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Dedicated to sharing and exploring dreams.

Notes from the editors:

Well, thanks to a surge of input after threatening to fill the newsletter with nothing but my own
boring dreams, I am happy to say we have an issue well rounded with dreams from several people,
although I did sneak something of my own in here too.  I hope you enjoy this second issue, and
continue to enjoy as our format improves with practice.  First, lets get business out of the way.

1.  Voting time.
    I have received a few suggestions for a title for the newsletter,
    all I need now is the popular vote.  Here are the suggestions...
    Messages from Morpheus

    Dream On

    On the World Without Limits

    The Dream Shop


    Electric Dreams


    Let me know which one is your favorite.  A decision will be made, 
    even if I don't receive a vote, but I'd like to take something most     
    people on the list like.

2.  Length of the newsletter.
    I haven't heard much on this.  Someone suggested limiting the page 
    number to 30.  Unless there are any objections, I will stick with 

3.  Advertising.
    Again, not much feedback on this.  I will post a sample newsletter 
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    objections, please let me know.

4.  Anonymous Submissions.
    That's right, if you want to send something to the rest of the list, 
    but don't want to be identified, I am now accepting anonymous 
    submissions.  Something you just can't get in Usenet!  Just make 
    sure you state at the beginning of your post that you want to remain 

5.  Slightly Off Topic.
    If anyone objects to this last item, just send me your hate email 
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    The newsletter entitled "ghostlands digest" will cover metaphysical   
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    dreaming etc.  If you are interested in contributing/subscribing 
    email to tvos@umcc.ais.org will do it...

6.  Apologies.
    When I detached the dreams to include them, I wiped out the only record
    of a couple of your names (listed for your convenience as "Mystery 
    Guests"--a tradition I can keep for those of you who choose anonymous
    submissions).  I'm sorry about that--let me know if you want credit.

7.  Thanks.
    Domo arigato Cathy Decker (this issue's Honorary Editor) for your excellent
    help and suggestions, right after the first ish came out, when I most needed an
    ego boost.  Thanks also to everyone who rushed in dream descriptions after
    my mid-week cry for help.

Whew, alright, now for what the newsletter is all about.

Dream Interpretations

======Interpretation 1: "Falling

This dream seems to be about the complete loss of some dream or  
hopeful goal.  The stars, unrealistically high expectations, are  
replaced by Pegasus a flying horse--still a fantasy but more  
realistic.  Horrifically however the fantasy is shattered in  
realistic gore.  Even more horrifical no proper respect is given to  
the loss of the dream or fantasy--one is supposed to get on with life  
and treat it callously.  Your connection of the dream to childhood  
seems appropriate; you might examine your childhood fantasies about  
adult life and see if they are needing to be mourned and put to rest.
--interpretation by cathy@cassandra.ucr.edu

Horses may represent freedom, nature, sex ("riding" a powerful
animal)..... To me, the image of the cold, glass building
stands in stark contrast to the natural image of the falling
horse.  Do you feel caught up in business/work environment,
with no access to your freedom and creativity?  Even the blood
that comes from the horse when it lands suggests LIFE at a
very visceral level.
--interpretation by pryan@prairienet.org

======Interpretation 2: "Fugitive/Alarm

Personally I think a note to your neighbors is completely appropriate  
and also a complaint to the manager would be also appropriate.  On  
the fugative aspect of the dream, your sense of yourself as the most  
important fugative in the galaxy is interesting.  As a woman in  
academia (a guess given you live in a dorm) you may have a  
subconcious sense you are violating male turf--hence the idea all  
those men are out to destroy you--you are a violator in their  
universe.  If this rings true to you, try reading Paula J. Kaplan's  
Lifitng a Ton of Feathers: a Woman's Guide to Surviving in Academia.
--interpretation by cathy@cassandra

    [Chris wrote to Cathy and told her that to the best of her knowledge, BJ is a guy]

Changing the sex of the dream does invalidate that interpretation,  
but maybe I'm on target about institutional anxieties although they  
are not gender-linked.  It is interesting to dream you are the most  
wanted woman in the galaxy, and as a woman's dream I was thinking it  
was partially sexual (I am the most wanted woman and must be punished  
for wanting to be the most wanted woman thus the bounty hunters), but  
as a man's dream I don't want to get into it--I'd be bound to  
offend!!! You might want to print the interpretation and tell the  
point about how gender changes the dream interpretation--it makes a  
good point about gender differences in our culture and might spark  
some interesting gender-differences discussions.

