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Volume 2 Issue #13

23 October 1995


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Editors' Notes and Day Residue

Welcome new editor: Bob Krumhansl !

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Hello from Bob Krumhansl

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Column: DreamLine by Chris

Article: Dreamjourneys: Dreams of Spiritual Transformation by Taylor Esta Kingsley

DreamStudio Schedule! Donna Campos

A Dreamer's Glossary - by Brenda Giguere

Dream Publications: Dream Machinery & Dream Scene

Update on Castaneda and Dreaming

Cyber Dreaming Update

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Dream: "Ex-Boyfriends and Their Baggage" by Nutcracker

Dream: "Go Towards The Light" by Nutcracker


Editors' Notes and Day Residue


Eeeeek, its the Halloween issue and #13! Glad you could join us for a frightful issue that includes a treat (or trick) for everyone.

First, I'd like you all to welcome Bob Krumhansl as the new Dream Editor, and read his "Hello from B*" just below these notes. (Notice I'm shifting the Editor's Notes apostrophe to Editors' Notes). Although you will be sending your dreams and comments on dreams to Bob, as you will see, he'll be doing more than just organizing your dream text. Bob has been helping out behind the scenes at Electric Dreams for quite a while, as ED regulars know, and we are fortunate he is offering us more of his time and talent. Thanks Bob !

Taylor Kingsley reveals some of the ideas he has been working on for his new book in Dreams of Spiritual Transformation. Find your transformational dreams and join him in the first part of his series on Dreamjourneys. Speaking of spooky, be sure to check out how our dreams have responded to the justice system in Christopher Hicks column, DreamLine. For those of you who have been wondering just what REM and other dream terms mean, see Brenda Giguere's Dreamer's Glossary.


Say what *are* you doing on Halloween? Electric Dreams and the Fly-by-Night club have teamed up with some other Net players for an evening of fun and dream sharing. Be sure to watch you dreams and read about the clairvoyant dream contest , winners announced Halloween night. Check the Halloween notes below on where we are meeting.

Please join us in commenting on spooky dreams on Halloween and swarming around the net!

Tee-shirt Status:

That reminds me, what ever happened to our dream recall technique contest? Well, the Tee- shirts aren't ready yet, but I've been given the artwork from a great graphic artist, James Wood. No, not the actor. So i *am* moving forward on this.

Dreamsharing in groups:

If your interested in learning dream sharing on the net in small groups, or just want to get in there and try some, we have a Dreamwheel/group going and there is still room for a couple more participants. Drop me a line if you are interested.

Thanks to all:

Well, I don't want to give all the treats in ED2-13 away, so I'll let you wander around now on your own. Many thanks to all the Core commentors who have been sharing their talents and skills in responding to dreams and the dreamers who share with us all those spooky images of the soul.

--Richard Wilkerson




Hi! My name is Bob Krumhansl <>. I've volunteered to help Richard out with the ongoing task of keeping Electric Dreams growing, evolving and improving through helping with the editing process of the E-zine.

Have you tried the Yahoo or Web Crawler searches on Dreams yet? If you have, you will be amazed at how prevalent a term it is on the Web. Dream vacations, dream businesses, dreams come true, fantasy dream partners, dreams as goals, the list goes on an on. Information actually about dreams we encounter of the "as in sleep" variety is only a fraction of the listings.

The keen eye of human knowledge must still refine the purely textual oriented search tools. This E-zine has helped me focus the search and exploration of dreams in an open ongoing forum of interested parties with no axes to grind or predetermined positions to defend. I hope to maintain that fresh perspective.

Ever try locating a dream related book in a bookstore via browsing? They are scattered all over the place, though as the volume of dream related books increases (and the amount is increasing significantly every year) stores are labeling a DREAM section or subsection which encompasses at least some of the titles.

The problem is that dreams are multidisciplinary by nature and cross many categories and fields of interest. Most books are found these days under the "New Age" sections - principally related to Divination and aimed at trying the fast food approach to dreams and getting a quick fix on the immediate future. The range of depth is significant from Dream Dictionaries to basic expositions to complex exercises. "Psychic Phenomena" is an other area they are found in with branches off into the "Out Of Body Experiences," "Lucid Dreaming," "Reincarnation," and even "Life After Life" type of themes.

A shift into the Psychology section will find another more traditional home for dream titles along the modern classic line of works by Freud, Jung and their followers and theory and practice developers. Books on Dreams and children, Womens' dreams, Mens' dreams, healing dreams, and recurring dream themes are often found in this section. From the cultural angle, the Castanea series, the Senoi Indian controversy, Native American dream approaches, and Australian Aborigine dreamtime messages clamor for our attention. Worldwide Mythology is full of dream references and imagery. Eastern Philosophy is rich in dream references, and the Spiritual angle on dreams as messages from the divine is present from the early pages of the Bible of Christianity.

Sleep research into nightmares, traumatic event disorders, the phenomena and meaning of dreams within sleep is continuing to search for answers. Brain research on memory - an essential component of dream recall - is at the heart of memory loss with aging research.

Dream art and poetry make up a whole other world. Science Fiction and Fantasy, Comic books, and Romance novels with dream related titles or inspiration are extensive.

Above and beyond the explosion of interest in the phenomenon of dreams is our

interest in knowing ourselves and our environment better in this time of rapid change in our society, making depending on traditional approaches less reliable in facing the new challenges of tomorrow.

Dream sharing is a step in linking us closer through shared thoughts, feelings and quandaries. Dream appreciation groups have sprouted up all over the country and are growing from the grass roots level. This sharing effectively adds some warmth to our impersonal daily routines while related to the Internet level it adds life to the webs filaments and electronic pulses.

Choices - there are so many! I hope that Electric Dreams can continue serving as a shining light illuminating each readers path of exploration and helping to enrich the lives of all those whose lives touch ours in a positive way. Pointing out possible answers to some puzzles, and places where deeper exploration may take place are some of my objectives for this electronic dream appreciation vehicle.

Until next issue - Hasta La Vista! - Bob K.


TRICK OR TREAT BAG-A Clairvoyant Dream Game


This game is part of the Halloween Swarm (See also THE INTERNIGHT FLYER [for general info and updates] and DREAM SWARM [for spooky dream postings]).

Beginning October 15th, keep track of your dreams. For you dream incubators, the goal is to dream up two secret objects. They actually exist in a trick-or-treat bag. The bag is located on an orange mat on top of a black file cabinet in the office of LucidFlier, co-host of the HALLOWEEN SWARM.

The two objects are, of course, related to Halloween...and that's all we can tell you. The challenge is to try to "dream up" the objects before Halloween night. Post your dreams behind this notice. The bag will be opened and the secrets revealed with a posting at midnight, PST, Halloween night. The two closest winners will get one of the objects in the bag.



- Spooky Swarm on the Net October 31st!


The Fly-By-Night Club, Electric Dreams E-zine and IIDCC DreamGate Present :

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Spooky Dream Sharing, Clairvoyant Dream Game, Special Web Pages.

Jump in, Swarm around and Spin off - Activities and events beginning October 15th and ending October 31st.

Mix, Mutate, Metapmorphize - Many events will happen that cannot be planned.

Newsletters, Newsgroups, Mail List, IRC, Talk rooms - and host of Web sites will all be available.

The Newsletter - will be posted on alt.dreams under THE INTERNIGHT FLYER and will be continually updated with expanding parties, events and happenings. We hope YOU will add to the flyer all the special events that are occurring on Halloween.

The Swarm- this will be when groups of us move across the landscape of the net, all individual and yet interconnected, intercommunicated, and multi-channeled. There will be postings for meeting a various places at various time, but we want to achieve something a little more spontaneous and organic too, like nomads crossing the plains, a swarm of bees traveling across the country side, a school of fish traversing the coral reefs.

Events and Places:

Many surprises and diversions are planned, but you can begin to recognize the call of the group at various meeting times and places:

Beginning October 15th:

* alt.dreams - Look for THE INTERNIGHT FLYER (for Halloween event updates); SWARM DREAMS (to post spooky dreams and comments) and TRICK OR TREAT BAG (for the clairvoyant game explanation, dream postings and results).

On Halloween Night, Tuesday, October 31st:

* AOL Chat Room with the Fly-by-Night Club's LucidFlier, 6-7 Pacific Standard Time. Select "DreamSwarm."

*Compuserve Dream Studio Chat with Donna Campos on Dreaming up the Dead

from 7-9 Pacific Time. in the New Age Forum B+ (Monday Night)

* IRC #dreams on the EFnet thru NETCOM. 8:30 to 10:00 p.m., Eastern Time, w/Earl

* WEB: A Special Surprise all night long with Gordios at

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* IPHONE: off and on, D'Bat for sharing spooky Dreams

* EMAIL visitations - A one night Mail list for those who want lots of trick or treats!

DREAM SHARING: We will be posting and commenting on spooky dreams left on alt.dreams under DREAM SWARM. Also look for dreamsharing on your favorite Internet hosts, servers, IRC channels, Iphone and one night mail list. So have your Spooky Dreams ready to share. Ghost dreams, Haunting dreams, Witchy dreams, Chase dreams, Devil dreams, Evil dreams, Murder and Mayhem dreams, Death and Destruction, Poisonings and Pilferings and Puny Fun. It's Halloween and everything is upside down!

CLAIRVOYANT GAME: the secret revealed with a posting at midnight, PST. See above Trick or Treat for more.

SWARMING: At various time we will begin to dance around the events and create spontaneous new ones. Like nomads across the planes we will know no boundaries but the interactive call of our own song and rhythm of our own dance. Off line parties are planning to connect with us that evening also, but just exactly what will happen we won't know until it happens! Check out THE INTERNIGHT FLYER for updates.




Request for dreams: =============================


Dream Line will next be looking into the changing family of America. How have our dreams reflected the changes in what is considered a "traditional family"?

Please send any dreams, comments, or opinions about family to:

See the OJ Dream Question below in Dream Line



A discussion forum on Transpersonal Psychology

TRANSPSYCH-L is an open unmoderated discussion list about themes in the field of transpersonal psychology. Transpersonal psychology is a young discipline in science, which In fact is a combination of psychological science and the knowledge of spiritual traditions. It studies the development of the new consciousness, from birth to enlightenment, from neanderthal man to our future consciousness.

Transpersonal psychology places our the consciousness process in a sexual, social, historical context and some writers even place it in an economic context. Important (and world-known) writers in the transpersonal field are: Ken Wilber, Charles T. Tart, Stanislav Grof, Roger Walsh.

Solely general psychological themes or meditation themes are not the subject of the TRANSPSYCH-L. General themes though can be discussed from the transpersonal perspective.

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For more information you can get the FAQ-File by sending the

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After you have subscribed the list, the participants would be glad to receive a short introduction of yourself, who are you, what do you think is important and interesting about transpersonal psychology.


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<============= DREAM LINE =============>

The bitter cold wind bites through my parka as I stand on the deck of the ship. Never before have I been so close to such a gigantic iceberg. It is so tall. My gaze starts at the meeting point of the water and the ice. It moves upward. The sheer surface of the ice is beautifully fragmented. The top is so--Wait a second. What is that at the top? It looks like a court room scene. Oh no, there is OJ! In fact, everyone is there, Judge Ito, Marcia Clark, Johnnie Cochran, etc. What in the world are they all doing up there at the top of this ice berg?

The "Trial of the Century" is over. A jury of his peers found O.J. Simpson not guilty of the two murders with which he was charged. As far as the law is concerned OJ is not criminally responsible for the deaths of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. This, however, does not mean that the question of his guilt or innocence is settled in the hearts and minds of all Americans.

Perhaps even more prevalent than the question of OJ's guilt are the questions regarding deeper, social issues that have been raised throughout the course of the trial. After reviewing the comments and opinions I received in response to my request in the last Dream Line I found that the number one issue most people were concerned with was racism. Some people feel that the murder investigation was compromised by the racist attitudes of some LAPD personnel. On the other hand, some people feel that the jury was racially bias in favor of OJ. People are speaking out from both sides of the black/white racial rift in these United States of America. A lot of these people are expressing anger. But what happens after everyone has vented? Where do we go then?

The trial of OJ has the potential to be a catalyst for both social change and growth. The beginning of this process has been taking place from the opening of the whole OJ saga. All over the country people have talked about the trial over breakfast, at work, at lunch, etc. And in doing so they have been discussing some of the most challenging issues of our time, among them racism. But that is just the beginning of the process. Just as, in a short time, O.J. Simpson will disappear from the front pages of the newspapers and the evening broadcasts of national news so too, will the focus on these deeper issues be in danger of simply fading into the background. In order for it to be said that this trial has been a catalyst change must occur!

In addition to comments and opinions I requested dreams about OJ and the trial. What did our dream-selves have to offer and how did these offerings differ from conscious comments? The main difference was in the area of a positive focus as opposed to a negative focus. The comments and opinions almost exclusively dealt with perceived racism. Whereas our dreams are filled with mysterious attempts at understanding the tragedy, and symbols of reconciliation.

In one dream, where the dreamer was at the murder scene, Nicole Brown had written something on the wall in an attempt to identify OJ as her killer. The message read: "lapis lazuli" (sky blue, yet unclear). This same dream goes on to deal with the struggle to understand why this terrible crime occurred. Could this be an unconscious sum up of the whole trial? In another dream O.J. Simpson was nominated for president on the democratic ticket. He was carried out of the convention on the shoulders of the delegates. Perhaps this dream speaks of OJ's murder trial becoming the "Trial of the Century", or it could speak of process of balancing the power between the races. Another dreamer sent a couple of dreams dealing with OJ and God. The theme throughout these dreams was OJ's innocence. In addition to these there were several dreams that accurately predicted not only the verdict, but the circumstances surrounding it.

The few examples provided above illustrate some of the ways OJ and his murder trial have appeared in our dreams. These dreams speak to us in the mystical language of symbols that transcends the individual and subjective viewpoints we may have. Born deep within the dreamer's psyche, the dream, can bring unexpected solutions and spontaneous enlightenment. Although none of the dreams I received for this column overtly offer solutions (the possibility of spontaneous enlightenment cannot be ruled) they do provide us with some unique frames of reference from which to re-evaluate the "Trial of the Century" and all the issues that follow along with it.

