Title: Electric Dreams Volume 2 Number 8

File: Electric Dreams 2(8)


Electric Dreams

Volume 2 Issue #8

08 June 1995


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Dream: "Tree in House for Sale" by Marilyn

Commentary on: "Tree in House for Sale" by Richard

Dream: "ginny's angry sister" by jay

Commentary on: "ginny's angry sister" by Karen

Commentary on: "ginny's angry sister" by Bob C.

Commentary on: "ginny's angry sister" by Richard

Dream: "the old city " by jay

Commentary on: `the old city' by Richard

Dream: "betsy's (elizabeth's) 'i am dead' dream" by jay

Commentary on: "betsy's 'i am dead'" by Bob C.

Commentary on: "betsy's 'i am dead'" by Richard

Commentary on: "betsy's 'i am dead'" by Marton

Commentary on "betsy's `i am dead'" by Marian

Dream: "The Eccentric Millionaire" by Richard

Dream: "Dreams of Luggage" by "W"

Commentary on: W's "Dreams of Luggage" by Bob C.

Commentary on "Dreams of Luggage" by Richard

Dream: "Bride's Side or Groom's Side" by Henry

Commentary on: "Bride's Side ..." by Richard

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Dream: "Taking R. to the Airport Dream" by Simone

Commentary on: "Taking R...." by Bob C.

Dream: "Sunni's Dream" by Sunni

Commentary on: "Sunni's Dream" by Martin

Commentary on: "Sunni's Dream" by Bob C.

Commentary on: "Sunni's Dream" by Martin

Commentary on: "Morphinomenal Dream" by Willa

Dream: "The hidden Factory in a Chasm" by John

Commentary on: "The hidden Factory..." by jay

Commentary on: "The hidden Factory..." by Marian

Dream "The Piranha in the Pool" (5/22/95) by Willa

Commentary on: "The Piranha..." by Marton

Dream: "Meeting President Kennedy" (5/8/95) by Willa

Dream: "Premature Osteoporosis" by Kim

Commentary on: "Premature Osteoporosis" by Bob C.

Dream: "Primeval Forest & Colonial Recipe" by Kim

Dream: "Communion Dream" by Kim

Commentary on: "Communion Dream" by Bob C.

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======Question From Richard=====

Electric Dreams was mentioned in _Internet_ magazine, but I

can't seem to find the issue (There are 3 or 4 Internet

Magazines now). If someone runs across this article,

(March, April or May) please contact me. editor.

======Question From Dan======

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had the same experiences

with the hierarchy of the senses in dreams ... I have found

through analyzing my dream material with a home brew

(filemaker) dream database that the senses are represented

in this order: vision, hearing, touch, balance, taste,

smell. Any thoughts?

======Question From Old Mother======

What are the things that you can do to experience lucid


======Question From Kwen======

I'm particularly interested in musical dreams, as I dream

almost exclusively in sound, with no visual component. I

have worked with more `normal' dreams for years having

taught at the CG Jung Institute in Zurich, and also on the

faculty of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, as a professor

of Psychology of Creativity. I Wonder if anyone on here

has had any experience or feelings concerning musical


======Question from Rache======

When reading the ED 'zine, I cannot help but notice that a

lot of people are confronted with some kind of problem or

other big event in their live in their dreams. At least,

they seem to interpret it that way (I might be mistaken

here, but I doubt it). This also seems to be the current

"official" explanation/ interpretation (again, I am only

guessing). I think that this is slightly odd. My dreams do

not contain any deeper meaning, at least I can't find any.

They aren't very abstract either. They're more like a sort

of "hallucination-movie." The scenery is real-world, or

what-a-place-like-this-would-look-like-in-real-world for

those unusual/exotic locations. The characters are human,

always people I know (with -rather few- exceptions) or

creatures from movies. I only had 2 terrifying dreams I can

remember; one involved a nuclear device, the other a

pretty sharp scalpel and my feet; this is not to say there

is no "horror" in my dreams, but it's not the horror of

living through the events I dream, but rather the kind of

horror you feel when watching a good movie. The action in

my dreams is very "cinematic" too, sometimes

spectacular/flashy, sometimes not. Topics include

everything from crime-fighting to science-fiction. The

dreams feel generally good, as in "good entertainment",

but that is all. The characters are more or less real, but

the events not. I can't even see a lot of "hidden desires"

in them.

I'm trying to keep a sort of "diary" about dreams; I

usually remember them when I wake up, but I have not

always time to write them down, and forget later, until

I'm reminded again days or weeks later, but then I don't

have enough motivation for writing the stuff down. I could

dig out a few examples if you like, I'd just have to

translate them first. I was wondering if anybody else has

observed this "style" of dreams; am I just missing

something, do I have no problems and/or an Ego the size of

the planet that doesn't bother with Real Life in my dreams

or what is up? :)


Work and play in the field of dreams.

Reply to Rache from Richard:

You have some very interesting ideas about dreams which I

hope we can help you develop here Electric Dreams as I feel

they could really help us in our endeavor to promote

multiple viewpoints.

My belief and experience is that dreams respond not only

my life, but to many other things, including the ways I

interpret and respond to them. In this sense I feel dreams

are like an animal. And like an animal, you put your hand

out to one and get it licked, another bites you. Sometimes

they play with you, and other times they ignore you. On

the other hand, my dreams are like a lover or intimate

other, they can at times involve things I wouldn't tell my

best of friends, or even myself. They seem to do these

things more for me when I chose to look to them for these

things. And yet I wouldn't call it self fulfilling prophecy

- the accusation made of most introspective notions like

this of finding what we look for. Or if it must be called

self fulfilling prophecy, then I would raise the status of

self fulfilling prophecy. I'm not personally a big

believer in the inherent meaning of things, at least not in

the traditional sense where there is a singular unrevealed

meaning that resides in a single place to be found or

missed and never changes. I'm quite suspicious of

revelation. When someone shouts "oh, so *that's* what that

means" I usually cringe. I do see that when I give dreams

meaning, they then reveal their significance. For me, the

meaning and significance comes from the relationship, the

give and take play or circuit. The approach effects the

outcome. Not like a machine - but more like whether I give

my date roses or candy or a ring. Some like to play, some

like to work, others just like to watch.

I see a lot of dreamers at Electric Dreams that *are*

involved in personal growth and transformation. I assume

their dreams shift towards being more like that because of

the attention in this area. But I don't intend to push

personal growth myself. It would be useful to me if you

would point out the times and places I do push the personal

growth viewpoint, as I'm trying to wean myself away from

evolutionary viewpoints.(I prefer revolutionary viewpoints)

I also feel dreams are doing what they need to be doing

without our having to help them with interpretations or

comments or other responses. Our participation in what we

perceive the intentions of the dream to be is at least

partially a projective exercise in exposing and expanding

our personal values and meanings.

I've always hoped that in giving meaning to dreams at

Electric Dreams that we produce a model of multiple

approaches rather than being the authority for what the

dream means. My personal goal for Electric Dream

subscribers and participants is for us to develop our own

flexible, personal authorities with meaning and

significance via the mediation of dreams. This is also why

*your* viewpoint is important and I'd like to see you

develop it.

There are others like you! There are many dream concerned

individuals who feel we have been "working" *on* our dreams

too much and over-working our poor dreams. Generally they

promote creative activities with dream rather than

interpretations, but I could see that you might make

comments on dreams that point out the playful,

entertainment aspects and lead us to bring this out more in

dreaming. Or, if you feel uncomfortable talking about

other people's dreams, you might send in your own and

*request* playful interpretations!

Keep us up on your projects and feel free to use

Electric Dreams to experiment. -Richard Wilkerson

======Questions from Steve======

In the past 5-6 years I've been able to

'control' my dreams (of sorts) by either 'forcing myself to

the edge of the picture or the view of the dream per se'...

or just before really waking I have slowly trained myself

to go into other dreams at my whim!

Have any other

'dreamers' mentioned this in your articles in the past? ..

The last three (3) issues of electronic Dreams seems to

just do interpretations.. Am I at the wrong place for

further questions and answers regarding the CONTROL of

DREAMS?.. This first started in a not so pleasant dream

that I mentally 'forced myself' to "TURN AROUND" and look

behind me.. This of course (I've since found) is ALWAYS

another DreamScape or something totally to my satisfaction.