    [note to Cathy from BJH--hope you don't mind us reprinting it in part]
    [thanx for your interpretation of my dream!  sorry i wasn't gender-specific, i 
    assumed the little dose of 'reality' would get the point across.  to placate 
    you a bit, i'm not the world's most _masculine_ guy, and i really can't stand 
    men as a species.  i spend all of my time around women, s'matter of fact, so i
    guess some of it rubs off.
    anyway...the most wanted woman in the galaxy, i was.  that applies.  i don't 
    have the world's largest vat of self-esteem, so i need dreams like that 
    sometimes.  as for the gender-switching, i do it an awful lot in my dreams, so
    it's sort of a given thing that about 40% of the time i'll be female.  val 
    (another friend of mine) claims i'm in touch with my feminine side, or 
    something to that effect, and being the person she is and doing the things she
    does, she would know.
    what this all boils down to is that no matter what gender i am in a dream, i'm
    still me--even when i'm a genderless 3rd person observer (hovering over the
    action).  bearing this in mind, your interpretation stands as written, as far 
    as i'm concerned, and i thank you for it.]

======Interpretation 3: "Pale Blue Dead

This is a beautiful dream.  Knowing your sex would be helpful so we  
know how odd or natural it is to be a young man for you.   The  
fantasy of discovering we are born of important people is always  
pleasing to those who don't have that satisfaction in reality.  The  
"lost heir" plot with the strawberry birth mark goes back to the  
Greeks and has had continual appeal though mostly surfaces today in  
sci-fi/fantasy novels.
--interpretation by cathy@cassandra.ucr.edu

Very Jungian! Tunnels could be unconsciousness ("under the
surface" emotions or knowledge).  This "deep" level of awareness
leads us to magnificent, ancient treasures, with which we feel
a strong connection.
--interpretation by pryan@prairienet.org

======Interpretation 4: "Cutting

If this were my dream, I would wonder whether I was "moving
in the wrong direction" metaphorically.  I mean, to me, legs
are my mode of self-propelled transportation; the way I
make my journey through life.  But if there is some disease
that I must remove.....maybe my legs are taking me somewhere
I don't really want to go?

Or maybe it's a play on that old saying, "I've got you
under my skin."  Is there someone or something that has
gotten under your skin, that you are trying to get rid of?
--interpretation by pryan@prairienet.org

Here is my interpretation of the cutting legs dream (which I dreamed myself).  This dream
occured when I was dealing with an odd infection in my throat.  Normally, healthy people don't
have this sort of infection, and the only thing they could think of was that I was diabetic.  I had
just had lab work done, and the results were not back yet.  I think the dream was a combination of
the worry over the infection...the stuff I was trying to get out of my legs, and the worry over
being diabetic...the insulin shots into the legs.  For those of you who may have been worried, the
tests came out negative.
--interpretation by cbeattie@uwspmail.uwsp.edu

======Interpretation 5: "Little Brother Canoe

This dream suggests you feel an immense desire to protect your little  
brother and a sense of responsibility for his surviving in the  
"jungle" of the modern world.  It seems a very natural dream and  
suggests a deep caring relationship between the two of you.  The part  
about the weird rod that triggers the danger, suggests you may feel  
guilty about the dangers your brother encounters in life, as if it is  
your job to smooth all his troubles away before he even starts on  
life's journey--i.e. the canoe ride.  
--interpretation by cathy@cassandra.ucr.edu

Boats are often said to be relationSHIPS.  I wonder if you
and your boyfriend are just getting past the point in the
relationship where the "nice manners" (fakery) get turned
off, and you begin to reveal more about your true selves
to each other?  The ship seems in danger now, but you're
hanging onto each other to see if you can make it past
the rapids to calmer waters again?
--interpretation by pryan@prairienet.org

   [another interp, fouled by misunderstanding--the boy was not her boy-
   friend, he was her 7-year-old brother]


======Dream 1, submitted by pryan@prairienet.org============================

I am riding through the country with my father and grand-
father when we come to the end of a dead-end road. There
is a charming little antique shop here, but the business must be
terrible -- the shop faces away from the road on a dead-end 
Inside, the owner and his wife are arguing.  I offer to
run the cash register and watch the shop while they go out
to finish their discussion.
The  place is spotlessly clean -- no dust or anything.  The
items are interesting....there are even some books about
A child wants to buy a piece of licorice and I have to figure
out how the register works.
I feel as though I used to live in this building in some
previous life, when it was a house.
--submitted by pryan@

======Dream 2, submitted by hi205436@spstmail.uwsp.edu=====================

hey--here's the dream i had last night, (2 may) broken down into the three
sections it sort of happened in, tho' all the sections are tied together.  
anything in quotes is directly from the dream.