Both the comments and dreams about OJ tell something of how we as a country are dealing with the trial of a hero. The comments lean toward the negative, pointing out perceived injustices on all sides. On the other hand, you have our dreams, which speak to us in the beautiful way that only dreams can, looking at the larger pains involved. Our comments have identified some deep social problems, foremost being racism. Our dreams seem to be urging us to recognize the pain, and to move toward healing. How? By listening to our dreams, for they can often balance the sometimes hard and cynical judgments of our conscious minds. Of course, without action there will be no change or healing. Use this balanced perspective as a spring board to positive action!

I wish to thank everyone that responded with OJ comments and dreams!


Dream Line will next be looking into the changing family of America. How have our dreams reflected the changes in what is considered a "traditional family"?

Please send any dreams, comments, or opinions about family to:

--Christopher Hicks




Dreams of Spiritual Transformation

by Taylor Esta Kingsley c 1995


"Some say that gleams of a remoter world

Visit the soul in sleep."

- Shelley, Mont Blanc.

Greetings, dreamers!

Allow me to introduce myself. Consider this a friendly cyber-handshake. My name is Taylor Kingsley, and I'll be your host here at this new column at ED: "DreamJourneys," where we will explore the spiritual nature of dreams, and the nature of spiritual dreams.

I am currently researching and studying dreams of special spiritual significance, which I call dreamjourneys. This research will be published in article and book form. Consider this column a "sneak preview" - and an essential part of this research process. I'm an avid DJ'er (dreamjourneyer), as well as LDer (lucid dreamer), for over 25 years.

In addition to being a dreamjourneyer and researcher, I am a shaman. I work as a spiritual catalyst, counselor and teacher, and have guided individuals and groups in ritual, chant, meditation, and sacred drumming for spiritual trance-formation for many years. I am also coauthor of "Passion Play!," the world's first tantric sensual board game for lovers, and a published poet and journalist.

My own shamanic initiation began with a dream, which I will share with you at some point.

I invite you to share your comments and questions inspired by this column, as well as your personal dreamjourneys. You are also cordially welcome to provide suggestions on what you'd like to see addressed in this

column. You can e-mail me at: If you e-mail me a dream, let me know if I may use it in my other published work on dreams. I cannot compensate you in any way, but I promise to credit you if you so desire.

Please flag your dreams "ED 10-31Dreams" and your comments "ED 10-31 Comments," for filing ease. Thanks.

Please read this column with an open mind, in the spirit in which it is written: the spirit of spirited discussion about Spirit! Thanks.

First, a definition:

Definition of "DreamJourney"

DREAMJOURNEY: A dream that is more than "just a dream," according to the perception of the dreamjourneyer.

1. Dreamjourneys are dreams of spiritual awakening.

It is my hypothesis that dreamjourneys are valid, real spiritual experiences and are best understood when they are validated as sacred journeys and divine messages. Dreamjourneys are actual spiritual experiences akin to visions and divine messages, which happen to occur while we are in a sleep state.

Dreamjourneys are extraordinary and uncommon, although they occur more often than most of us realize, because we are conditioned to ignore or misinterpret them. Even so, though, the vast majority of dreams are not dreamjourneys. But the power of dreamjourneys to dramatically transform our lives, inner and outer, is so immense, that they warrant study and exploration.

Dreamjourneys change - instantly - the way the dreamer perceives the universe, the self, life.... Many dreamjourneys possess the potential for even greater life transformation than do psychological dreams when they are acknowledged and understood. Here are some ways real people have been transformed by dreamjourneys:

* Becoming psychic and/or a shaman. DJs of initiation.

* Newly (or differently) believing in God (Spirit,

Creator), deities

beyond the self.

* Physical and emotional healing.

* Release of deeply embedded psychological blocks.

* New perspective of the soul, death, heaven,

spiritual realms of being.

* Tremendously increased creativity.

* More joy, more "in love with life."

* Feelings of empowerment, new confidence, more assertive.

* Overcoming nightmares.

* Knowing that a deceased loved one is really OK,

making peace with that relationship.

* Seeing or understanding one's own future or

* Transcending the boundaries of a childhood

religion, or reconnecting with it in a more personally meaningful way.

* Perspective on what's really important in one's life.

and much more.

Of course, many dreams have spiritual meaning without being dreamjourneys. There is a spectrum of "spiritual-meaningfulness" of dream experiences, something like this: (vast majority of dreams)


"flotsam and jetsam" dreams from subconscious, processing data from day


most psychological dreams: e.g. fears, wish fulfillment

creative dreams


The first 3 types have more symbolic aspects, while dreamjourneys are the least symbolic and the most literally revelatory.

This is an overly simplified schematic. The categories blur and blend; many creative dreams are also dreamjourneys, others are more psychological,

symbolic dreams, and so on.


Most dreams are psychologically based and symbolic in nature. In analyzing them, the standard psychological model of dream interpretation involving symbolism, archetypes, and amplification can often be useful. The works of Freud, Jung, Fromm, Zeller and others have shed tremendous light on these dreams, and provided many useful tools for their interpretation. Also, they have brought to public awareness the importance of dreams, which is crucial.

But I believe this psychological model of dream interpretation has been taken to an extreme. It denies the existence of spirit.

And it just plain doesn't work when applied to dreamjourneys. This is because dreamjourneys are not products of our own subconscious minds.

They are sacred messages, filtered through and received by our own minds.


What is the source of the messages in dreamjourneys? It is the divine.

Therefore, dreamjourneys are best "interpreted," when they are not interpreted! Their meaning is more clearly revealed when they are recognized and understood from a more literal, revelatory framework, rather than a symbolic one. Looking for symbols often only obfuscates the divine messages.

Perhaps you have had the experience of having a dream that, when analyzed from this symbolic framework, did not make sense. Or a dream that you knew needed no "interpretation." Attempts to interpret a dreamjourney

using the symbolic approach yield results ranging from nonsense to something that just "doesn't ring true," and trivialize the great import of the dreamjourney experience.

A Word (well, several) About Mind and Spirit

The error comes in assuming all dreams are mental (only) creations.

"In some dreams, a spiritual otherness is undeniable. In others, the presence of spirits is moot because we are trained to avoid seeing or even imagining this. Rather, we learn to psychologize all dream content as being 'of ourselves.'" - David Engle, Divine Dreams.

Of course, the mind is involved in any dream, to process the images, at the very least. But I believe dreamjourneys originate outside ourselves, in the realm of Spirit. If you think of God as also being (only) part of yourself, then the source is your own "higher" Godself. I don't think there has to be a right or wrong about whether God or Spirit is within or without, neither or both. They can all be true. The distinction I am making here is rather that of recognizing a part of self or reality

that is beyond the mind (whether it is internal or external). It doesn't matter what word(s) you use to describe the spiritual aspects of reality: you can call it God, Goddess, Spirit, a separate reality, and so on. I use the terms "Spirit" and "God/dess" herein to encompass all spiritual traditions.

I think one of the reasons for the psychological pain people feel is not psychological, it is spiritual: being cut off and shut off from their own connection with the sacred. With spiritual healing and awakening, it is truly amazing how many psychological problems and pains disappear. I'm not advocating a mind-less state of blissful blindness to the physical and mental. But our culture is prejudiced toward the supremacy of the rational-scientific-psychological MIND approach to understanding anything and everything. This invalidates and represses the most direct means of understanding of all - direct experience of Spirit!

As a result, few people in our culture have mystical experiences in their waking lives that they are aware of and validate. I know that miracles and divine messages actually abound and surround each of us, each day, but we are conditioned to refute and refuse them. Children are born with a stronger, purer connection to Spirit, but we tell them over and over "There's no such thing as: ghosts, imaginary friends, animals that talk,"

and so on, until we as adults can no longer perceive Spirit!

Reason for DreamJourneys

How does this relate to dreamjourneys? The reason dreamjourneys are so important is that, for this very reason, because our conscious mind-sets (set minds, myself included!) refuse or at best doubt Spiritual messages, Spirit can reach us easier when we are in an altered, less "mental" state. Thus: dreamjourneys! Then our internal tapes of "I must have imagined it" and "It's a coincidence" are off, or at least turned down.

That is the purpose and function of dreamjourneys: to open our minds, hearts and spirits to Spirit, so we reconnect with and receive our own personal gift messages from Spirit.

Because all dreams are perceived in the mind, even dreamjourneys, however, many times the clear, literal divine message may be covered over or made murky by the mind, and even overlaid with a symbolic psychological filter.

That is why a balance between the psychological and spiritual approaches is ideal for fully understanding all of our dream experiences.

The more tools we have, the better!


Some types of dreamjourneys include:

A. Visits to another reality. 3

These include past-, future-, and other's- life dreams, visits to heaven, hell, other planets, dimensions, parallel universes, and any other planes of existence, by whatever name we call them. Of the types, these are the

most truly like "journeys."

B. Out-of-body dreams.

C. Message dreams.

1) Contact with ancestors or the deceased.

2) Divine messages from deities or spirit guides, including God, Goddess, Jesus, angels, animal totems

3) Demons and other contact with

"evil" spirits.

4) General messages about dreamer's life.

D. Spiritual challenges/Initiations.

These often manifest as dreams in which your soul is lost, you lose control, you visit the underworld, you face monsters or demons you have to face and conquer, you die and are reborn, and so on. Many shamanic initiations appear as dreams of this nature.

If I've left out some types of dreamjourneys that you've had, please let me know!

Here are a few examples of actual dreamjourneys. As you read them, think about how the meaning is different (and how it is the same) if you apply symbolic or revelatory interpretive analysis:

Dream #1

I was in the hospital about to get my gallbladder removed. They prepared me for surgery in about one hour. I did not have the time to think about or get used to the idea of having surgery. The anesthesiologist gave me a

shot and told me to count backwards from 100. As I got to 98 I started to say, "Me and God will be watching you." I don't know if I really said this out loud. I fell asleep.

The next thing I can remember is being on top of the large cabinet in the operating room, looking down at myself on the operating table. The doctors were working over me. This didn't seem too strange since I have astral

projected many times in my 40 years.

What was different is that this time there was another being sitting with me. He/She was fantastic to see! One minute, He would have a long white beard, then the next, She would be beautiful. The colors in the face and

clothing kept changing from one brilliant color to another, and the energy was exploding from him/her.

I was not at all startled when I saw this being. It was more like seeing a old friend, as if I have known this being for centuries. We talked for a long time and laughed a lot. That's one thing I remember the most is the being's sense of humor. We did not talk with our mouths but just thought what was to be said. He/She asked if I was worried about my operation. I said, "No, everything will be fine." Then He asked if I wanted to see my future. And I looked and saw myself standing in front of a house. He asked how my life was going. I thought about work, kids, my husband, etc. Then I realized, clear as crystal, that my husband was where the problems were! I said "I wish he would leave."

After all this I asked his/her name. The being said it's been known by many names and started listing them. The only one I can remember is Michael.

Then He/She asked if I wanted to go with him/her. I said, "I can't. I have children to care for."

The next thing I know, I was waking up in the recovery room. The doctors told me the operation went well as I felt it would.

Two weeks later my husband left me. Thank God. My life has been so much better ever since, in every way.

I have always felt that this being was my guardian angel.

Of course some people tell me this was only a dream but it was so different than a dream. Dreams are confusing and disjointed. This was like I was wide awake and felt very real. And it changed my life. For the better, definitely.

Dream #2

I dreamed the first time my future husband told me he loved me. At the time of the dream, we were still just friends.

The scene was exact, although the positions we were in were actually mirror images of what later happened. He was wearing a yellow shirt, with a white wall behind him. He looked at me, he took my hand, and he said softly, "I

love you." A few weeks later, that exact scene happened, down to the shirt and wall, the works.

Dream #3

I thought this was real when it was occurring. I thought I was awake. I have a small dog, a poodle mix.

I was sort of in-between the sleep and awake worlds, lightly sleeping, when a dog came over to me and lay down above my head, on the pillow, behind and above me. The dog asked me in telepathic words, "OK if I'm here with you?"

I answered, lovingly, "Of course!," thinking I was talking to my dog. It didn't occur to me that this must be a dream because dogs don't talk, so this was not a lucid dream, although I have a lot of them. Next, I reached my hand above my head to stroke my dog, and when I touched him, I realized it wasn't my dog at all! It was Wolf!

Wolf is one of my totems. I smiled, thanked Wolf for being with me and protecting me. It was very, very real, as real as waking life. I can remember exactly what his fur felt like. He was really with me, I know it.

I opened my eyes, "woke up," (although it felt like I was already awake, not like awakening from a regular dream, or even other false awakenings), and looked over my head. I saw, just for a second, a shimmering shape of a

wolf, then it was gone from my sight. But I knew he was still there.

I looked around for my dog, and sure enough, he wasn't even nearby. He was fast asleep in another part of the room. I felt so blessed and protected, and I could still feel the loving wolf energy around me. I'm a schoolteacher, and Wolf often comes to me when I'm teaching to help me teach, or when I need protection. This dream strengthened this contact and has had a tangible effect in my waking life.

All three of these dreams involved an experience, a journey and/or a receiving of knowledge, that was beyond the physical reality. All three had significant impact on the dreamer.

It's clear to me that al l three dreams makes a heck of a lot more sense from the revelatory perspective. Oh, we could muck about probably endlessly looking at wish fulfillments (the teacher likes dogs and wants a

wolf to protect her, the woman wanted him to say "I love you"), self-fulfilling prophecies (the woman in the hospital made sure her husband left her). If we were analyzing these dreams just after the dreamers had

them, we could no doubt prove with the latest psychological jargon that any thought these dreamers had that they were receiving some higher truth or divine contact was hallucination, wish fulfillment, poor contact with reality, and so on. Or we could see the angel and the totem as parts of the dreamer's self, and look at archetypes.

Of course, we reading and writing this column have the benefit of 20-20 (?) hindsight and can see, perhaps, even more clearly, especially the precognitive aspects of these dreams.

But wouldn't it be great to be able to recognize and understand Djs like these right away, without needing the hindsight? One veteran Djer writes: "They are like markers in my personal life, so I know at what point

I am in my life, and what is to come." He's been studying his dreamjourneys for decades and can now distinguish pretty well between a "regular" dream and a spiritual dream, precognitive and otherwise.