Hope others have had similar experiences..I can control

about 20-40% of my dreams, the rest fall into (1) don't

remember them categories, or (2) I just never note that I'm


=====General Comment from Tavis======

I strongly believe that dreams tell the future, not

necessarily all dreams but certainly a few. I've had

experiences where i'll experience deja-vu and only later

realize the cause was a dream I had had of that exact

situation. Just a comment:>)

I like Jung's observation that dreams we don't deal with

on a metaphorical level tend to materialize literally. I

wish I'd have more lotto dreams so I could not deal with

them and have them materialize literally. -Richard ;)




======= Dream: "Tree in House for Sale" by Marilyn======

This is a fragment of a long-ago dream, so it may no longer

apply to the present. It did intrigue me though:

I was walking through a very large and elegant mansion that

was about to be put up for sale. The rooms were huge and

yet conveyed coziness and warmth. Many people were

wandering through and admiring the house but not seriously

there as buyers. Like me, they had heard that the house

was going on the market and were curious.

To get away from the increasing crowd, I decided to go to

the second floor, reachable by a winding staircase. As I

came to the first curve, I found a fallen tree. Somehow I

knew that this tree was the reason that there would be no

serious buyers for this house and was also the reason that

the house was for sale at all. It had killed a man by

falling on him.

I stayed there for a minute, wondering if the tree had

fallen on purpose. Then, I stepped over it and continued

on to the second floor, which then changed into a train

station; I got on the train and left.

==== Commentary on: "Tree in House for Sale" by Richard


Well, I can't say if this dream is useful to you anymore,

but I'm finding it valuable. If this were my dream...

In my dream a large comfortable place to live is being

left by its former inhabitants. It seems equally useful to

say it represents to me an unknown attitude, habit, complex

or just unknown mysterious house. Like the old myths where

the old world tree dies and a new one must be found, so to

this tree's death is closely tied with the house and the

loss of the inhabitants. But the myth has been modernized

and for me the selling of the house is a way to pass on

life stages I have gone through to a younger metaphorical

family. When I need that comfort again I can pass through

the house, and then take my train on to more fertile


There is a little lost soul here in the possibility that

the house might not be able to be sold, and that what has

transpired here is gone with the wind. As with the Grail

legend, it sometimes takes a miracle to get a dead tree

back to life. If this were my dream and it occasionally

came up for me in my memory, I would probably, like the

dreamer, simply walk through the house without trying to be

heroic and save or revive the tree and just watch what

comes up for me, and be ready when my train comes to go on.

Thanks for the dream, Richard.

======jay's dream `ginny's angry sister' 4/25/95======

my wife, ginny, has (in this dream) a fat crazy angry

sister. we are slicing up some old bread to leave her to

eat. the trick is to leave her the bread without her

blowing up and attacking us.

i go in a darkish room where there are a lot of people, one

of whom is the sister. i am with a rather tall woman who i

know in the dream but not when i woke up. i put my arm

around her shoulder to pretend we are more friends than we

are. i feel a little guilty as though i will offend her or

ginny, but also that it's ok because it's all for the cause

of getting the bread to the sister. i think we see the

sister but no confrontation takes place.

======Commentary on: "ginny's angry sister" by Karen======

If this were my dream... I am aware at some level of the

need to nourish and support the part of myself that is

found in the sister. She gets my attention through being

over-emphasized and acting out in a primal way, without

thinking. I know I need to nourish her, but I fear this

may cause some damage -- perhaps to myself or my

relationship with my wife. Perhaps I fear that part of

myself that sometimes threatens to act out anger -- like an

explosion that happens at the end of a long-burning fuse.

The situation needs more light. A lot of people are

involved, perhaps as other aspects of self, or as

representative of public opinion.

Though I am aware of her need (and perhaps my need for

her), I still want to keep my distance from the sister --

still tentative about establishing a relationship to her.

I then think that showing my willingness to get in touch

with and befriend acknowledged aspects of self will help.

I do this by putting my arm around an alternate, more

acceptable feminine figure. Even though it is not

completely genuine, I feel it is important to display my

friendly intent. Or perhaps I feel I can appease the angry

sister by showing her I have already befriended the

feminine, though this pretense could actually be


I am curious why the bread I offer to the sister is old. I

feel encouraged about my concern for the sister's welfare,

even though she scares me. I want to take care of her, to

integrate her, though I'm unsure how to proceed.

I would see the sister as an aspect of my wife or myself -

angry and carrying extra weight, feeling burdened. Bread is

minimal basic nourishment for survival or maybe financial

needs. Expecting wife to be angry, appeasing her by just

satisfying her basic (maybe financial) need. Feeling a

little deceitful and guilty, pretending you feel friendlier

then you actually do, but worth it to avoid the anger. As

it turns out there wasn't the expected anger. As I read

this over I wonder if the sister could be a symbol for the

relationship, giving it basic nourishment to keep it from

blowing up and attacking.

======Commentary on: "Ginny's Angry Sister" by Bob C.======

The symbol of a wife's fat, crazy angry sister could

represent a real person in the dreamer's life who is

self-indulgent in some way (e.g. "fat") and who may not be

understanding of the dreamer and/or his marital

relationship. The dreamer is evidently trying to pacify

this sister/feminine symbol cheaply with "old bread," which

could mean a modicum of money, or perhaps a gift that is

not very valuable. The dreamer appears to be

uncomfortable dealing with feminine anger or rage. (Why?)

He wants to leave the bread without having to deal with a


The dreamer then places himself, through his dream, in a

social place or space where he cannot see clearly (i.e. the

darkish room). He is with a tall woman (a symbol for a

woman of stature?) who he thinks he knows, but upon

awakening from the dream he consciously realizes he doesn't

know her. (Could the "darkish room" and the woman the

dreamer knows/doesn't know be a metaphor for a heterosexual

relationship in the dreamer's conscious life)? The dreamer

pretends to a level of friendship with the tall woman that

is fraudulent. He does so for the sake of getting the

bread to the sister. Perhaps the dreamer has a need to

justify to himself his specious affection toward women.

The symbolism at the end of the dream may mean that the

dreamer pretends to feelings of friendship or affection in

social situations with a particular woman or women in

general because he has a need to avoid dealing with

feminine anger or rage.

If the dreamer disagrees with the above interpretation,

then it is wrong. Only the dreamer knows.

==== Commentary on: "ginny's angry sister" by Richard ====

If this were my dream...

In my dream I have access and obligation to the fat, crazy,

angry woman through my wife. Is she just a dream wife or do

I in waking life have some access to the monster via my

wife? Either way, I have unknown obligation and ties to

her, and try to feed her without creating an incident. The

focus in this dream is not so much on the obligation and

why I bother with her at all, but rather on the technique

of feeding the monster. Its all pretty much done in the

dark, with people I'm not particularly aware of when I'm


If this were my dream I would be torn between locating

the special or novel opportunities, feelings and dramas the

sister offers and finding a way to get rid of her. If these

dark sisters and relations in our dreams do offer novel

combinations and recombinations of opportunity, its hard to

just cut them off. My desire along these lines is to take

different opinions I have about the crazy sisters of wives

and allow the parade to move. To use a metaphor: What

projects, opinions and paths have I bonded with or chosen

(wife as that which I marry or bond with) that come with

craziness, anger, hunger? How do I unconsciously feed this

craziness, anger, hunger? And also, do I want to continue

this to keep the goodies (the novel energy she provides or

the precious project, her wife/sister)?

Another metaphor for me is the wife as that which I most

desire and hence the sister as a dark side of my desire. My

desire I don't desire, so to speak. Someone or something

related to my desire that is crazy, angry, fat and fed in

the dark, fed in a way that I have to deceive it to avoid

an incident with it. Yet again, I become disturbed by all

my placations. I look for ways to confront this undesirable

sister and fail. At this point I just want to get her fed

for the evening and be done with it.

Thanks for this soul filled dream. It reaches into a

darkness that is hard to normally get at. Richard

======jay's dream `the old city' (5/10/95)======

i am wandering around a city like new york. everything

seems kind of dark and grey and old. i am in a room where

people come in from skiing and take their skis off and

leave them there. i think how nice that they can ski right

in the city.

outside, i tell another woman how to get in the building i

just came out of. a couple, my parents or me and my wife,

are ahead, waiting for me and other siblings to catch up.

i am in an amphitheater sort of place, sloping sides that i

can walk down. there is a rough seeming sort of guy with

me. it's an abandoned, mildly dangerous area. there is a

small shower stall in one of the walls. i yell across the

area to another older man who is talking on the phone to

the waiting couple. he holds the phone so i can talk with


the other guy with me starts this vacuum cleaner sort of

thing going accidentally. it is whirling a stick/rope

thing around in circles. i am trying to figure out how to

stop it without getting hit by it. finally i am able to

reach where it is plugged in and pull the plug on it.