>>Keith's home, and he doesn't like MST3K<<

   My brother Keith (in England with the USAF) is home, and so am I.  The
problem, we find, is that we're both only home for the weekend and it's sunday
evening.  My family (mum, dad, bre'er Lyle and Keith) and I are sitting around
our dinner table, after dinner, talking.  The lights are dimmed, and the food
has been mostly cleared.  We're all trying to figure out what to do in the
little time we have remaining.
   I suggest watching Mystery Science Theatre 3000, but I remember that in my
haste to pack, I left them in my room at school--which happens to be the
apartment of a friend of mine.  I say, "Oh, I forgot to bring my MST3K tapes."
   Lyle kind of moans in disappointment.
   Keith (sitting to my left) replies, "That's okay, I don't really like
Mystery Science Theatre."
   Lyle and I gape at him, genuinely shocked.  My mum sort of shrugs.  There's
a pressing feeling, like I have to do something and I'm wasting precious time.
 We decide to go out--not necessarily anywhere, but out.

>>Running to the diner<<

   Lyle and I are outside the house, with light jackets on.  It's dark and
kinda' chilly, with lightly iced patches of snow on the ground.  Our jackets
make the temperature livable, tho' we can see our breath.  We're in the back
yard (we don't use our front door) and the rest of the family has all ready
left for our collective destination.  Lyle and I have to catch up.
   We start running east, through the line of Chinese elm that separate our
property from our neighbours'.  As soon as we pass this line, we're running
across the street in front of our university centre here at Point.  It's still
the same night.  We run between the UC and the communications building [not
too different from real life], but both buildings are also peoples' houses.
They are at the same time academic buildings and white or grey,
storey-and-a-half, driveway and garage, well kept lawn, aluminium sided
homes--complete with shrubbery.   [NI!]
   We run between the houses, into their back yards, our feet crunching
through the snow.  We have to duck a couple clothes lines as we approach a
low, white picket fence.  By now, there's a feeling we're being chased, though
it might just be a desire to reach our destination before the rest of the
   Lyle and I dash out through a gate in the fence, into a small alley between
yards.  We follow the alley to a sidewalk and hang a left, almost immediately
reaching the diner.   [If any of you have been to Wausau, Wis--there's a small
eatery called Buddy's that this diner was probably patterned after.]

>>The waitress and her bodily fluids.<<

   Keith and I take a seat in one of the booths.  [What happened to Lyle was
not a concern--Keith was my companion.]  The wall is to my right and through
the window in front of me I can see a four-lane highway.  It's sort of a
washed-out, pastel morning outside now.  Cars are few.  Between me and my
brother are various papers--newspaper, mostly, but a few sheets of typing
paper that have something of ours on them.  We're talking about stuff.
   From behind me (the front of the diner) the waitress wanders over.  She's
about late-30s, with dark blonde, curled hair.  Her uniform is pinkish;
possibly pinstriped.  She's got her little pad and a pen, and she asks what
we'd like to order.
   Keith and I aren't really hungry and we're busy with whatever all that
paper was, so I order myself a coffee and Keith a cup of tea.  She doesn't
seem to leave, but she comes back immediately with the cups, THEN writes down
our order on the pad.  The coffee is .65 and the tea is about .45 or .50.  I
give her the money and a dollar tip.
   She sort of half-turns toward the front of the diner, holding the dollar
before her as though studying it.  There's a look of mild disappointment
(almost grief) on her face.  I ask her what's wrong.
   "The coffee's 65 cents," I say, "and the tea's 50.  A tip should be 15%--or
is it 20, now?"
   Keith sips his tea, watching the exchange.
   She is really unhappy, almost to the point of tears.  She explains
something to me as I take a sip of my coffee.  The coffee is thick and has
small lumps in it--kind of like watery tapioca pudding.  I feel the lumps
strain through my teeth and glide over my tongue.  The coffee doesn't taste
too good, but it's not really bad.  Keith is reading one of the newspapers.
   The waitress explains that my "coffee" is really a combination of her 
bodily fluids--vomit, diseased sort of blood from her arm and menstrual 
blood.  I'm not happy, but not repulsed.  I'm more concerned with her state of
mind.  Just to make sure, I take another sip.  I put down the cup.
   Suddenly, I'm in the grassy median between the highway lanes.  The diner
and a sort of hazy morning sun are to my left.  The traffic in both lanes on
that side comes from in front of me and passes behind.  To my right is just a
bunch of flat fields and the opposite traffic lanes.  I kneel down and black
out for a short amount of time--what seems to me like a split second.
   I realise that I'm lying on my left side in the median (which sinks about
four feet between the lanes).  I'm propped up on my left elbow, and I know I'm
facing the diner.  My right leg, from the knee to my foot, is embedded in the
grass, as though the dirt and grass enveloped it--like it was there for a few
months, at least.  I'm confused.
   I pry my leg out of the dirt and marvel at the cool impression left behind.
 I stand up, with the diner now to my right.  Keith is there, in front of me.
He says that we've found the waitress's remains.  Apparently she had been
killed a few years before; her body was dumped in the median across from the
diner--most of her bones had been embedded in the dirt just like my leg.  I
turned to look behind me in the hazy, pastel morning air.  A few police cars
and emergency vehicles were driving toward us on the northbound lane.  Keith
smirks and shrugs.  He says there will be an investigation.  The first police
car pulls up.