Remember Occam's Razor? It's the scientific principle that says the simplest explanation is probably the correct one.

My corollary is: Sometimes an angel is really an angel! A message, a message! A totem, a totem!

You may be thinking: But I don't have dreams like that. My dreams are all symbolic and psychological.

I say: You probably have had spiritual dreams. You just didn't recognize them (or remember them).

The goals of this project are:

To help dreamers 1) recognize, 2) validate, 3) understand, 4) receive/manifest, and 5) apply to their lives the wisdom from their own dreamjourneys.

I wish to clarify something at this point. As I am presenting a new theory (well, new to some, anyway), with new definitions and hypotheses, it is important to initially focus on the extremes, the differences between

what I call regular, psychological, symbolic-type dreams and sacred, spiritual, revelatory dreamjourneys. But, actually, some dreams are a combination of the two types, and for these a combination approach to interpretation is ideal. For the purpose of simplicity and clarity, I will

present mostly dreams that more clearly fall on one end of the continuum or the other, to help us develop our tools for understanding spiritual dreams. But I certainly recognize that in most dreams the differences are

not so polarized; there is a great deal of overlap. And, as I have already stated, psychologically based dream interpretation is valid and very beneficial for most people in understanding most of their dreams. This work

does not replace or invalidate all the work of the great dream researchers who have come before me. But it does complement it, and provide us with further "in-sight."

We need a new model for dream analysis, one that applies the symbolic, psychological approach when needed, and the revelatory, spiritual approach, as needed, and can balance and combine the two for the best results that are meaningful and useful to the dreamer.

Let's look at another example.

(more to come)




The Dream Studio is a live online discussion group in Compuserve's New Age B+ Forum. Hosted by Donna LoCicero Campos, the Dream Studio meets each Monday night at 10:00pm EDT and 7:00pm PDT and looks at a variety of dream-related topics.

Oct. 16: "Just Got Back: A Personal Look at OOBEs" with Richard West, a remarkable Out-of-Body explorer.

Oct. 23: "A Conversation with Tony Crisp" author of many dream-books including "Liberating the Body" , an insightful look at *waking* lucid dreams.

Oct. 30: "Dreaming Up the Dead" a roundtable discussion, sharing and exploring the meaning and wisdom found in our dreams of the deceased.



Brenda Giguere


Dream research has terminology all its own. Anything you might read regarding sleep, consciousness, and dreams makes use of such terms, as well as terms from the scientific world in general. Many of these you probably already know; others you might be fairly sure of, and perhaps a few are still a bit fuzzy and in need of clarification. (True enough, you don't need to know that a standard deviation is the square root of the variance to appreciate an article about dreams. This glossary does not get quite that carried away with itself).

I am hopeful that what follows is, at least, worth noting as a quick review for you more sophisticated dream enthusiasts. To this end, here is an enlightening guide to terminology ranging from the perhaps painfully obvious, to that which you might otherwise bump into in the dark (ouch). Since it is not a long list and many terms are closely interrelated, the terms are presented in an instructive, conceptual manner rather than in alphabetical order:

* * * * * * * *

lucid dreaming: that state of dreaming sleep where conscious awareness has occurred; awareness one is dreaming while dreaming. Learnable. Usually in REM sleep.

REM sleep: rapid eye movement stage of sleep where most

dreaming occurs. So called because eyes, not subject to sleep paralysis, can follow action of dream.

sleep cycle: human sleep alternates between REM and non-REM states in roughly 90 minute intervals; each interval is called a sleep cycle.

sleep stages: sleep is divided into stages 1 through 4, each characterized by specific measures and descriptions of brain activity.

beta waves: range 13-25 cycles per second, dominant

electrical brain waves of conscious mind while awake and alert, complex thinking. Like other brain waves, can be measured on an electroencephalograph.

alpha waves: range 8-12 CPS, dominant waves of relaxation, meditation, relaxed alertness. Facilitates inspiration, fast assimilation of facts, heightened memory. Less than half an epoch (usually 30 seconds) of continuous alpha rhythm indicates sleep onset.

theta waves: range 4-7 CPS, dominant waves of deep meditation and reverie, associated with creativity, high suggestibility, and flashes of inspiration. Free-form thinking linked to the non-conscious mind.

delta waves: range 0.5-3 CPS, dominant waves of deep, dreamless sleep.

K-complexes: high amplitude slow waves, appear in Stage 2 sleep.

sleep spindles: augments and decreases in a range of 15-18 CPS; these rhythms appear in Stage 2 sleep. The most clear-cut index of sleep onset.

cerebral cortex: extensive outer layer of brain's gray matter largely responsible for higher brain functions including

sensation, voluntary muscle movement, thought, reasoning, and memory. Divided into two hemispheres, separated by bridge of nervous tissue called the corpus callosum.

EEG: electroencephalogram; measures waves of electrical

activity of the brain.

EOG: electrooculogram; measures eyelid movements associated with eyeball movements.

EMG: electromyogram; measures electrical activity of muscles.

polygraph: machine that simultaneously records changes in various physiological processes.

non-REM: slow wave sleep with no rapid eye movements.

cholinergic-aminergic system: chemical system in brain,

responsible for sleeping and waking. Acetylcholine builds up during non-REM sleep and its release initiates REM sleep; it

is held in check during wakefulness by the amines in the body (norepinephrine and serotonin).

night terror: abrupt awakening usually within first two hours of sleep during Stage 3 or 4; sleeper experiences sense of terror. Not generally described by sleeper as a dream, but rather images or sensations. Usually described physiologically as a disorder of arousal, a minor abnormality in the brain's sleep-wake mechanisms. Non-REM.

nightmare: quite different from night terror; sometimes called dream anxiety attack, usually during last three hours of sleep during a REM period. Almost always a long, intense dream.

Less pulse increase and blood pressure increase than with night terrors.

sleep paralysis: motor inhibition of legs, arms, and trunk during REM sleep; keeps sleeper from physically acting out the dream.

volition: the act or an instance of making a conscious choice or decision, as in a lucid dream.

somnambulism: sleepwalking; not associated with REM sleep.

sleeptalking: vocalization during sleep; not associated with REM sleep.

OBE: Out of Body Experience; the convincing sense one has separated in some fashion from one's body, generally thought of by scientists as a specific set of phenomena occurring during a vivid dream probably triggered by decreased awareness of weight or gravity on body during shift from waking to sleeping.

dream ego: the representation or sensation of oneself

experienced by a dreamer in the dream.

hypnagogic, hypnopompic: periods of non-REM imagery and

sensations, associated with sleep onset and awakening


cognition: mental process of knowing, including awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment.

mentation: mental activity, thinking. Not limited to waking state.

somatic sensations: touch sensations; anything felt on the body.

sensory modality: any of several organic means by which the brain obtains information about the environment; the sensory modality employed in reading is sight.

kinesthetic: sense of body movement.

olfactory: sense of smell.

auditory: sense of hearing.

gustatory: sense of taste.

modeling: normal mental functioning whereby a person

experiences a construct of the environment based on

information from the senses combining with memory to create one's sense of reality. Occurs during sleep with far diminished outside information and other variations.

perception: recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory; the neurological processes by which such recognition and interpretation are effected.

hypothesis: an educated guess about a relationship between variables that is then tested empirically.

theory: a set of statements that summarizes and organizes existing information about a phenomenon, serving as explanation, and serving as basis for predictions to be tested empirically.

field research: research occuring anywhere but in scientific laboratory.

experiment: a research procedure in which some factor is

varied, all else is held constant, and some result is measured.

survey: descriptive method in which subjects are asked series of questions or respond to series of statements about some topic.

anecdotal evidence: evidence from individual case that

illustrate a phenomenon; can be helpful in various ways but cannot be relied upon exclusively.

pseudoscience: any field of inquiry attempting to associate with true science relying exclusively on anecdotal evidence; is deliberately too vague to be adequately tested.

biochemistry: the study of chemical substances and vital

processes occuring in living organisms.

psychology: the science that deals with mental processes and behavior.

psychiatry: the branch of medicine dealing with diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental and emotional disorders.

psychophysiology: the study of correlations between the mind, behavior, and bodily mechanisms.

neurology: the medical science dealing with the nervous

system's functions and disorders.

MILD: Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreaming; effective mental

technique developed by LaBerge to induce lucid dreaming at will.

WILD: Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming; going directly into lucid

dream from waking state.

oneironaut: explorer of the dream world.



American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language

(Third Edition)

Dreamtime & Dreamwork; chapter: Nightmares: Terrors of the Night, by Franklin Galvin and Ernest Hartmann

The Dreaming Brain, by J. Allan Hobson

The Chemistry of Conscious States, by J. Allan Hobson

Lucid Dreaming, by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D.

Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming, by

Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. and Howard Rheingold

Accelerated Learning, by Colin Rose

Research in Psychology: Methods and Design, by C. James Goodwin



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Update on Castaneda and Dreams


Following Carlos Castaneda's recent Tensegrity Workshop in LA, I wanted to add to my note on the difference between lucid dreams and "dreaming" in Cargos Castanea's lexicon. In the sorcerer's view, humans are capable of perceiving an enormous number of real worlds -- distinct worlds in which we can live and die -- and these worlds are arranged, one surrounding another, like the skins of an onion. Dreaming is a vehicle for accessing these worlds. Lucid dreaming usually takes us to "ghost worlds," or insubstantial areas between the real worlds. The key point for sorcerer's is that the quality of our dreaming is directly related to the amount of energy we have available to us, and that dreaming requires the utmost sobriety which only a person with substantial energy accumulation can claim. The practices of Tensegrity (in which one reclaims one's own dispersed energy through physical movement) and recapitulation (in which one reclaims dispersed energy through an examination of each of one's personal relationships, past and present) are designed to help the dreamer energetically so that he or she may be successful in dreaming. Information about these can be obtained from the alt.dreams.castaneda newsgroup or (better still) from Cleargreen, Inc., 11901 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 599, Los Angeles, CA, 90025, USA, or 1-800-490-3020.

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==== commentary on 'oaxacian animals' by jay ====

if this were my dream...

i feel that it is a powerful dream also. but i don't feel, at first

feel, any messages other than that of my feeling of appreciation of

the beauty of nature and my feeling of connectedness with it.

==== Commentary on "dreamed memories" by jay ====

despite the intriguing addition of yet another layer of consciousness

involved in instances of dreaming of remembering stuff, i would take

it the same way i take other dream material, as an indication of

whats going on in the inner parts of my being.

for example, mari speaks of dreaming about memories of being in

prison and having a sister who died. i would look at these the same

as if she had dreamed of those things happening directly, except in

this case they are background events which happened previous to the

current dream events.


==== Commentary on " Flying Lessons for Kevin " by Island ====

(ED 2-6)

Or " What About Fishing As Well" ?

all my comments are prefaced with, "if this were my dream," as it well could be...

<Kevin and I are wandering around, like we did as kids. We come upon a rich women's house>

The Dreammaker who dwells in the unconscious

<and go in through the double French doors>

the foreign, exotic language of dreams: doubly emphasized

<off a porch .>

Compare/contrast with balcony, later

<We can't seem to find the woman, but there is a sense of her>

approach her through senses, though she cannot be fixed in space and time.

<I seem to know or feel she is, hmmm, that she is in her early 40's>

dream research late 20th century

<I've developed over time and experiment>

grow while playing; an experiment with dream time versus reality?

<with it. I seem to be able to control the flying better than usual and rise>

an ascension? Or inflation? Or rise to the occasion?

<30 or 40 feet>

undecided about 3, spiritual, or 4, material, doubly emphasized by zero; and/or mingling of the two

<near the ceiling>

experiment with lucid dreaming; mental realm, because I am controlling my flight.

<Its a very high ceiling>

incalculable, like the sky: also masculine

<Kevin mentions to me that he would like to learn how to do that in this dream state:>

Question: What does it really mean to fly in the dream state? Or in other words, to mix the mental

sky with the Neptunian (oceanic) dream arena?

<I'm a little surprised as usually he ignores my flying and doesn't see the wonderfulness in it that I


a feeling part of me (surprise surprise surprise, but just a little) has resisted/is unconscious about

dream flight, but is yielding. To ignore something, or someone, wonderful? How does that really feel?

<I land>

ground myself: with a dull thump? Firmly? How does it feel to be grounded, instead of flying?

<and tell him I can teach him but warn that it will require that he go into that very spot he hates to go>

opposite of mental: feeling realm. But look at the feelings words: warn, require, hate

While saying this I'm thinking the spot is boredom>

Word play: boring down, as one must do to plumb the unconscious, in a focused manner, i.e. spot. But oh, those thoughts again. Does that gosh darned spot ever rub itself out?

<But after he says, "Well, I'm willing to go there a little bit>

consciously applying the will albeit treading gingerly

<I think the spot he must traverse is anxiety>

undifferentiated feeling; also: traverse is also to cross; and this sets up the many

crossings/crosses to follow

<I begin to instruct him, but as I haven't taught anyone before, I have to begin by describing my

subjective state.>

delineate, or name, my feelings, which is not the same as experiencing them, though certainly valid.

<I say that I make my head very light>

brilliant, spiritual thought: control is emphasized, though, with "make my head"; and/or make my mind up lightly; suggesting a commitment easily retracted

<and he immediately says, "Well, *that* makes sense.>

important for it to be understood logically may be at issue

< I begin to wonder just how *do* I hold my anxiety and boredom and how to teach him to do the same>

a sense of wonder ushers in a speculative note, akin to awe, and the "wonderful" feeling alluded to earlier; the incentive for maintaining focus and boring through the dream kingdom while perhaps placed at odds by undifferentiated feeling: Something like sailing into the unknown. This is not an easy feeling: akin to suspending ambiguity & uncertainty for a while (e.g., Imagine how it would feel to be undergoing tests without knowing the diagnosis/grade/result).

<Another person enters. A young woman.>

Maintaining these feelings introduces the young woman, perhaps the as yet developed rich woman alluded to initially

<so she hangs out with us for awhile>

Do you feel a grip to the throat? I do, or great tension, as in hanging; though the casual "hang out" is simultaneously felt, giving an overall sense of the sword of Damocles suspended above a card game where the stakes are high.

