see a smart bar.

So we're walking down this long building, and

then this rather tall woman with frizzy light

blonde hair, wearing a bright yellow dress comes

up beside us holding a camera and several other

pieces of electronics, one of which I see is a fax

machine. She says "Is there anything going on

here?" I answered "I'm not sure, we're just

getting here ourselves", when I suddenly look up

and there's a textbook perfect rave scene with

about ten or so ravers going spastic with a

backdrop of strobelights and fast music. Then four

drab looking girls come by to talk to my friend (I

think they were goths) and I go off to explore one

of the side rooms. In the room I find about 5-10

people sleeping on mats, despite the scene

outside. I pass into another room and find the

same thing. Then I walk back out into the main

room and find that the tall woman has set up her

fax machine along with some other office

equipment, and seems to be doing a live broadcast.

I run past my friend and his companions and

jump out the door. From now on I'm jumping instead

of walking, dodging skateboarders who seem to be

everywhere. I see that in the parking lot there

somebody like myself who is doing backflips


I bound through the field, when a large black

man in a sergeant's uniform begins running beside

me and asks "what drugs are you on, anyway?" To

which I respond "nothing! It's a natural high!" As

I continue leaping through the field. He grabs my

arm and says "please, regain your senses. You must

come with me." And I notice that we're surrounded

by a triangular formation of cannon things

pointing towards the center. The sides were

colored yellow, blue, and red. I turn to the

cannons and command them to take aim on the

sergeant, who protests loudly. Then I break free

and order the cannons to fire. Nothing happens. He

makes a few idle threats, to which I just laugh as

I adjust the aim of the closest three cannon

barrels. Then the cannon things remove their bases

to reveal troops with no expression on their

faces. A stereotypical mad scientist then enters

the triangle, joins the sergeant, and insists that

I go with them. Then I grab one of the cannons and

look it over quickly. I notice a large on/off

switch. (much like the fan in my room) I then

order the zombie soldiers to turn the switch and

then fire. The cannons turn out to be powerful

leaf blowers, and the two dream characters are

trapped within a vortex of air, each screaming at

me "You fool! You have no idea what you're doing."

I bound off through the field until I get to

a road and see that guy that plays "Richard" from

the series Caroline in the City riding around on a

small go-cart. He greets me, and then I blast him

full in the face with the leaf blower. His head

slams against the back of the seat and his face

looks like it's being pulled back due to high g-

forces while his hair blows around on his head as

if it has a life of it's own. He seems to like it.

He drives around in his little car making

exclamations of "yippee" and so forth.

That's when I woke up.


** kittiwake by rob 2 (960611) **

i'm 11 again- it's a very unpromising

day; thick cloud and drizzle. i'm leading a group

of my brothers and cousins on to a Welsh beach. as

we walk I try to drum up some enthusiasm for the

escapade, their response is muted. I find a

"perfect spot" to lay down towels and busy myself

setting up camp. when I turn round, the other kids

are running towards the sea. I hear my brother

matthew's shriek as the waves slap his waist:

"it's freeeeezing!"

I quickly strip down to my trunks and

sprint for the sea. I brace myself for the impact

of the cold and dive straight in. to my amazement,

the water is blissfully, tropically warm. I rise

slowly to the surface. matthew sees the surprise

in my face and laughs, pleased with his little


the six of us begin to swim in a circle,

splashing each other and singing. suddenly, we are

joined by two old men(!) who behave as if they

were our grandparents: "how do you like school?"

they ask us "what do you want to do when you grow

up?" we humor them for a while but, one by one, my

companions dive underwater and swim away. getting

the idea, I take a deep breath and dive down.

minutes elapse before I reach the bottom.

on the sand I find a rusty metal object, I clutch

it in my palm and kick to the surface. one of the

old men hauls me back towards him by the seat of

my trunks. "you'll stay and talk to us, won't you

lad?" I shake my head- "I can't, I ve got to get

this key to shore" I open my palm and show him my

discovery. back on the beach I wipe and scrape

the key to a bright silver. I look out into the

sea-mist; I can't see the others, but I hear the

striking harmony of their song. (I wake up with

this song ringing in my ears- it vanished before I

could record it- in fact, the only word I now

remember was "kittiwake" !!!)