...then I woke up, still feeling--not really tasting--that coffee in my

  strange, no?  this is one of the most vivid dreams i've had in a looong
time, not to mention the clearest.  the bodily fluid thing is just odd--i've
never had something so sick happen, though i do a lot of 'body-hunting' in my
dreams.  i've found quite a lot of human remains, including my own.  comments?

======Dream 3, submitted by the Mystery

Gay Black Fairy Godfathers
I'm moving into a new apartment (this is right after college), and
everything is in a jumbled mess except for my stereo, my lifeline,
which I immediately hook up. Well, this apartment is cheap, but 
also located in a bad part of town. I have to leave the apartment
to go on an errand, and hope the front door with the flimsy locks
will hold against any possible intruders. When I return, I see my
door is hanging open, and my first thought is "I've been robbed!"
When I go inside, everything is there except for my stereo (not a
particularly nice one I might add), which had been basically
ripped out of the wall.
So I sit down on the floor, feeling awful, my privacy invaded, my
music gone, crying. I look up, and there on my sofa are two afro-
american men. These guys are both glowing, one purple and the
other blue. They're snuggling and hugging one another like lovers.
They come over to where I'm sitting, and proceed to comfort me, 
putting their arms around me, rubbing my back, and saying "Aw,
honey!! Now don't you cry, everything is gonna be ok, you just
watch.  We're your fairy godfathers and we're gonna put 
everything right for ya, ok? And honey, we need to get you some
new clothes!! You should be embarrased walkin' around in public
like that." They do some more "mothering"-like talking and 
flitting about, and I remember feeling a great sense of calm
and comfort. Unfortunately, I haven't seen them in any dreams

(dream submitter lost in the shuffle.  sorry.)

======Dream 4, submitted by goat@pelican.cid.cornell.edu=========================

Here are three dreams I've had recently.  If the typing or language is bad, it's
because I had just woken up when I typed them.  Anyway, here they are:

ce. $.11 for a single peice of pineapple (And I mean a small peice), and $21.99 for the whole
thing.  I took a small peice, and my friend told me I'd have to pay for that (gerry told me this).  I
said "Maybe so, but I've had more to eat than you have."  (We were both hungry)  He picked up a
plate and a styrofoam egg carton, and reached in to the glass case to pull out some food, when
suddenly I woke up.

Wow.  Now that I look at that, I see TONS of typos!  Well, I hope you can make 
it out.  Sorry about the lack of CRs, but I don't have enough time to put them
in right now....  Here's the second dream:

Ball Bearings
  Somehow we went up a three foot waterslide (Without climbing), grabbed a bunch of spinning
ball bearings from a bowl (The size of a soup bowl), and then we put the ball bearings in a larger
bowl below it.