<We leave>

Who is we? Richard, Kevin, or Richard, Kevin, and the woman? Whatever, it appears the process of dream exploration is for the moment being abandoned.

<I remember kicking something on the floor around>

This is something one might do when actually bored. Or a sense of impatience, maybe even disgust, inspires the kick.

<Unclear - a bag of shit>

Lack of clarity may be also be the inspiration for the kick. Yet look what's being kicked around: shit = great riches enclosed in a vessel of sorts: a feminine, receptive container.

<an empty gasoline can >

no way to maneuver now -- can the dreams? Also "square" or material/masculine container -- and juxtaposed with the shit

<a foot long > echoing the "30 or 40 feet" but greatly reduced in size

<smelly fish >

Fish=see Jeremy Taylor's wonderful discussion of fishermen in ... Water Runs Uphill; he equotes with masculine creativity, if I correctly recall, though I wonder if fish doesn't have a lot to do with dreams, or the images and symbols therein -- here, dead but leaving an intense sensual impression when brought out of the ocean

< -- all and none of these >

an all or nothing approach? wending in and out of consciousness? None and all, or one and all? So frustrating. Will it ever generate the "aha", for certain and for real? Or is it just that? Everything and nothing at once: a confluence of feeling and awareness.

<We leave through the window>

Leaving again? So soon? Why the window and not the door? The eyes, housed in the head, or even the soul? Or "escape through" the window?

<and across>

OR: a cross < -- a balcony > emphasizing "hang" because hanging off a building -- but hanging also carries the sense throughout of uncomfortable suspension outside one's Self

<and down a rainspout or trestle or vines>

the route down is not clear: go the way of the emotions? Use solid support? Or cling on, and grow my way down, in contradistinction to flying/fleeing up?

<We wander around together>

meandering? Perhaps lost? Is it wandering in the sense of the opening line of the dream, when Richard and Kevin wandered as children? The Israelites wandered for 40 years, did they not, before reaching the Promised Land.

<Later we return>

things have a way of circling/cycling back around to ... dreams? Reality?

<and Kevin and the woman go into the room through the 2nd story window>

Is the woman showing Kevin the way? Or does she follow? The 2nd story? A repeat version, or new chapter?

<but when I enter I trip an alarm >

my feelings are triggered this time

<The family shows up below>

a major event: aspects of the unconscious gather...

<We run>

as in away or in ecstatic freedom?

<and go to a crowded park>

have a lot of company with people who are parked...

<People are hanging out in the park as if it were a beach>

Hanging out? Echoes hanging throughout, but this time not so much the feeling of a Damocles sword suspended over a crap shoot but a beach = bridge between consciousness and unconscious; and/orstranded/stymied.

<I look for a spot>

Using eyes, look this similar to the spot -- a return, and echo, of the beginning of the dream: "it will require that he go into that very spot he hates to go"?

<for us to sit down.>

Sit down: Feels very solid here.

<It's pretty muddy...>

Yet mud eventually settles ...

A great dream. Aren't dreams magnificent?

==== Dream: "The Long Suffering Memory" by Flare ====

This dream keeps on coming back and I can't explain why. It always comes back at about the same time of year.

I am standing in darkness and am wearing a white shirt with a red skirt and the black trenchcoat that has come to appear in my dreams so often. I can hear a piano playing in the distance and as I start to head towards the piano, I can make out a door in the darkness. I walk towards the door with a smile on my face. It is a door that I recognize; the door to the apartment of my deceased boyfriend.

I open the door and walk inside. The room is darkly lit( does that make any sense?) I can see for a few feet in front of me at a time. I stop by the window and look outside. I can see the moon and the stars in the sky. My heart freezes as I look downward into the street

and remember what happened there, only a few days away from the time this dream takes place. As I look down into the street, I know that this dream is wrong. I shouldn't be having it. It's a memory..

I walk farther into the room and see a spotlight in a corner..

the piano music is coming from that spotlight. I step into the bright light and can see the piano clearly. It is the same grand piano that I remember seeing for that year and a half that I spent with Simon, my boyfriend. I smile again as I recognize that he is playing our song. I walk around the piano, expecting to sing along with the music. I stop, my heart freezes again.. There is no one playing the piano. When I notice this, I begin to cry in my dream. The tears become so blinding that I can only see a hazy outline of the piano that is playing by itself.

I wake up to find tears on my pillow, remnants of the long-suffering dream.


==== Commentary on "Long Suffering Memory" by Shadow ====

I am standing in darkness. It is an old darkness that comes every year, the lingering psychic trauma that has burrowed into my being. Against this darkness I am wearing a white (light) shirt with a red (life and/or anger) skirt. However my outer garment, that old familiar trenched, is black like the darkness that surrounds me. I can hear a piano playing in the distance and as I start to head towards the piano, I can make out a door in the darkness. I walk towards the door with a smile on my face. It is a door that I recognize; the door to the apartment of my deceased boyfriend.

I open the door and walk inside. The room is darkly lit( does that make any sense?) I can see for a few feet in front of me at a time. I stop by the window and look outside. I can see the moon and the stars in the sky. My heart freezes (black trenched?) as I look downward into the street and remember what happened there, only a few days away from the time this dream takes place. As I look down into the street, I know that this dream is wrong. I shouldn't be having it. It's a memory..

I walk farther into the room and see a spotlight in a corner..the piano music is coming from that spotlight. I step into the bright light, moving away from the dark aspect of this memory and into a positive "spot", and can see the piano clearly. It is the same grand piano that I remember seeing for that year and a half that I spent with Simon, my boyfriend.

I smile again as I recognize that he is playing our song. I walk around the piano, expecting to sing along with the music. I stop, my heart freezes again.. There is no one playing the piano (despite the spot light/highlight the darkness continues to have significant power here. Simon is not here. Simon is NOT HERE! But I am. It isn't about Simon. It is about me). When I notice this, I begin to cry in my dream. The tears become so blinding that I can only see a hazy outline of the piano that is playing by itself.

I wake up to find tears on my pillow, remnants of the long-suffering dream.

What a painfully powerful dream filled with both dark and light possibilities. Thank you Flare.

Two questions come to mind for the dreamer to consider:

1. If you were to stop in the darkness would you have seen any other doors?

2. What would have happened if you would have say down at the piano and played something else?


=== Commentary on "Sugar Cookie" by Shadow ===

I am at the edge of a vast desert. It is a sterile place with no diversity or excitement. Every grain of sand is exactly the same. The horizon is an unbroken straight line. I am thinking nothing. It is like I am aware of every single grain of sand. Am I totally contented? Or, perhaps, I am looking ahead at my life and seeing a uniform, unchanging future. Such a fine line between fulfillment and boredom!

I scan the horizon. My intuition is speaking of something about to happen. But what is it? When my surroundings begin to solidify (was I distant before? Living, but not really 'into' my life?) I see a tower on the horizon. I had not noticed it before. Somehow I had strayed from the obvious, from an (religious/belief system) anchor. The tower is far away. Now the tower is summoning me telepathically. This is an internal message. Although my surroundings have solidified I still feel nothing. I accelerate toward the tower, yet remain emotionless. I realize that I am without form, a disembodied awareness (my spirituality, or perhaps my soul).

I arrive at the tower. It is an obelisk. A monument of respect for God? It is three thousand feet high. Its substance is an extremely dense (rigid, unyielding) gray-black material. I realize that it is exactly this density that drew me here (a yearning for self-discipline, moral guidance). I pulled upward by the impossibly strong gravity here. A beautiful warmth fills my body as I near the apex. I am becoming material again. I know that something wonderful awaits me, yet I am still empty spiritually/emotionally. God is drawing me in, and I know it will be awesome, but my heart isn't in it.

I suddenly slam to a halt three feet above the top of the obelisk. I am quivering, humming, and bristling with yellow energy (the color of the Sun/Son). The desert looks the same as it did from the surface. The top of the obelisk is not a point, but a flat surface one foot square. Lying in the exact center of this square is a sugar cookie. This sugar cookie, beige in color, has little eyes, a little mouth, and a little nose. These facial features resemble tiny chocolate doughnuts. The cookie is looking at me. It is omniscient. I realize that I am looking into the face of God. A cookie, a child's treat. A cookie, something to be consumed. Is this cookie God, or my internalized ideas of God and religion? I have gone from desert to dessert!!!

The Cookie God is about to deliver a message. It grins at me and I am filled with maternal love. Everything (the desert, the obelisk, the cookie, the sky, and myself) become one in a bristling yellow ball that is now a small sun. We have merged into one conscious entity!

The Cookie God finally directs a radio emission toward the center of my awareness (a strong message, but what is it?). Perhaps this is an 'emotional energy boost'. This signal is so intense that I wake up!

This is an exquisite dream!!! It speaks to me of emotional and spiritual burn-out and fatigue. This is followed by a pilgrimage to my spiritual center, the place of my God. I renew my intimate relationship with God and am filled with maternal love (received or given or both?)!!! What a beautiful dream!!! Of course, this is just one of many possibilities...

--Shadow (

=== Commentary on "forcing asd" by Shadow ====

My work office (how I relate to/survive in the world) is in the same building as the ASD office (my interest in/work with dreams). The ASD office is a couple floors above my work office (prioritized positions of work/leisure issues). Both offices share the same answering machine. There is something about the outgoing announcement message that I want to change (the mask I wear when interacting with others). I walk upstairs to the ASD office (dreams are taking a higher position than my work?) with a woman from my office (the anima). The answering machine is on the floor in their hallway (a position signifying, perhaps, that communication, both incoming and outgoing are not all that important here.

I pick up the answering machine to examine it and accidentally push a button labeled 'force' on the left side of the machine (somehow I have used force to bring about a desired change in my life, or maybe I am just considering it on some deep level). This act appears to wipe out the outgoing message (this use of force has damaged in some way my ability to communicate with the external world/different aspects of myself). I feel guilty for having messed with their machine without permission (instead of working through it I used the 'force' button to bring about instant results, albeit by accident). I try to figure out how to restore the message, but I cannot. I am not sure of the exact type or extent of the damage. This dream speaks of conflict. Conflict within myself. Conflict between my dreams and my work. How are my dreams and my work related? How much of a part do each of these two areas play in how I interact with those around me? There are so many possibilities here....

--Shadow (

==== Commentary on 'forcing asd' by SubZero ====

It were my dream, I would start looking at the title I gave to the dream...

forcing asd- forcing association for the study of dream...

I would ask whether I force the associations when I study/work with dreams....

Do I feel unsatisfied working with dreams? Yes would say there is some connection

with the dream....

Do I try to force dream interpretation? Am I applying an inappropriate method for applying dreams?

Answering machine for me would mean automatically.. I keep doing something in my life which I want to change. Automatically has an disadvantage : it gets out of

control because I pay less and less attention to it. This can happen to a relationship as well. Everything looks alright without adjustments but minor and major modifications are needed along the way. I am likely to forget that with automatically..

I want to look at it, and accidentally I push the force button...

For me, it would signify some unlived destructive wish or anger...

[I Look for the motives behind, maybe a shadow is behind the action]

Such a thing would come out accidentally because I would not want to take responsibility for it. You see it is inconvenient to look at it.

I would examine what thing I am trying to my life..

Being close to the asd office, it would mean some connection to the dream work or actually to the real asd office itself. This would be a literal interpretation. I

am shy person and do not like to confront problems with friends and associate fearing the consequences, so I would look at whether I have some unsaid problems

with asd. Do they serve me adequately? Do I like to work with them? Since it is their phone and mine, I share it as the dreamer writes, maybe this element would

be another indication that there is something which I do not like about them.. In real life, I would get angry for small thing with them. That is how I would express my feeling unconsciously.. Of course, it is not necessarily the real asd with whom I am angry with..

It may be my own dreamwork.. or something else..

force- it is a bad word for me. I am afraid of force, especially my own...This may be different for the dreamer...

What kind of message did I delete? Announcement message? What would be announced?

I may have some confrontation difficulties..What if I just told them that I deleted it ? It can happen to everyone, can it not? And anyway, it is my phone too

I have the right to use it... Yet why do I feel that I do not have right to examine it? Also, why do I not have my own answering machine? Is it so expensive?

Could I be more independent but I do not want to?

In summary, the dream would mean a social problem arising from the fact that I am social being versus individual being.. How do I resolve the conflict? Currently,

it seems there is a battle between them. I live out both of them. I mess with 'their' answering machine because I believe it is mine as well. And I am social so

I feel guilty as well.. There are two opposing behaviors which one day I hope I can resolve.. well. it is up to me..

"the end.. dreamer..."

SubZero asserts that by no means it is guaranteed that this comment is full or complete or even partly correct.. So it is your turn, reader to add something to i..

==== commentary on 'the chase' by jay ====

if this were my dream...

i observe that i can now hear my friends calling me, even during the chase, this time. i feel very conflicted and torn by their voices.

and, even though i have to re-don my trenched, i am able to go without it for awhile, scary though it is.

==== Commentary on "The Chase" by SubZero ====

If I had a dream like this....

dark section, vague, dark alley all imply MY inner world which I do not know very well. Otherwise, it would be a sunny day..smiling faces.. It looks like Santa Fe... Just a guess is this the city where I was born or feel very close to? Then this would strengthen the assumption that this is my inner world. What happened in Santa Fe? What period was it in my life?

I have the feeling that this dream also shows me how I see my inner world...

I reduce the living characters of my soul into mere earthwork!![1] This is an awful simplification of myself..I probably look at my dreams, as peaces of art produced by my mind but this may prevent me form seeing the richness and that they[friends..] are actually lifeforce which I cannot use until I look at them , until I appreciate their real value..

They are frightened rightly,because of my stormy past, I would need as much help from the friends as possible to move forward. I have some inclination to change the situation, and this is my part with which I identify with in my dream. I need to realize and see that while I think that I want to move on, there is a part of me, quite strong which blocks my way of development.. WHo is

he or she? He must be quite active in my life now..How do I handle my dreams generally? How do I handle my feelings/values? The fact that I cannot see the

enemy for me means low consciousness of that part.. A real shadow...[see the book from Robert A. Johnson : Owning your own shadow.. or another book called

Inner Work] As a help, the view [1] constitutes the opinion of my shadow..

There is probably more than one shadow[unlived feelings and part of myself] as I have been neglecting my inner world[they accumulated by time unattended], perhaps because I have tried to cope with loss of my boyfriend...