==== Commentary on: `the old city' by Richard ====

If this were my dream:

In my dream I'm in an old complex, perhaps the central or

main complex, maybe an old and abandoned complex. There are

images of access and connection. Little connection

mysteries abound. How the skiers get such a privileged

connection to the city. The woman waiting for instructions

of how to get in where I am. The family waiting for me to

connect with them. The couple waiting for the phone

connection. Its by a shower, plumbing connection. The

vacuum, is it whipping around a broken connection? I pull

the plug. Connections and dis-connections. I seem to be a

kind of technician maintaining the connections in this old


Interesting dream, thanks for plugging me in. Richard.

==== Dream "betsy's (elizabeth's) 'i am dead' dream" by Jay

my daughter, betsy, who recently returned home from her

freshman year in college, had this dream 5/22/95. she

would be interested in any comments from other members of

electric dreams.

the dream:

i am with a bunch of my high school friends. we know that

god said that some number of us have to die. i don't know

how he picked us but i am one of the ones he picked.

then all of us who got picked are in this big long white

hall with huge stately floor to ceiling arching french

windows on one side. on the other side, the floor drops

down about four feet and in the floor are ten to twenty

pipes about three feet across sticking up level

with the higher floor level. each pipe is a different

color and they are arranged in the order of colors in the

rainbow starting with red on the left and ending with

purple on the right. the hall is sort of like an old

fashioned train station.

god has a podium kind of thing he is talking from, down at

the right end. he says it is time to go, but nobody is

moving. i am thinking to myself, 'i am not one to argue

with the man. if the man says it's time to go, it's time

to go.' so i say, 'i'll go.' god tells me to pick one of

the pipes and jump down it. it's not that there are

right or wrong ones, it's just that i get to pick the one

of my choice. i know that when i jump down the tube, i

will end up sitting in another room where i will get sleepy

and then a tube at the other end of this room will suck me

out of that room and put me back where i was when god said

some of us had to die, and i won't remember then

that i am going to die, but soon after, i will.

i can't decide which tube to jump down. i am trying to

choose between a wine colored tube, a forest green tube,

and an indigo tube. i don't remember which i ultimately

decide on, but go down one of them. it puts me in a grey

stone room. i am sitting on a bench built into one of the

walls. then i get sleepy and only kind of remember getting

sucked up the other tube.

then i am driving home from a friend's house. i look at my

watch and see that i don't have to be home yet, so i go to

visit my friend laurie, who is a patient at sibly hospital.

i go in and talk to her. then i go out in the hall, pass

out, fall down, and die.

a lady who looks like a head nurse, but who is an angel,

comes up to me and says, 'hello, you're dead now. you're

now an angel.' i ask her what the angel rules are. for

instance, can people hear or see us? her answer is vague.

basically, she says that sometimes they can hear, see or

feel us. then she leaves.

another girl from the group god picked and i are sitting

there saying what do we do now. we decide to go look at

the babies in the nursery because i remember that people

say that birthmarks are where angels kissed you as a baby

and now we are angels. we go in the nursery and

one of the babies stops breathing. we knock over a tray to

get the nurses attention. the nurse comes in and saves the


i realize that i didn't get to say goodbye to anyone so i

decide to go home. then i am in our den at home and my mom

is the only one in the house. i call out for my mommy.

she comes downstairs and asks where i am. i say i am dead

but she doesn't believe me. she can hear me but can't see

me. i say, 'i am going to touch you and you will feel it

even though you can't see me.' when i touch her, she

begins to cry because she realizes i really am dead.

i tell her i came back to say goodbye to her and my daddy

and my brother, chris, and tell them i love them. then i

tell her that she knows i don't like dresses, so don't

dress me up for my funeral, that a pair of jeans and a

shirt are what i want to be buried in. then i tell her i

want lots of white flowers, white lillies and white roses

and ivy, because that is what i had wanted my wedding to be

like, but since i won't be having one, i want my funeral

like that. she says she will do what i ask.

then for the rest of the dream i am back with all my

friends like at the beginning of the dream, both the alive

and dead ones. the friends that are alive can't see those

of us who are dead, but they can still hear us. we are

just hanging out together like usual, except some of us are


end of dream.

any comments appreciated. thanks.

======Comments on Betsy's "I am Dead" by Bob C.======

It would appear the dreamer is at a time of great

transition. She is at a place that reminds her of a

railroad station. Long journeys often begin at railroad

stations. She is told she must die, and part of the

process of dying is jumping down one of several choices of

colored tubes. "Down the tubes" is an expression often

used to denote something that is irretrievably gone. What

may be irretrievably gone in the dreamers' conscious life

is old values or perspectives, which have been altered by

her experiences in her first year of college.

The dreamer dies, and becomes an angel. Apparently the

dreamer feels for some reason that in her new state she can

influence events indirectly rather than directly; i.e., she

saves a baby's life by indirectly alerting a nurse to a


The dreamer visits her mother, who hears her but can't

"see" her. This may be a manifestation of the dreamer's

belief that her mother doesn't "see" that the dreamer has

been changed by a year in college. She finally convinces

her mother she is dead, and tells her mother how she wants

the funeral to be arranged. The funeral arrangements are

very much like the dreamer's wedding arrangements would

have been. This may indicate that the "death" of the

dreamer is another form of a "new beginning" but similar to

a wedding in that it is a new beginning.

The dreamer returns to the old high school crowd, and it is

much like the situation with her mother. Those who are

"dead" are invisible, but can still be heard. Again the

symbolism might indicate that the emotional growth of some

members of the crowd are not recognized by those who have

not grown, but nevertheless communication is still possible

on some level.

If the dreamer disagrees with the above interpretation then

it is wrong. Only the dreamer knows.

==== Commentary on "betsy's (elizabeth's) 'i am dead'" by


If I was in my freshman year of college and had this

dream I would take it as an initiation dream, i.e. the

validation of the death of my old life as a child or

adolescence and the beginning of a new, yet unknown adult

life. In earlier cultures when children became adults

there were parallel ceremonies that celebrated and fostered

these events. Make no mistake, while they were great

parties and dancing and fun, there was also the Facing of

the Great Mystery which always took the form of Death and

later Rebirth. In some cultures the initiates had to endure

life threatening trials. High school graduation is fun for

a little while, but hardly puts our whole being at risk,

which is what is needed for initiation to really take

place. For individuals mature enough to handle the dark

side of initiation, perhaps nature still provides this

process in the form of dreams. What a gift! I feel this

dream is like what Jung and Black Elk called a "Big Dream"

and will be a relevant marker throughout the dreamer's

life. I would suggest that the dreamer ignore what I have

to say about the dream and convert all the individual

situations, people and images to meaningful personal

metaphors, something which only the dreamer can do. I

offer my own conversion to metaphors only as a sample guide

of "how to".

If this were my dream...

I am standing at the threshold of the infinite (God's

court, infinite future possibilities) with my past (past

relationships to high school friends). Though my past self

hesitates (my old friends can follow the instructions of

God) I know to move forward, even if alone and choose from

the possible futures offered me. (the Spectrum of tubes -

channels - paths). I am offered the full range of choices

but know I can only take one at a time. Do I seek the color

that is like me or unlike me, one I feel good about or a

challenging color? I know that whatever my choice, it is

mine to make and I may never be the same again. (and so


Good luck with this big dream. If you do feel stuck on

converting some of the imagery to personal metaphors, feel

free to use Electric Dreams as a sounding board. Richard

======Commentary on betsy's (elizabeth's) 'i am dead' dream

by Marton======

If this were my dream , I would not think it has one

interpretation only. I am a new age thinker. This dream is

reconfirmation of my ideas and many more.

We all have to make choices which are ultimately ok. It

does not matter we choose wine colored, green or indigo

tube. Indeed, this choices lead me up to a higher awareness

(levels in the dream). Meanwhile I die , that is, I am

transformed and again and again going through temporary ego

death.(That is when I change my old ways of thinking.).

This is the background..

What is UNUSUAL about this dream? I am willing to follow

God : I do what it says. But there is point which affects

my choice-making. I feel sleepy and I forget about the

whole thing.

I get back where I came from.. So I do not choose at all

which I should.. Am I hesitating in my life to make

choices? Is there some weakness which makes me sleepy?

Where can I see this sleepiness in my life? What does sleep

mean for me?

My dream explores further this quality. I am in a grey

stone room. Am I bored in my life(grey is boring)? What

does grey color represent for me? Do I like it? Or dislike

it? What is stone? Hardness? or Have I seen that bench

before? Where? How did I feel then? Is it possible that I

do not know what my choices? What are the colors of tube?

Is red danger or nervousness , the corrupt way (wine would

mean that)? Green is the healthy way... or indigo is

spiritual..They mean that but I have to find out myself...