And here's the third:

Horror TV
The only thing I remember from this dream is that after doing something in another house or
another part of my house, I sat down to watch TV with someone.  The movie we watched must
have been a horror story or something because there was a woman whose arm first turned upside
down.  (This is sort of normal.  She did it twisting her arm to the outside)  Her arm then bent the
wrong way at the elbow, and her wrist bent all the way back.  (And I mean ALL the way back.)  

I hope this is entertaining! (C:  See ya later!

======Dream 5, submitted by keo@netcom.com==================================

Here is a little dream I had this morning... It's not fabulous, but you need
     I was walking down a busy street in downtown Indianapolis, when I saw
my best friends boyfriend standing across the street in a white suit.  Now,
in real life, I cannot stand the guy.   He makes Stuart Smally look hip.
I yelled for him to meet me, and when he came over, he was stark naked! I 
said "Oh my god Victor! Put some clothes on!" He said "Clothing is an 
expression of how one feels deep down inside, and I feel naked deep
down inside!"  I kept trying not to look at him, and nobody walking down
the street seemed to notice him.  I had to run away.
     I came to a village, that was my favorite IRC channel, but instead
of being online, we all lived ina little dirt village with small grass huts.
I've never seen any of the channel regulars in rl, but I could recognize them
in my dream.  I was madly in love with one of the village people, and
some said he was married, some said he was divorced.  It didn't matter
because I knew he didn't love me anyway.
     he invited me in his house, and there were old faded pictures of 
his wife and kids.  We sat in an armchair and picked each other's noses.

(dream from March 21 1994):
     I was in a nasty looking basement.  There was fungus on the walls,
and a continuos drip from the ceilings.  It smelled old and musty.  Very 
cold.  My boyfriend was looking in the sump pump and he said "Hey! Now
I can see why you keep dreaminng about high school!"  I turned around
and he was gone. 
     I tried to leave the basement, but the stairs would melt away any time
I touched them and move across the room.  Finally, I flew p the stairs, and
when I got to the top of the stairs, a large woman opened the door.  Her face
was blotted out like in the "witness protection cop shows"  and this 
terrified me until I reasoned that I was not suposed to see her face, and
she wouldn't be evil unless I saw it.  She was carrying a large box full
of old rags, and she waddled down the stairs, not noticing me.
     I went outside, and it was very sunny and bright, and a small child
in a stroller looked up and winked at me.  Nobody else could see me.
There was a little lake, and happy people strolling around and singing
funeral;l dirges.. When I looked closer, I saw everyone was carrying
a large slab of raw meat.  There were dead birds floating in the water
and dead horses pulling carts of sides of beef.
For some reason this didn't scare me at all.

======Dream 6, submitted by chriskpoet@aol.com===============================

I dreamt I was in an old, art deco theater in the city where I live, and I
kept slipping back in time, so that I was a ghost in the 1930s (a futuristic
ghost!).  When time slipped backward, everything went into black and white
(actually, a lovely, nostalgic, but slightly sinister sepia-tone); and in the
present, everything was in color.  There were passageways to different stages
in the theater, and I was scrambling through them.  I could observe the
people from the past, but as far as I could tell, they couldn't see me.  When
someone _could_ see me, I discovered that they, too, were trapped in the past
as I was and were trying to find the secret that would lead them back to the
present.  We ended up meeting in a cafe in the building.  I stood up and
called out, "Calling all ghosts -- we'd like to have a meeting here!" so that
the "ghosts" from my own time got up from the tables where they were
eavesdropping (like the angels in "Wings of Desire") and came over to sit
down with me.  (Alas, I awoke before I could discover the secret of escape. 
You'll have to read about it when I write the book.)
  -- ChrisKPoet@aol.com

======Dream 7, submitted by Mystery Guest

A dream I had a while back which still puzzles me..Interpretations welcomed.