By the way, what am I wearing in the valley?

I run towards the light [consciousness] , that is, I am doing something to know my world..

I have some defence , the trenched which I do not know well [dark-lack of consciousness].trenched-a way of dealing with the situation...

The dark shadow of dog/wolf is very positive sign for me.. Is it male or


For me, it would represent a very loyal ALLY , that is, he would be excellent partner to help me and defend me against other shadows which will not be positive at the beginning..But who knows maybe they have good qualities...

wolf is very persistent, powerful animal.. could represent my higher self as well.. I could dig into books, investigate.. What does the dog remind me of?

What does Los Angeles represent for me?

I am sure that I do not have to wait long any more. My 'enemies' will appear in my dream.. I need to know that one day they will be my friends. And however hard I will fight against them, they will be friendly.. one day..I need to work on them.

For me, it would be logical that my persecutors are male or mostly male..

As I lost my boyfriend, my world was out of balance. To restore that, a new male force has to appear.

Active imagination suggested by David K. looks good for me to get to know my inner world.. I could make up an ally if I feel weak against the shadows[maybe

my dog.. What does my dog say?].. I could ask the supreme force/God for an ally.. or make one myself..

Of course, to attend a Jungian psychologist would help me too..

Warning: as the shadows are strong, in active imagination they are likely to want to get the control over my consciousness.. Under no circumstances , I

should try to do so.. Even if they try to push me, convince me or force me..

I will Get an ally if in trouble or go to a psychologist....

Note: The above can be totally wrong..rely on your opinion....

==== Dream: "Guitar Shop Friend" by Taodreams ====

I was with a woman and somehow the conversation got around to guitars and I said I needed a new one. She said we should go to the Old Town School of Music (its a folk music school that

presents folk concerts, etc). I said I didn't think they sold guitars and if they did they would be expensive. She said even if they were expensive the owner would know where we could get one cheaper. So we went to the school and sure enough they had a store that sold guitars, mandolins, banjo's etc.

We walked around looking at the prices and they were expensive ($1,400 for an acoustic and the same for an electric) so the woman went up to the owner to ask if there was somewhere close that sold cheaper guitars. For some reason I tried to discourage her (I think I felt foolish looking for a cheaper guitar), but she went ahead and asked. The owner said there were several stores close by. We decided to go look at the other stores and left, looking at a few more instruments(banjo and mandolin) on the way out. The dream ended before we left the store. One of the things I found interesting about the dream is that the woman i was with was not my wife, and I don't know her in real life, but I felt very comfortable with her as if she were an old friend.

==== Dream: "Allergies, drugs, and Dragons" by N.

(submitted by Shadow) =====

Note: The dreamer is a married female in her late twenties. She is a registered nurse.

I am in the upstairs of a house which I know to be a drug house of some sort.

A woman I know from my place of work, who is not a direct co-worker, is there as well. I am going to give her an allergy shot, which I have done in waking-life. In order to do this I must thread a plastic tube-like catheter into her vein. As I am trying to do this I look down to see that I have a large dragon tattoo that encompasses my entire left arm. I have other tatoos' but I cannot/do not notice what they are. At this point I notice two men present. They are the ones selling the drugs. --End of dream

**In addition to sending comments to ED please send copies to me as well.

Thanks! Shadow (

==== Commentary on "Allergies, drugs, and Dragons" by SubZero ====

If it were my dream...

It would be a very serious dream...

I would ask the following questions..

what would correspond to giving drug to someone in my life?

[very likely people in my environment]

(1)Is giving an allergy shot is curing allergy momentarily?

(2)Am I trying to cure my co-worker?

(3)Am I addicted in the dream? Am I addicted to something in my real life?

(4)Do I like tatoos or not?

(5)What do I associate with dragons? [Chinese connection? Do I know about

Chinese thinking? Symbol of good for me or evil? Important difference?

(6)What do I associate with the two man?

(7) is there an allergic shock that would cure drug-addiction?

is my co-worker addicted to drugs?



If so, this represent my wish to fix up things in my life connected with addictions...

(3) I am probably not if the answer is yes for (1,2)

if the answer is yes, I am in greater danger...

The two men represents the fact that I make other people addicted..(to what

is the question..I think the answer lies in the dragon!!!.)

(4) if yes, it may represent a strength actually...but also,the opposite ....

for me, the answer is no.. It would mean I am stamped..I cannot 'wash it

off' It could reconfirm the fact of addiction in form of another metaphor...

My LEFT hand is stamped..I am not sure , is this male side or female side?

If male side it could be that my male side is driven by the dragon, or maybe infected by the power of the dragon..which would coincide with two

men wrong-doing..

If it is the female side, it could mean that my female is infected by the

bad males and maybe held under control..

question:who buys the drug? Who is destroyed by it? Who feels very bad in my environment? Is my feminine side in danger? Likely outcome that the feminine side of my husband is addicted to something given by my male

side.. Is my husband very weak emotionally? [if so, this theory is confirmed..]

The dream because my co-worker is tried to be cured: I guess the bad guys corrupted her...

Allergy means dislike of something? What does it mean for you?

to cure dislike has double meaning in the dream...

I actually help the guys by silencing the allergy(protest, maybe natural)

in my co-worker?(negative)

or if allergy caused by taking drugit is a positive moment..

or if allergy caused by disliking the act of selling the drug, it is a

negative moment...

I probably confused the dreamer...

Question: What is the allergy caused by? (my interpretation depends on that)

Intuitively, I think allergy cure is positive..

Do I fear the dragon or like it when I look at it?

If I fear it , it is the power which drives me to sell drugs....[I prefer this]

If I like it, it may be the power to help me overcome the two men..

Would the dragon mean that I belong to some sort of maffia?[to two men]

Or the dragon would be associated with snake? [sexual power?]

One thing is sure for me it represents great power...

The dream may tell me that I misuse that power...

Also, that I may have little choice [stamped by it]



My feeling what the dream may mean is: I am trying to cure my co-worker who is danger. As I try to cure her drug-addiction with an allergy cure, I do

not know how serious her condition is.. I possibly underestimate the situation...

The next scene shows me what is going on in reality.. My left is effected by the dragon..[am I trying to cure my co-worker with left hand or right hand? if with the left, I may not succeed if the dragon is a negative power, but probably dragon-power has two facets: good use and bad use I need to realize how to use it,I cannot get rid of it is on my skin]

The next scene shows me the danger in another form. Dragon was one, two men are another.. They are related..

I do hard by my deed [thru the 2 men]..

I would try to know the two men better and try to find other strength in me which would balanced them..Also, I would try to dissuade them with active

imagination Dragon should be looked at very closely how it appears in my life...

[see David K ,comment on the Chase ,last issue of E-Zine or the book Robert

A. Johnson : Inner Work]

********My comment may not be valid*******

==== comments on 'allergies, drugs, and dragons' by jay ====

if this were my dream...

in the upper levels of my being there is some sort of a drug problem.

some one is trying to anesthetize someone, perhaps. some dark fearsome unconscious part of me, perhaps from my past (left hand), is trying to drug that part of myself represented by my co-worker.

trying to keep me from thinking about something?

i would ask myself what qualities my co-worker represents to me.

what thoughts come to me when i think of my co-worker? what about dragons or catheters or drugs or my job as a nurse?

i hope these possibilities are helpful to the dreamer.


==== Dream: "Pleasant Apocalypse" by Wanderer ====

I am on a stone walkway surrounding the base of a huge wall. The walkway is just inches above a large body of water. It is night and the water looks so

dark and cold. Both the wall and the walkway are made of old stones, like those you might see in a castle. I am with a woman, whom I do not know, and her sister. We all walk toward the end of the walkway. The woman are

waiting for someone to come in a speed boat to bring something (don't recall what). I decide that I am not going to wait, but instead I walk to the side and onto another walkway and wall just like the one I came from. I walk along the back side of it and up some stairs and BAM!!

Now I am at my place of work. I am my office. With me is a female co-worker (a few months ago this woman and I had an affair--we are both married. It ended not too long ago in a terrible way--not because of either one of us, but because of her spouse finding out. I still work with her and we still talk about the continued feelings we have for each other.) and her husband, but the person who is her husband is nothing like her real husband. This person is much younger. We are all talking and laughing like everything is fine. I am not sure if, in the dream, he knew or if the affair ever happened. The dream ends here.

I awoke feeling such a mixture of emotions. I was confused at the appearance this woman's husband and the lack of anger there. This dream kind of hurts!

==== Comment on Working Journey by SubZero ====

so suppose it were MY dream.....

This dream reveals several issues. This seems to be an overview dream where the unconscious presents all the factors important to my development now..A dream like that does not come up very often. The dreamer for some reason believed before having the dream that someone is going to help him soon to interpret the dream. I had dreams like this before going to a Jungian psychologist. Maybe he has changed something about himself. [Here I become Jungian..]

An Issue


The shadow inside me, an unexpressed character is within me which I need to face..I mean the man who I am spying on... Who is he? How does he look like?

What does he like? I am really scared of him.. Surveillance indicates I know about this shadow, I have been watching him through my inner work. It is typical to be scared of the shadow, because I do not know much about him...

I want to approach him cautiously but it is funny that my unconscious puts me in front of him.. Maybe he could tell me how to lead my life. [he brings the map to help us find the way] So it would be useful to know him.But I need to overcome my fear by knowing more on him. From the dream, he does not seem to be a bad character. He is helpful. He can be a positive shadow.. I am scared of my good qualities..

Looking at the dream, line by line



>I am riding a bicycle, or a motorcycle (I cannot tell which) up and down a bicycle would it refer to the period when I was young.. When did I have the bicycle? How did I behave then?

>dirt road near the home of a man I conducted a surveillance on last year dirty road- I cannot see clearly.. or facing unpleasant things ..

What does dirty mean?

>while I was working as a private investigator. For some reason I cannot find

investigator-I am examining my some inner work

>the connecting road that leads back to the route I had taken to get to this I want to get to this man house to know him, a challenge presented by my unconscious.

>man'shouse. I am getting frustrated. I pull into the driveway of a nearby

maybe this shows my conscious effort to know the man...but I have difficulties..

>house with the intention of asking for directions. There is no one home. I

>get back on my bicycle/motorcycle and head back toward the home of the man

>which I am investigating.


>Now I am with another investigator (I know he is a man, but beyond that I did

>not notice any details about him) and we are in the woods very close this >man's home. We are, however, lost. I continue to be frustrated. As we I am probably frustrated in my life as well. What is the significance of

being in the woods? Is that why I am lost? Why am I lost?

>climb a steep muddy hill I nearly lose my footing. Just as we get to the top to lose my footing is to lose protection against the earth [mean :

practical materialistic world] In my life, it appeared as getting cold through my feet!! muddy-again, I face unpleasant things about myself.. and going up-being

more conscious..

>I see that the man's home is right there. Even worse, he is in his yard and Is this the way I behave normally? I am abnormally scared.. This is my shadow. I have a bet on it.. I assume he is like me.. Is it possible that I am ashamed of myself and of the act of spying.. >sees us. I continue to climb until I collapse, at the top of the hill, onto >several rolls of new carpet that the man has laying in his yard. I am Interesting-"new carpet"in his yard.. Carpet covers the earth, so by stepping on the carpet, I am protected. Ergo my dear shadow gives the gift to protect myself in a "new" way... By associating on the carpet, I could find out how this protection would appear in my life..

>covered with mud. My partner is standing near me. I get up and quickly come more mud- facing more unpleasant things. What would this correspond to in my real life? I seem to handle well. [getting up quickly]

>up with a story explaining why we were climbing up into his yard. I am upset This point at the story could help me to find the corresponding event of my real life when I face my shadow. >at making such a mistake. What I tell him is actually true. We ARE lost. well, my unconscious is smarter than me..

> He goes into his house to look on a map or something, in an attempt to help

>my partner and I find where we need to go.

he can help me... I could listen to him...


>I take this opportunity to grab my partner and walk away quickly. The house fear overcomes me.. but it does not have to be so always.. next time..I will

>and rural setting are replaced by the familiar city streets near the catholic

my shadow lives in the nature!!!

>elementary school that I attended as a child. At the corner my partner and I So my behavior can be traced back when I was a child..[maybe the fear/spying]

>are discussing the fact that we should not bill our employer the ten thousand >dollars that we had planned on for this case because we had screwed up and

>made direct contact with the subject, a surveillance no-no! I stop at a There is a boss , a part of me who actually makes me do the surveillance/inner work He is a not known part of me, hence he controls me.

The boss is also a shadow. As I am trying to do inner work unconsciously..I may not be as successful as I could be if I knew my boss better. I am not aware of real motives for the inner work.. the boss is important...

>heavy, rusted, metal door on the front of one of the buildings. I open the metal is not natural. I try to avoid the shadow[natural] from the house, that is , I run to the opposite, unnaturalness, the counterbalance my shadow..

>door, telling my partner that the man will never find us in here. I have bet 98% that I am wrong. The shadow will find me sooner or later but I can deal with it..

>real fear that he will pursue us. The doorway leads to stairs going up. We typical fear of shadow. I inwardly know that I cannot run away..

>come out on another city street. I find another metal door, identical to the becoming more 'metal' , the more I fear

>first, and open it. Again, there is a stairway leading upward. We climb >these stairs as well. I am confident that the man will have no chance of >finding us now.

So this is where the first part finishes. Currently, I am stuck in fear and metallic behavior. What does metal mean? I know it..


>My partner and I are in the hospital where I work. I decide to take him to Part II begins

hospital where I work.. The dream brings up the topic of inner work which I do on myself from a different angle..A different way of dealing with problem[shadow]

>the medical psychiatric unit (in reality there is no such unit where I work).

> My frustration and fear have been replaced with a calm feeling. We take the Ok. I am doing real work, otherwise I would not be calm..

>elevator up to the third floor. As we step out I realize that we are on the

there was a period of finding myself...

>wrong floor. The unit I want to go to is on the second floor.

I am just wondering what 1,2,3 means:

1: beginning

2: advancement

3: culmination

Any growth in the unconscious obeys 1,2,3...

3 may mean I wanted to proceed to fast[to finish it]

I entered the second stage..