** "Adult/Child" by Nutcracker (960603) **

LUCID O-O-B DREAM: I was in bed asleep yet at the

same time I was sitting at my computer (which is

in my bedroom). There was a thunderstorm brewing

outside(for real). My one self was lying in bed,

on my stomach, my face to the door, when from

behind me it felt like someone had crawled

(jumped) into the bed with me. I froze with fear.

My other self (at the computer) is sitting there

thinking, Maybe I should crawl down on the floor

and hide between the wall and the bed." I could

picture myself lying there on my back, my head at

the foot of the bed, and I could feel a presence

there as well. (960603))

** Alien & the Dimensional Door by

Princess Miyu (960614) **

BACKGROUND:: This dream took place at

approximately 11am in the morning. The alarm had

just gone off. I hit the snooze bar and fell

asleep immediately..

There is a large room with a wooden floor and a

small room adjoining it, no wall or door, just

attached onto the side of the first room. Along

the north wall there is a large window with

sunlight streaming in. Beyond the window, nothing

can be seen.

A group of four researchers are gathered around a

table, staring in horror and awe at what they have

found. On the ground and slightly behind them, is

a plate with something rattling underneath. No

one notices it. The researchers are two

females(f1, f2) and two males(m1,m2). Female

researcher 1( f1) is leaning over what appears to

be the womb torn out of a very large creature.

Inside the womb can be seen a fetus, having arms

and legs like a human, but large, black eyes that

bulge out of the sockets like a bugs. The womb is

covered in yellow bile, it seems, as well as a lot

of other sticky fluids. It is clear that the

fetus is dying. (f1) reaches into the womb and

pulls it apart, to get a better view of the fetus.

The other researches stare on in awe and disgust.

They are speaking, although for the life of me I

cannot remember what they are saying. (f1) covers

the fetus with the sides of the womb and proceeds

to walk away, headed for the door on the east end

of the room, next to the large window. She

disappears from sight, leaving the others to

watch. A tear of blood runs down the fetus' face.

Another infant, I am not sure where he came from,

is standing on the table at this point, looking

down at the alien womb. I hear a voice saying "I

will use this one to get what I want". A slimy

yellow/orange entrail reaches out and covers the

baby, who is now screaming and crying. The flesh

of the child melts away. The entrail continues

onward to grab researcher m1, whose flesh

dissolves in the same manner as the child's. The

other two researchers, f2 and m2 run away from the

being. The plate still clatters on the ground as

something lies under it.

The thing leaps off the table and turns to fire,

chasing the researchers across the wooden floor.

The floor is varnished to a fine shiny light tan

color and the walls are white. The researchers

run, deserting the white lab-coats they had been

wearing. The fire follows them. Body parts are

on the floor from the child and m1. Mostly hands

and feet. f2 disappears somewhere and m2 is left

to fight off this alien being.

Out of nowhere, in the middle of the floor is a

set of chattery teeth( those really obnoxious

teeth that click together and are a great gag at

parties). It chomps away and distracts the fire-

being. The fire comes to rest in front of the

chattery teeth. The teeth open wide and snap up

the fire-being in its jaws. m2, seeing his

chance, picks up the chattery teeth and throws

them into a mustard colored suitcase with three

locks on the front, two on the sides and one in

the center. He locks the suitcase and leaves,

running out the door. As he opens the door, he

steps into a green field, as in, nothing but green

can be seen, and disappears. The door closes.

The suitcase on the floor, meanwhile, is still

making noise as the chattery teeth resume their

"chattering". f2 returns to look at the suitcase.

Yellow ooze is seeping out her ears and she hears

a voice "Let me out". She reaches down to open

the suitcase..