Anyway, the emphasis on my sleepiness.... The rest of the

dream I would accept as true. it is true that angers

sometimes can affect people and cannot depending on

conditions. Do I have some ability to which my dream points

to, e.g. sensing the spiritual reality or I am simply

interested in it and it is all collected in my dream? Am I

aware about this spiritual quantity? Is this dream an

introduction to the other world? Am I introduce what nurses


Question: Can this refer to my would-be transformation?

(not real death..) There are things in the dream which I do

not understand.. The dream has two part meeting God and

death in real world... How are these two related? It seems

to be like two sides of the coin or of story which I do not

understand yet.

Who are the babies? Is the significance of breath stoppage

of the baby? Is it related to the sleepiness? Would my

nurturing solve my problem what I am trying to cope now?

The dream finishes in an optimistic reunion. Maybe that is

the final lesson : all is well, that ends well... [take

this dream as possible interpretation out of infinite ones]

======Commentary on betsy's (elizabeth's) `i am dead' dream

by Marian======

Here are some thoughts on Betsy's dream. (Great dream!)

God =outside authority, no choice.

Pipes are colors=positive image.

Get to choose but outcome will be the same. Vehicle

for transformation, change.

Death=change, transformation.

Hospital, nurse=healers, helpers. Angels=insight,

revelation. Saving baby=saving potential, possibilities,

vulnerable beginnings. Mother cries=realizes you're growing

up, changing. Funeral=death/rebirth. Keep same identity

=wear same clothes. White flowers/wedding =funeral like a

wedding - new connections. Invisible=can't see changes.

Things like they were except for unseen (profound) inner


==== Dream: "The Eccentric Millionaire" by Richard ====

I'm walking around in a house with an eccentric

millionaire, a man in his mid thirties full of ideas and

excitement. I walk around with him and we talk about his

ideas. One problem he mentions is what to do with a blank

canvas he has sitting up against some stairs. I make a

suggestion which he likes and gets excited about and tells

me to go ahead and do it, as if I were an artist. We rush

off to another place but my mind in still on the

possibility of producing and selling the painting to him

for thirty or forty thousand. I have concerns about being

able to finish the project, as to whether or not my ability

to still handle fine art materials is still accessible.

We go up into his office. Heavily wooded, crowded office

that gets light in a way that dust in the air can be seen.

Its full of things he has collected. I especially notice

this model railroad train collection. We are talking

together very fast, spewing out ideas and tossing them back

and forth.

Notes: I once had a friend tell me about a job interview he

went through with two brothers who kept tossing a Frisbee

back and forth during the session. Furthermore, they took

him out to lunch and then didn't have any money to pay

for the lunch, though they were the heir apparents of this

huge corporation. In my dream, the millionaire looks much

like how I imagined the brothers.

==== Dream: "Dreams of Luggage" by "W" ====

I dreamed that I had a dream about shopping for a new

purse. Then there was a guy who was supposed to come tell

me what his dreams had been to see if we had dreamed about

the same things. One of his dreams was about luggage. I

said to him, "I dreamed about luggage, too!" I was really

excited about this and followed him into another room where

he started to change his clothes. It annoyed him that I

followed him, but I really wanted to talk about our

dreams. He said, "I'll be out in a minute!" I had my

feelings hurt that he was irritated with me. I thought,

well, most women would be embarrassed to have someone see

them change clothes, but I don't think most men would!

So who's the guy who had a dream about luggage this week?

======Commentary on: W's "Dreams of Luggage" by Bob


W's dream may reflect boundary concerns. She is crossing

over acceptable boundaries of the man in the dream, and

this may be an issue with some of her relationships in her

conscious life. Changing clothes also means getting

undressed, being uncovered, being exposed. The man in the

dream doesn't want to expose himself in the dream, but W

insists on it, making it a gender issue rather than an

individual one.

If the dreamer disagrees with the above interpretation,

then it is wrong. Only the dreamer knows.

==== Commentary on "Dreams of Luggage" by Richard ====

I was just reading a book yesterday by Linda Magallon on

_Mutual Dreaming_ and I'll try to contact her about this

dream within a dream meeting.

In the meantime, If this were my dream...

In my dream I'm really in the market for a new way to carry

the tools I've acquired. In a larger and general way I'm

also interested in new ways of carrying the things I have

chosen to bear in this lifetime, at this time in my life.

I have chosen to explore the whole issue of luggage via a

way that is not normally seen as conscious, though involves

consciousness. This is a state that allows me to explore

the image of the thing removed from its concrete

literalizations. There is some unidentified authority or

value in all this. I am "suppose to" but its unclear if the

"suppose to" comes from my own choice or from a higher

authority or an old value I learned at an earlier time. I

am suppose to explore this with my contra-sexual other,

with him. And we not only meet in the special place, the

dream place, but also discuss the dream place. The medium

is the message, as they say. I am excited by the

correspondence and try to engage him in this spark I've

found, but he does not share the spark. He withdraws, moves

into his own space and begins to change his clothes, his

persona, his social mask. When I continue to try and share

my spark and awareness of us, he continues to move into his

own space, now using anger, irritation, perhaps his

defense. He even seems embarrassed. I am reminded of the

myth of Eros and Psyche. Psyche is taken away to be the

husband of a rich man, but must never look at him. They

always must meet in the dark. But eventually Psyche cannot

resist and she puts on the light in the bedroom and beholds

Eros, her secret husband. Eros is startled by the light and

wounds himself with his own arrow, but must now abandon

Psyche until she has purified herself through a series of

trials and tasks. She has to come to terms with her


In this dream, there is a profundity offered to us all. The

dreamer is aware that there is a correspondence between her

baggage and his baggage. Its an awareness he can't share in

the way she wants him too. This seems important to me and

relates to the idea of the (traditionally)primordial

masculine - feminine pair as opposites that must find a way

to marry but cannot come together in time/space. To

simplify, One comes together through identity and

correspondence, while the other is about individuality and

difference. In this dream we are given a clue that the

baggage of one is the baggage of the other. It a confusing

clue because of the multiple meanings of baggage, including

something to carry things in as well as the something

carried. There is the idea of baggage as excess and burden


In my dream of this luggage, what I bear in life is also

that which I can never quite understand must also bear,

ourselves. The awareness I wish others shared, is perhaps

not something they are able to share. In this sense my

baggage is my gift, or the carrier of my gift. Again, the

medium and the message are in a primordial state of unity-

disunity, an active source and acted upon

==== "Bride's Side or Groom's Side" by Henry ====

[Dreamer's note: Last January I had a dream in which

appeared a segment where I was asked to usher at the

funeral of a friend's lover. I was honored by the request

and thought I would try to lighten the mood of those I was

ushering by making a joke of asking if they wanted to sit

on the bride's side or the groom's side.]

5/10/95 -- Part I. Was with a particular woman from work

who recently retired, after being pushed aside as head of

our department. Also with me were other work colleagues,

but we are in my hometown, in another state, in the south.

Our ex-boss had been taking cooking classes toward getting

a certificate as a chief. It was her birthday. She

brought a large fish steak for us, with a glaze baked over

it. The food was her final project of the term and looked

good to eat.

Part II. I was asked to usher at the wedding of my

next-door neighbor, a man who was in my class in high

school. In the dream the family has a different name than

they do in my waking life. In the dream they are the

Depommiers. However, young men in my hometown had been

disappearing mysteriously. The guy whose wedding I am to

usher at is also missing. I go to some site where the

young men were last seen, to listen to discover if I hear

their names mentioned, or to see if there is anything else

mysterious at the scene. One thing I find odd is that

there are an abundance of cats around, on the ground and in

trees. I wonder if the young men might have been destroyed

by the cats, as if the men were birds. Those who have

disappeared are not so young as they are miniaturized, it

seems, thinking now about the dream.

My mom then wants me to call the Depommiers, which

irritates me because I want to wait until I have more

information about the mystery.

But the Depommier kid shows up. I introduce myself to him,

and he says he remembers who I am. I think I mention the

mystery to him.

I begin to look forward again to the wedding and my role in

it. There is some bit in the dream about taking a chair to

the Despommier house, as a present, or to use for the

guests' seating. Thinking more about what I will do as an

usher, I imagine I will ask those coming to the wedding if

they want to sit on the bride's side, the groom's side, or

in the middle, as a joke, for there is no middle section in

the church.

==== Commentary on "Bride's Side or Groom's Side" by

Richard ====

The key word for me here is displacement. It comes to me

not in the traditional Freudian sense of disguise or a

jumping movement to avoid, but rather an experimental sense

of putting and trying one thing in the place of another.

Henry replaces the intended usher and tries to replace the

mood with some levity and jokes. The woman at work is

passed over for promotion, replaced by someone else. She

herself retires and is replaced and even the workplace

itself has been displaced to the dreamer's hometown. The

name of the neighbor has been replaced by a name whose root

de and des can mean to "to replace". Within this image of

replacement, the dream continues.