>Once on the second floor we enter the medical psychiatric unit. There are

>double wooden doors into the unit. In the center of the floor is a raised 'wooden door', so the way to the shadow is back through nature..

>metal track of some kind, as if for some sort of automated cart or something.

there are remnants of metallic behavior (see part 1) I need to watch out for that...Here the metal is defined by automated cart.. Being automatic with myself is very bad..It means being inhuman and without feelings..Without feelings, no inner work! what does automated cart mean for me?

> We walk down the first section of hall. As we turn the corner I look into a

>room and see a man with a big, bald head shaped like an egg. I wonder what first section = first thing to look at.. definition of my problem.. 'I wonder' may be an instruction for me that I could look at the head when I work with this dream. I could give me important insight..

some help-bald=lack of hair Who would I feel if I were like that man? The image concentrates on my HEAD..[meaning intellectual part] So that part is deformed???

>caused his head to be shaped that way. Down the second section of hall we second section=the second thing to look at

>enter the last room on the right. There is a man in the hospital bed.

> Beside the bed is his wife (I have never seen either of them before). At

>the foot of the bed is an array of medical equipment. I see a thin plastic

>tube filled with blood running from an IV machine to the man's arm. I look Why do they need blood? What is IV machine? So there is the wife, the man,

and my dog..My idea: weak people need blood..Were they not supported by me in the past?

>down and see a small black dog, my dog, with the same tube, also filled with

>blood. She runs under the bed and I am concerned that she my pull the IV out Is she the dog? Maybe she wants to pull out the IV because there is a

better solution for them..

>of both her and the man in the hospital bed. I notice that both tubes run

>from/into the same IV machine. >

>I walk around the bed and stand on the side opposite from this man's wife.

> My partner follows me, but says nothing. I ask the man's wife when he will

>be ready to be transferred up to the psychiatric unit (where I work). She >says that it should be very soon. I look at the man and see that he has what

I am going to do inner work on the wife soon.. Wife=anima , As I became 'metallic', I need to restore my feeling function..That is to know what I

feel and to answer to the needs exposed by my feelings..I should not disregard my feelings.

>looks like a mutated oxygen mask on the lower half of his face. It really Needs a mask because the man cannot bear real air.. The man cannot express himself, he feels handicapped...I need to listen to him as well..

>looks almost more like a gas mask than anything else.


>This man is now outside of the hospital. His wife, my partner, and myself

So the situation is improving .He can take an action. Does he wear the mask now?

>are watching him from the window in his room. I see that he has driven an

>ambulance from somewhere and parked it in the driveway to the hospital. My Is he the one who tries to do something about my situation..? Has he brought someone else to cure?

>partner points out that he sees something in the walkway, which goes over the

>street, between the hospital and the building across the street. I look to >see what he is talking about. I awake just before I see it.



Complex dream...

I would talk to the shadow from the house, the wife, the man, my dog and even my partner and the boss through active imagination if I had enough

guts and motivation...There are other ways as well..Living is a way as well. Or looking at the consecutive dreams...

Suggested reading: Robert A. Johnson : Inner Work.

The book describes how to interpret dreams consistently and how to use active imagination safely.

Warning: the dreamer needs to work on the dream further on his own and use the insight in his life to make life more interesting/meaningful Also, about this comment on the whole dream:I CAN BE WRONG.

=== Dream: "Stand of Inorganic Beings" by Shadow ====

I am in my home and am searching for a baby sitter for my son, who

is just two months old. It seems I am having trouble finding someone whom I trust. Suddenly I am outside. I look down the way and see a group of odd shadows, they are very close together like a tight stand of young aspens. I realize that these shadows are alive. In fact, they are exactly what I pictured when reading Cargos Castanea's description of two inorganic being which appeared to him in his dreams (see chapter three of "The Art of Dreaming"). I get the impression that these "inorganic beings" were possibly going to watch my son. I am not sure how this made me feel in the dream. Upon awakening I found it interesting to have dreamt of these beings. I have only just begun reading "The Art of Dreaming" and have yet to decide if I think the whole approach is a sham or worth studying. Either way the dream has stayed with me.

--Shadow (

==== Dream: "Another Motorcycle Dream!?!" by Shadow =====

I am in a hallway. To my left is the top of a flight of stairs that leads down (a single flight) to an gymnasium or auditorium of some sort. I look down to the far end of the hallway and see a co- worker (female) running toward me. My first reaction is to jump down into the stairwell. As I do so I notice that there are people in the gym, but I cannot tell if I know them or not. I decide that I should not hide in the stairwell so I walk back into the hallway. The co-worker is still running (she should have had plenty of time to make it to this end of the hallway). Now there is someone else in the hallway near me. I think it is a male co-worker, but I am unsure except that I know this person is a he. He is getting into a locker (one of many that are lining that wall--I had not noticed them before). He is stooped down, apparently looking for something or perhaps cleaning out the bottom of the locker. He and I talk about the fact that the female co-worker that is running toward us is crazy (I work on an adult psychiatric unit) and that all we can do is ignore her odd behavior. She arrives at the end of the hall where we are. Before she has a chance to say or do anything everything changes. I am now riding a black motorcycle. It is black as black can be, but shines because of the perfect wax job it has! I am riding it in the dirt/gravel parking lot of restaurant that I do not know. I am having fun speeding along and leaving tire marks in the dirt! But then I have lost that bike! I am away from the restaurant, but I do not know where. I want to go back and get the motorcycle, but my somehow my father is hindering this. I am getting frustrated with him and at the same time I do not think he is doing it on purpose. Eventually I do make it back to the restaurant, but I never make it inside, which is where I think they have the motorcycle.

* I have had several dreams where I am riding motorcycles. In some I actually practice the process of shifting the bikes (I do not own a motorcycle).

--Shadow (

==== Dream Fragment: "Blue and Three" by Shadow ====

Unfortunately I did not record this dream upon awakening and lost all but the sparsest of images from it. All that I have is the occurrence of the color blue and something about the number three. I think something or someone (unseen but perceived) was trying to give me a very important message. Help! I feel like I have lost out on a "big" dream and a "big" message!!!

--Shadow (

===== Dream: "Chemical Communication" by Shadow ===

NOTE: This is a dream I had several months ago. It "popped" into my mind after sending the dream "Stand of Inorganic Beings" because of a vague similarity between the inorganic beings and the being appearing in this dream.

I am at my place of work (a locked adult psychiatric unit). For some reason there are no patients and no other staff. It seems the unit is closed. Yet I hear noise coming from one of the rooms. When I get down there I see six or seven men in the room. Two or three of the men were wearing white lab coats. I got the impression that they were military doctors. The remaining men were dressed in army greens. At first they did not notice me. They were all standing around the bed, which was at the far side of the room. I walked into the room. Before anyone noticed me I had gotten close enough to the bed to see what was lying on it.

It was alive. I had never seen anything like it. It was approximately as long as an average man is tall. The closest thing that I can compare it to is a thick tree trunk with thin flexible branches sprouting off it at irregular intervals. There was no face or any sensory organs that I could see other than the "branches".

The men in army greens saw me and were furious. They moved to take me out of the room, but the doctors told them to let me stay. I saw in the faces of the doctors that they feared for the life of the alien. They thought it was sick and had no way of determining what to do since they could not communicate with it.

I stepped up to the bed and took a closer look at the being. Its body was a mocha brown with darker, dark chocolate, brown splotches on it. The pattern of these splotches reminded me of the markings on a slug. I studied the body of the alien for a moment. It was so UNLIKE anything I had ever seen. I reached out to touch it (something none of the men had done). As soon as I touched its skin I was in communication with it. The skin was soft and dry. It felt like a thick rubber. The alien was communicating via chemicals that passed from its skin into mine, into my nervous system, and into my brain. The alien was not sick. It was scared and angry! The feeling of communicating with it was so different than verbal communication.

Pure emotions rushed from it into me. The dream ended here. This dream stayed with me for days! The "alienness" of it was what kept it rooted in my consciousness. The image of the being and its method of communication are still so vivid!


==== commentary on 'chemical communication' by jay ====

if this were my dream...

i am exploring within. i become aware of a scared angry part of my unconscious. my doctor part allows me past my soldier parts, and i

am able to get in touch with this part of me which needs attention. (of course our internal communications are via chemical reactions.)

this communication with myself feels really good and is probably beneficial to me. do i know what within me is represented by the slug tree?

what a wonderful, cool dream.


==== Dream: "Working Journey" by Shadow ====

I am riding a bicycle, or a motorcycle (I cannot tell which) up and down a dirt road near the home of a man I conducted a surveillance on last year while I was working as a private investigator. For some reason I cannot find

the connecting road that leads back to the route I had taken to get to this man's house. I am getting frustrated. I pull into the driveway of a nearby house with the intention of asking for directions. There is no one home. I get back on my bicycle/motorcycle and head back toward the home of the man which I am investigating.

Now I am with another investigator (I know he is a man, but beyond that I did not notice any details about him) and we are in the woods very close this man's home. We are, however, lost. I continue to be frustrated. As we climb a steep muddy hill I nearly lose my footing. Just as we get to the top I see that the man's home is right there. Even worse, he is in his yard and sees us. I continue to climb until I collapse, at the top of the hill, onto several rolls of new carpet that the man has laying in his yard. I am covered with mud. My partner is standing near me. I get up and quickly come up with a story explaining why we were climbing up into his yard. I am upset at making such a mistake. What I tell him is actually true. We ARE lost. He goes into his house to look on a map or something, in an attempt to help

my partner and I find where we need to go.

I take this opportunity to grab my partner and walk away quickly. The house and rural setting are replaced by the familiar city streets near the catholic elementary school that I attended as a child. At the corner my partner and I are discussing the fact that we should not bill our employer the ten thousand

dollars that we had planned on for this case because we had screwed up and made direct contact with the subject, a surveillance no-no! I stop at a heavy, rusted, metal door on the front of one of the buildings. I open the door, telling my partner that the man will never find us in here. I have a real fear that he will pursue us. The doorway leads to stairs going up. We come out on another city street. I find another metal door, identical to the first, and open it. Again, there is a stairway leading upward. We climb these stairs as well. I am confident that the man will have no chance of finding us now.

My partner and I are in the hospital where I work. I decide to take him to the medical psychiatric unit (in reality there is no such unit where I work). My frustration and fear have been replaced with a calm feeling. We take the elevator up to the third floor. As we step out I realize that we are on the wrong floor. The unit I want to go to is on the second floor.

Once on the second floor we enter the medical psychiatric unit. There are double wooden doors into the unit. In the center of the floor is a raised metal track of some kind, as if for some sort of automated cart or something. We walk down the first section of hall. As we turn the corner I look into a room and see a man with a big, bald head shaped like an egg. I wonder what caused his head to be shaped that way. Down the second section of hall we enter the last room on the right. There is a man in the hospital bed. Beside the bed is his wife (I have never seen either of them before). At the foot of the bed is an array of medical equipment. I see a thin plastic tube filled with blood running from an IV machine to the man's arm. I look down and see a small black dog, my dog, with the same tube, also filled with blood. She runs under the bed and I am concerned that she my pull the IV out of both her and the man in the hospital bed. I notice that both tubes run from/into the same IV machine.

I walk around the bed and stand on the side opposite from this man's wife. My partner follows me, but says nothing. I ask the man's wife when he will be ready to be transferred up to the psychiatric unit (where I work). She says that it should be very soon. I look at the man and see that he has what looks like a mutated oxygen mask on the lower half of his face. It really looks almost more like a gas mask than anything else.

This man is now outside of the hospital. His wife, my partner, and myself are watching him from the window in his room. I see that he has driven an ambulance from somewhere and parked it in the driveway to the hospital. My partner points out that he sees something in the walkway, which goes over the street, between the hospital and the building across the street. I look to see what he is talking about. I awake just before I see it.


==== commentary on 'working journey' by jay ====

if this were my dream...

i feel as if this dream is about my wrestling with myself about some only half acknowledged issue. my unconscious knows what it is but i don't, or am conflicted about it.

to begin with, i am feeling lost about this and am not at home when i go to ask directions. i get close to it when i confront the man under surveillance. what does the man represent to me? what is he like? what does he remind me off? what are my feelings about him? what does the carpet represent? what does it remind me of? in any event, i or my unconscious get the carpet (some aspect of the issue or conscious world?) dirty. when the man tries to offer me information, i avoid it by leaving.

i then return to my childhood neighborhood and close several doors on the first episode, but then approach either a second issue, or perhaps the same issue from a different approach. i seem to feel better about this approach.

I'm still having difficulty getting on the same floor as the issue, but then i seem to be on the right track. this time as i approach, i see an egghead (intellectual approach), which i pass by. this time a man is receiving blood (and oxygen) from a machine. or is it from the machine? my dog (myself) is also hooked to the machine. is the blood flowing from the machine to both man and dog, or is it flowing from dog to machine to man? another confusion, originally the man is on the psychiatric unit, but then is waiting to be transferred to the

psychiatric unit (my consciousness?).

finally, the man is outside. do i feel that this is appropriate? does he now belong outside or still inside? now the mysterious issue is in the overhead walkway. the issue always seems to be above, up the hill, up the outside stairs, on an upper floor of the hospital, and in the overhead passageway.

thank you for sharing this interesting dream. does the dreamer have any further thoughts?