And my stupid alarm goes off, nine min. after I

originally hit the snooze bar.

--Princess Miyu--

Hi Bob,

Richard told me to send my dreams to you if I want

to be a part of DreamWheel, so here's my first

one. [ED - See the ED V3N4 for a detailed example

& explanation of Dreamwheels. The dream is

included here as a contribution to Electric Dreams

- BK] I sure am impressed by what I've seen so far

about this Mailing List. Thanks! I have a

drawing that goes with this dream. Do you want me

to send it along in an attached file? Here's my



- (960511) **

I'm walking through the park with a friend and we

stop and talk to thisfellow whose NOSE is wrapped

in a bandage. Actually his nose is gone

becausethere is a flat area where his nose should


I know we've seen him before in the park, but this

is the first time we ve talked. Well, sort of

talked! He's FOREIGN and has his TRANSLATOR here

with him. The Noseless Man talks about how he has

much greater and different DEPTH PERCEPTION since

he lost his nose.

As if to demonstrate, now 4 people stand in front

of him, in line, one behind the other and he

'sees' in a new way. Then the Translator tells

us, "He ll DIE NEXT WEEK.." This matter-of-fact

statement shocks me, since The Noseless Man is

enthused about life and his progress with depth


The Translator senses my dismay, saying, "Oh, no,

he doesn't mind dying at all -- it's no big deal.

He's fine."

end of dream

FEELINGS: Shock/ awe

RECENT EVENTS: Been doing some potent

Body/Energy/Chakra work with my holistic Dr. Mike.

Feels like uncharted territory sometimes, and

scary. Yet I know really good things are going on

and I trust the process.

THOUGHTS: My sense is that some of my outer

sensing apparatus (nose) is taking a back seat to

my developing inner sensing. "The nose knows."

It s possible the #4 could refer to the top four

chakras, since they are the ones having to do with

'seeing' differently from mass consciousness

perceptions. What scares me a bit is dying to some

of my old familiar ways of viewing my world. The

dream may be suggesting there is no need for

concern. Go for it!

** Up the Down Canyon: Lizard's Tail Spins

by Island (9407XX) **

Here is a dream (July 94) I have thought of many

times because I cannot seem to fathom its meaning.

Then, when I read the dream "The Unicycle and the

Silver Lizard," I was reminded of it once again.

All names are slightly changed.

Dreamed Rod has me drop over one morning to play a

board game with James, Rod and Jerry. I am not

zealous to stay long so have already set the

parameters for 11 a.m. to return to work. I think

it is because I have the feeling Rod will start

drinking at some point, and I don't want to be

around for that. Anyway, they live in a huge

house, not an apartment, one of the old Victorian

houses found in older parts of cities. Quite

lovely. Now the board game is unusual. A game of

memory. The game board itself is handmade, each

section of the board handcarved and painted,

taking up an entire square dining table. Sort of a

combination monopoly/ scrabble/crossword puzzle.

The object is to place words in vertical or

horizontal rows, much like scrabble, but first we

must find the word appearing as an image or word

in a magazine held in front of us, representing, I

think, some past memory. Of course, the longer we

play, the more challenging the game because, as

the words are laid out, they must mesh. Each word

selected narrows the field for the next selection.