These pulling aparts and putting elsewheres occur within

the imagery of putting together and binding. Eating,

weddings, funerals, mom and home.... these are images of

putting together and union.

Between these two poles of placement and replacement is

the curious dreamer. The dreamer's curiosity (and

suspicion) about all these changes allows the dreamer to

hold the process long enough to ask and investigate what is

going on. In many of the replacements, it is the dreamer

himself that is the replacement. Its interesting how

replacement as a word can be used as both a thing and an


Anyway, as my dream, I find myself caught up in a very

active world where I'm drawn along from social role into

another. The roles remain, the rituals remain, the process

stays the same, but the people who play these roles come

and go. I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all

together. In my dream I respond to all this by trying to be

funny and comical, by giving new twists and turns and using

the energy of the replacement to being in novel

replacements. It seems to be my gift in this dream to see

the processes that other people get so caught up in. But to

really get to the core of all this, I have to fight the

temptation to just go along with it all, even the call of

the mother.

In a way, this dream is a life vision. The rituals of

life and death all pass by. When the role is empty, I fill

in as best as I can. But is there something de-humanizing

in all this? Do the people in my life just shrink away to

be filled by someone else? Can I find out more about this

by resisting the call of my mother to go on with the newest

displacement child?

There are clues. The abundance of cats, the possibility

that they are somehow involved in the disappearance of the

shrinking people. Like birds. And the missing middle path

between the bride and the groom. Is this the hieros gamos,

the sacred marriage and therefore a representation of the

union of the opposites, which many say are brought together

by continually suffering the middle between them? Is my

role in this dream to guide people, usher them in, to the

mysteries of the central position? Or is this an imposed

role, another of many roles that just eventually makes

people disappear and makes them shrink and vulnerable to

the cats?

What a dream! I feel like I have a new tool for watching

the roles in my life. Thanks, Richard.

======Dream Collection from Marian======

I have had two dreams, a few months apart, about an animal

I think is dead, coming back to life.


We are playfully fighting over who will go first. I think

we are standing at the top of the stairs in my parent's

house. (the house I grew up in) You go first, no you go

first. The other person goes first. She picks up a dead

mouse and carries it and places it in a bag. Then she picks

up some of the bloody guts and places them in the bag. Then

she strokes the fir of the mouse. It is soft and no longer

so bloody. It is my turn. I will efficiently and quickly do

it. When I carried it, it was a bird and not so bloody. I

put it down on top of the bag. After a moment I saw it

move. Was it dead?

Then it started to walk with difficulty. It was a little

transparent, especially the head. I screamed that it wasn't

dead. It was creepy and horrifying.


I'm focusing the day on my son, B. We're going to build him

something for his paintings. We're about to load a truck

There is a dead frog there from the A's. (A family that

used to be our neighbors and we were very close to). I'm

not sure it is dead. My husband looks at it and says it is

definitely dead and puts it up on the lumber near B. I

see it move. It climbs up on top and then falls to the


Here's another frog dream two weeks later.

FROGS UNDER PILLOW 11/20/94 We are on some wide stairs

and are supposed to follow directions and go down 16

stairs. I counted and went down 16. The person I was with

went down 17 so couldn't participate. We were on the grass

near a little water and there were frogs. They would move

out of the way if you went to the 16th stair. They all kind

of lined up and I put the large green pillow down to sleep.

The frogs were under it but all at the end and the pillow

was large. In the morning I was sleeping on my stomach

which is unusual and I thought what I looked like to others

in my pink nightgown with some of my back showing. Somewhat

sexy. I made sure that when I pressed on the pillow I

wasn't squishing any frogs. I had to move two - a medium

sized one and a little tiny one.

Thoughts - This last dream came at a time I was busy and

productive in the teaching of art and doing my own art. My

son, B, from the DEAD FROG dream, is twenty and in art

school. I also thought at the time of the time of this

dream, it might be connected to my sexuality and worries

about how it will be effected by menopause.

====== Dream: Simone's "Taking R. to the Airport


Here is a dream I had earlier in the year(2-3-95):

I drove over to R's house towing a small plane behind me.

There was no room at the front of his house so I left the

car around the corner. I was to drive R to the airport. I

thought he had to be there at 12:30pm and as it was now

12:00 I thought we would be late. I rushed inside expecting

him to be ready and waiting for me but he was still

casually gathering a few things while chatting to M (a male

friend of his).

I exclaimed my concern over being late but

he casually replied that he didn't have to be at the

airport before 1pm. I then went to get the car and while

walking to where I thought I had left it the scenery didn't

look familiar and I became worried about where I had left

it. I rushed back to the house to find R packing the car

which I had left up the street a bit further. Next thing, R

his Mother and Father (I think), someone else and F with

her camera (she was giggling), were in the car. I seem to

recall that the car was a BMW. I thought to myself "Gee,

the car is a bit full" and walked back to my car ( the BMW

seemed to be someone elses) and L was sitting in there. I

asked her if she wanted to come with us but she said "No,

it's OK. I'll stay home" or something to that effect. I

walked back to the other car and said "It's no good. I'm

not driving with so many people in the car". I then asked

R's Mother if I could leave my car in the driveway and so

jumped in my car and drove it rather exaggeratedly jerky in

reverse and then drove forward, at quite a speed, into the

driveway and parked. R's Mother said something like "Aren't

you forgetting something?" and I said "Oh, right, the

towel over the steering wheel" and put a towel over the

steering wheel on my car and tried to fix my gear lever

lock around the gear lever but it wasn't quite right.

End of dream.


All the people who appeared in my dream are quite well

known to me. L is my best friend of many years( I've known

her since I was about 3 years old); R and M I have known

since High School ( 7 or 8 years) and F is my next-door

neighbor whom I've known since I was about 3 years old (2

years ago we had a falling out, and as a result we hardly

ever talk anymore). The house in the dream is not the house

where R lives in reality, but in the dream it was

definitely associated with him.

I'll be very interested in any comments people have on this


======Comments on Simone's "Taking R. to the Airport Dream"

by Bob C.======

The dreamer appears to be attracted to either R or to

whomever R represents in the dream. She tows her own means

of "flying away," but evidently R is not interested.

There's no room to park or settle "in front" of his house,

which may be a metaphor for R's visible life. The dreamer

tells R that it's getting late to make the flight. R

tells the dreamer that it's still too early (in their


When the dreamer locates the car she was driving (why is

dreamer's mobility dependent on someone else's resources?)

she finds it's been moved. R is packing the car and it

seems clear there's no room for the dreamer in the car.

This could be a metaphor for the fact that R (or who he

symbolizes) has no room to take the dreamer with him into

his future. (How does that affect the dreamer's future?)

Someone with whom the dreamer had a falling out in

conscious the dreamer's conscious life thinks the fact that

the dreamer is being left behind is funny. This person has

a camera. Does she want to "expose" the fact that the

dreamer is being left behind? R's mother drives backward

and forward rather erratically, but she and the dreamer

wind up going nowhere because R's mother parks the car. Is

R's mother "jerking around" the dreamer?" Lastly, R's

mother reminds the dreamer to do something. That

something seems to be that the dreamer needs to get a

better grip on the steering wheel (get a better grip on her

direction in life?) and to get her gears locked in (perhaps

because when gears are not engaged the dreamer "spins her


In sum, I think Simone's dream mind is telling her to take

a close look at some important relationships in her life.

They're not what they seem to be.

If the dreamer disagrees with the above interpretation then

it is wrong. Only the dreamer knows.

===== Dream: "Sunni's Dream" by Sunni ======

It started with this building collapsing in 1959. I saw

the building collapse and then I saw a newspaper about it

and heard a radio report. Then I was this little girl

standing in a butcher shop. The butcher was my dad. The

sign on the shop said "Thorinsen's". I got the impression

that the father was killed in the building collapse. Next

I was watching it like a movie. The little girl was on a

bus leaving town. I got the impression that the town was

St. Louis, but I'm not positive. There was a river and a

lot of railroads. I don't know I've never been there.

Anyway, the girl was on the bus to somewhere heading west.

I assume that she either had no family or was going to stay

with relatives. I saw her get off at a rest area type stop

and she left her doll on the bench. This woman found the

doll. But the girl was looking through the garbage trying

to find it and I thought she was going to miss the bus


======Commentary on:"Sunni's Dream" by Martin======

Let me make if it were my dream response.. Something

happened in 1959 which is important to me and it resulted

in a shock on me. It slowed down my life. 1959 is not

necessarily a date, it can be 19-59 or 1-9-5-9. What does

it remind me of? Am I 19 year old? or 59 year old? Do I

feel old and young at the same time? I lost something and I

have not realized that because I read that in the

newspaper. I would like to know more about it because of

its enormous impact on me. I lost my father which could be

my father part of me. Either my father did not pay

attention to me or he died. Something external event in my

life made him disappear. I still feel like a young

girl.When a disaster happens my life is frozen somewhere in

the past. I am a young girl in the dream and I would ask

how old I am.