==== Commentary: on "Working Journey" by Flare ====

if this were my dream, this is how i would look at it. this is only one of many probable ways to interpret it.. it was most intriguing and very challenging..

a quick game of character identification:

the man in the house: here is a concept character. someone whose lifestyle I am investigating. it seems a worthwhile endeavor. i climb upward to try and find out more about this endeavor, career climb. the path is muddy and i am so exhausted when i get to the top. i decide that i do not trust the man in the house. i worked so hard to get to his level. perhaps at some level, he represents something about the private investigator that i don't like. something i found inside that i wish desperately to get away from, but i am afraid it will follow me. i run away with my partner.

speaking of which.. the partner: another concept character. i don't know what he looks like. i only know that he is a man. he shares in my adventures throughout the dream. goes where i go. seems to represent another aspect of myself. a major support and sidekick in my journeys. someone that i bounce my thoughts and ideas off of. perhaps the representative of my conscious self in my dream? the one who is practical and will stick it out with me no matter what because he has to.

the psychiatric hospital: a place where i currently work. there is a ward there that does not exist in real life, but i know that i need to go there. this place should represent inward healing. i notice that the moment i got here, i felt a lot better, more secure, more relaxed.

the psychiatric ward of my dreams: a nightmare place. the people who have come here have "driven" themselves to this place. all of them are here for the same reason, maybe. this is somewhere that i visit only in my dreams. i prefer to come here in my dreams rather than go to the customary third floor where i work. do i have this inward sense of gloom and doom about my future that is represented in this second floor ward?

the man in the hospital bed: a scary scene, to say the least. definitely a place i do not want to end up at. he is also a concept character. someone that i don't want to end up like. married, indicating somewhat of a prosperous life, but in the hospital wearing, of all things, a gas mask. it seems that he "drove" himself here. what drove him here? my small black dog is here, another indicator that this is not only a man i am looking at, but a place in life i definitely do not want to be at. this man seems to be related to the first man. i wanted to go somewhere, but was afraid of the man i saw when i got there. i walked away. this man in the hospital bed is perhaps what i was afraid of.. the very thing which i feared might follow me from one job to the next.


**the preceding text is purely speculation.. take what you can from it.. disregard the rest.**


==== Dream: "Changing the Unchangeable" by Flare ====

This dream is a variant of the "recurring nightmare". I appear in the darkest intersection of my life. This time, however, I know where I am right from the beginning. I see a young couple exit a building across the street from me and recognize them to be Simon(age 18) and myself(age 15) Simon is my ex-boyfriend from Los Angeles. We walk out to his car, and the mustang appears and fires the gunshots. I watch myself scream in agony and despair at what has just happened. I see myself sitting by the body of the man I once loved more than anything in this world. Tears stream from my eyes. A gentle, white light appears around the two on the sidewalk. I walk across and join them, beckoned as though by some unseen force. The black trenched is around me. I pull it tighter. As I get to the scene of his death, I stop and watch as my other self stands up. She is still wearing the same white blouse and red skirt that I wore that night, but now she is my age and wearing a black trenched. We kind of float towards each other( I can't describe the feeling any other way). There is a strange sensation and we are joined and become one. I can hear piano music in the distance and can hear Simon singing softly. I smile to myself and walk away from the scene. The wind is blowing and I can feel dried tears on my face. I do not look back.



No comments besides that I see that too. Richard.

===Dream: "This is my house, but WHAT is going on?" by Shadow===

I am at my house. There is a man, whom I do not know sitting on the living room floor, which in waking-life is carpeted, but in this dream is hard wood.

His shirt (blue?) is covered with insects with round bodies the size of a quarter. These bugs look like a cross between ants and spiders. The man speaks of the beautiful design on his shirt. I don't think he is even aware that the bugs are on him. I do see, however, a repeating flower pattern created by the bugs. They seem to be coming out of the floor nearby. Now I am talking to Cybil Shepherd, whom I am married to in this dream. I ask her if she bought some shampoo while she was out earlier. She says that she did. She tells me that she has bought Vidal Sasson because she has a contract with them to do their commercials. I am not particularly pleased, but I decide to go ahead and use it. It is a small, squat, tan plastic bottle with a dark brown lid. I am thinking that no one who does commercials really uses the product. Now I am in the doorway to the bathroom and I am talking with a man, whom I do not know. We are talking about whether or not I should go the grocery store with the EMT's (these are the same two EMT's who have been on the last couple episodes of the television program ER, where one of the nurses does some ride-along's). The discussion turns into an argument. Something very strange happens here. I am both me and the man with whom I am arguing. This man, however, does not look like me. His hair is black, whereas mine is brown. I realize that I am a woman (the me that is arguing with the man, that is). The argument ends with the man (me) saying something like, "Just go ahead and go then!" I step into the bathroom to look into the mirror before I go. I see my reflection (it is my own true reflection). I do not see the man anywhere (he had been standing in the bathroom). I see that I am pale, almost sickly looking. The dream ends here.

WAKING NOTE: Earlier in the day my wife went shopping and bought, among other things, shampoo (Not Vidal Sasson). Also, I watched David Letterman and Cybil Shepherd was one of the guests.

--Shadow (

===== Dream: "Trip to Europe"by Nutcracker =====

I was going to Frankfurt, Germany. I was with B., N. and Tessa (Highlander).

The problem was, Tessa didn't have a passport. We all got in line at customs. We stood there about half an hour and the line didn't move an inch. B.and N. got out of line. I stayed put. I didn't know where Tessa was. I was about three people from being first in line, when all the customs agents

disappeared (took a break?). I got out of line to look for the others. As I stood there, there were men, women and babies trying to run across the border. Some would be shot at (and die) and some would be ignored. There was one agent dragging the body of a naked twelve year old girl into the alley behind the customs desk. The girl wasn't dead, but she lay there as if she were. Then I saw some people swimming across the river. Also, someone had put their baby on a raft and pushed it towards us, but it went under the water. Everyone who saw, gasped in disbelief, but the raft resurfaced and the baby was OK. One of the swimmers helped it across. People from our side went down to the waters edge to get it out of the water. By now, B. and N. had gotten back in line, as did I. They were at the front, I was now fifteenth in line. They passed through. I could only imagine Tessa had sneaked through somehow. After clearing customs, I walked up the street a few blocks, looking for the others. They were nowhere to be found. As I was walking past a shoe store window, I spotted Lucy (Ball) in the window. She motioned for me to come in. She was trying on shoes as I sat down. The place was plush, almost decadent in its decor. I could only marvel at its beauty. Just then Ethel Mertz (Vivian Vance) appeared. Lucy said, tEthel, look whoFs here!v She came over to join us. After joining back up with the others, we also went to Normandy, France and Prague, Czechoslovakia. (8/12/95)

===== Dream: "Gambling Fools" by Nutcracker =====

I was at a casino with several former classmates and some others. There were ten of us, total. Jane G. was to my right and Gail H., to my left. Jane Z. and Jane G. were playing backgammon. Jane G. won. Next we were all going to play blackjack. Gail dealt the cards. I noticed that everyone received a different set of cards. Mine were from the fifties and had cartoon characters on them (Felix the Cat). I noticed Gail's cards were from a brand new deck. We had each been dealt ten cards (is this anyway to play blackjack?). I was having trouble figuring out what to play. The pictures on each card were different and the numbers were hidden in a background, much like the inside of a security lined envelope. When I could distinguish the numbers, I had mostly 2's in my hand. I needed to ante up some money, but all I had was a $20 bill. I got up to get some change. Before I left, Gail mentioned to us that we needed to use someone's 'cherry points' (like frequent flier miles) to pay for parking - $8.00. I said that I thought someone had told me we could put that on our credit card instead of using 'cherry points' and that I'd find out for sure. I went to the office for change and to pay for parking. I thought if it turned out we DID have to use our 'cherry points', one of us could use them and then the others could pay them back (80 cents per person). There was an Iranian man behind the desk. We discussed the parking situation and he said yes, I could put it on my credit card. As he was writing that up, a girl came in. She had to step past me to get to the chair next to my left. I took a glance around the room. Someone had just swept and there was a pile of dirt and empty cigarette packages in one corner. One was a Marlboro pack. I got up and retrieved it. I asked either of them if it was theirs and if they minded me taking the mile coupon off the side. They said no, go ahead. I removed the miles, only they had changed the package. Instead of having to rip the package apart to tear off the miles, now it was a red and gold 'peel off sticker'. How convenient. (9/24/95)

===== Dream: "Fruits of the Earth" by Nutcracker =====

I was at a roadside farmer's fruit/vegetable stand. There were a lot of people milling about. The farmer was inviting us all to 'taste' before we bought anything. I finally grabbed a red grape from a basket. They were much larger than normal sized grapes, but smaller than a plum. I rubbed the chemical residue off on my shirt. Then I bit into it. The taste was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. It had a deliciously sweet and fruity taste and was very juicy. The only problem was that it had seeds (which I despise). But, they were very small and when you bit into them, they reminded me of Post 'Grapenuts' cereal. I usually prefer green grapes to red, so I tried those as well. They tasted the same as your regular, run-of-the-mill, green grapes. They had that slightly bitter aftertaste from the skin residue. And they also had seeds. I decided to buy some of the red grapes. (9/23/95)

[COMMENT: I knew I had several dreams this particular night, but could not remember them all (my refusal to wake myself up and write them down). Then as I was watching TV the next morning, it came back to me. I was watching an episode of 'Highlander' when all of a sudden, he (Duncan Macleod of the clan Macleod) began eating some grapes. The memories of my dream came flooding back to me. I found this exciting because I could really remember 'tasting' the grapes and how wonderful they were.]

===== Dream: "Of Movie and Rock Stars" by Nutcracker =====

I know that Bono/U2 has written the song for the new James Bond movie, Goldeneye and that it will be sung by Tina Turner. They were rehearsing it: Tina, her three backup singers and Bono. They were all wearing (yes, even Bono) pink satin & rhinestone cowboy shirts. (9/21/95)

===== Dream: "With a SDream: "All The World's A Dictionary" by Nutcracker =====

It was medieval times. The knights were preparing themselves for battle. Someone had taken over our castle. The knights broke their way in, smashing everything in sight with their swords. As I (a female) stood there in the room with them, the leader of the group (in a wheelchair), went out back to the servants cottage. There was a window (open - no glass) to my right. I couldn't see out of it as some shrubs were blocking my view. But I could here 'our leader' saying to a young woman, "Well, I haven't seen you since you were a little girl. My, what a lovely young woman you've become." Then I heard her screams as he did God knows what to her. The other knights (in the room with me) looked on, some with a grin on their face. And these are the men who are supposed to honor and defend me? How could they let their 'own kind' perform such atrocities?


===== Dream: "All The World's A Dictionary" by Nutcracker =====

There were dozens of words and they all had a minimum of 26 letters. You had to keep 'breaking them down' into a smaller and smaller word to find the 'real' meaning. (9/19/95)

===== Dream: "Intruders" by Nutcracker =====

I had gotten home from a trip. While gone, I apparently left the 2' W x 6' L horizontal window open in the bedroom. I secluded myself in my room; locking the door and windows. Then I checked under the bed (in case anyone was hiding there). The only thing under there was a handful of credit card receipts I had forgotten to file. Next I was going to check the closet for intruders when all of a sudden this white dove flew out of nowhere to the window I had just closed. I put out my hand and it flew to me. It had colored flowers 'stenciled' on its feathers. It was very friendly and acted like a dog would (when you come home), all happy to see you. I kissed and petted it - it rolled around in my hand, cooing. I opened the window so it could get out. All the while, I kept thinking, "I need to put the security locks on the doors." (9/19/95)

===== Dream: "Virtual Reality" by Nutcracker =====

I was outside with an Asian man. He had invented a virtual, virtual reality game. Whatever you dreamed you could make happen before your eyes. He had his grandfather in a suit of armor (Japanese, made of bronze) and had him fighting another warrior. (9/19/95)

===== Dream: "Running From Memories" by Nutcracker =====

I had come home from a trip to find our neighbors had moved. They had bought a house nearby in another subdivision. I went over to see them. J. answered the door. They had other company as well. I said hi to S., their youngest daughter. The house was huge, about 50,000 sq. ft. The living room was the first room you came to upon entering. It was very large, light and spacious. There seemed to be an awful lot of furniture and knick-knacks around. I wondered if the previous owners had left it. It didn't look like the sort of stuff J. would buy. The next room was the kitchen. It was at least three times larger than their old one.. I remarked to her how she must be delighted to have so much space to cook in. As R. and J. were busy with the other guests, S. took me through the rest of the house. The dining room was very grand; done in Queen Anne furniture. The walls were white, with dark wood trim to match the table and chairs. In every room, I questioned S. as to whether or not the previous owners had left this furniture. I just couldn't believe what a hodge-podge of stuff there was. No rooms belongings matched another. Finally, she said, no, that her parents had bought this. Beyond the dining room I could see a lavender colored room. It was the size of a small ballroom. The room didn't really serve a purpose, such as a living room, etc. But there were these five enormous oil paintings (museum quality) hanging on one wall in gold ornate frames. This room was truly a mixture of every type article ever made; art deco, Victorian, contemporary, you name it. As S. was about to show me the laundry room, I noticed that one wall in the lavender room looked burnt. The dryer had caught fire, she said. The laundry room turned out to be like a mini-laundromat. All of the appliances were industrial size, like hotels use. There was even a dishwasher in it. On our tour we never made it through any of the bedrooms. I wondered if they had picked out this house before K. died (SFs older sister) and if she had a room picked out for herself, and if now, maybe S. wanted that room instead of hers. Also, did R. and J. decide to move because they couldn't bear the memories of K. in their old house? Now we're all outside, but back in my neighborhood, at R. and J.Fs old house. I see they've put in some flower beds out front, lined by a wooden picket border. They look great. Also, between them and the guy who lives next door, they've both planted grass together. There is a vacant lot between them that you could build a house on. The backyard has piles of sand spread around to even out the grass. As we stand there commenting on things, I notice a light in the backyard on a fifteen foot pole with a staircase leading to the very top. It's sunset now and the clouds and sky have turned dark, yet thereFs a shock of colors (blues and pinks) peeking through in spots. I go over to the light. J. is on the stairs. this would be great for taking pictures of sunsets or sunrises, I mention to her. tWould you mind if I use it sometime? Not at all. Now everyone is huddled on the stairs trying to get a better glimpse. I couldn't see too well, there was a chain link fence in my way. The back of the house overlooked a lake (Superior?). The view was spectacular. All you could see for miles was water and sky. As we stood there, one of my other neighbors, J., told me that they (R&J) were already two months behind on their new house payment. (9/18/95)