  It was one of several baby-related dreams Id been having a lot of (all of
them were quite different though).. It started in a kind of covered market-
place with all kind of craft type items for sale like rugs,wooden carvings
that sort of thing,predominently brown and beige colours..I can remember one    thing was a
wooden russian doll (one doll inside another) in the shape of
that cartoon Tasmanian devil..I noticed a sheet of tiles in a chess board       
pattern ,lifting it off the floor with a dull awareness of how much money I
had but as I was carrying it along it began to fall to pieces and some
woman was loitering around in dark sunglasses and headscarf and I asked her
to help me only an assistant caught me ..
 Next I was outside and it was like some Mafia/Western shootout scene with figures dressed in
black ..a kind of judge and jury who sentenced me to
(I cant recall how many) years of hardlabour in some camp if I didnt kidnap
a baby or toddler within (I think it was) two hours ..The rules were that I had a kind of
guide/supervisor (a black man who has appeared in a couple of other
dreams) who I wasnt allowed to talk to or explain what I was doing (he didnt
know my objective..something about impartiality or something)..I wasnt allowed 
to say anything to anybody..
 I set off round this town that was sposed to be my home but which I just 
really couldnt find my way around..couple of scenes I remember riding on this
bright blue dinosaur bout the size of a elephant cub..also signs for railway
stations and town centre..I was looking for the hospital..one scene in a yard
with a lorry backing-up towards this horse and cart cobbled streets off main 
roads..sort of a time mixture..and then down some alley I saw this mother
leave her toddler and it was wriggling around trying to get up the stairs in
a soft blue romper suit..and I just stared at it..but couldnt take it..I was
thinking and it suddenly dawned on me that maybe it was a trap and if I stole
this baby then my guide would tell them and Id be punished but if I didnt then
theyd see I had acted in accordance with the society's
                                                moral conventions andn
theyd let me off..All the time I was in shadow of the guide and knowing I had 
only a set couple of hours but there was no clock and I didnt have a watch..
but it was a kind of blind rush..I can remember panicking and finding myself
back in front of the judge and jury with no baby and feeling this ache of 
apprehension and fear thinking that I would be sentenced..
Then I woke up..

If the other baby dreams are relevant I can send them.

(again, sorry, but your name was lost in the shuffle)

======Dream 8, submitted by cbeattie@uwspmail.uwsp.edu========================

"Bathroom/Man With Wolves"

     I was in a class and supposed to be working on a project with a partner.  The partner was
either Brett or a guy I had a crush on in high school (a guy named Jeff).  He was having a
conversation with 2 other people who kept crowding me out.  There was nowhere to sit.  I got so
mad I started to cry.  The other two people left and I could talk to my project partner.  I told him
I needed to go to the bathroom to get some toilet paper to blow my nose.  I left, then decided to
go to the bathrooms at my high school, which was only about a block away.
     I got there and entered a door to the bathroom.  I ended up in a catacomb structure that
took up the whole inner part of the building and reminded me of the inside of the Milwaukee
County Stadium.  I wandered around, trying to find some actual stalls.  I saw Cheryl [a friend and
ex-roommate] and tried to say hi, but I don't think she recognized me.  I wandered around some
more, but left when I saw men also entering the rest room.  I didn't need to blow my nose
anymore, anyway.
     I was lost by now, so I left the bathroom, then the building as quickly as I could.  I was
not on the same side of the building as I entered, and the building I was supposed to go to was
now a few miles away, rather than a block away.  I started on my way, and had to climb a steep
hill.  The hill leveled off, but then I found myself trudging through knee deep snow.
     (This next part, it seems to me, I dreamed more than once.)  It was around dusk.  I was no
longer myself, but I had turned into a guy.  I was nervous because I was walking along a path that
was attacked often by magical beings that appeared in the form of wolves.  I saw them, running
straight for me, but I knew what to do to keep safe.  I fell face first in the snow.  I began to sink
down into it.  I felt a nip on my right heal, then a stronger bite, but I didn't move or make a sound.
     Suddenly there was a girl with me and I felt I needed to protect her.  My point of view
shifts at this point, I become the girl.  The guy is in his late teens or early twenties, but it is very
hard to tell.  He has medium length blond hair.  The guy rolled over almost onto his back.  He told
me I had to lie still and keep quiet.  He also said I needed to wear a piece of jewelry embedded in
my skin, and the body part had to be pierced on the sacred grounds of the wolves.  He then stuck
what looked like a silver stud earring in my right elbow before I could see what he was doing.   It
hurt, but I kept quiet.
     Dawn arrived, and when I was about to ask if I could take the earring out of my elbow, it
fell out on its own.  The wolves wouldn't attack during the day, and we had passed their test.  We
got up and the snow disappeared.  It felt warm and we walked away...home I guess.

Dream articles and information

======From ka109016@spstmail.uwsp.edu====================================

Val's List of Dream Types
by Valentina Kaquatosh, dream shaman

(This is just a rough draft, so there might be an overlap.)