That would give when exactly my life stopped. I need my

father BACK. The dream says so. But how can I find him?

The next part of the dream shows what happened after the

disaster or what can happen. I went to Louis. What does

St. Louis mean for me ? What did I do there? What was there

which is similar to the way I am behaving now and after the


The doll seems to represent my coping mechanism with that

event. In order to survive emotionally, I comforted myself

with the doll. I would ask :how does the doll help me? How

does it appear in real life? It seems that I am losing that

too. I need something to make up my father..I am lonely..

But where is the doll? The woman has it.. Who is she? How

can he help me? Could she substitute my mother or someone

else? Would be she kind to me ? Where is she in my life? I

cannot see her yet but she must be close. Otherwise, she

did not appear in my dream.

I would make a plan to find out more about the following..

What happened to me in the past? How am I coping with that?

How the woman help to cope? Who could help me in real life

who are similar to the symbols in the dream?

Important symbols: doll, father, woman. I should find

associations on them.. My future probably lies in

assimilating that awful experience which might happen when

I was young.. Good Luck!

======Commentary on: Sunni's Dream by Bob C.======

In the first dream it is 1959, and a building has

collapsed. Possibly the building represents the dreamer's

past. The dreamer is with her father who is a butcher.

The term "butcher" is used in a slang sense to describe

someone who kills without reason; e.g., a serial killer.

Perhaps the dreamer has a present situation which reminds

her of a traumatic past event relating to a male figure on

whom she depended. For example, if the dreamer's father

left the family through desertion or divorce, the family

structure "collapses" and the father is to blame for the

destruction; i.e. he "butchered" the family unit by leaving

it in some way. The "little girl" on the bus could

represent the dreamer's life journey. She stills sees

herself as a little girl (in the dream) because she still

feels vulnerable. She searches for something that is

important to her, although the object is emotionally and

not monetarily valuable. Another woman has it. The dream

seems to be telling the dreamer to get on with her life.

If she keeps searching for the lost object she will "miss

the bus" and be stuck where she is, and that is in a pile

of garbage.

====== Commentary on: "Sunni's Dream" by Marian======

Building - an aspect of yourself, perhaps your values and

ideals have collapsed. I wonder what the significance of

1959 and Thorinsen is.

Little girl - now you are young and vulnerable

Butcher - raw basics of life Meat - animal aspect

Bus heading west - New opportunities

Doll - inner spirit?

Looking in garbage - looking in useless stuff from your

past. As a result you may miss new future opportunities.

The woman, not the girl, has the doll. Perhaps the dream

refers to a personal crisis and your feelings of

vulnerability (Maybe something sexual). Then, on the way to

a new life, the inner spirit was lost, picked up by a woman

(your mature self?) The girl is spending time looking at

past garbage may make loose her ride to new opportunities.

======Comments on Flare's "Morphinomenal Dream" by

Willa====== (See vol. 2 #7)

If this were my dream I would try to figure out what part

of myself the White Ranger represents. He is hurt, but he

doesn't want to go to the hospital. He doesn't really want

to be healed. What about the passers-by who act as though

what's happening "doesn't really matter to them?"

Perhaps the Ranger represents idealized memories you may

still have about your boyfriend who was killed, memories

you really don't want to let go. Maybe you resent the fact

that your friends and family haven't remembered him as well

as you have. (For instance, the annual dream on the

anniversary of his death.) They seem to have "gotten over

it," while you still keep his memory alive.

You tell the Ranger that you can't help him while he's

wearing his uniform. In other words, his wounds can't be

healed until he lets down his defenses. He is reluctant to

remove his protection in order to be healed.

Once his defenses are removed, he becomes a regular guy,

but he is still wounded. You heal him, and then tell him

to sleep (rest in peace?)

I think this is a very healing dream. It says to me that

you realize you need to lay your memories of this man to

rest and get on with the business of your life. You may

have been feeling guilty about doing this. I think this

dream says that you're ready to move on.

====== Dream: "The hidden Factory in a Chasm" by John======

I recently had the following dream:

I was travelling on a ski lift up a mountain. I though we

were going skiing, but when we reached a very sharp ridge

we began to descend steeply into a huge chimney like chasm

down through the center of the rocky mountain. The slope of

the chasm walls was about 45o at the top, but increased

parabolicly until they became practically vertical not far

below, before they disappeared altogether in the gloomy

depths. I was accompanied by an unidentified male figure

who I never actually saw in the dream.

At the beginning of the decent I glimpsed a rock climber

climbing out of the chasm. I also noticed what looked like

smoke rising. My companion pointed to a chimney saying, "It

comes out of there." The top of the chimney was just

visible deep down in the center of the chasm. Presumably

there was some kind of factory below it. The smoke was like

brown stained air, rather than normally bellowing factory


We then descended very close to a lone female climber. She

was bedded down in a sleeping bag lying against the steep

rock, fastened securely to the cliff by her climbing ropes.

Her equipment hung on ropes below her. It looked as if she

had just finished getting ready to spend the night there.

However, this was very curious as it was early in the day

and the sun was shinning brightly. She was awake, and I saw

her looking silently at us from inside the hood of her

sleeping bag. We were still fairly close to the top of the

chasm and were descending fairly slowly.

My own comments on the dream:

For me, the dream contains a number of familiar archetypal


** the decent into the underworld, in this case via a

'cheating' sort of method seeking to bypass the

difficulties of making the journey by my own power;

** my mysterious companion = a classic "ferryman" type

character assisting my inward journey

** the female character representing the female aspect of

my personality, who in this case is alive and recognizable

to me, but seems to be prepared for sleep, and not able to

easily move.

But other images are not familiar:

** the hidden factory, and its rising smoke

**the mysterious figure who slips out of the chasm just as

I begin to descend

Also, I not made a connection between this dream and my

"Crushing Timbers" or wharf dream that I submitted a couple

of months ago - although I assume that they are in someway

connected as the both seem to be trying to address the

direction of my life at the moment. I have called this

dream "The Hidden Factory..." because it is to this image

that the ferryman calls my attention, but the factory is

one of the images that doesn't mean much to me! Any


======Commentary on "the hidden factory dream" by jay


if this were my dream and i was interested in the

mysterious figure and the hidden factory, i would do some

more thinking about them. what things come to mind when i

think about each of them? what are they like? what do

they remind me of?

is the figure male or female? if male, or either way, the

figure is leaving for the exterior world as opposed to the

female who remains on the inside. i also have the feeling

the leaving figure is connected with the factory. is he

the source of it or is it the source of him? what might he

have been doing in the factory? what might he do upon


what does the brown smoke remind me of? sounds like

something is smoldering down there. what might i find if i

went exploring inside the factory below? spending time

looking at past garbage may make loose her ride to new


======Commentary on: "The Hidden Factory in a Chasm" by


Skiing - moving easily and freely. Instead descended into

chasm. Moving towards gloomy depths and a factory with

smoke stained brown air. It's possible to get out but have

to climb out - see rock climber climbing out. Factory=

drudgery, 9-5 meaningless work, low pay, pollution,

impersonal mass production, industry. OR, place of

production, of making things. Lone female - immobile,

silent, sleeping when should be awake. The aspect of your

personality that usually takes care and nourishes is

silent, watching as you descend into brown stained air.

First question I have is, Does the dreamer smoke? If so,

this could be a warning dream. I would think this dream

has to do with worry about the direction one is headed.

Towards gloom and pollution with a difficult climb to get

out. Chasm could be symbolic for fear of being enveloped by

something, getting too deep into something. Can't help but

acknowledge the image of the just visible chimney in the

depth of a chasm and its possible sexual connotations.

Another thought; rising smoke can symbolize a search or

connection with a higher self, in this case stained brown

by a factory.

====== Dream "The Piranha in the Pool" (5/22/95) by


My brother (as a child) (he is an adult now, as am I) kept

a fish in a below ground concrete swimming pool at my

parents' house. He was sitting on the side of the pool

feeding it bread crumbs from a plastic bag. I go in and

told my parents that they might not realize it, but the

fish is a piranha.

They don't seem too concerned. I say, what if a dog or cat

fell in the pool--the piranha would eat it. Or what if a

kid stuck their hand it, it could bite it off! The next

time I am at my parents' house I see that they have let the

water out of the pool. The piranha is laying in the

bottom, gasping and gnashing its teeth. I feel sort of

sorry for it--it seems like they could have thought of a

better way to kill it than this.