James really enjoys this game. I find myself

tested to the max. Rod walks out of the game early

on, without a word to anyone. I couldn't get a

reading on Jerry, whether he enjoys the game or

not. So I'm getting ready to leave the house since

Rod is not there, though he does return at some

point before I leave, smashed. In fact, James

opens a closet to show me, and there is Rod, so

drunk he hangs upside down in the closet like a

tie. James quickly closes the closet door, letting

him sleep it off, I suppose. Then James brings up

an oddity he has seen on TV recently. A woman by

the name of Laina has made a public announcement

that no one is to come near her. My curiosity is

piqued since Laina and I had been school friends

and so forth when I was growing up, although we

had never been close. I am closer to her gay

brother, though at the time neither he nor I knew

he was gay. He was my best and only friend. Now

this announcement is essentially that everyone is

to stay away from Laina because some televangelist

had contracted AIDS while in touch with her. It is

a lie, of course, but that's how it goes. Haynes,

her brother, has just died from AIDS. I tell James

all this, and comment how touched I am that Haynes

visited me while living in D.C. just before

getting ill (we had not seen each other in 15


About this time, Tom, my gay first cousin, makes

his first appearance. (I had not met this cousin

until late 1989). He is to show me home through

underground tunnels. In the meantime he's telling

me of several girls he's seeing. As we're headed

to the underground, I tell him there's more to

life than making money, etc., and he's telling me

that's all there is to life. So underground, there

are several tunnels all heading to a turnstile.

Tom goes ahead of me, then disappears without a

trace. I'm furious, feeling both abandoned and

betrayed. One of the women defends him when I

arrive at the turnstile, telling me he would never

do either. But he's gone. So I return to James's


Again I'm getting ready to leave when there's a

knock heard on James' front door. A couple with

smiling faces are holding onto this nude girl,

about 14 years of age. She's absolutely gorgeous,

with blonde white hair. I call James to the door

but just as James reaches the door, they have

turned this girl around and pulled her, kicking

and screaming, back to the car, where they then

disappear. James is visibly upset, explaining that

she is his Indian sister. There is tension between

her and James' father, so his parents ship her off

to a private school called the Nuns. And James

wants me to immediately leave for the TV/radio

station, to put in a public service announcement,

broadcasting the fact that his mother doesn't want

her returned to the Nuns. I am willing to

accommodate James, but I need more information.

More questions about the subject, however, do

nothing but tick James off. James ventures to tell

me how much he really loves her. Because of her

existence, he painted the Sistine chapel. She is

like a muse. Both rebellious and uncorrupted.

Now a social work type woman appears, discussing

the lighting in James' house. Something has

happened, and the lights are out. She is going to

see that they are reinstalled, free of charge. She

goes through great pains to tell James that his

house will be transformed with this new lighting

scheme, and the lights will be placed wherever

James wants them placed, in the manner of his

choosing, as a test. But, here's the catch. In the

same breath she's telling James it will be done

just as he wishes, all paid for, while she's

telling him the table has to go. When he hears

that, he's not interested in the lights or

anything of that nature. She leaves.

Now I'm off to the TV station to place James'

public service announcement for his Indian sister.

I walk in on a gathered crowd ready to hear a

media announcement just about to be made by this

scientist who's discovered a remarkable way to

generate energy. This announcement, similar to a

press release, has cost thousands of dollars, and

no wonder. The scientist appears in 3-D, literally

stepping out of the frame to speak about his

discovery as if he's literally present, though

he's not. It's like a projected holographic image.

Now the camera zooms to the spot where he made his

discovery. On the side of the Grand Canyon. In the

dream the Grand Canyon opens up just as if for

real. Awesome. I'm not looking down, however. I'm

seeing the walls of the Canyon. There is a lizard

crawling along the walls. No one has taken the

time to observe the lizard like this scientist.

What he discovered, and the camera zooms in, is

that the lizard's tail acts like the propellers of

an airplane, and this motion gets him anywhere the

lizard wants to go. He doesn't crawl; his tail is

like a stilt once it whirs, and it does so with

great force, so he, or she, is able to leap from

area to area from the tip of its tail. I see this

visibly. It is really incredible the energy that

is generated and the great distances that can be

traveled at a single bound, so to speak.

Now James and I are walking inside this tent

restaurant. Everyone eats outside at these long

tables for 30, 40 people. James has gotten his

little bowl of food, looks like mashed potatoes

and okra, and I have followed suit. James sits

down at the left edge of the head of the table. I

am next to James without a chair, so reenter the

tent to get a folding chair to return. James has

just been talking, again, about his Indian sister.

I wake up. (94.07.00)

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