1. Twilight imagery:  A dreamlike state between waking and sleeping, where you're not sure
whether or not you're dreaming, but images tend to be a crossover blend of waking/dreaming
symbolism.  You may see yourself being awake, but you're really not, etc.
2. Daily processing dreams: Dreams that contain information and symbols from the day--the last
television programme you watched, a snatch of conversation, or some peripheral worries.  These
dreams have a tendency to remind you to finish or resolve things that were interrupted in waking
3. Waking dreams: Visions you have while completely awake.  They might be a hallucination or
an actual dream.  For instance, if you've been awake several days without sleep, you will
experience a total waking dream with strange creatures or environments.  You may even find
yourself in a totally different but seemingly real environment.  Waking dreams usually last several
4. Power/victim/violence dreams: These dreams represent the shadows of life.  They point out
where you're being empowered and where you are feeling victimised.  They contain images of
violence, aggression, gore, or other disturbances.  They teach you to look directly and
symbolically at whatever you are refusing to learn.
5. Precognitive dreams: These are visions of places and events that haven't yet happened.  You
are dreaming literally ahead of time.  They come true (in some form or another) either
symbolically or directly.  They are related to deja-vu, and usually have an eerie sense of having
already experienced a moment you've never actually lived through before.
6. Past life/karmic/reincarnation dream: These dreams are about experiences during another time
when you may or may not have lived, depending on your belief system.  They are characterised by
strange life events that you cannot explain, even though in the dream they make sense and seem
familiar.  During these dreams you may find yourself speaking a language you don't speak, or
being someone else (male or female) in a time and place you don't recognise in the "real" world.
7. Telepathic/empathic dream: Rare dreams where two or more people have experienced the same
dream at the same time, or dreams where an individual telepathically/empathically communicates
and gains information from another dreamer.  It's rare because there are few cases reported--some
people may experience them, but they don't record them, so it's difficult to prove.
8. Problem solving dreams: These are often the result of some mental or spiritual assignment you
have given yourself to work on.  Most dreams fall under this category.  Our minds, I believe, may
actually use dreams to analyse whatever current conflicts we experience in our waking lives.  You
may assign yourself dreams consciously or you may find your "assignment" springing
spontaneously out of life events.  These dreams often involve people with whom you are trying to
resolve a problem.
9. Spiritual dreams: These are dreams with a religious/supernatural theme that has strength in
your faith.
10. Spiritual gift dreams: Offerings from our unconscious that have bearing on what is occurring
in our waking life.  They are one part of the mind trying to give another part symbolic insight.  If
you practise creative visualisation or work with an inner guide, these images, characters and
activities may carry over into your dreams.
11. Inner guide dreams: These are dreams where you encounter a humanoid or animal entity who
is there to guide you on your waking life's path.
12. Dialogue dreams: These dreams centre around voices or fragmented scripts of speech.  (See:
Message dream.)
13. Message dreams: A form of a dialogue dream--much closer to the telepathic/empathic and
inner guide dreams.  These dreams come complete with some sort of cryptic message which may
contain more than one metaphoric statement about your waking life.  Could be an answer to a
problem you're trying to solve.  Message dreams are basically your mind talking to itself
14. Entertainment/adventure dreams (fantasy; daydream): Dreamt purely for enjoyment.  They
could be a form of self-hypnosis that keeps the mind watching inner movies instead of waking up. 
These dreams occur both while you're awake and asleep.
15. Revelation dreams: Different than message dreams in that these give you inspired ideas for
whatever creative mess you are currently working on in your waking life.  (And they're great to
have, too.)
16. Psychedelic dreams: Dreams/visions you may have had while under the influence of alcohol,
drugs, or other toxic materials.  Hopefully you don't have them too often.
17. Nightmares: Dreams that help us face our fears and overcome obstacles.  (See
Power/victim/violence dreams.)
18. Lucid dreams: You are aware that you are dreaming.  While in this aware state, you may have
the option of changing the dream from within.  (These are a blast, and highly sought after.)
19. Astral dreams: These are dreams where you may experience an out of body sensation.  These
dreams may include images of flying, meeting people in a tunnel of light instead of a natural
environment, seeing things occur from an angle that could not be from the physical body.  When
you have an astral dream, you may experience a heavy feeling and you may feel stiff and tired. 
You may also have a difficult time waking up and may have one or two twilight images.
20. Metamorphic dreams: These are dreams where you can change into the form of a fantastic
creature (dragon, unicorn) or a creature from a more mundane species (a dog, cat, or dolphin).
21. Cross-gender dreams: You are in the body of the opposite gender, of course (perhaps
connecting you to your so-called "feminine" or "masculine" side?).
22. Sexual/erotic dreams: Slick and slappy!  Dreams that, well, involve a lot of erotic hyjinx that
could be humorous or frightening to the dreamer.  When you have a sexual/erotic dream, you
might take part in an orgy, or you may even have a homosexual experience (or heterosexual,
depending).  Another type of erotic/sexual dream is close to the nightmare and may help you deal
with the sexuality of your physical body.  You may find yourself the victim or aggressor in a
sexual assault within the dream.
23. @#$!%$ dreams: These are the dreams you don't remember but you really, really wish you
24. Programmed dreams: You psych yourself into having these dreams.  Let's say you want to
dream about a certain place, person or thing.  That night before you go to sleep, you decide to
have a specific dream and it works.  This dream is a relative of the entertainment/adventure
dream, which can also be preprogrammed.
25. Dream fragments: Snippets of dreams you don't remember fully.  Could be twilight imagery or
just dream vignettes.
26. Black and white dreams: Your atypical dream without colour, tra-la.
27. Spectator dreams: You dream you are observing yourself doing something.  (See astral
28. Weird dreams: These dreams are too difficult to classify.  Maybe a mixture of any of the
above types.  That's why they're weird.