======Commentary on "The Piranha in the Pool" by


If it were my dream , I would think that I again have to

face something which I do not like to do. Piranhas are very

violent and swift in their nature. Would that correspond to

my own violence which I am afraid of? Do I (like to 'bite')

people in my life? What are the instances? In some sense,

I like that piranha because I am feeding him. Yes, I do not

do it myself but my brother. An interpretation technique is

to suppose that everything is me in the dream. They

represent me from different points of view. So I am the

brother too. I would ask why does he feed the piranha? Do I

like terrible things? What is so VALUABLE in the piranha

which makes my brother(and me because I feel pity at the

end) to preserve him? What is the gender of the fish?

Do I behave sometimes irresponsibly in my life as my

brother does in the dream? And I am worried by my own

behavior which is represented by personal 'me' in the

dream. What situation is in the life which I do not notice

and is potentially dangerous to me ?

The initial setting could be important to look at as well.

How old is my brother? Would that imply that the situation

has its root when I was as young as him? Was it when I

lived with my parents? That is a possibility. The piranha

is part of me, and I want to deny it by killing it but I

also know that the fish also can be used positively. I

would look at how I could prevent the fish from being

dangerous and at the same time how to keep it alive.

Do I know the fish well enough? Perhaps I am afraid of the

fish because I do not know him very well. The fish would

represent something very elemental/instinctual in me which

I fear. I would learn about piranhas more. I would read

about them/draw them.

I also know that the piranha may not remain piranha after

getting close to it. The dream shows something I did not

know. Now it is my turn to do something with it. This is I

would think if it were my dream....

====== Dream: "Meeting President Kennedy" (5/8/95) by


I am at my office. A meeting is scheduled and President

Kennedy shows up. He is in a wheelchair and carries a pad

of paper and a pen to take notes. There is a feeling that

he attends not just this meeting, but every time there is a

meeting. I'm standing near the door at a filing cabinet.

I move out of his way and smile slightly at him, as if to

say that I recognize him but I won't make a nuisance of

myself. I'm not sure if anyone else sees him, and I don't

want anyone to think I'm crazy if they don't. I think,

well, this proves that ghosts exist.

======Dream: "Premature Osteoporosis" by Kim======

(the night of April 27/28)

I was with Betty [a coworker] at her home--more within city

than it is in RL--on a weekend. When I looked at my body

(nude?) in the mirror, I saw that I had developed a severe

hunchback--premature osteoporosis. Betty tried to get me an

appointment at her clinic but there was some question of

weekend availability. I felt terribly disappointed that I

would have to live with a curved backbone for life, and

also felt punished for not eating more calcium. It was as

though my bones had softened and were still soft.

======Commentary on: "Premature Osteoporosis," by Bob


Given the presence of Betty, the co-worker in the dream,

possibly the dreamer wishes she had "stiffened her spine"

and been a little more confronting at her workplace. She

was too "soft," bent too many times and perhaps now feels

she cannot "stand up (straight) for herself.

If the dreamer disagrees with the above interpretation,

then it is wrong.

Only the dreamer knows.

======Dream: "Primeval Forest & Colonial Recipe" by


(the night of April 27/28)

I was exploring a preserve of forest that had virtually no

human-made structures in it. I remember one wooden table

into which I carved some notation, and one stone lodge,

which was on the edge of the preserve. Otherwise, its

purpose was to be as primitive as possible. It was visited

by a fair number of hikers. There seemed to be some sort of

course that involved visiting the various structures (the

table, the lodge and so on) [this part is vague]. The

lodge had a "pioneer" feel to it as though it were left

from early settlement.

Somewhere connected with this, a discussion with Matt [my

husband] over the development of cornbread recipes from

our ancestors (the first American colonists) to now...the

concept that the Southern-style iron-pan cornbread used to

be made in all the colonies, even the Northern ones, and

that the Northern cake-like recipe came later. I felt

intrigued and pleased that Southern style, which is what I

make, was in fact "the original"-- the evolutionarily

primitive condition!

======Dream: "Communion Dream" by Kim======

(the night of April 27/28)

I was in the back of a church, participating in a communion

service. I had not originally intended to receive, but I

changed my mind and came up last of all.

======Commentary on: "The Communion Dream" by Bob C.======

The dreamer puts herself at the back and last in line, only

deciding to receive something spiritually fulfilling at the

last moment. Does the dreamer feel worthy of receiving

anything of emotional or spiritual value?

If the dreamer disagrees with the above interpretation,

then it is wrong.

Only the dreamer knows.




While participating in John Herbert's AOL SeniorNet

dream sharing group, I felt that a sense of caring that

seemed to me to come from the give and take dynamic (See

Electric Dreams vol 2 #6 for a full review). John's format

is a little different, he has a mini- newsgroup bulletin

board forum. But I felt we might be able to reproduce

interesting variations with interested participants at

Electric Dreams and so with four other Electric Dreams

participants, the first Dream Circle began.

In this first experiment we had one dream and passed the

dream around in a Round Robin using John's format that he

developed from a variety of sources. In the first round we

asked questions only and then let the dreamer respond. Next

we gave comments and again let the dreamer respond. In John

Herbert's group he requests that participants use the "if

this were my dream..." approach, but in ours we left the

comment approach up to the individual.

The dreamer, K, has generously given permission for the

Circle to be printed and is given below with the

instructions included that were passed around. Many thanks

again to K.

If you have comments, questions about starting your own

dream sharing circles or would like to participate in our

next dream sharing experiment, send me a note at



April 11, 1995

Dream Circle 1

Instructions and notes. The dream has been selected and is

listed below. If your dream was not selected, you will be

in the top selection odds of the next circle. We will be

trying various mailing methods in these circles. For

this one, simply send to next LOWER person on the list

and forward a copy to the Mediator. If the file gets to

big for you mailer to send in one file, make sure you label

or number the broken files so they all get passed and

pieced together. Dream Circle 1 Participants: If you are

uncomfortable with anyone on the list, send the mediator

you desire to be removed during the First Clarification

cycle. If you wish more anonymity, send your email

address and pseudonym to the Mediator.

email address 1 -R. MEDIATOR & PARTICIPANT

email address 2 -K. DREAM SHARER

email address 3 - J. PARTICIPANT

email address 4 - V. PARTICIPANT

email address 5 - C. PARTICIPANT

(always send to next lower, lower to first on list)

Dream Circle 1 Cycle 1 Clarification. In this cycle we

simply ask the dreamer questions that might clarify for us

perceptions the dreamer may have left seen or given or

things the dreamer might have said in the dream narrative

but didn't. No questions here calling for interpretations,

nor comments about meaning of dream imagery. Simple

write the questions below as in the example and pass the

email on, forwarding a copy to the mediator. The

dreamer may or may not respond to these questions, as they

wish. Lets keep the response brief too.

EXAMPLE: Dream: "The Open Window " by Blick

I saw an open window at the end of a hallway. End


EXAMPLE Questions:

>From R.: Hi, great dream! a. how long was the hallway,

b. was it dark outside the window c. how did you feel when

you saw the window?

>From QED: Thanks for sharing your dream! 1. Was it a

home like hall or office hall? 2. Where were you in the

dream? 3. How did you feel when you woke up?

Answers from Blick: OK, It was a 20 foot hall, it was an

alley out the window, probably at night. I don't recall my

feelings when I awoke, but the dream seemed disturbing.

I'd say the hall reminded me of my grandmother's house.



Dream Circle 1 Dream: 4/7/95 A Horse is a Horse


Dream Circle 1 Dream: 4/7/95 A Horse is a Horse

I am an observer in this dream, along with another

unseen figure to my right. The other characters in the

dream are a brown horse and a man that is his friend. The

horse is really a person embodied in a horse. The

horse wants to get the man to recognize him (I think the

man's name is Charley.) It's as if the horse wants Charley

to recognize him in the horse form as the friend he has

known in human form. But Charley is oblivious to this,

just seeing him as an ordinary horse. I then see a

close-up view of the horse's front right leg trembling.

Somehow the horse thinks that if Charley will to look at

his leg he will realize, but Charley doesn't really get it.

The horse then stands on Charley's foot, thinking when he

feels the weight it will get through to him.

This is still too subtle somehow. Then the horse takes on

the appearance of a stuffed animal and the scene now

appears as if it is an old movie, in black and white. The

horse rears up and puts it's hooves on the shoulders of the

man, and when they see each other face to face there is

finally a moment of recognition. I am deeply touched by

this and burst into tears. The other observer holds me,

partially blocking my view of the movie, apparently not

wanting me to get too emotional.