===== Dream: "On The Lam" by Nutcracker =====

I had killed a man out of self defense. I had to flee my home and went to stay with relatives. They were kind to me. One day we all went to the beach. We were six feet under the water (and able to breath on our own). We petted anything that passed by us. There were mostly baby turtles. You had to pet them or their feelings would be hurt. There were also manta rays and sharks. I cringed when they uncovered themselves from the sand beneath us and swam by. My uncle shooed them away from me, sensing my fear. After returning to the house, my siblings became inquisitive. My brother was saying how exciting it was to kill a man., Questioning me, he asked, Did you kill a man? What did you use? A pitchfork? There's nothing like stabbing them with a pitchfork. Do you have a gun? I shook my head no. Well, you'll need one now, said my uncle. They'll be looking for you. Give her the pistol (9mm).v My uncle told me where I would be sleeping. First I had to use the bathroom. I went into the bathroom. It was a large triangular shaped room, long and narrow on one end, wide on the other. One wall was a large, two paned, glass window (like a department store display window). There were two toilets. My 5 year old cousin had followed me in. She was asking me a question. How did you get in here? I asked, knowing I had closed the door behind me. Then I noticed the 2F opening beside the door that she had crawled through, where the door and wall didn't meet. As I sat there I saw her go across the street and into a building. "She's going to get herself killed," I thought. Next I found myself hiding in the back of a truck, with people chasing after us. They were after the grenade launcher in the back with me, but if they should capture me too, that would double their pleasure. I ducked down, trying to stay below their headlights. (9/18/95)

===== Dream: "Things Are Not As They Appear" by Nutcracker =====

I was driving down the street, looking for a particular house number. B. and DB Sweeney (Strange Luck) were with me. It wasn't on the street we were on so I turned the corner. As I drove up the next block, I came to find it was a dead end street and only equipped for one lane of traffic. I had to backup to get out of it. In doing so I hit several trees on someone's property. I got out of the car to apologize and offer restitution, but the owners (Mel Gibson and Cynthia Gibb) said the trees weren't hurt badly, that they'd survive and if they didn't, he'd go out in the woods and find some more to plant. Then they invited us inside. There was a baby (about 2 years old) who walked up to me with some toys. I noticed there was an Amish collection of small chairs and clothing on the wall. Then Mel gave me a gift. Something made out of deerskin, that he wrapped around my leg (above my knee). As we sat there, Mel mentioned that DB needed a haircut and took him into the other room. I'M sitting there thinking to myself, "what if we were to leave and look in the window only to find Mel's real wife dead in bed?" Then as we actually do try to leave, all of sudden, all of the furniture is in front of the door and we can't get out. I jump over the couch. Cynthia comes after me. I push her face into the couch and step on her head so she can't scream for help. DBFs sitting in a chair in the other room, resigned to his fate. OK, give me your best shot, he says to Mel and an assistant

who are going to kill him. (9/15/95)

===== Dream: "Bored To Death" by Nutcracker =====

I was staying at my parents home. I was home alone with nothing to do. I called a girlfriend to see if she wanted to go out. She didn't think she wanted to go out that night, but said maybe we'd go to a flea market the next day. I went to bed. I awoke the next morning, only to find when I looked up at the ceiling, the roof was damaged. It appeared the roof had come loose from the ceiling, leaving gaping holes and rafters showing. In those holes, all about the perimeter, were what looked like elephant dung, but in actuality was styrofoam. It appeared as oblong (12 x 10 inch) pieces, some were white, some brown. It almost looked like the fungus growing on one of the houses in my neighborhood, but much larger. I glanced at the clock. It was late; 10:30 AM. I had told my friend I'D call her at 9:30. I called, but she said she didn't feel like going to the flea market either. So I got up and wandered out to the kitchen. My sister and brother were home and my parents were gone. I went outside to look for the paper. I found part of the paper in the flower bed. I grabbed it and a plant along with it. I went to the kitchen sink to shake the dirt from the paper. The counter top was filled with plants wrapped in wax paper. I was going to go back outside and replant the plant I had ripped from the ground when my sister came in. I love these plants, she said. why are they all dug up and wrapped in waxed paper? Moms going to save them for next year, she answered. Well, as far as I knew, they were perennials, but, hey, if she wanted to try to bring them back to life next year, go ahead, stranger things have happened. I went into the living room searching for the Sunday paper. I finally asked my sister where it was and she said, It's in the magazine basket. "Well, who would think to look there for it I said rather indignantly, picking it up. I asked my sister if there was anything she wanted to do with me that day. She mentioned some art and craft show, but said that you had to be a member of a certain group to get in. There's no point in going if all we can do is glance in from the doorway. I thought she might want to go to a movie marathon (2 or 3 movies in a row), which is why I needed the paper. As I started searching for the movie ads, my aunt and uncle came in. I got up and asked my uncle to come with me. I want to show you something, I said, taking him by the hand. I took him into the bedroom to show him the roof/ceiling problem. He had never seen the likes of it before either. (9/12/95)

===== Dream: "Cults-R-Us" by Nutcracker =====

I was in this (religious) sect and was trying to spread the word on a new belief I had. The others didn't take too kindly to my prophesizing and came after me. I handed my word (which was printed on a t-shirt) to a kid standing near me. I told him to tell everyone about it (it was about people with horses rear ends). As they came after me, to kill me, I started running. I was dizzy with adrenaline, my life, out of control. I ran in circles, trying to avoid them. They were almost this close (-) to catching me. And they were out for blood (I had visions of them slitting my throat and hacking me into little pieces). I saw a strange vehicle arrive. As I ran from them, I begged them just to give me ten minutes and I'D leave them for good. All I needed was ten minutes (to reach the vehicle that would take me away). (9/11/95)

===== Dream: "URL'S" by Nutcracker =====

There's been one link (Internet) that I'VE always known about: Wendy = Rock and Roll. But, that's never been enough (of an address). After several people complained that they could never find what they're looking for on the Net, we discovered that the key is: Wendy = Rock and Roll and Everything Else. (9/10/95)

===== Dream: "My Address Book" by Nutcracker =====

I had a list of 150 people by name, occupation and job duties. Example: Name: Brooke Shields Occupation: Actress Duties: Movies, tv, talk shows, broadway, commercials. (9/10/95)

===== Dream: "Romeo & Guinevere" by Nutcracker =====

We were rehearsing a school (college) play. It was Romeo and Juliet by Wm.

Shakespeare. We were doing it outside in full costume. The leads were played by Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson (you can't get better actors than them). Emma was telling Ken to be wary of so and so, his gay lover (in the play or real life?). But he paid her no mind, joking with her as so and so looked on in envy. what light through yonder window breaks. It is the east, and Guinevere is the sun. Right at that moment, Kens lover appeared between he and Emmy, stalking Ken, his epee drawn. see, I told you this would happen said Emmy. She was wearing a long, flowing, gold velvet gown. Ken was wearing a matching jacket and pants in the same material. His lover was wearing an outfit that was moss green velvet. (9/8/95)

===== Dream: "War Is Hell" by Nutcracker =====

It was war time in England. A friend and I were skulking through the countryside when we came upon a valley of hills and dales. Carefully we ventured forth; running up hills and then crouching low, spying over them. Upon peering over one hill, I saw someone coming towards us. It was a man and he was alone. He was an English confederate officer and the leader of their army. He was crying, save me. We were unarmed. We took him with us and tried to hide him. It didn't matter which side found him now...he would be dead. I had this DustBuster type implement that was a grass/shrub trimmer. I started trimming a place under some heavy shrubs where we could hide him, leaving the heavy trailing branches to cover him. (9/9/95)

===== Dream: "I Am Not a Crook" by Nutcracker =====

I was attending a carnival (mardi gras?) of some sort, but on a much smaller scale. I was observing the revelers from across the street when I saw former President George Bush, along with Barbara and several other people (secret service agents), go into a bank (which was supposedly closed). I never saw any of them leave, but actually saw them enter a second time. Were they robbing the bank or what? (9/8/95)

===== Dream: "Pulp Fiction" by Nutcracker =====

I was in a room with several people who were lying on the floor (dead?). As I walked through the room I found myself covered in hair (1" pieces and black) that had recently been cut. (8/30/95)

===== Dream: "Are We Here To Fight or Shop?" by Nutcracker =====

I'm in an apartment with a friend. There was a girl whom I had an altercation with (over a guy). She had gone across the street and into a clothing store. I got dressed and went over to find her. My friend pointed out which store she had gone into, but said that all of her snob, yuppie friends were with her. I said that I was only good in a one-on-one confrontation and that I couldn't take on the whole crowd. My friend went with me and said he'd get her alone for me. I put on my black tank dress over a white long-sleeved t-shirt. We got to the store and they had all gone, so I started looking for something to buy. My friend said, "Try the blue sweater." I picked through the rack and grabbed something blue. "No, no. The blue sweater!" he said again. I'm sorry, but I just don't see any blue sweater on the rack. Finally he hands me a pink velour top. "Here, this would look great under that dress you're wearing." (8/31/95)

===== Dream: "A Leap Of Faith" by Nutcracker =====

In a gym with an Olympic sized pool. It seemed the whole town was there (standing on one side of the pool - lengthwise). We have just passed the swimming course and we're waiting for our diplomas. I tried to walk further down the crowd (too many people) and almost stepped on a few people's feet in the process. I finally stopped somewhere in the middle. I was standing next to an old lady and before I knew it, her husband was to my left. They hugged with me in the middle of them. I thought maybe they didn't see me, but it turns out they meant to hug me. The old lady said, "Well, at least now we can swim." I said, "I can't, but at least I can float long enough to save myself if I have to." To graduate we had to walk 'across' the pool, over the water. It was kinda like the third "Indiana Jones" (Harrison Ford) movie sequel where he had to take a 'leap of faith' and walk across the invisible bridge over this canyon. Only when we started walking, a row of red bricks appeared beneath our feet. (9/2/95)

===== Dream: "Terrorists" by Nutcracker =====

I'm in an office building that had been taken over by (American) terrorists. Much of the building had been bombed. All of the windows had been blown out. They were taking hostages (most of them women) and hanging them outside the windows as a message for the government. Melanie Griffith was among the hostages, but they wouldn't harm her, they would just make her watch as they forced the victims to tie themselves up before throwing them out of a window, to a death by hanging. (8/19/95)

===== Dream: "Business Trip" by Nutcracker =====

I was at the office having a business meeting with a client. My partner and I did the first round of presentations. Then three other of our associates took over. One of them was late and ran into the room with his tie not yet done up. I pointed to the door, motioning that the client had just gone that-a-way. I said, "Gee, Larry, couldn't you have gotten dressed first?" After they were 'out of our hands' our boss, Alexander Addington (Counter Strike), came in and told us what a great job we had done. Then he tossed a new folder on the desk for us and left without a word. I opened it up. All that was inside was a map. "Maybe we're going to the Gulf of Mexico," I said hopefully to my partner. He didn't look so optimistic. I opened the map. It was very 'old world' looking, with no writing telling what the places were. The only writing on it was PACIFIC OCEAN/SHARK WATERS and a place on the map was colored in with a gold pen and read, 'this is your next stop'. My partner moaned. "What's the matter," I asked? "They have no showers (for bathing) there...unless it rains. It takes 24 hours to fly there and 24 hours back, there's no hotel, and once along the roadside, I saw a doctor giving a woman a gynecological exam," he said motioning that the doctor had just stuck his hand up the woman. "Where is this place?" I asked him. "Paupau, New Guinea." I said, "Look, here's another spot on the map marked in gold. Do we go together and make two trips or do we each go to one spot?"

"Each to one," he answered. (8/21/95)

===== Dream: "Poltergeists" by Nutcracker =====

In a small town with David Duchovny (Fox Mulder/X-Files), another girl and Bruce Davidson (Cybil). We were there checking out paranormal activity. We were near a park and were laying on the sidewalk, hiding. David was getting ready to send Bruce into a 'hostile' house. I rolled over and kissed Bruce for good luck. Then we all got up and started toward the house. Along the way we passed a park. There was a long-sleeved t-shirt (no one in it) dancing with a pair of jeans. They didn't notice us at first, but then they did. We started running. We saw a denim jacket using a telephone. Soon they were all chasing us. We all ran in different directions. The other girl and I ran for our van. I could see that David and Bruce had gotten caught in a conga line by the other clothes. Once we got in the van, the clothes started beating us up. We weren't hurt badly, just mostly bruised. (8/23/95)

===== Dream: "Pizza, Pizza" by Nutcracker =====

I was in a small family owned pizza parlor, standing in the kitchen watching them make pizza (father and son). There was half of a piece of pizza dough lying in front of me. I took it and with my hands, stretched it into a square shape. I then took a rolling pin and tried to make it larger. The dough seemed to double in size and got air bubbles in it. I smoothed it back out with my hand and it would shrink again. The father was watching me and would motion for me to 'do it like this'. I tried, but couldn't get the hang of it. Finally, his wife came in and was appalled at my work. I tried to hide it from her and I told her, "I don't even like pizza" and, I also added, "you don't have (TCU) horned toads!" (8/26/95)

===== Dream: "Ex-Boyfriends and Their Baggage" by Nutcracker =====

I had come out of a club and found my ex-fiancees brother, Jim, waiting for me. He asked me to come over by him, that he had something for me. We went over to an empty table and sat down. what is it? I asked. There, under the table. In that box. It's for you. There were a lot of things behind the table, but only one box. tThis?v I said, grabbing it. Yes. Open it. I did. It was loaded with about fifteen different gifts. I took them all out and laid them around me. Two in particular I loved. They were Santas made out of hand blown German Christmas ornaments with cloth legs and arms.

The glass ball was an off-white pearl color and they had various colored polka dots on. I thanked him for all of the things. He went on to say, Just because you and my brother broke up, you didn't have to abandon the rest of us too. I could see where he was going with this. He had a crush on me. I had always liked him, but not that way. I tried to let him down easy. (8/14/95)

===== Dream: "Go Towards The Light" by Nutcracker =====

I was in an underground tunnel. It was large; 30' x 30' and it went on for what seemed like forever. There were two other people with me. I was the leader. It was completely dark and our only source of light was a camera with a flash attachment, which I held. We were running in the dark as I counted off paces. I knew at such and such a spot there was a dead bird/animal hanging overhead. Twenty paces after that I would flash the camera at a stick or branch protruding from the wall. So many paces after that, I would yell,' light', as there would be a sliver of moonlight coming from above (ambient light). Then we'd keep running until we were forced to make a right turn which I could only tell by shining the flash on the wall to my left., where I would see a small cutout in the wall with what appeared to be a badge of some sort (gold, police?), lodged in it. Upon making a right turn we would enter a room, where we would find our youngest brother, an eleven year old black boy. His hands are tied together. (8/16/95)





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