Val's dream journal suggestions:

1: Write or draw the most significant symbols in your dream.
2: Record the dream in the present tense as though re-experiencing it.
3: Circle the symbols that seem most important.
4: Underline the form you most often take in dreams--this is your dream self and it is the most
important symbol.
5: Write down the first response that comes to mind about each symbol, even if it doesn't make
sense.  (Do this in a separate dream journal.)
6: Record your dreams in different coloured ink, so you can find them easily.
7: Make lists of recurring dreams and symbols.
8: Write letters to your dreams; develop a correspondence
9: Use dream images and scenes as the basis for poems, stories and art.
10: Look for dream characters you'd like to get to know better.  Write to your dream characters,
and develop a correspondence with them.  This can establish a sort of waking relationship (your
dream characters may be inner guides or different facets of yourself).
11: Make an important dream image real.  If you dream of writing a poem or painting a picture,
do it in real life.  Record what happens in the waking experience.

"People come and go in life, but they never leave your dreams.  Once they're in your
subconscience, they are immortal."                  ---Patricia Hamtl

Further reference: "Life companion: Journal writing as a spiritual quest"  by Christina Baldwin
                 "Edgar Cayce on dreams"  by Harmon H. Bro, Ph.D.,  ed: Hugh Lynn Cayce
                 "At a journal workshop: Writing to access the power of the unconscious and evoke
creative ability"  by Ira Progoff, Ph.D.

To think about for next issue


I thought I would throw into the dream pot a question raised in a book 
I'm reading-- _Once Upon a Midlife_ by Allan B. Chinen, M.D.
He mentions flying dreams and suggests that for women they mainly begin 
occurring in midlife, when most women finally claim their own true 
authority and assert their real strengths, that girls and young women 
rarely have such dreams because they still have to suppress their 
abilities in order to accomplish the tasks of youth and early adulthood.
This has NOT been my experience, having had flying dreams all my life and 
perhaps most vividly during years in a suppressing marriage.  I would be 
very interested in hearing what other women of all ages think and 
experience in such dreams, as well as how men of all ages interpret theirs.

Perhaps the most vivid flying dream I have yet experienced occurred when 
I was in my mid-thirties.  In the dream I was standing in my backyard, 
looking toward my house but wanting to see God, wanting to know for sure 
if there is a God.  Suddenly the earth moved away, my hair stood on end, 
and I felt literally vacuumed into space: pulled so forcefully and 
dramatically up through the clouds, through the atmosphere, able to see 
for a moment my house and yard receding, then the entire Earth receding, 
then stars and planets rushing past me.  Every pore of my face and arms 
felt whipped by speeding currents, but I could not see where I was 
heading.  It is the only flying dream I've had that has frightened me.  I 
felt that a voice was calling me to it, and I had the terrifying sense 
that I was about to crash into a demolishing barrier.  I ended the dream 
abruptly and have been sorry ever since.

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