The scene changes, no longer a movie. I see the horse,

back to a real horse, running free over a sunny green field

edged by woods. It is happy and free now.

Then I am in the scene. I am leaving, as if the event

is over. I am commenting that the movie was filmed right

here -- at the place I am walking in the dream -- green

field, some woods and a dirt path.

I say to an unknown companion (possibly the other

observer?) that it makes sense because the movie was taking

place in Washington, D.C. (near where I live in waking



J.: so. as i understand the dream, it is a stuffed

animal horse that puts its hooves on charlie's

shoulders. right? nice dream.

K/Dreamer:: Yes, but it is still the same horse. It has

only taken on the outward appearance of a stuffed


V. - Did you feel you knew horse and charlie?

K/Dreamer: Not necessarily by sight but by emotion? Not

exactly. I didn't feel much emotional connection to

Charley. He was an older man that was not as important in

the dream as the horse. The only waking life connection

I can make to the name 'Charley' is that I am currently

taking a course taught by C. T., and he addresses

himself as 'Charley'. There was more connection to the

horse -- perhaps the part of me that longs for that

combination of freedom and inner power. For a time

horses were frequent dream images. They've been absent

for about a year, but in the past few weeks I've had

several horse dreams again.

C: #1) the unseen figure--did you have any sense of it

being a male or female or male/female mix?

K/Dreamer: I believe the unseen figure is a male.

C: #2)did you have any sense of it being old or young?

K/Dreamer:: The figure is older than me.

C: #3) when the observer holds you did you have a sense of

suddenly knowing more about this unseen figure?

K/Dreamer: No. I had the sense even before he holds me

that he is some sort of guide, trying to help me learn

more about life.

C: #4) did anything seem different about this figure from

when you first are aware of the figure? K/Dreamer:

Just that he had a definite form for a moment, though

this was vague.

R.: 1. Was the horse originally a riding horse, a farm

horse, a wild horse?

K/Dreamer: Hard to say. He was a male horse, the only

one around in the dream. Probably a combination of a

wild horse living on a farm, but definitely not a

riding horse.

R: 2.How did you feel when you woke up?

K/Dreamer: Seeing the horse running free was very

satisfying -- some type of resolution. At the end,

where I am walking away, I feel on the verge of

realizing something -- trying to see how it relates to my



OK, CYCLE NUMBER 2. The dreamer may or may not wish to

respond to the clarification questions and then sends the

file on to the next lower person on the list. Plz

forward the mediator a copy. If you receive the file

now, you may comment on the dream and them pass the file

on to the next lower person on the list and forward a

copy to the mediator. The last person on the list sends

the file to the first person on the list.

(The Dreamer (K) cleverly responded as in email, see above)




Comments on Dream "A horse is a horse"


J: if this were my dream i would be very happy to have

such a fulfilling dream. i would be puzzled that

charley recognized the horse person yet i don't seem to.

or do i? it seems as though the recognition occurred way

back in my childhood. some sort of union between my

masculinity and inner being. i would look for any

connections with 'charlie horse' though i don't feel any


i am also reminded of the old tv series 'mr.

ed.'. i would look for connections between the dream and

my current waking life, as the end of the dream seems

very connected with the present waking life. or is this

perhaps somehow about some kind of recognition or

approval or bonding between me and some sort of father

figure? either now or in the past or both? i would also

look for connections between this and my other recent

horse dreams. yes, as i think about it more, i feel that i

am the horse and that's why i am so happy and free,

having achieved this recognition from charlie. if this

were my dream.

V: If this were my dream I would look into the

possibility that I was interested in recognizing a part

of myself that I wanted to recognize/explore but had not

done so yet. As the horse (that part of myself that is

yet unrecognized) I attempt in several ways to surface,

finally doing so by a sort of disguise, but fully

confrontational. Charlie is that part of me that has yet

to recognize the horse/self, but finally recognizes when

fully confronted. The other person is that part of me that

in a way wants to keep me from fully seeing(recognizing)

the horse/self, but not completely because he only holds

me partially. There is recognition because of the

emotion felt, and because of seeing the horse running free,

and happy. To put it simply, if this were my dream I

would be looking to see what aspects of self I had

recognized/integrated/resolved that led me to great joy.

C:'s take on the dream: When the dream opens I believe the

two observers are two parts of the dreamers self--a

older, male guide figure perhaps representing the

dreamer's masculine aspects a la Jung's anima/animus.

The dream could be about the anxiety of bodily change--if

one's outer appearance changes, with age, with trauma,

accident, via a new job/wardrobe, will the inner self

stay the same. Perhaps a new life change is approaching

and there is anxiety about whether the new experience

will change the person into something unrecognizable from

the past. The efforts at recognition move from emotion,

to physical jolting to a retreat into fantasy--fantasies

associated with the past--childhood, old movies. Perhaps

this is a dream about growing up and losing one's

childhood self. The feminine self is emotionally

concerned with connecting with the past, but the

masculine self doesn't want the feminine self to get

overwhelmed. The return to Washington is a return to the

present and the new life, more integrated with the past.

R:'s take on the dream: If this were my dream... In my

dream the horse's desire for Charlie's recognition is the

driving force. For the image is to have some time to work

itself through me, I am kept from jumping in and forcing

this recognition to happen to fast. In other words, the

delay in recognition is *part* of the image, and in being

delayed it unfolds and presents the desire of the horse

who only appears to be a horse. In my dream I observe this.

Perhaps the observing with the friend/companion is the

loving attention that holds open the door through which my

feeling parade. I feel for the horse who is not really a

horse. Loneliness, sadness, loss. Charlie's not recognizing

the being in the horse contributes to distance, the unseen

gift of self offered and missed by the being in the horse.

It didn't used to be this way. The horse tries to hold a

trembling limb up to Charlie in a way that the horse is

sure will get his attention, as if it would have worked at

some other time. But the trembling limb is no longer the

act that will get Charlie's attention. The connection to

Charlie is so lost, that even direct weight on his foot

makes no difference. No recognition. Its as if Charlie no

longer connects through the appearance to essence and

being via pain, wounds or direct pressure. One path is

made available. Run the old movie. Its black and white and

involves childhood horses . My guide/companion holds me

for one more moment and glimpse before I dissolve back into

fulfilled desire. It makes sense to me that this has

happened in the place where I live. Thanks for sharing

this very interesting dream.


DREAM CIRCLE 1 LAST CYCLE: In this phase the

dreamer may or may not respond to the comments on the

dream. The dreamers options are: 1. Don't respond, just

send the Dream Circle File back to the mediator 2. Respond

as you wish, and send the file back to the mediator a.

to be printed in full in Electric Dreams (dreams,

clarifications & comments& replies) b. to be sent out

to the members of the circle only I'm open to other

options, but I would like for the whole community to see

our process so we can talk about what worked, didn't work,



OK, dreamer, do as you wish, just be clear which

option you are selecting.


From K/Dreamer:

got some wonderful aha's from the commentaries. I had

done some personal work with this dream, but you all

helped me see other levels I had not considered. THANKS!

It's an important dream for me that just keeps having more

to say. I especially resonated with the following: From

J: --recognition occurred way back in childhood --approval

or bonding between me and a father figure

From V:--part of myself that I wanted to recognize/explore

but had not done so yet.

From C:- * Big aha's here *--Will the inner self stay the

same with a new life change approaching. *--Anxiety

about whether the new experience will change the person

into something unrecognizable from the past. --Efforts

at recognition move from emotion, to physical, to

retreat into fantasy . *--about growing up and losing

one's childhood self. *-- feminine self is emotionally

concerned with connecting with the past, but the

masculine self doesn't want the feminine self to get


From R:---the delay in recognition is part of the image

--the unseen gift of self offered and missed by the being

in the horse -- Charley no longer connects through the

appearance to essence and being via pain, wounds or direct

pressure. --Run the old movie. Its black and white and

involves childhood horses. --I dissolve back into

fulfilled desire.

Background From K: I had this dream on a night following a

dream group meeting. In that meeting I shared a dream that

resulted in an emotional recognition of lost childhood. In

my personal work on this horse dream, I connected the

feeling of the moment of recognition between Charlie and

the horse with the feeling of recognition for lost

childhood that I got in the dream group. I am also dealing

with issues in waking life regarding a reunion with a past

partner. There is some anxiety whether this return to past

connections will undermine my new growth and sense of self.

There is some additional concern over parental approval of

this relationship. The appeal of it is our mutual

childlike enjoyment of life.

Looking forward to more Dream Circles! K.

==== END DREAM CIRCLE 1 =====

If interested in joining us in the next dream experiment,

please contact Richard Wilkerson at rcwilk@aol.com





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